I CHOSE YOU! Don’t ignore your MIRACLE, RECEIVE THIS BLESSING! God’s Message for You

my cherished child as you rise each morning your Vigor and Faith bring a

smile to my heart you face challenges with unwavering determination never

faltering in your resolve you bear a striking resemblance to me in your heart

I see a burning desire to do what is right I am here to support you to keep

your family united and harmonious to bless you with each new Dawn’s first

light I am implore you to continue down this path to never let go of that

Faith your way of living is a beautiful devotion a praise that fills my heart

with joy your virtuous actions Inspire and Elevate me I long to open doors for

others to witness Someone Like You someone with genuine Faith someone who truly loves me I hold you in the highest

regard you face the fiercest winds without responding with hatred your resentment to those false friends who

have harmed you who may have taken material possessions but could never steal what truly matters your faith

dedication and unwavering commitment to follow my will no matter the

trials you are undoubtedly my child the word I planted in your heart

has borne much fruit and there are still countless blessings and gifts for you to

harvest your future shines brightly and rest assured I Stand By Your Side in

every circumstance you can come to me with confidence and pour out your soul at my

altar whenever doubts or mistakes weigh on you my faithfulness will never waver my

presence will surround you and you will feel it in your very being with a

multitude of heavenly armies at your disposal ready and willing to Aid you I will grant you victory over those who

may try to oppose you I will provide healing banish illness

and Empower you when you speak my word the forces of Darkness shall be defeated your life

your family your health your finances and all those under your roof shall know

freedom and live in Victory your home will radiate with my

Majestic glory and miraculous wonders will become a daily occurrence you will be surrounded by families of

good-hearted people who will also be blessed by your loving spirit I urge you once more to stay the

course to resist straying into the land of disbelief seek me learn grow and be

filled with my Holy Spirit which will reveal my love and affection to you daily embrace the peace I offer the

peace that strengthens you my beloved child you are forever loved you’ve

already thanked me today for the gift of life so why wait it cost you nothing to

open your heart and express your gratitude I know your needs even before

you voice them trust in me come and spend a moment of serenity with me find

a quiet moment and reflect on the countless reasons you have to be grateful today your life your family

your health the air you breathe the nourishment on your table the shelter over your head my Supernatural

protection that envelops your home the Vigilant Warrior Angels who stand guard

watching over your dreams and ready to wage battle you have so many reasons to feel

blessed so fill your mind with positive thoughts and open your eyes to the

goodness I place along your path rest assured that I hold your

destiny in my hands I dwell Within a grateful heart

one that recognizes its need for me one that seeks me with Faith and Hope because it knows it is profoundly

blessed I understand that at times worries about life’s events May consume

you but that’s perfectly natural don’t fret excessively I comprehend the weight

of your responsibilities you desire everything to go smoothly to provide for your

family to maintain their health and to safeguard the peace and stability you

all require however there are also days when darkness clouds your gratitude when the

enemy Whispers Insidious thoughts into your mind turning concerns into fears

surrounding you with lies and transforming fear into dread and

despair I watch and wait for you to raise your arms high and speak the words

that will make the enemy flee thank me for your life your family

your health and all that you are in possess your unwavering faith and

grateful heart act as Shields sustaining you in times of

trial when you walk through the fires of Affliction know that I am there waiting

for you to open your eyes I yearn to hear the first words of your day flowing from the depths of your

grateful soul uttering thank you thank you for life come to me today if you feel unwell pour

out your heart to me I will take those feelings into my hands and transform

them one by one sorrow into Joy remorse into peace guilt into hope I am

dispelling the darkness that gnaws at your mind making you listen to voices from the past that deceive you I am the

almighty God you are my Bel beloved child obedient and steadfast in belief

today I wish to Grant you freedom from all mental Affliction through the power

of my pure and holy blood when you hear my powerful word

receive complete healing from head to toe wherever you may be rise lift your

hopes from the ground and walk forward follow this path that will lead

you to the Pinnacle of the Sacred Mountain to the place of your Victory the emotions I am sowing in your

heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit this blessing I place before you

is genuine and true you shall receive it as you believe in me and my Eternal

Word you are not making a mistake by surrendering your heart to your heavenly father who loves you

immeasurably you are not imagining it powerful and Supernatural Miracles will

happen for all who listen to to me and humbly and simply dare to believe those who respect my word

acknowledge their shortcomings leave behind evil and resolve to walk forward

without looking back I love you deeply my beloved

child I wish to heal you break your chains and shatter every curse and enchantment that led you to believe that

someone in this universe possesses greater power than I an utter falsehood

among on falsehoods Heaven and Earth tremble at the sound of my

voice the forces of Darkness fall defeated in the presence of my manifest

glory in this world no Being Human or spiritual can oppose you harm you or

bring you down because you are no longer alone my arms encircle you my Holiness

envelops you and the power of my blood Shields you day and night

no more sorrow there will be no more tears of Despair except and feel the

peace and happiness I bestow upon you now declare to me that you are receiving

it profess your belief in me bow your knees and thank me for the love and

wonders you are about to witness I have marvelous news for you the news you’ve longed to

hear I will resolve every burden that weighs upon your soul I will bless your

family your health and your finances you’re entering a season of restoration so pay close attention for I

will provide the guidance for all to go well give me time and commit to

me humble yourself and return to my word decide once and for all to release your

fears and burdens to fortify your spirit with my presence and to listen to The

Voice of Love in Your Heart the voice that speaks to you with tenderness I wish to lead you along the

right path to help you regain all that you have lost I desire to hold your hand on the

journey toward peace and Tranquility so you may ReDiscover the happiness you crave leaving behind the

seemingly insurmountable problems that have troubled your life I aim to liberate you from the anxieties that

have plagued you to banish your fears do not cling to them do not hide them I no

longer wish for fear to drive you into poor decisions you have paid a heavy toll for

your mistakes but that chapter ends today it will end today I forgive your sins I cleanse your

soul the chains you have been dragging are breaking guilt and uncertainty are being left behind my desire my beloved

child is to bless your life my plans and purposes are for your welfare and prosperity

it won’t all be easy at times you may face battles but I Will Stand By Your

Side fortifying your spirit until the end if you believe tell me I

believe if you accept me into your soul declare it I open my heart to you if you

allow me to reign in your life Proclaim it my God you are my king and Lord

whenever you approach me with your requests come with confidence show me

your faith your gratitude is the finest offering you can bring me this moment we share today is the

most beautiful occurrence so come without fear I shall never reject you your sins have been

washed away and paid for with My Precious Blood you have no reason to

feel ashamed in my presence even when you were distant and never thought of me

I had compassion on you I dispatch thousands of angels to rescue you from the clutches of the evil one to clear

the obstacles from your path allowing you to return to

me you will come back tomorrow and bring me joyful Tidings you will share how you have

gradually discovered Miracles that eluded you before you will recount all the changes

and beautiful occurrences in your life you will affirm Your Allegiance and

I shall listen with boundless Joy this is why I have brought you here

once more to transform your life I do not want you to return to a place where

only hatred disdain sorrow and despair reside I am speaking directly to you

tell me if you will believe me or those who place obstacles in your path obstructing your return to Faith

demanding Perfection from you when they themselves bear their own sins and wrong

thoughts in this world no one can boast of perfection in my presence so do not

lose Faith or Spirit due to those who shut doors in your face here you are

dearly loved and there is only one true way one open door for you to enter and

receive eternal life unending happiness and everlasting

Joy with me you will always encounter love acceptance and pure holy affection

you can approach me confidently day and night whether you are unwell or struggling or if you believe your

weaknesses LED you astray into vices errors and sin you are embraced here regardless of

your state or situation I always heed your prayer of repentance and I offer you another

chance if you accept my forgiveness and desire a fresh start come and surrender

your heart to me you need not offer explanations I understand that what you

truly need is my love I am here I love you good morning how are you feeling

share everything this remains between us speak from your heart and let it out

here and now after hearing my powerful and healing word my Healing Touch will

reach your soul ease your tearful eyes and shatter every chain binding you

these emotions that pierce your heart like like steel nails can only dissipate through my power I wish for you to

reclaim peace renew your faith and begin to spread your wings once more soaring

high to reach your dreams I want you to feel good it is essential that you enter

my presence each day together you and I will erase the dark chapters of your

life and craft a new narrative I wish for you to see yourself as you truly are loved by me a

triumphant individual who awakens each day with a profound purpose to live your age presents no barrier to

finding happiness a new to realizing that you are a tremendous blessing to many and a significant support to

others the enemy has tormented you since your childhood seeking to clip your wings and keep you confined in a Cell of

resentment it nearly convinced you that you were worthless inflicting wounds that appeared small but caused your

heart to bleed with each one you nearly lost your way but you

heard my word you were receptive you acknowledged your mistakes and you

repented for your sins your prayer of repentance was beautiful and here in the Heavenly realm

we celebrated with joy that you had returned home today with the fervent

Faith burning within you you are forging your path in the Journey of

Life Embrace this moment my beloved child it is time to let go of the past

to release the burdens that have weighed you down allow me to guide you towards the light towards the path of love peace

and joy you are not alone I am with you every step of the

way I am Overjoyed that you have chosen to confide in me to share your heart’s

deepest troubles you are once again savoring the beauty of life yet you are also

confronting the hidden burdens within your soul know that speaking with me daily

will Infuse you with great strength fortify your faith and free you from the heavy burdens weighing down your

soul your spirit will soar and joy will overflow within you I see the joy

filling your heart and now it is your turn to speak fear not to pour out your heart to

me for I love you deeply I am elated to witness you seeking affection and

nourishment through my words and it’s perfectly fine you are

already noticing the transformation within yourself if there are still concerns

Weighing on your heart remember that I am here for you I understand that sometimes life’s

challenges can leave you breathless overwhelmed by countless thoughts

but each morning come to me in prayer and together we will mend your

circumstances allowing you to face life with renewed Happiness

unburdened by the weight you no longer need to carry reflect my child on the greater

things that require your attention do not fret over scenarios that may never come to pass for I am watching over you

have faith and uplift your spirits kneel or simply stay where you are close your

eyes and Express gratitude for your family work and

health sometimes you need not even ask but I Delight in your

requests I encourage you to ask with unwavering confidence without doubt my ear is attentive and my angels

stand ready as soon as they receive my command they will hasten to your side

for they were created to obey me and serve you are my cherished child and I

am the one who Graces your life and blankets you in Mercy do not hesitate to ask of me I

eagerly await your petitions I will provide you with the finest wheat honey from The Rock and I

will open the windows of Heaven to shower you with Abundant Blessings overflowing and

holy invoke your faith for for I possess the power to move mountains of Sorrow dismantle the

barriers of evil and shatter the chains of sin Vice and destructive habits

request from me all that is good sweet kind and uplifting even if it seems

impossible if it contributes to your Eternal growth and Earthly well-being

ask of me and in my perfect timing I shall lovingly respond I will bestow it upon you I am

acutely be aware of your struggles your worries and your emotions I closely monitor your needs desires and

Sorrows I am present when you should tears experience discouragement or feel

the panks of lonliness rest ashard I shall never release your hand I know you need me

once more today not long ago you were despondent crying out my God where are

you today I offer you the sign to reassure you of my attentive presentent

as you prepare for what lies ahead persist in your daily prayers sense my proximity beside you and learn to know

me intimately I am your loving father and my love is

perfect when I declare my love for you believe it for I speak the truth I love

you deeply and I desire your well-being your strength and your enjoyment of each

day of life that I have granted you prepare yourself for the journey ahead

for I shall persist visiting you every morning with words of encouragement and messages of affection that I will plant

within your heart this is your time your hour has

come you were born to experience Victory it was never my intention for you to

live defeated and disheartened I’m aware that some around you have criticized you

diminished your spirit labeled you a failure and a lost cause proclaiming that you will achieve

nothing but take heed their misguided words hold no power and cannot alter

your destiny pay them no mind and assign them no [Music]

importance in my hands I hold Triumph I am your hope today all negative thoughts

all negativity and all feelings of inadequacy are dissipating and my holy word heals inspires MO mtiv Ates and

rekindles your joy it fills you with fresh dreams and beautiful

aspirations I wish to see that beautiful smile on your face that heart brimming

with happiness your journey is far from over your path stretches long adorned with

delightful surprises and benevolent Souls tell me do you believe me do you

trust that you are valuable that you will grasp my hand and never let go I

pledge to love you eternally and care for you this holy love I bestow upon you

no one can snatch away today I shall visit your Abode and alter your

destiny your fervent prayers infused with faith and sincerity have summoned me to your rescue I possess the power

and I’m eager to wield it the key that unlocks the door to Miracles is your

faith yet even more than that I cherish you and in any circumstance

you shall always have my unwavering presence you are suffering and you require my assistance my love that heals

and covers you without judgment my tender presence that envelops you in silent Embrace free from

reproach you need my sympathetic ear that listens patiently without interruption share with me your deepest

desires for that is your truth your strength alone has reached its limit this is the moment to acknowledge

your need I understand that you and your family Traverse a harsh desert where Solitude desiccates hope and your soul

thirsts for love amidst disdain the journey is scorching and you

cry out in pain when your feet tread upon searing stones that cause you to weep I comprehend your struggle it is

challenging to persevere and believe that even amid this suffering offing my hand support

you nonetheless I have come to Shield you from the adversaries that assail and wound you everything you are enduring

today is part of a purifying process just as gold only shines after enduring

the fire so too shall you shine and be purified from the remnants of negativity

within you I only wish to convey that I shall not Elevate you to let you belittle your

brethren rather I aim to teach you to extend your hand to Aid those who have

stumbled I implore you to release anger vanity fear doubt and

faithlessness do not dwell on the past for nothing you have experienced there can compare to the joy that awaits you

henceforth search your life for both small and Grand reasons for

gratitude walk with a clear conscience carrying my virtues within your heart

you are worth more your family is worth more and your future is worth more than

riches possessions careers fame or popularity do not fear the loss of

material possessions nor mourn them prioritize what truly holds value love

me and seek me with unwavering determination I am your provider and now

I shall supply your needs abundantly I shall satisfy you with True Blood blessings open numerous doors before you

and present you with extraordinary opportunities blessings will re upon you

abundantly so remain Vigilant to the unfolding events remember that I can transform

adversity into your favor so do not despair if you initially encounter

challenges that perplex you beyond every problem and frustration I hide

prosperity and blessings a plent prepare yourself to wisely manage what I

bestow upon you seek guidance from my holy word to enhance the gifts and talents I have bestowed upon you but do

not be enticed by material possessions do not succumb to the Allure

of fame or burden yourself with debt to acquire frivolities concentrate on what truly

matters elevate your spiritual journey to new heights strive to gain wisdom

from my word and deepen your knowledge of me I shall unveil wondrous Revelations to you I want you to witness

magnificent Miracles attend to your health and address familial matters without delay

leave nothing unresolved I have endowed you with the strength and intelligence to resolve

numerous situations today I do not wish for you to face desperation at the th Hour gripped by

fear of failure arise and take action dare to do so your

heart brims with courage regardless of your inner doubts engage in virtuous

Deeds fulfill your obligations and cast aside

apprehension you shall receive abundantly and lose nothing even if you forfeit something or

incur the displeasure of others due to your commitment to improving your life and making righteous choices entrust

these individuals into my care pray for them but heed not their

counsel or grievances for they cannot Aid one who knowingly Treads toward an

abyss I am with you to assist you in all matters however prioritize me and I

shall not only assist you but also Propel you towards Prosperity showering you with blessings more precious than

gold even when you feel defeated and we weakened I shall resurrect your zest for

Life fortify you and raise You From the Ashes those around you as well as future

Generations shall witness the Abundant Blessings I bestow upon you I shall

clothe you in honor clear your paths and saturate your home with my glory believe me for it shall come to

pass I love you dearly and I yearn to enter your abode I desire to perform a

wondrous powerful and Supernatural miracle in your life I have witnessed

your plight and I shall never allow scarcity to encroach upon your home or

your family for many years to come I shall shower your home with

blessings you have been faithful to me praying fasting shedding tears and

placing me at the Forefront of your actions and thoughts therefore I declare the time has come

for you to reap the Harvest of all that you have sown I shall enrich your home with

abundance happiness encouragement and health rest assured in my holy word for

I shall fulfill all my promises to you prepare yourself for a significant

transformation and cast aside the mantle of Perpetual worry and discouragement with my blessings come

wisdom power and the ability to make judicious decisions to safeguard and multiply all that I bestow upon you

turning it into a blessing for others be grateful and Trust for I am altering

your life I am preparing you to encounter Myriad opportunities for a prolonged period you

have sown seeds of Faith within your heart through uous trials and complex

tribulations you never wavered in your belief in my power and my my unwavering presence beside you this is why you

triumphed you placed your trust in me and I aided you my grace and mercy have

enveloped you and today with my mighty hand I shall cause these seeds you have

planted to flourish bountifully in your life and in the lives of those around

you the time has arrived for you to reap the rewards of your steadfastness for what I shall bring

into your home is immeasurably greater than you can fathom you deserve the finest and even more

your faith is invaluable and your humble demeanor shall take you far prepare yourself for I shall unlock

new doors and you shall discover New Horizons I shall bestow abundance upon your

home I love you how do you feare today no obstacle shall overcome you as long

as you stand firm in faith assured that I hold your future in My Loving Hands

your provision flows from me and I shall supply all your needs I fill your heart

with courage to Embark upon the journeys you must undertake to engage in conversations that need to transpire and

to confront challenges that require your resolve I shall be with you your dreams

shall be realized I am your almighty God and in possessing me you possess

everything I love you I am here here you cried out to me called my name in

desperation and I am here to console you and provide the answers you seek you

have placed your trust in me and that brings me great joy you have prayed and

knelt invoking my name in every circumstance of your life and this speaks volumes about your

character even though I knew your petitions before they passed your lips I

am delighted by your growth for your words are akin to sacred incense a

fragrant offering that reaches my Altar and touches my heart I am moved by your

unwavering faith and your firm belief in my love for you should you desire My

assistance quiet your heart for you shall receive that which you seek you

and your family shall no longer endure such tribulations I shall bestow upon you

wisdom enhancing your intellect further and Grant you the gift of foresight to

discern the enemy’s stratagems before they manifest maintain your faith step

forward and seek the blessings I have prepared for you I shall imprint the names of

individuals upon your heart some you may not have seen or spoken to in quite some

time yet I send you to them for through them I shall bless you and you shall

likewise be the answer to their supplication a such is my way my child my blessings

are for all who believe in me and seek me with a sincere heart I am opening a door of great

magnitude in your life one that will necessitate your continued humility to

prevent Pride from entangling you in the future delve into your Bible immerse

yourself in my holy word and your faith shall flourish ever more your confidence

shall radiate come and listen to me each morning open

your ears treasure the words I impart and engrave my promises upon your soul

your prayers offered upon bended knee hold immense power so persist in praying

with that demeanor my beloved when you feel that you touch the ground in reality with such a posture you touch

the heavens my hand shall caress your head with love and the entire Celestial

realm shall Echo Amen to your heartfelt supplications now go forth my child and

face your day with courage my angels accompany you my love Shields you I love

you [Music]

amen for

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