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my dear child I am your God the Fountain of Grace and Mercy that quenches your

thirst for peace and healing in your darkest moments when despair grips your

heart know that I am here reaching out to lift you into the light like the

Mighty Eagle I Empower you mending your wounds and feeding your spirit with my

Everlasting words I’ve unlocked the gates to a realm beyond the ordinary

granting you the strength to walk in safety among life’s dangers unharmed and

fearless the message I bring to you today is one of Peace a beacon to dissolve your uncertainties and calm the

storm within my eyes are always on you guarding your path towards

Redemption as the Horizon of the end times brightens I am fully aware of the battles you face each day Temptations

lurk and foes aim to see you fall you find yourself encircled often pondering

who remains true in these times when you feel abandoned by those you held dear

even as kin May drift away in your hour of need remember you are never alone yet

I am here as always my love for you grows each day do not place all your

hopes infallible humans or fleeting material possessions today I come to reaffirm my eternal commitment as you

journey in this world know that I am with you I absolve your sins pour forth

my Holy Spirit upon you those who rise against you will stumble they will be judged many will attempt to bring you

down but None Shall succeed they will suffer great shame even contemplate

their own demise none can snatch you from my hand come close to me put your

faith in the promises I’ve made just for you let these words brimming with my

compassion reach you listen closely let your mind be reshaped by my loving

guidance ahead of you stretches a path filled with years to explore

achievements to unlock you are called to a special and magnificent purpose yet remember the

support and strength you seek won’t be found in worldly things or those around

you if your heart yearns for true and enduring blessings for a change that

runs deep let this renewal start within your home home I am your unwavering

Foundation you are walking the path meant for you love me with all your

heart make me your first thought I yearn to be what you treasure most I ask for

but moments of your day start here and trust me once you feel the warmth of my

presence you’ll find joy in staying longer heart bowed in

prayer don’t let time slip by unused draw strength be uplifted and

invigorated stand up refreshed to claim your victories and face any challenge that comes your way you are embraced and

chosen by my sacrifice and victory over death I know you’re not Flawless but I

envelope you in my grace you are not bound to your failures for I have lifted

you from them turn to my word for guidance open your Bible if you seek

wisdom seek counsel from my servants who guide you I will speak to you through various

means you must be attentive I will Aid your success you know well I have never

promised an easy life but responsibilities and concerns will always be present there’s a vast

difference when someone like you trusts me sincerely I breathe life and joy into

your soul placing a crown of Victory upon your head I see you in white garments I grant

you Authority skill and en courage to leap over walls and cross borders to go to distant places and showcase my Feats

I am equipping you to Triumph to rise like a person of steadfast Faith a

rock be a beacon for those who stumble for those who linger in their past and

fail to grasp the vast blessing I offer it brings me joy to smooth your way to

unlock doors to listen to your prayers and provide solutions to fortify and

steer you through challenges I desire your growth teaching you humility through

hardships if you entrust your heart to me I will reveal a New Journey bathed in

my Splendor where the unattainable becomes achievable where Hearts mellow abundance

flows deaths disappear sadness is chased away and joy

wraps around you my love and compassion will forever accompany you even when my

presence seems invisible I am there in every part of your life witnessing each tear and every

smile that Graces your face amidst your gloomiest thoughts I am your beacon in

your Frailty I am your might when perplexity strikes I am your

Navigator place your trust in me find Solace In My Embrace allow me to gently

guide you step by step towards a blissful existence declare now with all

sincerity I place my trust in you my dear heavenly father if I tell you that

everything will be all right I ask that you believe me if you continue to worry about things you have already entrusted

to me you will exhaust yourself you have given me your hand let me calmly lead

you to Green Pastures I do not want you to lack anything I desire to satisfy safy your

soul with Divine affection and holy tenderness fear not the evils that may

come you will stand firm and I will be there I will not let you go I know well

that you have felt weak which is why I’m speaking to your heart my dear child I’m

right here with you so there’s no need to roam lost in turmoil and despair instead come and sit with me

take a moment to rest let not worries about what’s to come or the Troubles of

the world weigh you down focus on what truly counts your

loved ones your spiritual journey feeding your soul with my teachings and

prayer be kind and extend forgiveness to those who wrong you even if they

continue to mistreat you despite your kindness if faced with harm again show

love so deep mirroring how I laid down my life for my children that that you

too are prepared to endure anything for your family’s knowledge of me their blessing and their

Liberation as Whispers of conflict stir the air never halt your prayers in your

prayer Journal jot down the names of those dear to you share with me your hopes for them yes I am already

acquainted with their Journeys and thoughts but it’s crucial for you to strengthen your faith to learn to

earnestly pray for what’s truly significant While others around you may quake in fear at the world’s forboding

signs you and your family should stand Fearless I will never leave you nor

forsake you as Panic grips many you will be a witness to

wonders the Heralds of change are blaring your time of Deliverance

nears but for now pray have faith stand firm and embrace life don’t don’t lose

heart because of what may come your way have faith in my promise for me nothing

is Out Of Reach I cherish you express your love for me as it brings me joy to

hear it from you in these trying times hold my hand so that your peace and

Assurance remain unshaken by any hardship or dilemma your suffering touches my heart deeply your genuine

spirit moves me as I’ve assured you time and again I will bless you simply

because it is my desire tell me now that you’re ready to embrace my blessings and hold them dear

remember during your lowest points you are cradled in my hand I envelop you in

my sacred protection my love for you is boundless you are my beloved child I

will bless you out of my own will and because I possess the power to do so

what I vow I will achieve I have been by your side all along I have never

forsaken you and I will not start now amidst The Tempest my plans surpass your

own my thoughts are Timeless and guide you towards a future filled with

tranquility and abundance life’s challenges may appear

daunting without Faith and Hope but shifting your perspective and standing firm in your belief in my words will

transform your life seek me in the morning pray during the day and before

you sleep at night kneel before me because it pleases me when you speak to me with your natural

gaze perhaps you cannot see it at this moment but the heavens tremble when your

lips open in Praise When you pray with faith asking me to protect your family

when you cry out with confidence that I will never forsake them listen to my

response I will never abandon you even even if the whole world does though all

who claim to love you fail you I love you more than them I never lie I will

never fail you your family your future and your health are in my hands

appreciate value care for and treasure them do not risk your blessings do not

underestimate them if you are faithful in little if you Steward what I give you

in times of need my word promises that your your blessings will multiply and I

will give you even more of great and eternal value my dear child you hold me dear in

your heart you are blessed and will receive abundant favor your faith Stands

Strong you’ve chosen the path of righteousness you’re moving forward splendidly and it’s my desire to see

you ever focused on my teachings your heart filled with my words your journey

has indeed been chall challenging as you’ve worked hard to steer your life back on course you’ve turned your ship

around with great effort aiming for a Divine Breeze to fill your sales driven by your renewed mindset and

hunger for change I am here to shower you with blessings that transcend the

ordinary these words I speak are life itself this is my expression of love for

you my way of holding your hand to ensure victory in every

challenge wisdom heightened awareness refined character and an overflow of

patience are my gifts to you I’m transforming your life completely my

presence wraps around you entirely you will no longer drift towards mistakes or

crave wrongdoing for The Temptations that once lured you will lose their grip

I endow you with the strength to abandon the chains that bind your thoughts from now on your mind will focus on what is

Noble lovely pure and righteous you will resist the urge to

engage in or be exposed to gossip and falsehoods that tarnish your thoughts

and weaken your spirit you shall Marvel at how much you have changed and how blessed you have become those around you

shall respect you they shall forget your past faults and forgive the offenses you have

caused so great is the grace I pour into your soul that henceforth door shall

open and new blessings shall come you shall receive offers of employment that

shall provide provision and prosperity for your family I am Paving A New Path for you towards a better future free

from the fears and tensions wrought by your past mistakes a life immersed in peace tranquility free from fears and

Nightmares the power of my blood has set you free no one can harm you with lies or sorcery neither he nor his Messengers

have power over you you you are pure in spirit Soul lips mind and heart this is

the reward I give to those who are unashamed to share my word who repent of

evil receive my forgiveness and choose to listen to me coming to my presence on

their knees daily to receive my blessing I love you you shall live you shall

continue to fight you and your family are in my hands I have the final say I determine

your destiny your task is to press on no matter the hardships youve faced keep

Standing Tall your self-respect unshaken you will not kneel before adversaries aiming to bring you down

recognize me as your one true God your king your master and your Divine

parent ahead of you may seem an oene of TRS ready to swallow you whole but trust

in my might and boldly walk on those shifting waves of strife you won’t falter you won’t won’t be submerged my

hand will always be extended for your salvation should doubt ever besiege you

hold tight to my hand rely on me for I am Forever by your

side approach me with confidence assured that I will never turn you away I will

extricate you from those predicaments I will guide you towards your Triumph even through the fiercest

Gales my love for you is boundless I imbue you with bravery and resolve you

shall not Harbor any fears my grace and favor envelop you your Triumph is in my

plans March forth as a Victorious Warrior you are not weak you are strong

you are not alone I am with you I shall lift you up as an example before your

family and friends so that they may see that overcoming problems needs and illnesses is

possible they shall have the assurance that they too can defeat those cruel enemies prepare for a time of bliss

where those you love shall recognize you as a blessing to them I have bestowed my grace upon you I

have poured my anointing upon you I have appointed you as the head and leader of a

generation I shall work through you performing great Miracles and many shall witness them but do not open the door to

Pride nor become filled with vanity keep your heart submitted to my word

treat others with affection and humility I desire to manifest my love to the

world through you it is time for my purpose for your life to be

fulfilled I cherish you deeply you are destined to thrive even before your

existence began I meticulously crafted your future holding in my grasp the

Wonders you yearn for and envision the asp aspirations that have nestled within your heart over countless

years the prayers you’ve offered for those dear to you are etched in my ledger I overlook nothing for each

moment has its purpose and time it’s my wish to enrich your life to unlock new

Pathways for you to augment your wisdom Faith humility and

endurance you are my beloved Offspring positioned in a garden of growth and

prosperity the guide to your blessing rests in your grasp it is my sacred and

Powerful scripture absorb its teachings with belief and Zeal treasure it within your

soul if your history is marred by setbacks if you’ve surrendered too often and forfeited precious opportunities let

these words resonate from your lips my history is not my destiny henceforth my

life my kin my future will be be under a mantle of blessing never hesitate to Proclaim my

teachings openly within my promises lie everlasting life Grand wonders and

divine interventions when you encounter an obstacle that seems insurmountable there will be a Divine word granting you

the wisdom to overcome it open your Bible and delve into its pages with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to

grow as you read you will sense my presence beside you guiding you through

each word allowing you to deepen your understanding of me and my boundless

love never doubt the steadfastness of my love or fear that I will abandon you

when you make mistakes I have chosen to reside in your heart carrying Within Me blessings and

opportunities Grace and forgiveness Divine strength and a steadfast and

genuine purpose for your family the days of fear are behind you I

have banished the Devourer from your midst surrender yourself entirely to me

trusting in my unwavering commitment to your happiness I wrote these words for you

long before you came into existence out of my deep love for you you will be protected I will rescue you from your

difficulties and present the answers you’re searching for signs of my love’s magnitude signaling a future filled with

joy and prosperity are on the horizon for you get ready for this overflow of

blessing and instead of mourning over unfulfilled dreams fill your heart with hope reject

any notion of failure and immerse yourself in the warm glow of my sacred vow the days filled with sorrow will

transform into Distant Memories your moment of Liberation is approaching

believe for I listen to every prayer and offer my compassion in full measure do

not worry I will provide more than you could ever request because my wish is to

Lavish upon you the finest to unfold Miracles that exceed your wildest

dreams as time moves forward remember that the happiness you experiened now

was birthed from previous struggles watered by your tears and shaped in moments of Despair but it has blossomed

into a period of love and immense blessing beware of Pride for every good

thing you enjoy comes from me not from your own efforts stand firm in your prayers for challenges lurk aiming to

shake your belief and diminish your faith yet you know my voice you are my

sheep and in your heart you recognize my Assurance that no force can oppose you

no one can steal the blessings destined for you commit yourself to me dare to believe in my promises and I will not

forget you your tears will not be shed in vain your reward shall come in due

time a testament to your courage and sacrifices though years pass swiftly

cherish and heed my words for they assure you of my everlasting love and grace Rejoice for soon you shall embrace

my answer with open arms unshaken by adversity for I uplift you Shield you

bless you support you and guard you against all harm anyone who dares to

harm you or speak ill of you shall face my judgment for I watch over my children fear not

for I am with you stand firm and fight for your dreams for with faith you shall

achieve great things age is no barrier to my blessings

I will transform you granting you wisdom and influence beyond your years press on with your dreams your

aspirations your faith for no one can thwart your destiny when we journey

together towards Supernatural ual blessings today I come to relieve your

inexplicable anguish that sometimes grips your heart I desire to uproot

anything causing that sense of melancholy which besieges your soul

inexplicably I love you my Divine and true Delight here in my hands I hold

your letter of Liberation sent directly from the heavens my child entrust me now

with that despair any worry lingering where you stand and as I stroke your

head tenderly the healing power of my Holy Spirit flows over you dispelling

every illness mental Affliction and hidden torment tearing at your

soul hear my Proclamation now you are healed from the crown of your head to

the soles of your feet and deep into the corners of your mind you are made whole

there’s no need for you to Bear Pain any longer you have unhindered access to my presence

I am your father and the life I have given you is meant to be lived in Joy with those you love pay attention I am

bestowing upon you the vitality and bravery needed to wake each morning with a glimmer of hope in your

eyes let the sunshine brighten your face and the breeze gently touch your skin as

you step outside your home with confidence and without any sense of Shame lift your hands high and announce

to all I am your guide your sustainer your healer your rock of safety be

assured my words light up your path leading you safely into a realm where

the possibilities for growth and success are Limitless yet before you can arrive at

this place of abundance your fears must be calmed your emotions must find

balance you cannot welcome new blessings with a heart full of worry nor can you

look forward to new opportunities ities while clinging to what has been left behind I am the sole remedy holy and

Supernatural for all your afflictions approach me with confidence when you feel unwell Grant yourself a fresh start

your sadness pain anguish and despair are now behind you today you are free

healed give me a moment let me embrace you and speak more beautiful words to strengthen you I want you to rise every

day with joy unwavering faith in the immense love I hold for you your tears

have not gone unnoticed I feel the pain behind each one as the all powerful creator of

everything under the heavens I see all nothing escapes my notice your distress

and loneliness weigh heavily on me especially when those you thought loved you

leave making you feel abandoned and beond comfort yet remember nothing in

your life is out of my reach deep within you can recognize my love’s language the

distinct sound of my voice that has soothed your hurts before I am the same as I have always been your unwavering

source of happiness and might now as my voice Echoes a new don’t turn away or

close off your heart the love you long for the love that pursues you for my own

glory is here I am watching over you protecting you in

even the most daunting situations I promise to weave everything together for your benefit you are never

alone my words filled with tenderness will wipe away your tears mend your

wounds and turn your sorrow into lasting Joy I am your God the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end I will fill your soul with great joy and in the

morning I will come as your Liberator your Advocate your Warrior your beloved

protector do you recognize me my child you have endured a difficult time marked

by Tears scorn and pain but I elevate your suffering this year you will rise

days of Happiness are ahead you are about to reap Pleasant moments you must cherish fear not my child do not weep do

not despair be strong your answer will come soon

your need will be met your health restored believe in me for I am your God

speaking to you today believe in your heart I hear your plea Feel the beat of

your humble heart your prayer reaches my throne and today the gates of my grace

open to you I pour upon you my blessing and favor your abundance is declared I

do not lie what I promise will come to pass always remember this so your mind

is not consumed by anxi or worry don’t keep quiet don’t just stand there take

this message to everyone in need those facing hardship those experiencing lack

and those under stress and share it loudly I’ve poured out my blessings on

you and I promise to extend the same generosity to all who embrace my love

follow my teachings embrace my peace rely on my provision and welcome my

presence surround yourself with those of simple faith those with humble spirits

and all who call upon my name with sincere and eager Hearts do not fear alarming news the

intimidation of others or the Dark Shadows cast by the adversary in your life always remember my strength and

loyal loyalty are unwavering I will never abandon you no matter how many years go by my sacrifice

on the cross and the shedding of my blood were not in vain when you’re encircled by foes and troubles or when

you’re feeling vulnerable in need or unwell know that I am always with you I

remind you of this constantly so it remains in your heart I long for you to seek me out

daily each time you reflect on my words know that I have the power to set you

free and if you hear me reaffirm this every day it’s because I truly mean to

act I am not one to deceive my love for you is eternal my

blessings are Everlasting so it shall be therefore you turn to me fully aware of my love and

the solid promise of my support indeed I will Aid you with confidence step

forward into life on armed with the strength peace and joy that come from knowing your heavenly father is always

by your side even in your moments of weakness when you believe you have

faltered know well that although things may go arai and though at times you may he my grace knows no bounds my Mercy is

unconditional I did not fail you before nor shall I fail you now in this time of your greatest need

when your heart aches and your soul weeps open your eyes with hope as you

awaken each morning listen to me once more and you shall find the fortitude to carry on through your day I urge you to

put your faith in me for a future filled with peace and happiness awaits you I

earnestly ask you to hold tight to my love and to the precious gift of life you must live you must endure and keep

moving forward no matter the hurdles keep your eyes on the Promises I’ve made

when You Face trials do not lose heart or give in to despair when troubles surface do not be

overwhelmed when faced with threats recall the courage you have in my sight

even if others mock or dismiss you believe with every fiber of your being

this is your moment from all the trials and lessons of your current circumstances great spiritual wealth and

Everlasting blessings will emerge I am set to enrich your life for you are

dearly chosen by me pursue me in prayer soften your heart kneel down and

passionately present your requests to me day by day Relish in being with me and I

will fulfill the deep-seated wishes of your heart it is wonderful that you are

attentive to these words I trust you will approach this year and all your responsibilities with gravity keep it in

mind and never let it slip away now is your time Embrace this opportunity for

yourself and your loved ones for my blessing is upon you only I can deliver

you from your troubles only I can assist you in this conflict you are

enduring if you open the doors of your soul to me you will witness how miraculously many things will begin to

happen and you will find the solution to your situation you have done well to

come to me when you need me most what I desire is for you to seek me

not only on this occasion I want to have the foremost place in your heart love me

with all the strength of your being your soul your mind I desire to have the primary place

in your thoughts choose this day to dedicate your life to me and witness the

profound and life-altering shift my presence will ignite within you your heart you’ve sensed it for a while

turned it over in your mind you’re aware there’s something missing a gap in your

life yearning to be filled welcome me into your heart and watch as your world

transforms those who’ve wounded you will come back in remorse seeking your forgiveness doors that once seemed shut

will swing wide open those who dismissed you will start to recognize your worth

I’ll bless you with new genuine friends I’ll erase the shadows of sadness and

Solitude from your life feel the essence of my message to you now my words wield the power to

usher in a change for your betterment don’t let unexpected

challenges dismay or deter you if you find yourself maligned or if

the sting of betrayal touches you do not despair if ignore the harsh words and

the scorn from those who Envy you those who plot to disturb your peace and tempt

you into faltering remember you are held safely

within my grasp shielded from their malicious schemes start each day with my words on

your lips you reside under the protection of your Almighty and loving

God my child you are cradled and cherished by the arms of your heavenly

father I love you [Music]


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