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my dear child today I gift you with

peace calmness strength and wisdom I’ve

heard your prayers touched by the

sincerity of your heart reaching out to

me you’ve come seeking guidance and

you’ve come to the right place be

assured you are dearly loved just as you

are I know you’re not perfect but I see

true remorse in your

heart you’re working hard to change your

ways your attitudes how you see things

and how you treat others I’ve set you

apart for a life filled with

blessings you face tough times but going

forward you won’t have to endure so many

challenges my Holy Spirit and my

teachings are providing you with


wisdom you’re learning to make wise

choices staying clear of those who

pretend to be friends but are actually

robbing you of your peace faith and

security from now on you’ll stand strong

in any challenge you came to me today

because you need me and you’ll leave

here empowered your face shining with my

authority your eyes will radiate Joy

your thankful spirit and your lovely

smile will open doors and break

chains when you feel low remember

there’s always hope for you and your

family a sure promise of my protection

love guidance and plenty of

blessings your home will be ready

wrapped in care and my

love now do you accept my marvelous

blessing with joy and

faith I find you so endearing especially

how you communicate with me The Way You

Close Your Eyes in prayer I treasure the

moments your heart fills with joy and

divine happiness which I give you easing

any hurt or worry after our time

together I want you to feel


loved you don’t have to walk in sorrow

or dwell on your troubles I love you

immensely I’m about to shower you with


blessings stand up and start your

journey I’ll bring good people into your

life who will support your spiritual

growth and Foster Harmony in your

home but keep away from those trying to

drive a wedge between you and your loved

ones planting seeds of doubt and

division yes you have faith and even if

some in your your family are still

skeptical they haven’t fully opened

their hearts to me I plan to work

through you to show them my love and

offer hope I give you the strength and

bravery you need to care for your family

effectively always remember you need me

seek me constantly and immerse yourself

in my word and

spirit and today you’ll experience that


profoundly I’ll show it to you Proclaim

clim it with my mighty

words if anyone tries to trouble you

you’ll be filled instantly with my

Divine love if

anything saddens you know that my

comforting Embrace is all around you

taking away your pain and filling your

heart with

joy your loved ones will notice your

happiness and wonder about its source

while those against you will Retreat

recognizing their inability to dismay


a Divine Shield of protection surrounds

you and Legions of angels stand guard

over your home ensuring the safety of

your family at all

times trust deeply in my love for you

it’s genuine and Not Mere

fantasy it’s as real as the air you

breathe more powerful and wondrous than

any Miracle you could

seek my love sustains you offering true

life the most precious gift of all

your daily gratitude waking up each

morning to thank me placing your life

and days in my care showcases your deep

Faith even when others doubt a ridicule

you stand firm believing in an all

powerful God you cannot see embodying

true belief and

devotion yet you know well that I am

real Watching Over You attentive to your

needs with this Faith you you possess

you shall rise living feeling knowing

that you are a child of the creator of

the universe with immense confidence in

every step you take with a radiant face


happiness my dear child your unwavering

gratitude touches my heart

deeply tomorrow I’ll be waiting to

embrace you with my love again even

Before Dawn

breaks I know how much you cherish your

children they are precious to me too

I’ve inscribed their names their faces

their hearts their thoughts their

desires their errors their battles and

their dreams in my

book I haven’t overlooked what they

signify to you I wish for you to have

peace to cease worrying about the

decisions they’ve made are you concerned

their string don’t fret over things

beyond your grasp hand over your

concerns to me concentrate on your own


excessive worry drains you and robs you


Peace conserve your strength and Faith

for I desire your prayers for them the

time has come for you to let go of what

you must release the doves have grown

and must now

fly release them with confidence let

them spread their wings toward

Freedom if you accept this blessing

allow me to utilize you endowing you

with abundant wisdom to fortif ify your

character to acquaint you with my word

and to guide those beloved individuals

in your household who have yet to follow

me even though some people around you

might not yet be convinced they’ll start

to change their minds when they see how

my love has transformed you don’t be

afraid you won’t be

embarrassed if someone mocks or tries to

bother you stay calm because I will make

sure they come to see you as a role

model always be ready to offer them

encouraging words and prayers filled

with love avoiding any criticism or

judgment if they make mistakes or choose

paths different from yours remember it’s

not your place to judge them I’m not

sending you to punish them I’m asking

you to love them just as I have loved

you you’ve made many mistakes but I’ve

never turned you away

instead I’ve always been patient

forgiving you again and again because

that’s who I am my loyalty is unshakable

my forgiveness is

Limitless yet you know that wrong

choices have consequences that can cause

pain so be wise grateful for the life

and forgiveness I’ve given you through

my grace and

love remember the patience I’ve shown

you as I have never punished you as

harshly as your mistakes could have

warranted every morning let me fill you

with patience and give you the wisdom

you need to rise to a place where your

whole family looks up to you with love


respect you will lead them on the path

of righteousness and soon they will all

come to know me because you have shared

my message with kindness and shown my

love in how you live

get ready for a time of happiness and

blessings when your whole family will

recognize me as their God and

Lord today I have something important to

tell you listen carefully and stay

focused these words are for your good I

love you

endlessly and want to shower you with

love bring you peace during tough times

guide you bless you and show you deep

love but since you hold a special place

in my heart I need to talk to you about

healing your inner self I want to let

you know about the actions I will take

there’s nothing I can’t

do in this amazing time when you’re

getting to know me

better understanding and believing that

my word is true and will always come to

pass I’ve noticed something important

that needs your

attention not to induce distress or

prompt you to desist nor for you to

Proclaim your unwillingness to persist

but because if you listen to me and obey

your blessings shall

multiply receive and embrace these words

I impart if you wish for the doors and

windows of the Heavens to open unto you

facilitating passage to the Divine and


realm you need to let go of all

bitterness and negative

thoughts your faith brings me joy but

don’t let grumbling poison your genuine


avoid harboring negative feelings or

cynical thoughts as they can grow and

cause your vibrant Faith to fade away

stop complaining and keep away from

friends who bring confusion doubt and

negativity look for companions who are

wise today make a choice to trust me or

to turn away from the good changes and

blessings that are about to

come if you leave behind complaints hold

on to faith Embrace hope and avoid

negativity amazing things will happen

blessings abundance Freedom healing

peace in your family joy in your spirit

and a Heart full of

gladness these gifts will come to you

because you chose to trust in me I

cherish you deeply affirm your belief in

me and commit to seeking me every day

beginning this plan now my dear one you

are courageous step forward in faith for

victory is yours amen

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