I Have Something To Tell You | God message for me | God message

my dear friend there might be moments

when life seems overwhelming and out of

control however rest assured that I am

always in control even in the midst of

uncertainty I have a plan for you a plan

filled with hope joy and blessings in

times of Doubt or difficulty turn to me

seek my guidance and I will provide you

with the strength and wisdom you need

you are not alone in this journey I am

your constant companion mistakes are a

part of being human and I want you to

know that I understand stand learn from

them grow stronger and remember that I

am here to help you navigate through

life’s challenges trust in me and

together we can overcome anything your

heart is precious to me and I appreciate

the trust you have placed in me don’t

hesitate to talk to me about your

concerns fears and joys while it’s good

to seek wisdom from various sources

always know that my guidance is

available to you some people may have

dishonest Hearts but rest assured that I

see the sincerity in yours I believe in

you and I am here to show you the way

trust in my love and protection for I

created you in my image and you are

perfect in my eyes life can be painful

and I see your struggles the future may

seem intimidating but have faith in me

as the one in control your love is my

life’s blood and I’m here to comfort you

in times of hurt do not be too hard on

yourself mistakes are opportunities to

learn trust in my plans for you and let

go of burdens that are not yours to

carry I’m a close personal God always

ready to guide you and provide Solutions

your prayers are heard and I pay

attention to each one of them trust in

my timing even if it seems like I

haven’t granted all your requests I have

something better in store for you

prepare yourself for a year filled with

miraculous developments opportunities

and benefits I am rushing into your life

to bring about Transformations aligned

with my plan for you your position will

change from scarcity to planning and

disappointments will be replaced with

delight take action trust in my promises

and believe in the miraculous changes I

can bring into your life embrace the

coming year with Hope and Faith knowing

that I am with you every step of the way

you are not alone and I am committed to

being the Beloved guide you’ve always

dreamed of having treat me as a trusted

friend be open and honest with me for I

am the one who breathed life into the

cosmos and shaped you in my image

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