I offer you a new beginning | god message today | gods message now | god message

God says if you are struggling and

having a hard time know that I am

working things out for

you I want you to stay patient and Trust

in my

timing better days are coming for you

and your family be patient and trust me

I know your

expectations and I know what you need if

I don’t won’t give you today it’s

because I know when is the right time no

matter what you have been through right

now you can rally on my

promise remember that you are serving me

I am alive and I will never

change I am bigger than your

problems stop worrying I will never

leave you nor forsake you

you so instead of complaining learn to

commit your work to me so that your

plans will be

succeed if you desire to be successful

in life and see good days then learn to

prioritize me

first submit yourself and your families

into my hands ask for my presence

wherever you go and in whatever you do I

will protect you from

failures God says if I didn’t believe

you could

succeed I wouldn’t have made you you can

succeed I gave you the potential stay

positive instead of blaming everyone

else take a hard look at yourself and

see if the problem is actually you

people are usually blind to their own

mistakes they spend their old time in

blaming other people learn to accept


mistakes stop getting sad over small

things stop getting emotional over

things you can’t

control it’s time for you to be happy

again you deserve

happiness type to to airm

how it will happen How the Universe will

bring it to you is not your concern or

job allow the universe to do it for you

when you are trying to work out how it

will happen you are emitting a frequency

that contains a lack of faith that you

don’t believe you have it

already you think you have to do it and

you do not believe live the universe

will do it for you the have is not your

part in the creative

process close your eyes and imagine

yourself living the life you want see it

feel it smell it focus on the details

now open your eyes and expect miracles

to attract your vision into

reality type yes if you are ready

repeat to yourself my life is great I am

great everything is happening for me all

of the things that I’m currently

experiencing are only taking me to the

next level of my life I am growing I am

getting better I choose to believe in

the sudden Miracles and unexpected

blessings I encourage you to be open to

the new things God has inore for you

always remember that just God has

blessed you where you are doesn’t mean

you can just sit back and settle there

God wants to do something new in you and

through you he wants to see you grow

prosper and

flourish get ready and keep your heart

focused on him

Embrace change and see the blessings God

has in store for you nothing can stop

the blessings that are coming your way

it’s already divinely yours you are

chosen for your gift it’s done focus on

that and watch your blessing

multiply type Yes to airm God is telling

you no matter how difficult you are

going through right now I just want you

to trust the process because I am

preparing you for greater things the

pain that you have been feeling now will

be your strength tomorrow so trust me

and don’t forget I am the author of your

life and I will give you what’s the best

for you if you put your hope in me you

will never be

disappointed type yes if you believe God

says don’t even think about giving up

you are going to make it no matter what

it look like right now I know you are

worried about your finances your health

and your family remember I always work

in your favor I will bless you today

with peace healing and victory if you

don’t quit I am going to bring something

beautiful out of this ugly

situation get ready for your

blessings type yes if you are ready to

receive it God says your plans might

have changed but my plan for your life

never change I am with you trust in me

and you will have a life that is rich

and full of meaning don’t wonder through

life lost and confused without any sense

of purpose and

Direction come to me for the light and

the love that you desperately need I am

waiting for you with open

arms not everyone is given a chance to

grow old so thank God in the morning for

another the day to live and thank him in

the evening for getting you through the

day type a mean if you


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