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right now God is announcing it to you

may you sleep well tonight my precious

little one for tomorrow by God’s help

you will have a plethora of money in

your bank account give this video a

thumbs up if you’re a Christian you will

experience immense joy and contentment

as a result of this unexpected Financial

windfall however it is truly not all all

during the year I will bestow upon

you a bountiful Fortune robust health

and outstanding success you are about to

become very rich in so brace

yourself and may your health riches and

family all become stronger in jesus’

name get ready to inhabit a future

brimming with prosperity joy success and

improved Health yes my darling you have

been chosen to receive my

advantages economic Marvels you didn’t

anticipate will happen in the next

Days your thoughtfulness and

appreciation are essential for this

heavenly transformation which I want to

accomplish by showering you with riches

health and success I am here to provide

you with an incredible Health recovery

and shower you with Benefits that will

change your life there will be a

plethora of benefits chances and wealth

bestowed on you and your loved ones in


you have to see this video all the

way to the end to understand how this

might spread know this my children I am

the god of miracles in the midst of

apparently impossible

situations I can bring about rapid

transformations in the name of Jesus

Christ I now proclaim a defense of your

physical health your financial stability

the security of your family and the area

around you you will always be physically

healthy and mentally well and your days

will be filled with joy moreover I

assure you that riches will pour into

your life bringing an abundant of good

things declares God God is patiently

waiting for you to answer his repeated

knocks on your door let him into your

life and you will see miracles in every


additionally God’s Mighty hand will

touch your health bestowing upon you

advantages that will change your life

since I am God and the author of all

things I am able to remain present until

the very end I have chosen you my

beloved ones to receive my affection

generosity and support in the following

days of March you and your loved ones

will experience advantages that go


imagination amazing neverbe seen rewards

opportunities and miracles will unfold

during the following days that is a

considerable amount of time to recover

and start again my love for you has no

bounds furthermore the indestructible

tie that binds us together is

unbreakable let your worries melt away

knowing that I will protect you from any

danger no matter how subtle my hands

will stop any evil plan to harm you

nothing can harm you while I am caring

for you in my wish for you is that

you are well that you are at peace with

yourself and the world that you are

filled with Limitless pleasure that your

finances improve and that you know I am

attending to all your Affairs when you

follow Jesus you will go through a

transformation from being caught to

moving ahead from lacking to having

enough from confusion to understanding

and from Pain to Serenity I can restore

everything that the devil stole from you

so you may live a life of tranquility

and plenty again even when your

adversaries are there I will make a

positive transformation and shower you

with rewards so there’s no need to worry

peace prosperity optimism and accurate

knowledge will abound in the year

I can provide you with salvation

from your path past purpose in your

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