I KNOW THE REAL YOU । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my dear

child as you Traverse the complexities

of your life remember that I am with you

always I watch over you not from a

distant throne in the heavens but from

within the very essence of your being

where my spirit

resides you might feel like your efforts

go unnoticed that your struggles are

yours alone but know this every small

act of kindness every moment of


every silent prayer is seen and

cherished by me your journey may seem

ordinary but in my eyes it is

extraordinary think of the times when

you felt alone working tirelessly in the

shadows it might have seemed like the

world was indifferent to your

struggles yet in those moments of

solitude and determination I was there

molding your character strengthening


resolve I want you to understand that my

my blessings are not just handed out

they are earned through effort and faith

when I open a door you must be brave

enough to step through it when I present

an opportunity it is up to you to seize

it your actions are essential in the

story of your

destiny in your journey you’ll encounter

obstacles you may face people who doubt

you or situations that test your

faith these challenges are not

punishments they are opportunities to

prove your strength and

resolve remember the value of a mountain

is not in its height but in the climb

adversity often reveals the greatness

within you when you face opposition it’s

a sign that you’re on the path to

something meaningful the stronger the

resistance the more significant your


Triumph do not be discouraged by the

naysayers their doubt is a reflection of

their own limitations not yours in the

noise of negativity listen for the truth

often your critics unknowingly affirm

the very Destiny I have set for you they

may try to write your story but remember

I am the author of your life their words

are but Shadows compared to the light of

my purpose for you do not let temporary

setbacks derail your eternal mission

life’s trials are but fleeting moments

in the grand scheme of your destiny

recog recogniz the signs a challenging

day a tough season a year of

longing these are not ends but bends in

the road leading you to Greater

Heights consider those who have

triumphed despite adversity they faced

accusations underwent scrutiny and were


misunderstood yet they remained

steadfast and in their faithfulness they



like them you too are called to

persevere do not be swayed by the voices

of Doubt whether they come from within

or from others remember who you are and

whose you are I have crafted the

universe set stars in their courses and

painted Skies with

sunsets what then is too difficult for

me I work through principles and laws

Not Mere

whims my promise has come with

conditions Faith must be accompanied by

action I lay out the path but you must

walk it together we create the story of

your life if you stumble do not despair

mistakes are part of the journey

remember even my disciples were

imperfect it is not your Perfection I

seek but your willingness to try to grow

to embrace the path I have set for you

your weaknesses are not obstacles to

your calling they are part of your

unique unque design I have chosen you

not despite your imperfections but

because of them they are what make you

human and in your Humanity you reflect

my love to the world so my child rise

each day with purpose embrace the life I

have given you with courage and Faith

know that in every moment I Am with You

guiding you loving you your journey is

not just your own it is a reflection of

my love and my hope for the

world in the end the efforts unseen by

others are seen by me the path you walk

though solitary at times is Guided by my

hand be steadfast in your faith

unyielding in your hope and abundant in


love for in these you find the essence

of your true

calling my child your path winds ahead

through valleys and over mountains

Mountain do not lose heart when fog

obscures the way or When Storms besiege


steps I am the light that pierces the

Gloom I am the voice that Whispers this

way when you face Forks in the road you

may meet fellow Travelers and form bonds

that feel unbreakable cherish these

connections but know that the terrain

sometimes necessitates difficult

partings people’s stories intertwine for

but brief stretches of the Eternal

Journey when relationships change or end

grieve not as those without

hope my love for you is the one

companionship that never

falters moving forward may require

releasing the known and familiar what

you cling to for safety and comfort can

become a burden weighing you down old

resentments and pains tie your soul to

the Past you yearn for bygone days

forgetting that yesterday’s Mana cannot

sustain today’s

hunger I have new blessings for each

moment if you will receive them do not

fear the unknown lands ahead the best

parts of the adventure still await

wondrous surprises hide around the next

Bend quenching Waters in the desert

shelter in the storm Golden Meadows

under endless

Skies if Shadows threaten I will be the

light to guide your next r right step

when weariness drops you to your knees

let go of

self-reliance you are not expected to


yourself even the hardiest tree roots

cannot breach stone or sustain life

without soil’s nourishment plunge your

roots into my living water draw life

from my

companionship I will replenish your

reserves so you can serve others from


Overflow a key measure of wisdom is

learning when to rest and when to act my

spirit instructs you in this careful

balance the driven accumulators chase

after wind endlessly striving yet Never

Satisfied their tight-fisted grip on

people and possessions cannot save them

but my people walk in tuned partnership

with me laboring and letting go speaking

and listening giving and receiving

freely beware assuming your current

station is permanent whether you dwell

on a Mountaintop or in a

Valley both Upland plateaus and lowland

marshes offer gifts but neither Define

your identity your true home is in my

heart you are my beloved child not a

struggling Refugee or vanquished

victim affirm this unchanging truth

about yourself regardless of

circumstances clinging to Old

assumptions hurts and habits only

exhausts you faster if pride has

inflated your burden confess it and

receive my truth exchange the freedom of

humility balanced with Divine

affirmation I named you claimed you and

have never been ashamed of you if

worldly loads burden you reconsider

those relationships or activities

draining your resources with little

return I have a purposeful adventure to

offer you not a wheel of restless toil

your worth rests in your identity as my

beloved not in others approval or


comparisons simplify to amplify

receiving my love and sharing it

freely when critics attack take refuge

in the safety of

perspective the closer you draw to me in

my purposes the more threatened evil

feels distractions and accusations

attempt to deter your impact recall the

suffering endured by my faithful

throughout history you join their

unbroken testimony keep walking in the

light Darkness has no power over you I

never promised ease or endless ecstasy

beloved one but I pledge unfailing

presence strength for each day hope for

the future inexorable Redemption of loss

every step you take with me expands your

capacity for Joy our journey together

trains you to recognize Beauty amid

barrenness Community inside loneliness

feasts after famine I crafted your

innermost being with exquisite care and

Delight you are perfectly designed to

glorify me through precise expressions

of creativity love righteousness

stewardship no one else can replicate

your unique

contributions stay sensitive to my

guidance especially when fatigue


complacency great loss often hinges on

small neglects a minute deviation in

course becomes miles from the


cling closely in conversation with me my

Living Water cleanses and renews

perspective my bread nourishes

perseverance my light reveals the next

step forward I reward devotion with

sweeping Vistas and sweet homecomings

though you sip sufferings bitter draft

along the way be booed by my bubbling

stream of gladness flowing silently

beneath soon I will exchange your sweat

and dust for wholeness and rest

the act of giving is not just a transfer

of resources but a sharing of your soul

reflecting the Divine love within you

this selflessness marks your spiritual

growth making you a Beacon of Hope and

Grace Every Act of generosity transforms

lives infusing despair with hope sorrow

with joy it broadens your heart Fosters

compassion and deepens your

understanding of love

I encourage you to donate to invest in

others your small contributions Ripple

through the world aligning with my

purpose and spreading kindness share

generously trust in your impact and know

that in giving and loving you are

fulfilling a higher purpose

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