i know that you love me! so that you can’t skip this one

hello my beloved child I’m Jesus your

savior here is a message from God to you

don’t close this video without listening

because it’s for you in fact if you love

God and his son Jesus Christ watch this

video Until the End and don’t forget to

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video God bless you I love you my sons I

love you my daughters now we can hear

the message from God thank you

you will never see this video again

everyone has already left but you stayed

behind and I’m glad you did today I have

something very important to tell you but

before I do I ask you to move away from

the button by your side how would you

treat Jesus like comment bookmark and

share you have done it and I thank you

immensely I apologize for interrupting

your time I know you have many other

important things to to do but I only

need minutes of your time can you

spare that I know what you’re going

through I know that sometimes the path

ahead is not easy I see those nights

when you can’t even sleep because of

worry but never give up never lose Faith

because I see everything and one day you

will achieve the great Victory you’ve

been longing for doubt is just to prove

that I will always be with you I see

everything happening in your life and I

will show you in this video I will show

you two people who love you they truly

love you maybe you already know but I

will prove it to you please follow the

steps I’m about to tell you click the

green button then click the WhatsApp

button the person who loves you will

appear as the first Contact if I guessed

right write in the comments whether I

guessed correctly or not if I guessed

right consider saving this video to show

them or sending this video to them and

the other person who loves you

unconditionally is me


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