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my child listen closely to what I am

saying to you the enemy seeks to destroy

you but I have come to give you life in

abundance do not let anxieties and

distractions rob you of the words I

speak over

you what I tell you is meant to take

root in your heart so you can walk in

the fullness I have for you there are

things coming that you do not yet see

but I reveal them to you ahead of time

so that you will remember and recognize

them when they come to pass you will

come to a Crossroads where an important

decision must be made do not fear I will

guide you through it the way will not be

clearly laid out you must walk by faith

trusting in me let my peace guide your

decisionmaking whatever brings you peace

choose that path with

confidence Faith pleases me through

faith my Saints of old accomplished

miraculous things by my power they

overcame their enemies received promises

shut the mouths of lions I have done

marvelous things through the faith of my

people I stretch out my hands to you

have faith in me and I will show you my

wonders in the near future a time of

decision will suddenly be upon you

because you have rooted yourself in me

now you will have Clarity in that moment

pay close attention to the situations of

arising in your life

currently through them I am preparing

you for what is to

come do not let confusion overwhelm you

I am your source of wisdom and

discernment choose the path I set before

you and walk it out boldly in faith my

peace transcends human understanding do

not seek peace as the world gives but

embrace the peace I freely offer I have

called you I am with you no one can

stand against my purposes for you take

heart for I have overcome come let joy

and hope arise I am bringing you into

deeper measures of Freedom the attacks

of the enemy are coming to an end well

done my beloved you have endured

patiently because of the testing you

have walked through you have gained new

Strength for the journey ahead you will

walk with fresh vision and confidence

knowing you have all you need in me do

not worry about past struggles or

ongoing battles give them to me now and

I will lift the weight keep your eyes

focused on me I am delivering you from

every bondage in your innermost being

deep healing and restoration is taking

place I am putting back together broken

parts of your heart and soul the place

is damaged by the hardships of this

Fallen World Feel My Love strengthening

and anchoring every wounded area no more

will you be shaped by iniquity you are

being made

new re Revelation and spiritual

understanding will

increase truth will shine light into

darkened places you will be empowered to

walk out the callings I have placed on

your life with fresh passion and joy

this is a season of seeing long awaited

promises manifest

suddenly the path ahead is one of

Greater freedom and purpose than ever

before do not look to the Past behold I

am doing a new thing delight yourself in

me The Best Is Yet To

Come even when the way seems difficult

choosing daily to follow me brings me

joy I see your heart I see your

devotion this blesses me

profoundly keep persevering I am with

you my grace is sufficient for you my

strength is made perfect in weakness you

have all you need in me fix your eyes on

the author and perfector of your faith

Jesus see with spiritual eyes the new

reality I have prepared for you the old

is gone the new has come you are no

longer the same my resurrection power is

energizing and transforming you daily a

time of great rejoicing is at hand the

sun is rising on a new day the Shadows

of the old season are fading I am

calling you out of the Wilderness into

the promised land flowing with more good

things than you can imagine ask me for

the Nations as your

inheritance cry out to me with bold

prayers full of Faith nothing is

impossible for those who believe fire is

falling from Heaven even now as my

spirit moves in ways not seen since the

early church all that can be shaken will

be shaken this is no time for a lukewarm

or fearful church I am searching for

those who will lay down their lives

wholly for the sake of the

Gospel Heaven is coming to Earth awake

awake awake beloved your light has come

arise shine your moment in history has

come the world has not seen anything

like what I am about to do through a

people wholly abandoned to my will signs

and wonders will increase dramatically

the sick healed the dead raised demons

fleeing no disease incurable no

situation Beyond hope my very atmosphere

the realm of breakthrough Miracles I

release over you right now step into it

boldly and Minister life to the

suffering Souls I send your

way partner with Angelic beings working

on the Earth currently to bring Heaven

Solutions I have given you authority

over all the power of the enemy nothing

shall harm you as you do my Works

accelerate into the purposes I have for

you say no to distractions refuse to

settle for anything less than my

best what I have prepared for you is

exceedingly abundantly above all you ask


imagine do not limit Me by doubt or

unbelief draw from the wisdom which

comes from above not the limited human

perspective take risks that can only

succeed through Reliance on me working

miracles signs and

wonders I am your strength when you feel

you have none I am your vision when

everything seems impossible or

confusing I am your comforter your

provider your counselor your best friend

come to me when you are weary I will

give you rest learn from me what it

means to live not by human strength or

understanding but by every word that

comes from the mouth of God I will

satisfy your soul and show you marvelous

things the past is the past leave it

buried and walk on with me into new

Vistas I make all things new recovery

and restoration is my delight though

your sins are as Scarlet I make them

white as snow let my forgiveness lift

the weight of condemnation so you can

run unfettered into the Glorious future

I have for you I take the ashes of your

past and turn them into Beauty you will

help others find deliverance and walk in

Freedom because you know my healing so

well I am moving you into the place and

purposes your heart has always yearned

for things will fall into alignment

suddenly what seem difficult and complex

will become simple and straight crooked

ways will become straight every Valley

shall be

exalted I will pave a highway so you can

enter easily into new levels of

fruitfulness you will no longer struggle

but rather settle into my blessings with

peace and

joy my yoke is easy my burden

light Partnerships with like-minded

people are coming friends who become

like family

connections that Inspire and Empower you

new levels of favor in

relationships love overcoming former

betrayals and wounds Unity Community

laughter friendship restoring hope

within you the loneliness the isolation

the depression

lifting as you pour yourself out to

bless others more is poured Into You

Until You

overflow Speak Life I send you to

release Destiny and bless many operate

in wisdom and discernment as one I have

set free and empowered to set others

free tend the poor in spirit with my

compassion Herald the good news of the

Kingdom lift your gaze Beyond present

trials and anchor hope in me minister to

the Brokenhearted and bind their wounds

with Fierce love be my hands my feet my

voice my heart poured out to the world


need I am moving you into broader

spheres of

influence do not fear be strong and bold

for I go with you confront

injustices shine light in darkness tear

down lies and replace them with truth

spoken in love take risks that can only

succeed if I am in

them do not flinch in the face of

opposition I am your

Vindicator do not be surprised when


arises persevere with fixed eyes on the


picture great testing always precedes


advancement your current trials are but

birth pangs before the unveiling of New

Horizons filled with my

glory as you embark on this new season I

am unveiling I invite you to embrace

generosity and giving as a powerful

means to advance my

kingdom by investing Financial seeds

into the opportunities I present to you

you play a pivotal role in fostering

growth and transformation

your actions in supporting others will

pave the way for reciprocal blessings

and abundance in your own life Embrace

giving with open hands and a joyful

heart and let nothing hold you back I

bestow upon you a fresh vision for your

life one that challenges your limits and

calls for divine provision to

fulfill this vision is not just a dream

it’s a call to action encouraging you to

make space for unexpected blessings and

Prosperity look forward to surprise

gifts unexpected Financial windfalls

innovative ideas that generate new

income streams and unforeseen

opportunities dare to ask for great

things as your

reward move forward with bold faith for

your willingness to give without

reservation opens the floodgates of

Heaven’s bounty to you

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