“I TOLD YOU… MANY PEOPLE WILL LEFT BEHIND”- GOD | God’s Message Now #god #Jesus Lord Helps Ep~1535

many people will be left

behind my dear Brothers and Sisters in

Christ it is not my words but the

Ultimate Reality of today’s

world not everyone will be saved at the

Rapture and many people will be left

behind the concept of the Rapture the

moment when Jes Jus will return to

gather his faithful followers is a

central theme in Christian

theology it is a glorious event that we


anticipate as it marks the culmination

of God’s plan for his

people however we must also recognize

that not everyone will be a part of this


Gathering the Bible tells us that when

Jesus returns he will come like a thief

in the night catching many

unaware those who have not accepted him

as their savior those who have rejected

his offer of

Salvation will be left behind to face


tribulations that will

follow this is not a message of fear but

of sober


we must understand the urgency of the

times we are living in and the

importance of making a decision for

Christ we cannot afford to be complient


indifferent thinking that there will

always be another opportunity to turn to

God the truth is that we do not know

when Jesus will return it could be

tomorrow or it could be many years from

now what matters is that we are prepared

that we have made our hurs right with

God and accepted his gift of Salvation

through Jesus

Christ as followers of Christ it is a

responsibility to share the message of

Salvation with others we cannot keep

this precious gift to ourselves we must

Proclaim it boldly and urgently to all

who will listen we must reach out to

those who are lost and help them find

their way to Jesus before it is too

late my dear brothers and sisters the

time is short and the Harvest is

plentiful let us labor together in the

fields sharing the love of Christ with

all who who will hear let us not be

content with our own salvation but let

us have a burden for The Souls of

others may we be found faithful when

Jesus returns may we be counted among

those who are gathered to meet the Lord

in heaven and may we Rejoice to gather

in his presence for all eternity in the

name of Jesus our savior and Redeemer


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