I will be HAPPY if you SEE me → God’s Message for You | God Inspiration Today

my beloved child trust in me and find solace in my protective arms I am the architect of your destiny

gently steering you through life’s journey let your heart be light for I am

your unwavering Shield your steadfast Sentinel ever presentes by your

side with each Dawn as you greet the day may you sense my loving presence

enveloping you let not the world’s clamor distract you as daylight

breaks draw near and absorb my teachings listen closely to the gentle

assurances of my spirit confirming my sovereign hand over your life fear no challenge for under my

watchful eye you are Beyond reach of harm the concerns that cloud your

thoughts are on the verge of unfolding into Clarity trust that in my perfect timing Solutions will emerge and the

answers you seek will find their way to you as you commune with me know that I

am meticulously shaping your journey orchestrating each chapter with Divine

foresight the blessings for which you fervant pray are already on their way to you doors being swung wide open I am

here to fortify your faith to lift and lead you into a renewed existence a

rebirth where all will be transformed dismiss the judgments of others walk

with your head held high living a life of faith and honor let not the Envy of

others tarnish your spirit Focus solely on my view of you for in my eyes you are

remarkable endowed with a heart of Purity and Truth carve my words deep

into your heart When The World Turns against you find sanctuary in my

boundless love through every Skirmish and struggle you’ve encountered I’ve steadfastly at your side I’ve witnessed

each stumble every setback every Triumph and the full breadth of your

struggles yet now it’s time for your Ascent for elevating your existence to

new heights let go of past conflicts and embark on a fresh chapter of Victory and

Rejuvenation this is the juncture at which I redefine your story marking the beginning of a revitalized narrative for

you let me lead you down a road brimming with blessings and enlightened

understanding I extend to you my love and my peace offering your spirit and

mind Serene Solace will you accept only through me

can you find escape from your tribulations only I can provide Aid amidst the battles you

wage by opening your heart’s door to me you will behold wonders unfold and

uncover resolutions to your your plight your decision to turn to me in your

moment of need is commendable however I yearn for more

than just your sporadic attention I aspire to be the Pinnacle of your affections for you to cherish me with

all your strength with every essence of your being your soul and your intellect

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