i don’t want you to regret why you skipped me! ➕

beloved Child In This Moment of divine

grace I want to pour out my blessings


you open your heart and listen

attentively for the words I speak carry

the power to transform your

life I am here to bring you Abundant

Blessings to uplift your spirit and to

guide you towards a life of fulfillment


purpose know that you are deeply loved

and cherished for you are a pre precious

Soul uniquely created in my

image I see your struggles your hopes

and your

dreams I understand the burdens that

weigh upon your shoulders and I am here

to offer you Solace and

strength in this sacred moment I invite

you to release any doubts fears or

limitations that hold you

back embrace the truth that you are

deserving of my blessings and that I

long to shower you with Grace in

abundance but you must be open to

receive listen to my words for they

carry the essence of divine wisdom and

guidance they hold the keys to unlocking

the blessings that await

you trust in my plan for your life even

when the path seems

uncertain I am by your side illuminating

your way and offering you my unwavering

support there is no limit to what I can

do for you for you my

child I can heal your wounds restore

your joy and provide for your every

need but you must surrender your worries

and place your trust in

me allow my blessings to flow into every

area of your life your relationships

your health your finances and your

purpose as you listen to these words let

your heart be filled with faith and

expectation believe that miracles are

possible and that I am working behind

the scenes to bring them into

fruition your faith is the Catalyst for

the manifestation of my blessings in


life so my beloved one open yourself to

this moment of divine

encounter receive the blessings that I

am pouring out upon

you let them wash over you filling you

with peace joy and an unwavering sense


purpose embrace the transformation that

awaits you as you surrender to my love


grace remember my child I am always here

for you ready to bless you beyond

measure trust in my promises for they

are true and

everlasting open your ears your heart

and your spirit to receive the blessings

that I have prepared for

you may you be abundantly blessed my

dear one as you listen and

receive with with all my love and the

desire to bless

you your savior


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