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today I reach out to you with a heart brimming with Sacred Love as I have

always done to reveal the long awaited answers that you seek these answers are the key to

liberating yourself from The Maze of Trials you face understand this profound truth each

event in your life each challenge you encounter serves a higher purpose although it might sometimes feel

like you are grappling with insurmountable challenges that defy resolution do not be swayed by

fear I am with you cradling all your worries rest in the peace I offer know

this with unwavering certainty I Am Your Divine father the Creator who loves you

deeply having brought you into this world with a distinct and Noble purpose

embrace the Divine Essence that dwells within you you have the power to perform

countless virtuous acts and and bestow blessings upon many you have weathered

storms of adversity which have tested the very core of your faith yet in the depths of your being

you long to believe you hold fast to my words yet your soul cries out for

Comfort night and day you search for the balm that will heal the conflict

stealing your joy leaving you with sorrow and pain trust in my words

these trials did not originate from me I’ve allowed these circumstances in your life as a call to awaken to help you

realize that my boundless omnipotent love is within you every struggle every

tribulation and all the pain you’ve endured are being transformed into a fortress of security and strength for

your heart with a heart full of tenderness and truth I call out to you

today encouraging you to rise to a higher spiritual level let go of the

days when you woke up and aimlessly wandered through life eyes cast down

Spirits broken enduring harsh words and belittlement you may have thought this

was my desire for you but it was not remember I created you in my image

to live a life filled with strength and freedom to experience true happiness

free from the chains of serving others Wills these words I speak are

significant tell me will you trust them will you today choose to place your

faith in me I urge you to stand up this very moment and walk forward in

faith don’t be troubled if you’re unsure of your path or actions I will guide you

I will also protect you from those who have aligned themselves with Darkness those who plot against you and wish you

harm walk with me patiently and fervently and I will guide

you through the days months and years ahead you may pass through valleys and

climb mountains but I will be with you every step of the way in your darkest

moments I will be the light that guides your path giving strength to your steps

until you reach your destination I promise to bless you abundantly you will thrive in foreign

lands meeting many people along the way way I will open doors for you and in due

time your blessings will arrive when the time is right I will

lift you up and you will soar bringing healing and love to Nations you are not

weak you are strong you are not timid you are brave you are not a mere accident you are cherished Chosen and

protected by my immense love therefore I will not allow anything or anyone to harm you I will reveal your great value

you to the world myself those who underestimated you will be

dismayed and those who expected your downfall will be ashamed to see your family’s prosperity and

blessings if you heed my words daily now is the time to make the most important

decision of your life I have blessed you with immense strength intelligence and

capability now is the time for you to rise stop wasting your time on meaningless distractions and giving your

efforts to those who do not value you a land of blessings awaits you know that

you have the courage within do not be afraid move towards your blessings now

for if you delay you might miss them the time is right for Harvest seize your

moment I will open the gates and windows of heaven but only the Vigilant will receive these

blessings the idol will remain asleep afraid to face reality and continue to

blame me for their plight shutting their ears to my daily

words this is my will let all who are weary come to me and I will give them a

life filled with abundance and peace I have a plan of kindness

blessings and prosperity for all who earnestly seek and love me as you do

your faith and attitude Delight me and each morning I wait to touch your heart and show you the blessings I have

prepared for you I hold you in deep profound affection do not think for a moment that

I am unaware or devoid of love for you sometimes my silence is a lesson in

patience a message that certain things take time to unfold trust that the outcome of your

circumstances will surpass even your wildest dreams I am infusing your heart

with peace and calm all those worries burdening your mind are firmly in my

care and I am addressing them with complete attention take a moment close your eyes and bask in my

love let yourself be enveloped In My Embrace feel the gentle kiss upon your

heart when the tears threaten to fall talk to me I am right here I haven’t

left you I haven’t moved away use this time to glean wisdom from me so that when these challenges are

behind you and life is writer you’ll be wiser you’ll know how to choose friends

who value you for who you are not what you have I will never leave you nor give you

more than you can handle be attentive to my guidance stay in touch with me to

understand the work I am doing in your life rise and embrace this day with joy

relishing the blessings I pour out from my heart where love and life-giving Waters

Flow drink from this well and you will never thirst again loneliness will

become a thing of the past I am vigilantly caring for your health your work your family and all

that matters to you even before you ask I am orchestrating events so that

everything unfolds in my perfect timing rest my dear child and put your

worries aside use this time to seek me and praise my name when you grasp How Deeply I love

you tell me my child how much you love me in return rejoice in my name and may your

life overflow with blessings and joy even if you don’t fully understand

my ways just know that I love you unconditionally and will never leave

you place your trust in me and let your faith be strengthened if your plans have stumbled

it doesn’t mean defeat it’s normal to feel disheartened when things don’t go

as expected but your faith in me will revive your spirit and guide you back to

my perfect plan I have scripted a brighter future for you and your loved ones it is my

desire to see the promises you believe in come to pass don’t let sadness linger in your

thoughts nor allow discouragement to weaken you trust in me and your family

will always be safe secure and joyous they will have the strength to face

life’s trials and the wisdom to have outed Al dangers they will stand as a

beacon and a blessing to others infinite blessings await when you

place your complete and sincere trust in your heavenly father you can come directly to my throne and speak openly

with me don’t feel burdened by guilt I am ready and able to forgive your faults

you seek and need the cleansing power of my redeeming blood see how greatly privileged accepted and

treasured you are my promises are steadfast and true I will never play

with your emotions if I have assured you of a secure future even amidst your current

situation believe it for it is the truth if your plans haven’t unfolded as

expected don’t be distressed or anxious simply trust in me if you are tired of

things not working in your favor I will fill your heart with bravery and hope I

recognize your inner faith in me even amidst tumultuous emotions remember I faced trials so

immense that blood fell from my brow thus approach my throne of grace with

confidence worry no longer things will get better many aspects of your life

will soon change feel my love and peace filling you today when I speak to you tenderly

don’t turn away when I call you gently don’t ignore my voice when I correct you

firmly it’s then you should draw even closer to my love you are aware of my

love for you make me a promise promise that you won’t be upset when I don’t

answer your prayers immediately it’s true there are those around you watching

for your missteps waiting to see you falter at times it might seem like

things aren’t going way and they’re ready to mock your faith but you my beloved my precious one

you are different your focus is on the Divine not Earthly

ridicule even as they laugh and Scorn you should remain undisturbed I have

charted a unique path for you walk it bravely letting the scoffers drift

aimlessly consumed by their pride and envy which can lead to their downfall

but you are my child and you have direct access to me through prayer I will

surely answer those who mock you will feel ashamed when they see how mistaken they were I have reserved a special

blessing for you if it hasn’t reached you yet it’s because I am preparing your

heart for it without Deep Roots abundance can lead to

downfall without Focus one can get lost in prosperity leading to arrogance and the

enemy’s traps that’s why you need to be ready strong and courageous grounded in my

word filled with wisdom and Prudence don’t sit back or hide from the

mockers don’t believe the lie that you’re worthless it’s a daily battle for your mind but I am here to strengthen

you we walk together day and night in the mornings we plan your day at night

we discuss your fears and dreams you trust in me believe in me don’t give up

embrace my love and recognize your worth when you undervalue yourself it Grieves

me you will overcome believe it because I love you even if you falter I will

never abandon you this message is for my Warriors if you feel you are one believe

it I’ve confirmed it many times don’t dismiss my word because of

your age health or finances for my Warriors ready to

believe I clear their paths and open doors miraculously You Are My Chosen One and I

am preparing you for success in moments of Doubt cling to the hope my promises

offer believe wholeheartedly I will fulfill my will in your life bringing

forth many blessings this is your time to be filled with strength steadfast in faith and

Incredibly Brave don’t fear confronting Financial Health or family issues I can part your

sea of troubles making a way to the solution if you obey my word when I

command you to persevere to keep going and not to lose your resolve you will Traverse abysses walk on stormy waves

and remain unshaken even When Storms threaten your path my warrior my

cherished one your happiness and blessing are in my heart grow stronger daily facing the

enemy with steadfast unbreakable Faith be assured that even amid Fierce

conflicts and great needs even if you can’t feel see or hear me I will arrive

at the perfect moment to rescue you your foes will retreat in awe of

your Fearless stand against their taunts regardless of their size or threats today I give you a holy sword

the power of my word in your speech when you believe and speak it your obedience

and Faith pave the way and my power supports you in facing your fears my warrior you are dearly held in

my heart take the hand of those you love your children your family and step

through the door of your blessing with Faith and Hope today I reach out to you with

heartfelt love and affection sharing the depths of my heart’s intentions for you

believe in the words I speak for they are Eternal pure and sincere

truths my love for you is immense surpassing the vastness of the earth

even in moments when you feel small or a bit lost remember you are blessed cherished and protected in my love there

will be days filled with sorrow and it may seem like you are fighting alone but

know this my My Love Is Your Shield caring for you and guiding you like the

sun that gently warms your face each day my light shines upon you bestowing

blessings with my love by your side nothing in this world can harm you so

lift your head smile with Hope For You are my beloved child with me no harm can come to you be

brave and hold on to this truth my love for you is so profound that I sacrificed

my life on a cruel cross to erase your faults and shame even those hidden sins

Weighing on your soul you are now free there’s nothing left for you to pay this is our private

matter and many may not understand your newfound life and blessings in this world forgiveness is

rare and people often defend themselves at all costs the envious will seek your faults

spinning tail fails to criticize and wound you with their lies but when they see they can’t hurt

you their frustration will grow and they might try to blame their failures on you

don’t fear these attacks disregard hurtful words ignore gossip and rumors

don’t seek approval from false friends don’t waste time courting their favor

you don’t need them don’t endure their ridicule you have a Divine dignity I

didn’t choose and raise you to be subservient to others opinions you don’t need anyone’s

permission to live your life my grace is all you need when others see your

success the envious will plot against you this message is a timely warning be

aware of your surroundings depend on me immerse yourself in my word each morning

kneel and seek my guidance I am enriching you so that you can provide

for your family starting within your own home manage well what I give you or the

blessings will cease Bright Days of abundant Prosperity are ahead but first

I want to see your loyalty despite your errors rise and accept this promise I am making don’t

let doubt and fear steal what I have planned for you face challenges

fearlessly confront conflicts don’t tremble before your enemies I will give you more wisdom and

patience to wait for my promises to unfold avoid debts you can’t repay I

never intended for you to live in such bondage my love for you is immense and

sometimes I must speak firmly so you understand I truly love you and want you

to live in peace success and prosperity lie in my word learn from

it come to me daily don’t rush or waste your time listen to me and receive

affection through my voice every word you hear is filled with blessing I am your lord your savior I

forgive your sins but you must shun evil nothing is hidden from me so come

confidently for I am always ready to forgive cleanse strengthen bless prosper

and uplift you in return I ask for your faith

loyalty and commitment to seek me and do good to others tell me if you love me

with all your heart and put me first in your life respond

sincerely for I love you more each day showing my love in countless

ways I send my word to uplift you not wanting you to be sad or defeated by any

problem or Affliction heed my words don’t let others limit you or quench your will to

fight remember the greatness of your dreams I have placed many good desires and plans hands in you Others May judge

you by appearances and past mistakes spreading slander and envy trying to belittle

you but I see your true self your pure intentions your efforts to overcome

faults and your desire to change your life and achieve your dreams act now believe in my word rise

and begin your journey do it for your family and loved ones believe in my word

be brave and strong persevere until you reach your destiny you’ll find even more joy in

your heart you’ll see it was worth believing in my word and striving for a better life I’ve always told you and I

reiterate many blessings await if you believe in your God your heavenly father

with great love and affection I speak to you today guard your soul against those who try to steal the dreams of my

beloved don’t befriend Deceiver or listen to their lies seek me pray focus

on doing my will open your eyes for soon I’m bringing you a magnificent blessing

a Divine opportunity remember I love you deeply if I didn’t abandon you in the past I

won’t leave you now I always been with you through your difficult days and

joyful times in moments of sorrow and celebration I never turn you away I have

not forgotten you stand strong if your faith starts to waver speak alude the

promises I have given you and let those causing you trouble know that I am with you every day until the

end you rely on me so hold tightly to my grace do not dwell in doubts about your

worthiness of these blessings if you believe in me embrace this blessing I’m

giving you when it arrives in your hands it will multiply into greater gifts and

blessings providing for your family and allowing you to help those in Need You

will have plenty bread health strength and peace but you must exercise your

faith and come to receive these blessings no more doubts No Looking Back

do not hide from me in the shadows I am calling out to you because I want you to come and I am eager to

answer your prayers I want to lift all curses and illnesses from you and your family if I

take something away from you it is only to provide something even better you are entering a crucial and

decisive phase you have changed you are no longer the person you were yesterday

you are prepared to make confident decisions avoid negative influences

don’t seek approval from those who don’t wish you well when you share your progress they

might try to discourage you to pull you back to a place of defeat but that won’t happen for I am with

you you will walk unceasingly and when the time comes for doors to open your faith will lead you

and I will enter with you those who doubt it will witness the blessings in your hands I ask you to manage these

gifts wisely to grow them into the foundation for even greater blessings

soon you and your family will take significant strides towards a brighter future encourage your children their

education and intelligence can transform families and Nations the heroes and Leaders of

Tomorrow are being raised in your home before my return they will be powerful

instruments of my word this will happen if you honor me in your home and your children see it let your life be a

testament to your faith don’t cling to the idea that b bad character is unchangeable with me

nothing is impossible I can transform the hardest hearts into the tenderest

ones those who once spoke harshly will laugh with the innocence of

children I will turn those who offended me into speakers of kind words as sweet

as honey I can transform you so that your family sees the reality of my power even

if the world challenges their faith or doubts my existence and ability to help

believe in me my glory will shine in your home your neighbors will witness my

light angels will guard every corner of your house people will Marvel at the

supernatural occurrences within your walls many will come and you will lay hands on them in prayer I will heal the

sick solve problems and mend wounds a great spiritual Revival is beginning in

your family these are the last days and while many are cured ious about the mysteries of my return their hearts are

far from me I will reveal my love only to those who sincerely believe who aren’t afraid

to give me their hearts to carry my word and to sacrifice for this message and the love of

others this is the powerful message I plant in you now remember where and when

you heard it stand up look to the Horizon I will use your life to spread

my glory to distant lands in foreign territories you’ll encounter unfamiliar languages but I will anoint

you and my holy spirit will work through you and your family a spiritual Revolution is

beginning your current struggles are nearing their end the long- awaited blessing is close the time for your

reward is approaching none of my children will be forsaken whenever you

call out to me in faith and sincerity I will respond I have promised and you

have been faithful you’ve remained strong even in weakness resisting the

enemy’s snares you chose to continue on my path and day by day with patience you have

come far I have been with you every step of the way you are nearing the place of

blessing where you and your family will find the peace you long for the provision you need and a New Joy mindset

goals aspirations and a holy determination to keep fighting until you

Triumph I will Aid you and your family in abandoning harmful habits and vices

removing all spiritual bonds harmful thoughts residual bitterness and hatred

from your hearts if you immerse yourselves in the Living Waters of my Holy Spirit your lives will experience a

remarkable transformation even those closest to you your friends and loved ones will look

upon you with astonishment and curiosity asking what has happened to you what is

this change why do you exude such joy and why have you transformed so

deeply so I reaffirm to you that your struggles and worries are not permanent

your life won’t always be burdened with the same trials you’ve given your heart

to me and welcomed my words and Commandments into your soul with Purity

faith and honesty trusting in me as your heavenly father who loves you therefore I am bringing freedom and

blessing not only to you but to your entire household I find joy in the firmness of

your faith you’re learning patience to wait for my perfect timing fully trusting in me you don’t seek signs for

you believe that my word is enough for your healing I am filled with with joy that

you trust when I speak of my Earnest desire to bless you today marks the day

of your salvation the beginning of your freedom tell me now that you will rise

and seek me knowing my love and presence are always with

you you know of my love and you understand that nothing is impossible for me you believe this with all your

heart promise me that you will wait and maintain your faith until the moment

your desired Miracle unfolds I am fully aware of your prayerful request from the moment you

decided to seek me I have been ready to respond there are formidable challenges

to your blessing in the Heavenly Realms so you must stand firm in faith and

prayer do not let discouragement seep into your heart steer clear of those who

hinder your faith surround yourself with those who encourage your belief and bravery who guide you towards me and

eagerly wish to see you blessed know that I long to help you

triumph over this challenging situation which strains you and draws much

attention this is a fight for your life and your family’s future in this season

I will teach you many important lessons I want you to learn to rely more

on me understand once and for all that I am your

provider Your Role is to stand up with the strength I give you not to cower in

fear I ask you to keep moving forward as I work on the Miracle you have asked for

remember I am your shield and strength in times when you feel besieged kneel

bow your head come to me and trust in my Aid I recognize your bravery yet this is

not a moment to confront all your challenges alone you need my

assistance if you try to proceed solely on your own strength you will grow

weary weariness makes you vulnerable to the adversary who lurks like a prowling

lion eager to pounce on anyone who lowers their guard should fatigue overtake you you

might be tempted to stop praying to look away from your path and without

vigilance you could stumble if you fall your foes will Circle you eager to exploit your

weakened State they do not wish for your survival knowing you are blessed and they seek to

divert you from your journey but do not lose heart for you are invincible under

my watch I will intervene with a miracle at the appointed time wait patiently my

beloved holding tightly to my hand with me you will achieve remarkable and incredible

things fear not have faith for everything is possible for those who

believe I am by your side and very soon I will make my presence and support

unmistakably clear eliminating any doubts about my role as your

provider I hear your prayers and I’m aware of your needs you should not be afraid you are

safe and all that has been prophesied for you will unfold no hurdle or

adversary can impede your progress cast aside Despair and be Resolute in

claiming the land of your blessings and prosperity even if you sometimes

question the depth of my love for you be assured we have journeyed through many challenges together I see how each day

fortifies your faith now seek me in my words and within your heart you will sense my presence

close your eyes embrace the Stillness and welcome me listen as I affirm once

again my love for you for I truly do my love manifests daily through

wonders Miracles and signs Across the Universe providing you with life the air

you breathe and prolonging your days so you can know me more intimately I will give you an even

longer life for I have a purpose for you to fulfill do not let doubt pull you into

the shadows of uncertainty be assured that I have spoken to you with honesty and truth on

many occasions I have shown it to you in moments of Despair reaching out to save

you you can feel secure but remember to maintain humility as Pride leads to

downfall I have blessed you generously not for you to regress I reiterate to

you I love you deeply I know you love me too express it

Shout It Out write it down God I love you

I am mindful of you when you approach me silently when you raise your voice even if it’s just a

whisper your voice is heard your words are understood and your tears are

presented as an offering Before the Throne of your father tears shed in

Freedom droplets of Love they articulate your plea and are received with value

your tears are not shed in vain they have been acknowledged in the courts of

Heaven know that in my book I write and your tears have served as the ink

perfectly coloring the pages of my response to you you’ve shed your tears

your answer is on its way I’ve penned it myself it is sealed and documented with

the sounding of trumpets the river of your tears that reached my Gates will flow back to you transformed cascading

into streams of fresh water bringing you you the peace and joy you’ve longed

for so if you feel the need to weep do so without

fear your tears will return to you as Showers of my spirit as vibrant currents

of strength and [Music]

blessing [Music]


a [Music]

[Music] a

when you cry you do not waste time I hear you and will continue to listen there is always room for you in

my heart I am preparing a table of blessings for you in the presence of your adversaries and I will Elevate you

before all nations Eed what I ask of you maintain

Faith be obedient and persist in patience do not worry about tomorrow I repeat to

you your task is to persevere obey and leave everything in my hands I am your

father and your God the time I gift you each day is not meant for worry if you choose not to

trust me and surrender to anxiety you wound my affection attract sorrow to your soul and bring illness to your

body but I understand sometimes weary and unsure of what to do you lose your

way yet I will always be by your side reminding you that I am not here to

judge but to be your friend I am the best remedy for all your

pains those that afflict your body harshly and those that pierce your emotions like venomous

swords in your distress I answer you in danger I protect you in need I provide

for you your family and all your Generations I seek your faith sincerity

obedience perseverance tenacity and persistence in me my word and my

presence do not fear I with you my child I want you to feel at ease

throughout your life your present and future are in my hands and if I have said you will be

blessed it is because it is true your blessing is coming and it will arrive

very soon I invite you to open your arms in faith and receive with Simplicity all

the good things I am sending your way wake up each day with my word in your mind allowing your soul to be filled

with beautiful thoughts put an end to fears and doubts once and for all your

faith is real my power is Supernatural your prayers are effective

and they will yield the long- awaited fruit it’s future utile to First focus on the negatives when you open your eyes

your situation will pass feel assured that I will answer

you also open your windows let light illuminate your home call out to me and

I will fill your soul with my light remember my word and banish all despair

from your mind do not let bitterness or resentment take root in your spirit I don’t want

such feelings in your heart nor should you allow them don’t listen to them don’t speak them don’t repeat

them shut your ears to the gossip brought to you you are not dependent on

what others say in this world there are many negative people you are not like

them nor will you ever be but also do not open the doors of your soul and your home to these people

many will come to burden you with worries and concerns that don’t concern you and are unnecessary

stay focused remain steadfast in your plans your projects your dreams and your

faith stand tall and brave walk confidently forward a Fearless soldier

of Faith because my eyes are upon you even if you see only problems I see an army

of angels sent for your protection listen well focus on what I tell you and

close your ears to malicious talk fill yourself with with belief and today you

will be richly blessed filled with my power my love and my

peace I cherish you deeply my most beloved do you long to return that love

to me I promise to dispel your sadness and wrap you in Joy each morning as you

awaken listen to the healing words of love I eagerly wish to impart to

you I watch as your eyes open sensing the Deep longing of of your soul for

affection here I am again right by your side do not be afraid for I am

unchanging the same yesterday today and forever more my love for you grows with

each passing day and I long to come closer to bring you comfort and





do not resist me have faith do not doubt that you deserve this nor turn away from

the wonderful blessings I plan to bestow upon on you and your family you are worthy because of my love for you this

is my choice I trust you will value My Sacrifice and treasure my

blessings you have embraced it in your heart and for this reason I will

continue to show you my love day and night eagerly await me for I will seek

you out personally wherever you are in your daily tasks or the depths of your soul

there I will speak to you Softly with endless love you will recognize my presence and

know that I am there accept my words welcome my blessings be filled with hope and do not

fear the challenges ahead for now you believe understand and feel that I am

always encompassing you with my Divine protection no force can break the

formidable Shield I have placed around you nothing can overpower the warrior

angels I have stationed ready to fight when the adversary approaches you no longer desire

emptiness or Solitude I have heard your cries and I am here to reaffirm that this love which

flows from my presence remains yours magnificent and Limitless even more

immense than you can imagine do not deny yourself love do not

make excuses to avoid my affection do not run from my presence

even in light of your faults do not belittle my words and Commandments stay with me for I take

nothing from you and ask for nothing material your heart is what I seek and

in surrendering it I offer you an eternal life filled with blessings and happiness if only you believe in

me tell me I long to hear it from your lips I am your powerful and true God my

love for you is genuine my affection is pure and sincere no one loves you as profoundly

as I do watches over you both day and night or cares for you as I

do I have never turned you away or left you alone I do not want you to continue

feeling unworthy or defiled you were not created to live each day burdened by

self- condemnation punishing yourself for sins and mistakes that I have already

forgiven as stated in my word I have cast your sins to the depths of the sea

they are no longer in my memory now you must believe me do not sink further into

the murky Waters of guilt revisiting memories and emotions that have been cleansed from you do not allow the enemy

to remind you and torment you with sins I have already pardoned there’s no need to suffer daily

for the same mistakes focus on the future and the the

days ahead leave the past behind never to revisit it I give you strength to

overcome difficulties victoriously after hard times great

blessings and wonderful opportunities await your focus must remain firmly on

what I your God think of you rather than the opinions of the world or those who

scorn you your adversaries may continue to accuse and berate you claim claiming you

are undeserving of my blessings and favor but you must assert that my grace

and forgiveness have been lavishly bestowed upon you I am your

protector March forward with determination for I will rescue you from all who wish to harm you now open your

heart to me receive my words with reverence honor My

Sacrifice the blood I shed with respect never entertain thoughts of returning to

past wrongdoings look to the Future avoid being sidetracked by trivial matters I

have an abundance of wonderful plans for you I seek your Eternal devotion pursue me in all aspects of

life and be obedient I trust that you will I know your love for me do not

stray I long for you to remain with me you are safely nestled under my Divine

protection protection the despair that attacks you aims to pull you away to drag you

through a perilous and deceitful Wilderness but this is not your fate

it’s not what I have envisioned for you today I speak to you to lift your

spirits to bring peace to ease your anxieties and to give you the strength

you desperately need I wish for you to know true love I

want you to event realize that someone loves you with a strong sincere and heartfelt affection a tenderness unlike

any you’ve ever experienced this is my profound gentle

and Powerful Love For You do not leave stay with me hand over your sorrow your

frustrations place in my hands those thoughts of giving up of forsaking

everything lay down at my feet those Notions that convince you no no one has

ever loved you this isn’t true you already know it I reiterate this to you I reaffirm it

with my words I declare it and your heart begins to ignite with the fire of

my everlasting love you can feel it in your spirit I am imbuing you with the

will to live despite the daunting challenges the formidable barriers the

assaults you face today from this moment on everything changes

you will not be the same you have welcomed me into your heart you are

completely renewed from within the past the hurtful all that has caused you pain

is left behind today you are reborn do you accept my love tell me now do you

embrace my strength respond with the utmost sincerity of your heart assure me

that you won’t leave my presence but be warned even if you wish to go or the enemy tries to pull you

from My Embrace I will not allow you to be separated from me or to be lost wherever you go I will be there I

will take you by the hand and lead you back to me stay steadfast once more I

offer you my love which is enough to heal liberate soothe your pain and

Conquer your anxiety wherever you are close your eyes and sense the voice of

your heavenly father you’re almighty God speaking to your heart and Tenderly caressing your soul all unease Fades

away your Solitude and sadness are healed you are immensely valuable to me

and I send you my word to uplift you I eagerly await the day when I see a deep

smile on your face one that stirs your soul as you finally experience the

Embrace of love and affection I lavish upon you a hug more wonderful than any

you have ever known I long for you to be assured that each day you can approach my heavenly Throne

Guided by your unwavering faith and deepest struggles I will come close to you

taking my place by your side and just as I do today I will wrap You In My Embrace

soothing your heart you will feel the fullness of my love for you and know that your family

is safely cradled in my Caring Hands I will bless them with immense

favor even those who currently stray for I am set to bring about a tremendous

transformation in their lives changing them in ways you can’t even

imagine your amazement will be vast your lips will brim with praises as you

witness how I shield and sustain those who seek and adore me I will forgive

their sins leading and clearing their way preparing a bounty of blessings

thus I urge you to listen to my words and find time each day to kneel quietly in that quietude I wish to

imprint upon your heart my words and plans so they remain with you forever as night falls remember what

I’ve said and persist in praying with steadfast Faith do not be afraid or

anxious for your life is entirely in my hands I will gift you Joy and lighten

your burdens do not hesitate affirm your belief in me



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