I Saw You Crying, and I Want You to Know..| God Message Today | God Message for You Today

my dear child I saw you crying and I

want you to know that I felt sad too

your pain hurts me and I want to help

you feel better I’m always here for you

ready to help when you need it even

though you can’t see them my armies in

heaven are looking out for you keeping

you safe from many troubles when you

feel tired or worn out I’ll show you

amazing things so you know you’re not

alone I’ve kept you safe from accidents

illnesses and bad people who want to

harm you no matter what happens my love

for you will never change you’ll always

be safe and loved by me don’t worry when

problems come up or people say mean

things remember I’ve put you at the top

because you trust me don’t let arguments

or fights ruin your peace of mind find

quiet places and talk to me my promises

are powerful and can free you from

stress and worry when bad news comes

stay calm and strong I’m with you

protecting you even if it doesn’t seem

like it

don’t believe those who say no one is

looking out for you I’ll give you

strength to fight your enemies and I’ll

always listen when you’re upset stay

away from bad influences and believe in

me I’m God and I’m always here to help

you I’ve kept your family safe and I

have good plans for them even when

things seem bad trust that I’m in

control and everything will work out be

thankful every day no matter what

happens Miracles can happen when you

pray me share this message with your

friends and family and trust that I have

great things planned for you amen

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