“I KNOW EVERY SINNER WILL SKIP THIS VIDEO”- GOD | God’s Message Today #god #Jesus Lord Helps Ep~1433

hello people of God welcome to Lord


Channel today we are diving into the

powerful words of John


says now is the time for the world to be

judged now the ruler of this world will

be thrown

down this verse reminds us that Satan

who may Fe Mighty in this world has a


Ren his authority is under the control

of the allm Mighty God who decides when

rulers rise and

fall let explore this truth together

because every sinner may have skipped


video but you haven’t it shows that you

believe in the fact that with the

greatest work done by Jesus Christ on

the cross you are

forgiven what God wants all of us to

understand today is that instead of

serving the devil let’s dedicate

ourselves to The Sovereign

God Satan’s rule is temporary and we

should place a trust in the Eternal

authority of

God evil cannot withstand the power and

the holy nature of God and of his

people in mark

we find

reassurance that Jesus Christ possesses

all authority in heaven and on Earth He

commands even the unclean spirits and

they obey

him Jesus Authority is not occasional or

sporadic it’s it’s a continuous

truth even the devil must comply when

Jesus speaks with absolute

Authority Peter advises

us it is better to suffer for doing good

if that should be God’s will then for


evil sedan a Relentless tempter aims to

lead sis into the sin Des Des iring to

trap us in a cycle of

wrongdoing Peter’s three denials

soase Satan’s constant attempts to lure

us away from God’s will therefore

children of God I implore you not to

become Servants of the devil exercise

caution in choosing whom you serve

remember when God decides to shine his

light into your h

no devil can TW his

purpose choose to serve God and not the

devil may God’s blessings overflow in

your lives and type I am forgiven in the

comments to affirm your blessings today

embrace the Eternal authority of God

resist the temptation of the devil and

walk in the light of his

stru stay blessed

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