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whomever has wronged you in the past is

currently experiencing the severe

consequences of their poor

Karma they are remorseful for hurting

you and want to express their regret for

the anguish they have caused you by

apologizing everything will turn out for

the best I’m in total

control I am familiar with the findings

of your medical report and how things

stand with regard to your finances I can

see that there are a lot of people

coming to attack you but I will not let

you down God goes before you stands by

you and approaches you from behind be

confident no matter what circumstances

you find yourself in right now God is in

your midst God encourages people to

seize control of their thought

lives declare to yourself each time you

get up that the day is going to be

wonderful that you are happy about your

future and that you have the favor of

God there is there is no weapon that can

be constructed against you that will be

successful I am strong I am in good

health I am blessed when you do that

you’ll notice that you have more energy

thereafter you are highly regarded and

blessed in every way you will not be

harmed by any weapon that is created

against you that challenge did not

become a permanent obstacle rather it


temporary maintain your fortitude in

faith for the the Lord your God is

fighting on your side I long to see you

so that I may give you some spiritual

gift that will make you

strong that is so that you and I may be

mutually encouraged by each other’s

faith God has equipped you with power to

see you through every conflict know that

nothing devised to harm you will ever be

successful you have not seen heard or

even imagined the incredible things that

God has in store for the future believe

that things are going to turn out better

for you from this day

forward this has been demonstrated in

the past and he will do it once again in

the foreseeable

future God assures us rest assured my

dear for I have weathered every storm by

your side I have maintained my composure

through every adversity from the most

ominous of clouds to the most for

ferocious of

Storms and in your times of need I have

supplied for you all that you require

not a single item more and not a single

thing less I have been and will continue

to be a reliable shield for you your

relatives and anybody else that you hold

close to your heart do not be afraid for

I’m with you do not be disheartened for

I am your God I will make you strong I

will assist you and I will support you

with the right hand of my

righteousness when things start to get

difficult in your life you shouldn’t

give up hope I will take care of your

concerns find a solution to each issue

and give you a Tranquility that will

never end the answer to your prayers

will come to you tonight while you

Slumber in the arms of the almighty it

will be beautiful and you will no longer

have any worries in your life after you

experience it

keep in mind that I will always act in

your best interest if you keep fighting

I will bless you with Tranquility

healing and victory in today’s

battle I’m going to make something

beautiful out of this terrible

circumstance prepare to receive the

blessings of the Lord God has revealed

to us that today is the day when he will

bestow upon us one of his most wonderful

blessings I will work miracles to heal

you on all levels including the the

physical the spiritual and the emotional

there is no coincidence that today is

going to be a good day for you your life

is about to take an unexpected turn and

tremendous opportunities are now far

off God has promised that suddenly you

would experience a great deal of success

as well as a great deal of blessing

continue to have faith and ask for

guidance As You observe positive changes

taking place in your life you are about

to enter a new season of benefits as the

cosmos is in the process of Shifting all

circumstances prepare yourself to face

it your Grandeur is about to be realized

the light of your life is becoming

brighter and there is nothing or no one

that can stop what is destined to happen

to you you will soon be commemorating a

momentous occasion with a party or

celebration when you tell others the

wonderful news you will feel an

overwhelming sense of delight and and

happiness the rapidity with which

everything took place for you will make

it appear as though it came from another

planet God is going to perform a miracle

for you tomorrow morning that will put

an end to all of your concerns about the

future you are being encouraged by the

angels to put your faith in the

significance of synchronicity and divine

timing that individual has been given to

you by the suprem God to assist you and

shield you from any harm that may come

your way because you are God’s child it

is not God’s will for you to fail or

endure suffering in any

way God has promised even in the times

when you feel undeserving I will watch

over you and shield you from the evil

that is in the

world you are going to be the next

recipient of God’s blessings the

suffering will come to an end the crying

will stop and doors will open for you

you are about to experience a

significant financial Miracle your life

is about to be changed in a remarkable

way as a result of the actions of the

universe it is going to be a huge

blessing far larger than anything you

could have ever dreamed of having

happened to

you the message conveyed by this angel

number is that monetary Prosperity is on

its way to

you the amount of money in your bank

account will expand Beyond what you’re

able to spend during this week and

additional funds will come to you like

water God says I am Everlasting because

everything on Earth is only

temporary you should prioritize spending

your time drawing closer to me if you

make me the most important thing in your

life I promise to provide you with

nothing but happiness you are going to

get some knowledge tomorrow that will

completely change your life and lead to

more success fortune and happiness than

you could ever

imagine God speaks to the human being

saying my child you are worrying too

much keep in mind that there is no

challenge that I cannot overcome if it

took me just days to build the heavens

and the Earth it won’t be difficult for

me to alter your life in just one day

pray not just because there is anything

you need but also because there is a lot


which you should thank God a miracle

will be the first thing handed to you

when you wake up tomorrow morning do not

let this opportunity to express

gratitude to God for this miracle pass

you by there are times when you don’t

get what you ask for until you mature

into the kind of person who ought to

have it bestowed upon them if your

actions are in line with your objectives

then no one will be able to hurt you

create a global Symphony that will

serenate your

success by bringing your personality

into alignment with the mission you want


achieve this is your final night of

sobbing and fretting over the future I

will bring wealth good health pleasure

and happiness into your life and gift

you with a full and Abundant

Life those who are able to view this

will be relieved to know that the tth

situation is almost over the universe is

providing wonderful energy financial

assistance Miracles and blessings that

will completely transform your

life this week God will multiply all the

blessings that come your way you are

going to experience more joy than you

have ever felt in your whole

life something that has been a source of

frustration for you for a long time is

going to go away your love life

financial situation health and the the

quality of your partnership will all

reach new

heights I will surround you with

individuals that are beneficial to your

journey I will always keep a watchful

eye on you just as I have in the past I

am sending you my best wishes for a Time

filled with plenty and success it is

going to be

impossible for you to keep up with the

abundance of benefits that are coming

into your life I am aware that life may

be challenging at times and that you

have gone through a lot before but I

want you to know that everything that

has been bad in your life and caused you

to grieve throughout the years will

eventually go away I promise that I will

never leave you or abandon you that I

will remain by your side at all times if

you put your faith in me I will show you

the way to a life that is rich in

happiness Serenity and love you are

never alone even in the deepest parts of

your despair I am here to comfort you

hold your hand and lead you safely

through the

storm I’m going to free you from the

shackles of disease destitution and lack

of resources that have been keeping you

back have patience and most importantly

believe in yourself your ideal existence

is on the verge of becoming a reality

everything is falling into place and

coming together in the most improbable

but miraculous way

you’re about to enter a period of your

life in which everything works out in

your favor just when it needs to every


time you will amass an incredible

fortune in the future you will be

blessed with an infinite supply of money

and complete Freedom allowing you to

live the life of your dreams keep in

mind that each Dawn brings fresh

opportunities to receive my

favors do not give up just because you

have had a poor day

rather Revel in the fact that tomorrow

will be a new day filled with new

rewards you are on the edge of making a

breakthrough and your opponents will be

amazed when you come back from


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