I prayed all day that this video should


you because Jesus is immediately asking

you to be aware of fake

preachers for they are permitting you to

do some things that are actually against

the will of God and the true way of

living our Christian

Life in this world it’s easy to to get

lost in the noise and

confusion especially when it comes to

matters of faith and

spirituality there are so many voices

clamoring for

attention each claiming to have the

truth but amidst the

chaos Jesus is Calling out to

you urging you to be Discerning and

vigilant you see not everyone who claims

to speak for God is truly align with his

will they are those who twist the

scriptures and manipulate the truth for

their own

game they may sound convincing and

charismatic but their teachings lead

only to deception and

destruction that that is why it is so

important to test every spirit and

examine every message against the truth

of God’s

word Jesus himself wared us to be aware

of false prophets who come to us in

sheep’s clothing but inwardly our Rous

WS he knew that in the last days

deception would run

rampant and many would be led

astray but fear not dear friend for

Jesus has given us everything we need to

discern the

truth his word is a lamp unto her feet

and a light unto her

path by immersing ourselves in scripture

and spending time in prayer we can

cultivate a dis Discerning spirit that

will protect us from the lies of the

enemy so when you encounter teachings

that don’t align with the word of God

don’t be afraid to question them seek

guidance from the Holy Spirit who will

always lead you into all truth and above

all trust in the promises of Jesus

Christ who who has promised to never

leave you nor forsake

you I pray may you walk in the light of

his struth and experience the freedom

and joy that come from knowing and

following him and may you be a beacon of

light in a world that so desperately

needs the truth of Jesus

Christ dear child stay strong stay

faithful and remember that Jesus is

always by your side type aen if you



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