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dear heavenly father I am thankful for

the end of this day grateful for all the

grace and blessings you have provided

today in our busyness and Noise We found

your grace in difficulties and

challenges we sought your strength now

in this quiet night I want to leave

behind all worries and cares giving my

heart to you please grant me a peaceful

heart allowing me to sleep tranquil in

your grace I trust my loved ones to your

hands asking you to give them a peaceful

night and sweet dreams let them wake up

in the morning filled with New Hope and

joy praising your kindness and might

once again I ask all these in the name

of Jesus Christ amen as the day slowly

dims so do my thoughts quiet down in

this Tranquility I seek your protection

and comfort the curtain of nightfalls a

gift of rest from you please unravel my

fatigue and let me find refuge in your

Embrace wash away my faults of today so

my soul may be as The Splendid night sky

clear and forgiving When I Wake tomorrow

let me start a new with a cleansed heart

in this quiet night I lay down my

worries fears hopes and dreams all in

your kingdom let your will be done in me

as it is in heaven before I close my

eyes I Praise You My Shelter my strength

thankful for the peace you give let this

calm night be the source of strength for

tomorrow’s Endeavors Lord watch over my

sleep like the bright stars in the night

sky when the night passes the light will

come until then I remain in your hands

safe loved and cared for amen as the

night Breeze Whispers my prayers ride

upon this natural chorus to you in the

Silence of all things under the

twinkling stars I am keenly aware of

your omnipresent love even in the

darkest of times

in this quiet I feel even more you are

my lighthouse guiding me past the dark

roofs of life in the veil of night your

words are the light that moves me

forward Illuminating my path leading me

towards brightness and hope Grant me a

heart of humility and gratitude that

upon waking tomorrow I may view the

world with fresh eyes stronger in love

in service and in care for those in need

on this peaceful night I leave all

Unsolved Mysteries and future worries to

be illuminated by tomorrow’s Sunshine

for I believe with each New Dawn you

prepare new Grace and blessings for me

as I drift into sleep let Angels guard

me by my side in the gentle realm of

Dreams perhaps I might feel your touch

of love your tender Awakening let the

quiet of this night deeply permeate my

soul I entrust all my worries to you for

I know you will grant me the perfect

rest please protect me and my loved ones

until eternity Until We Gather in that

glorious morning in your presence

sharing eternal love and endless Joy

amen as the night deepens under the

tender Starlight in this silence I

whisper to you my gratitude and requests

may you guide my heart granting me

wisdom and patience on the Journey of

life to stir each of my steps with

determination and peace as I drift into

sleep surround me with your love and

light so that even in my dreams I may

feel your loving arms holding me tight

grant me strength to face the new day

carrying a Heart full of kindness and

understanding living each moment so my

words and deeds May reflect your

Radiance and love I pray for the

Tranquility of the night the strength of

the day and your presence in eternity

Amen in this tranquil night I come

before you with a humble heart grateful

for all the grace and challenges of the

day dot as night Falls please wash away

all my worries and fatigue granting me a

peaceful and Serene night dot as I

closed my eyes I pray that you gently

accompany me to sleep letting my soul

rest under your protection when I wake

up tomorrow I hope to face the new day

with full vitality and New Hope to

infect everyone with love and to reflect

your light with my actions I pray for

your care over my beloved family and

friends grant them peace and joy and let

us unite in your love. alen

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