my beloved Child by surprising those who

believed a miracle would never occur in

your life I can grant you the miracle

because of your faith in me you are

aware of the miracle that occurred in

Shadrach meach and anyone’s

lives they had faith in me when they

were cast into the Blazing furnace they

thought I would arrive to save them I

saved them because of their confidence

in me and I perform the greatest Miracle

by saving them in front of those who had

given up hope that they would not

survive following that I blessed them

and Via their lives I became known to

everyone who then praised and worshiped

me similar to this if you have

confidence in me despite your situ ation

I can still work a miracle in your life

and surprise those who believed you

would never be able to overcome it I

will also make you a blessing for them

via that Miracle when people believe in

me they will comprehend that I am still

the Living God that I am capable of

anything and that nothing is impossible

for me you just need too have faith in

me for all of

that God says type y if you want my

blessings my little one I’m giving you

steadiness training you’re too

distracted by too many things to notice

me I understand that you are surrounded

by Visual and auditory stimuli but you

can’t let them control

you whatever happens awareness of me may

endure in every situation this is the

consistency I want for you don’t allow

unforeseen circumstances derail you

instead reply with Poe and Assurance

always keeping in mind that I am by your

side talk to me about anything that

catches your interest as soon as it does

as a result I understand

your pleasures and your difficulties and

assist you in overcoming them I operate

through you and I live in you this way

the path to peace is this one take me

your mind to relax and

rejuvenate permit me to fill your mind

with my presence your body and wines

your mind slows down and you become

conscious of me again in a spiritual

sense this awareness is essential to

your well-being it’s your

Lifeline in actuality the universe in

which you live is made up of more than

four dimensions there is the dimension

of openness to my presence in addition

to the three dimensions of space and the

one of

time you can see glimmers of Heaven

while you are still on Earth thanks to

this Dimension which is superior to all

others this was a component of my

initial plan for Humanity when Adam and

Eve were banished from Eden I used to

walk in the garden with them I desire

for you to accompany me on walks in the

garden of your heart where I have made

my permanent home permit me to rule your

T the most erratic and Restless aspect

of human nature is the Mind long after

you’ve mastered the self-control to keep

your mouth

shut our thoughts rebel against you and

position themselves against me because

of the amazing complexity of the human M

man is the ultimate creation of God by

giving you the freedom to think for

yourself high risk to

everything this is a privilege akin to

that of a god permanently separating you

from robots and animals I created you in

my image really near to the Divine the

mind is the final stronghold of

Disobedience even if my blood has

entirely redeemed

you give yourself over to my luminous

presence and allow my light to enter

your mind you are full of life and teas

when my spirit is in charge of your

thoughts listening to me with the hopes

of finding out what I will

do it means putting all of your faith

and confidence on me rather than

attempting to solve problems on your

own share it with the people and

watch these blessings

multiply you were meant to live a life

of waiting on me every day all day I

made you so you would always be aware of

me while you go about your everyday

business oh and denotes focusing your I

have promised those who wait on me a

host of blessings including a Resurgence

of Hope living above one’s circumstances

from fresh Vigor and awareness of my

ongoing Presence by living in complete

dependence on me and be prepared to

carry out my

purpose waiting on me allows you to

exalt me you can also appreciate me more

because of this there is joy in my

presence give up trying to solve

problems before their time comes

recognize the limitations of taking each

day as it

comes ask me if something is on the plan

for today whenever it comes to your

attention if not give it to me to look

after and proceed with today’s tasks if

you adhere to this your life will have a

lovely Simplicity where everything has

its own place and

time a life spent near me is

uncomplicated and uncluttered many of

the things that use to bother you cease

to have any influence on you when you

are focused on my presence even though

everything around you is disorganized

and confusing never forget that I have

triumphed over it

all I have revealed these things to you

in order to Grant you peace in inside me

nothing can separate you from my teas if

you can learn to trust me really

completely trust

me if you let it teach you to trust me

whatever you go through will be

beneficial by developing in Grace amid

the very Affliction that was intended to

hurt you you can follow the works of

evil when Joseph said to his brothers

you may evil against me but God meant it


good he was a classic illustration of


Supernatural reversal have no fear of

what lies ahead for you today or any

other day focus on doing what needs to

be done and on having faith in

me remain calm in my sovereignty and

keep in mind that I go before you and be

beside you every day do not be afraid of

evil for I have the ability to make the

most of whatever circumstance you will

face typ I love you father my dear child

with a heart full of love I want you to

know that I’m always here for you I’m

not just your father but your constant

guide Like a Shepherd caring for his

flock my arms offer a love deeper than

any other an Embrace that’s warm and

eternal your presence means the world to

me I watch over you surrounding you with

my Endless Love from mourning until

night it’s my greatest

honor even while you sleep I’m watching

over you offering protection from the

unknowns that may come in those pieces

ful moments I gently brush your hair and

Whisper words of comfort and strength

that sooth your heart and prepare you

for the challenges ahead I fill you with

joy and courage to face each new day


faith don’t let doubt Cloud your way

remember that with me by your Sigh No

challenge is to Great Darkness as no

power over for you because you’re under

my protective wing and I’ll always be

here to keep you safe from life’s

troubles hold on to your faith and walk

this beautiful path I’ve set for you

embracing each blessing that comes your

way I’ve taken away your past troubles

and replaced them with Joan

strength in my presence you stand tall

and these words words of love will

forever guide you toward the blessings

ahead even when you feel weak remember

that with me you have a refuge that will


falter trust in my love and let it be

the anger that keeps you steady through

life storms guiding you toward your true

purpose As you move forward know that my

spirit is always with you surrounding

you with my Endless

Love reing It by typing

when You Face sorrow or uncertainty

know that even in life’s challenges I’m

right here with you trust in my promises

and my love for they hold the strength

you need to carry on Like a Shepherd I’m

always guiding you through life’s twist


turns don’t ever doubt my love for you

it’s true and wholehearted In My Embrace

you find Refuge from life’s storms even

as I prepare the way before you I’m

eager to see your faith and

courage I can’t wait to share in your

jaws to face challenges together to

overcome all adversities and Achieve

victory iies the time is now prepare

yourself for the blessings I’ve chosen

for you your destined for greatness not

failure there may be times of worrying

when things seem uncertain but don’t

worry about your finances for I’m

looking after you and your loved

ones don’t be consumed by worrying about

money because I’m always here guiding

you and providing for you with

unwavering faith and me you’ll see life

with hope and optimism just as I’ve

always been there for you know that I’m

here now supporting you and your family

with unconditional

love you are deeply cherished by me my

beloved walk through life knowing that

I’m always by your sigh providing for


and leading you to a future full of love

and abundance each day is a chance to

connect with me through prayer to feel

my gentle presence and comforting

Embrace never forget you are never alone

and your financial worries are nothing

compared to the vastness of my love for

you in times of scarcity remember that I

am your for protector when you feel

overwhelmed close your eyes and Let My

Words bring peace to your

soul in this very moment my love

surrounds you like a protective shield

wrapping you in the warmth of my sacred

presence In My Embrace You Are

safeguarded by Heavenly forces that

stand watch over

you your home your being and your loved

ones all find shelter in the unwavering

Fortress of my

protection today I invite you to open

your heart to let the peace in my voice

for you and to bask in the comfort that

my words bring to your spirit embrace

the joy that I pour into you and find

rest for I am here with you if tears

fall from your eyes let me gently wipe

them away with my Tender

Touch feel my Limitless love surrounding

you and cherish this moment we share for

it is a Divine gift we have right

now I am with you on this journey to

transform your life if you believe God

will help you please subscribe to the

channel but if not feel free to leave I

am freeing you from from the chains of

Sorrow from now on wake up each day with

a smile sharing Jo with your family

moving forward persevering believing and

trusting always in my love and the

gentle Embrace I give you

today type bom if you believe in Jesus

Christ are you free of doing sin without

anyone intervening like live in adultery

and it seems natural to you an nothing

is wrong you consider it normal and

lawful and you don’t even feel bad or

even think about it for a second that

what you do is

wrong if you truly are a child of God he

will punish you how does God punish his

children he will break you to the point

that you don’t have choice but to humble

yourself to him because when we broken

we see the need for a savior as no one

can cure us Jesus

alone if that pain is terrible to you

that will lead you to come to Jesus and

Trust on him God intends to work himself

into us and for him to do this he needs

to break our outward man so that the

inner man would be rein forced built up

and fully

freed he loves us too much to allow us

to remain in our sin he loves us so

deeply that he will do whatever is

necessary to make us holy the ultimate

good for a Christian is to be

Sanctified which is to be conformed to

the image and likeness of Christ God

disciplines each of his offspring

his motive is love his practice is

Flawless his purpose is our

sanctification so let us endure and rely

on him let’s accept God’s punishment

it’s his way of loving us James is

accepting the fact that we humans are

prone to sin and make

mistakes the word stumble here alludes

to stumbling into

sin and it denotes a lack of control or

a temporary mistake in judgment we all

make mistakes or stumble in various ways

throughout everyone has struggled to be

their best selves John – reads if we

say we have no sin we deceive

ourselves and the truth is not in us the

context of this versus in important as

John is not advocating that Believers

should to sign or that sin is a regular

or acceptable part of the Christian Life

instead he is highlighting the fact that

we are and that we all deal with sin and

Temptation the statement if we say we

have no sin shows that some people would

want to claim that they are without sin

is Po out that such a claim is deceptive

and self-

delusional while we may try to present

ourselves as ideal or without defect the

reality is that we are to failure to

ignore this fact is to deceive ourselves

and to mess out on forgiveness and Grace

we have to confess our sin and

acknowledge that we need Jesus every

instant of Our Lives for us to be kept

when we confess our sins and seek for

forgiveness Jesus unrighteousness one


this is not a onetime event but

rather a continuing process as we want

follow Jesus and walk in his ways we

fail and fall into

sin are you attempting to build your

life on ideals that last if you are you

need to learn to live with Integrity too

have integrity does not mean you are

perfect because if it did none of us

would have it so what does it mean to

have integrity Integrity is

holess a lot of individuals think of

their life like a pie and the different

parts of their lives are the pieces of

the P someone might describe their life

like this

this chunk of the pie represents my

career this is my professional

life this is my spiritual existence this

is my family life that one is my social

life then over here is my secret life my


addictions and the stuff nobody else

knows about when you compart much your

lifelike way you lack Integrity because

your life is not a

complete comment lord always with me

Integrity implies you’re the same person

everywhere and with everybody in your

speech actions and motives know matter

which portion of life you’re walking

through Integrity is uncorrupted

motivation when you have integrity you

do the right thing and you do it for the

right reason

reason you have unmixed pure motives

your sincere and forthright in every

area of your life and with all people

you pray so you can converse with God

not so you can impress other

people the Bible says the Lord detests

people with croaked Hearts but he

Delights in those with Integrity


n LT we’re so interested in image but

God is interested in

Integrity we’re so focused in reputation

but God is interested in character

reputation has to do with what everybody

thinks you are Integrity is what you

truly are your reputation is tied to who

you appear to be in public Integrity is

connected to who you when you’re all

alone with God have you been more

concerned about your image and

reputation than new character and

integrity commit if being a person of

Integrity today even in the middle of

your Hurts Habits and Hang-Ups God Is

Watching Over You King David states to

God in Psalm

– surely you’re goodness and

unfailing love will pursue me all the

days of my life when David says surely

your goodness will pursue me e not

saying surely only good things are going

to happen to me David understood as well

as anyone that horrible things happened

to good people he had been abused down

treated unfairly yet was still a man who

followed God’s heart

but he had also sinned brutally against

individuals who had done no wrong to him

David’s argument is that no matter how

bad evil or tough anything seems and no

matter how much we mess things up God

will work it out for good his goodness

is pursuing us no matter which way we

turn it’s one of God’s Great promises is

that he’s given to Believers and we know

that in all things God works for the

good of those who love him who have been

called according to his

purpose Roman and everything that

happens to us God is working for our

good if we love God and are following

his intentions this verse does not say

that all things are good but if you’re a


all things are working together for

God’s plan and purposes which are always

beneficial that means there is no

difficulty crisis defeat or disaster in

the life of a believer that God can’t

finally turn toward is purpose when you

believe that it transforms how you view

everything in your life your

relationships with God and other people

your history your future and whatever

you are facing

today as you trust in God’s excellent

work in your life you will be able to

confront even your toughest challenge


confidence typ I Adore You Heavenly

Father dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me thank you

Heavenly Father for providing

encouragement and hope via your word we

are grateful for the fulfill prophesies

that confirm your

identity you promise to exhibit signs

and wonders in the Sky Stars moon and

sun when we observe indications in the

heavens or on Earth we should be alert

and ready to back prophecies are being

fulfilled daily although we don’t know

when you return we know we’re getting

closer than

ever help us be like the wise maidens

who were ready when the bridegroom

arrived encourage us to care about the

well-being of those who have passed on

despite our own challenges and worries

may US be compelled to share Your Love

truth and gospel with those who do not


you please allow us to be your hands and

feet help us be Prayer Warriors for

individuals we know the unsaved and the

World At Large when someone comes to

mind encourage us to pause and pray may

we hear your voice and heed your

promptings as many of us have discussed

Ed there is no certainty of tomorrow and

our last day and arrive suddenly let us

prioritize during all weekend today help

us weigh everything and light of

Eternity as you remind us not to be

nervous concerned or afraid may we keep

our hearts at rest and our eyes on you

help us remember the importance

blessings and miracles of each day

rather than focusing on our challenges

sorrow or

poverty as we wake up each day may we be

filled with hope and eagerness to see

how God is working in our lives father

we rely on you for strength and guidance

to accomplish our goals with faith like

a mustard seed we can move

mountains please work within through Us

For Your Glory may we produce many fruit

for you in jesus’ name we pray

amen please support our Channel our

goals to bring happiness in your life

and to bring devotion and reverence

towards God and if you want you can

donate us through super thank

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