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my beloved child I bless you richly May each day of your week be imbued with

vitality and free from the shadows of fear Stand Tall letting go of any

inkling of defeat with the dawn of each day immerse your soul in my words speak forth my

promises with conviction let a radiant smile be your companion as you with

steadfast belief await the Bounty of blessings on their way to you

on the cross your victory was sealed through my resurrection your foes were put to shame and overcome you were

delivered from the grip of death I have gifted you my spirit to guide your emotions and Empower you to shed all

sorrow You Are Not Meant To Tread a path of failure to feel lesser or to view

others as above you my desire is for you not to live bracing for constant

missteps where your dream languish your spirit is downtrodden and your goals lie

buried in a grave of hopelessness my beloved I am the essence

of your existence your faith is already robust enough to elevate you above every

challenge inviting you to embrace a life filled with happiness yes you may face trials and

encounter difficulties but my spirit within you is mighty capable of breaking

down each barrier and snapping every shackle should you choose to trust in me wholeheartedly a horizon of blessings is

yours for the taking yet if you settle for mere scraps from those envious of your potential if you allow yourself to

be dominated by those who belittle and harm you if you persist in accepting their

lies then you will be trapped in a realm of sorrow and

despair this is not the existence or future I’ve envisioned for you heed my

voice until the very end these words must be passed on embrace the power of

my promises as they are vibrant and full of life dive into your Bible and let its

truths brighten your understanding chasing away all Gloom

purifying every nook of your being and casting a radiant light on your path ahead infused with strength and

love my plans for you are filled with kindness not harm or

distress I yearn for your well-being in every area echoing the prosperity of your spirit be bold affirm your love for

me now say it with true belief and welcome the blessing that is unfolding

and will soon be visible trust in me your blessing is on its way and nothing

can counteract my purpose cast aside your worries knowing you are cherished

and safeguarded by the universe’s architect the Supreme Monarch your all

powerful Divine parent feel the Embrace of my love

accept the Vigor Serenity and insight I grant you today the trials burdening you

will soon vanish leaving no trace of disgrace letdowns

derision humiliations disputes or Strife always cling to my guidance

ignoring the negative Whispers In Your being shun feelings of Despair sorrow

despondency or defeatism your weeping will end and your smile will bloom once

more as I declare so it will happen you will stand

tall and all will see in you the evidence of my love and benevolence I call you to Valor to stand and show the

world my reality the truth of my word and the vastness of my grace which is so

powerful it can change any heart your grief will be replaced with

gladness I will mend your emotional wounds and fill you with the peace

necessary to continue steadfastly come near to me daily do not

be misled by the notion that you can stray away from My Embrace even if you

wander to the most remote Corners my spirit will seek you out gently guiding

you home holding you close so bask in my blessing this

instant and let my healing power caress you I yearn to fill you with immense joy

to instill in you new reasons to cherish life my strength lives within you your

words are potent seeds that nurtured by your faith and trust will flourish into mighty trees

bearing the wondrous fruits of my boundless blessings in time your path in

this world is lit by the radiance bestowed upon you at your birth I adore

you and I am eager to enrich you Proclaim with your own voice your belief in me and immense Joy will be yours face

your day’s tasks with Vigor should your energy wne I’m right beside you ready to

uphold you in your moment of need do not hesitate to request good

things from me I have promised repeatedly to bless you and provide all you need to thrive when bird weigh you

down find sanctuary in my presence approach me lay down your burdens at my

feet and if weariness overcomes you let your tears flow the journey is challenging and the

unfolding events May appear intimidating but with the might of my

word and the Solace of my love I will cradle you in my arms soothing your soul

yesterday’s Sorrows the betrayals and the aband abandonment you felt alone

misunderstood by those you trusted yet in your loneliest moments I

Am with You intimately aware of your Strife ready to transform your trials into

triumphs I see your sorrow and I feel it deeply but I’ve arrived with a message

your cries and your Sorrows have ascended to the Heavens to my sacred Throne the place where your destiny is

shaped where every ailment finds healing where your troubles are addressed and where I

provide solace in your trials now is the moment for heaven’s gates to swing a weed open bestowing immense blessings

upon you letting you experience My Serenity even in

quietude regardless of the struggles you encounter or the individuals who leave

the most crucial truth is my presence with you offering comfort and support to your spirit release your uncertainties

embrace my effect ction and proceed with unwavering determination your pace matters less

than your persistence in faith the goal isn’t to hasten but to persevere and

Triumph I am by your side watching over you safe guarding your loved ones and

enriching your endeavors maintain your hopeful and joyful

anticipation savoring the splendid day I’ve crafted for you remember I am your

almighty God I will not fail you I vowed to shower you with blessings why falter in faith

when challenges emerge my love for you is constant my blessings unending why

should anxiety or fear displace your peace disregard the falsehoods of the

world embrace the reality of my presence with you before you go let’s establish

an agreement leave your burdens with me I will tenderly touch and calm your

heart instilling peace affirm your belief in my words spread

this message of my love and might to those in need hear this from the depths of my

heart I love you profoundly and I wish no more suffering for you I’m aware of

the immense struggles you’re enduring feeling utterly depleted you strive to maintain appearances unwilling to let

others perceive your pain or grasp the depth of your struggles however I

understand you more profoundly than you comprehend yourself the reflection you

confront daily reveals only the external fade day while I perceive the essence of

your spirit the reality of your heart even in your courage I urge you to

confide in me why hesitate to disclose your burdens I am here to collect every

tear and Elevate you from despair cast aside your doubts and entrust your heavy loads to me

being my child is a blessed privilege and I am preparing a Cascade of

blessings and Marvels for you and those dear to you anticipate the Rejuvenation

of your inner self with joy and contentment As You observe my promises unfolding in your

life my presence is a constant in your journey with my angels stationed as

Vigilant protectors steering you clear of malice in each New Dawn on seek me

first and notice how your day transforms under my benevolence I will immerse you in my

gentle love ensuring Tranquility Reigns in your heart should unexpected

challenges emerge just whisper my name and I’ll cast light on your decisions

bestowing wisdom and signs to guide your way rest assured my aspirations for you

are of the highest good contingent on your heart’s Fidelity and Purity request

and it shall be granted aligned with my divine plan as a

cherished progeny of the almighty no adversity can Prevail against you or inflict harm my hand is clasped in yours guiding

each stride unveiling New Horizons your endeavors consecrated in

my name will flourish bringing prosperity and achievement in your virtuous Pursuits with me as your ally

your aspirations and Ventures will Thrive for I alone can Envision and

shape your destiny your household will experience my favor their prosperity evident

shielded by my omnipresence Affliction shall not breach your dwelling for my

essence envelops you repelling malevolent forces and safeguarding against despair animosity and bitterness

your lineage abides in the Sanctified SA guarding of my spirit I have pledged my

unwavering faithfulness to you and this commitment is

Everlasting remember even Faith as minuscule as a mustard seed can burgeon

into the grandest of trees just as that seed grows so too will you for my words hold immense power

enough to command mountains to shift if spoken in my name do not Harbor any

doubts I am the steadfast God unchanging and constant I will always be by your

side loving you infinitely know that I am intimately acquainted with every aspect of your

being your feelings thoughts and actions for I am your creator shaping you in my

own image let go of all resentment and vengeful desires instead I urge you to pray for

those who have wronged you that they might find their path to me their lives lack fulfillment not adhering to my

teachings or Commandments but entrust them to my care for I will intervene I

aim to touch their hearts and unveil the truth Focus not on negativity but on Me

on the Promises I’ve made and on the blessings I’m eager to bestow upon you

from your very first breath and even before I have been by your side

observing your growth and all the trials you fa it your courage is commentable

and I am here to fortify you further just believe in me and maintain

steadfast faith for I’m dedicated to transforming your life the scars of

yester years will mend and pain will cease to be your

companion this day is yours seize this moment lift your hands offer your heart

to me and embark on a path of renewal and happiness this year signifies a turning point a

time of profound change if you accept the profound love I extend to you depend

on me and be Fearless I am here to unfold you in my care to comfort you

amid your tribulations affirming my constant and supportive presence recently you reached out in

desperate need of Aid and I have come in response I am ever listening infinitely

patient ready for the precise moment to have my Holy Spirit converse with your soul I see the journey you’re on even

when it seems shrouded in Shadows and uncertainty my love for you Knows No Limits and I refuse to let despair take

hold in your life you won’t be overcome by failure or defeat don’t be troubled by the

challenges you see or the barriers in your path because what awaits you is is a wealth of blessings and Heavenly

favors I grant you the insight to find your way through seeming dead ends

turning them into passages of Hope and opportunity from now on no one will have

the power to intimidate or demean you your Almighty Heavenly Father the

creator of all is by your side defending you fear not the opinions of others

recall how the envious tried to hurt you their deceit and schemes designed to see you falter all to no avail you remain

upright persevering today I instill in you A Renewed zest for Life blessing you

with a Joy unassailable by others you are held In My Embrace valued and cared for dearly

your unwavering faith and adherence to my teachings will draw my grace to you

and your loved ones trust in me wholeheartedly and with Purity for I hold your future safely in

my Providence I will protect you from those who seek your

downfall you will not be disgraced my holy spirit’s light will illuminate your

path and those who wrong you will ultimately confront their Reckoning like a tree flourishing beside

nourishing streams you will prosper producing plentiful fruits for all to

see and aspire to Through the Ages my presence will envelop you and you will

be drenched in my kindness every morning seek me out

resist the distractions that VI for your attention drawing you away from recognizing the Wellspring of your

fortune by my grace your steadfast devotion and the might of my risen power

I will manifest myself to you in extraordinary ways and during the

profound connection you feel now remains unbroken the same force that crafted the

cosmos is at your command stand strong with me do not yield to any adversity or

the schemes of foes refuse to let anyone devalue you or accept harm guard your

Offspring for I have dispatched angels to encircle you warding off any malevolent intent I urge you to play

your role live out your faith authentically and heed the guidance imparted to you the adversary is on the

prowl eager for a moment of your negligence to undermine my promises so

remain steadfast safeguarding your belief Begin by dedicating moments each

day to me approaching with thankfulness recognizing that your every blessing

flows from my affection I have repeatedly called for your heart do not

withhold it offer it to me wholly for I’m ready to absolve you of missteps

clear your remorse refresh your moral sense and fortify your trust I engrave my teachings deep within

your essence granting you the strength to live a life of devotion and

prayer when your heart is fully mine you’ll achieve Grand Visions yet if you

lose sight of our sacred Bond you risk reverting to old ways

remember here lies abundant authentic and steadfast love my patience with you

is immense perhaps beyond your current understanding but soon you’ll experience

it directly I Safeguard and value those dear to me you’re immensely

precious I will realize what seems unattainable affirming that my message

to you today is filled with Divine intent for you and your loved ones

let me reiterate If Tears need to flow let them for they will wash away the

heaviness from your spirit be still heed my Guidance the

words I offer are vital for your existence your prospects and your fortunes I hold deep affection for you I

vow to fulfill The Virtuous desires you present through prayer approach me and I

will enrich Your Existence your kin your provisions and all your endeavors

I will eradicate any ailment from your body clear your mind of troubling

Recollections eleviate your burdens release you from indebtedness and Surround you with prosperity because you

trust in me you will be Ain to a tree situated by nourishing Waters robust

flourishing with verdant leaves and bountiful seeds spreading vitality and

blessings far and wide do not dread the scorching days you will offer Ruger to those in need

and the fattig wet even in arid times your warriors will be few for your productivity will

remain lavish I will bestow upon you my favor and Grant you Serenity entrust all

your endeavors to me and they will be successfully realized you and your family will be shielded from any

impending hardships with my angels ever present to guard you Joy will be yours

and Everlasting happiness will be your portion do not Harbor fear or anxiety

for I Am by your side I will provide strength and assistance supporting you with my triumphant right hand in all you

do act with Integrity for in doing so you act on my behalf your hard work will be met with a

glorious reward rely wholly on me not on your understanding in every aspect of

your life recognize my guidance and I will steer your course I am your renewal and Your

vitality should you stumble you will rise again for those who believe in me

will know eternal life maintain humility and kindness exercise patience and

forbearance let not the agitators unsettle you respond with calmness not

with anger or aggression I endow you with bravery but I also call for wisdom

in your responses yes if fear encroaches upon you again place

your trust in me seek my presence for I will come to your Aid defending you from

harm ensuring your safety watching over your comings and goings my protective

hand will be over you in your dwelling and your Journeys remember each morning

that I am your God guiding you steadfastly and whispering to you gently do not fear for I Am With You

I am your ever present help my love for you is unending never

feel isolated or neglected some may try to remind you of past mistakes to imbue

you with regret by bringing up your past wrongs ignore such voices refuse to let

resentment and sadness dominate your being even if others abandon you I will

remain with you always I will not leave you despite how Others May judge in my

eyes you’re always cherished gentle and genuine valued immensely by

me ignore the idle talk of those who criticize without understanding they

neglect their own Affairs to indulge in negativity and falsehoods seek my

presence yearn for my teachings find refuge in my protection and wrap

yourself in my love I have created everything you behold the Seas the skies

the mountains and your very essence with deep care intending for you to reside

eternally in my domain the era of the malevolent is

fleeting yet Your Existence will be Everlasting I have bestowed upon each

person the Liberty to choose life and veracity your heart felt my touch and

you answered with thankfulness therefore I will shower you with my bounties we are bound eternally

have confidence and do not fear timid Souls may attempt to dredge up your old

errors those transgressions are forgiven and forgotten by me they are as distant

as the ocean floor at this instant I am removing the burdens and hidden Sorrows

from your spirit liberating you from the weight that clings to your soul I will

transform your perspective and Infuse you with even more Valor

I wish for you to stand up energetically and Embrace Life the most profound blessings await those who have

unwavering faith in me who cling to my teachings with humility never succumbing

to arrogance the heaven celebrate your choice to welcome me into your life to adhere to my teachings and to

demonstrate your devotion through your faith I will recover what you’ve lost

proceed with Assurance for I am the guardian of your fate

your adversaries have no stand against you approach me with belief yearning for

the wonderful blessings you seek for I am ready to bestow them upon you with immense love I am reaching out to you

spare a moment to absorb my message Continue to heed my voice I aim to fill

your Mourns with gladness I plan to alleviate your concerns menend the

internal scars left by time remove the traces of past past hurts and offer you

a renewed heart free from grief and devoid of sorrowful

remnants no longer will you endure nights haunted by the past or agonize over previous

afflictions I wish for you to awaken each day feeling profoundly cherished aware of my presence guiding you as I

present you with this fresh start today marks a day of Jubilation and victory a

time to surmount obstacles and claim Triumph be emboldened for this is the reason I

have redeemed you purifying your soul in my sight and absolving all your

transgressions grasp what many fail to understand if I have pardoned your sins

I have also erased them from memory I will not constantly recall your

past errors hence you should not dwell in sorrow or regret over what I have

already forgiven it might seem challenging to Fathom from a human perspective but

comprehension isn’t required only your unwavering belief is necessary free from

any skepticism your future and prosperity are in my hands you must not perpetually

chastise yourself for past misdeeds and their outcomes should the remnants of your

sins still affect you I will endow you with the fortitude to rise above and be

triumphant heed my Assurance all things work together for good to those who love

me so clasp my hand believe in my assurances and stand up invigorated and

courageous I have an abundance of Splendid things destined for you yet to receive them you must acknowledge that

in the realm of blessings there’s no space for despondency or complaints for skepticism or weak

Faith your faith Delights me it gladdens my heart my presence envelops you and my

spirit imbues you let your faith be the beacon that directs you and Trust in my

word you will witness firsthand the Fulfillment of my promises in your life

I cherish you deeply I’ve come to share the most profound and potent message you’ll hear

today believe wholeheartedly in my unwavering love for you it’s a love so

pure and magnificent no this I have been with you

am with you now and will forever Stand By Your Side your family holds Great

Value in my eyes and I am set to answer many of your prayers the blessings on

the horizon are immense and Splendid thus hold no fear do not lose

hope for your support and relief are dispatched from the Divine Realms and no earthly power can obstruct them yes

there will be trials and you will face opposition numerous are those in the

spiritual domain who have risen against you with intensity and hostility yet I

urge you fear not you will encounter no disaster my Angelic host surround you

and my resplendant glory will be your Safeguard against all dangers refrain

from judging others or harboring resentment even if your closest ones turn against you remember your real

contest is not with flesh and blood but with the Unseen adversary lurking in the

Ethereal Realms this hidden enemy sets snares to capture you utilizing his emissaries and

agents to challenge you aiming to instill such despair that you might collapse and not stand again from this

moment forward to stand against these dark spiritual entities you are called

to join my Legion of Angels in exaltation and at ation kneel and pray

at the break of day this act is crucial as we near the end

times ready your spirit alert your kin and come together in devotion within your household allow my Holy Spirit to

lead in your life I will endow you with self-control and banish trepidation

filling your essence with bravery the adversary may be Sly and

misleading yet do not succumb come to alarm for his power is limited he is

neither all knowing everpresent nor all powerful he remains oblivious to my

plans yet watches my handiwork in you Green With Envy as you

prosper some may quiver at the thought of this foe overlooking the fact they

are under the egis of a God so mighty unparalleled in strength you reside in

the Safeguard of your supreme god my grace envelops you making you

invulnerable to slander I am your shield and intercessor no force can rench you from my grasp

stand firm unshaken by dread secure your mind reject the notion that the

adversary possesses greater might than your Divine protector despite his tenacity and guile he lurks waiting to

pounce in moments of inactivity or vulnerability aiming to overwhelm you

during times of weakness or oversight when you find yourself gasping

for air or teetering on the brink of Despair reach out to me in prayer shout

out and I will respond I will reinforce your spirit and be your protector should

worries about your children or their future weigh heavily on you commit them

to prayer placing them under my watchful eye I vow to safeguard them they will

find safety in my shelter shelter and oversight as my love for them mirrors the love I hold for you march on with

unwavering conviction I will endow you with the fortitude to stand Resolute let

not trials dampen your spirit for I will imbue you with my joy and peace granting

you the grace to savor my blessings free from anxiety I will serve as your protector

and your Defender shielding you and repelling any adversities aimed at you and your loved ones encourage your

family to embrace me to let me into their lives to provide for and bless them with my kindness as the loving

father I am I have never abandoned you nor will I ever for I am the almighty

God regardless of the actions or words aimed against you my affection for you

remain steadfast await the good I have planned for you I will unlock paths you

thought were shut ushering you into a season of growth my promises are yours

to claim my directives are laid before you approach each day ready to receive the

fresh insights I offer bow your spirit engage in daily devotion always alert

for the adversary lurks continually stay vigilant less distractions and

weaknesses encroach they aim to Cloud your memory of the vows made to to me introducing Temptations to divert your

path I now Proclaim you as Valiant and bold Victorious and

resilient your faith remains unshaken your commitment to serving me is admirable shift your

mindset you are no longer nor will you ever be prey to the adversary for he stands

vanquished you are exceedingly Victorious and I am by your side stand tall and declare

I’m a valiant servant of my Celestial father treading bravely fortified by his

divine power beholding wonders within my soul my kin and I reside in his

Safeguard enveloped in blessings infolded in his affection hold fast to me so you remain steadfast amidst life’s

tempests I enwrap you in my Sanctified protection insulating you from the

world’s chill you are virtuous I see your Essence despite your adversities hold

fast to the belief in your generous Spirit brimming with profound sentiments this is yet another call to

battle fervently for your loved ones and aspirations allow me to align your

blessings on your right and guide you to part ways with what no longer serves you on your left should some drift away or

silence their words towards you let them go do not cling or mourn for them they

forsake their own blessings through their decisions and missteps let go of the grasp on worldly

Goods many are ens snared by their possessions thinking them Grand yet they are mere

distractions they’ve exchanged their true calling for mere Earthly wealth overlooking my Divine Design and

forsaking the promise of everlasting life yet do not be apprehensive in times

of Plenty and in times of want I remain steadfastly by your side I’m your

Shepherd your heavenly father here today to deliver you to redeem you to liberate

and heal you to bestow upon you my peace to enrich you to elevate you from your

current plight drenching you in my blessings and Grace my favor and kindness will

accompany you on all your Journeys I will cause prosperity to flood your life

even in the view of those who belittle you I promise joy and abundance for you

and your loved ones you’ve traversed through countless Dark Nights waiting

through sadness and despair feeling as though all hope was lost fearing that

the heavens had sealed off that my answers were Beyond reach but I’m here

now to reaffirm my promise to tell you that every plea you raised to me was

heard I’ve been your protector against malice your shield from Grievous harms

cradling your life gently in my hands never leaving your side in your turmoil my presence seemed

invisible my comfort unfelt as you were engulfed in pain and dismay fixated on

the adversities thrown at you almost drifting away from me yet your faith persists

unextinguished even as your heart roam through desolation the spark of belief lingered whispering to you in the silent

nights about a heavenly father who cherishes you immensely Serena you at

dawn with the Divine hymns of An Almighty God who vigilantly watches over

and protects you when the adversary returns with his deceitful Whispers to lead you astray

assert with conviction my life is under my Lord’s Dominion my soul rests in his

embrace I pledge my allegiance to my all powerful and supreme

god promise me you will stand firm declare your love for me pen it down

forever faithful to my God Embrace this truth wholeheartedly for it was is and

will eternally be your reality do not let the seeds of skepticism or contempt

for love take root in your heart especially when you recall all I’ve done

for you which should fortify by your resolve to press on to battle to endure

and not to waver yielding to thoughts of defeat invites the adversary to Levy

accusations and inflict suffering upon you placing your trust in the detractors

those who bear ill will invites them to piler your Serenity Your vitality your

joy and your blessings I urge you to Proclaim aloud

believe in your heart inscribe with your hands your wavering faith in me amidst

the tempests now and forever more affirming you will never question my

undying love for you it is yours unmistakably my

commitment to you is unassailable should you ever feel isolated or forsaken no

it’s merely the harsh [Music]





of Life attempting to quench the flame within you your faith is not extinguished open your eyes embrace the

fervent warmth that will stir your soul invigorate your spirit animate your

essence illuminate your heart and dispel the encroaching Shadows you need not

dwell in Anger isolation disappointment or the depths of continual failures and

spiritual poverty reject such a stance it is not where belong your true

residence is alongside me enveloped in my presence cradled in my peace embi

deeply of my joy for with these words I bestow upon you the sign you sought in

your moments of distress you pleaded speak to me my God and behold I

am reaching out to you attune your heart to my voice feel the depth of love and

care with which I approach you affirming I cherish

you at no point did I release your hand distance myself or forsake you I have

stood by my word unwavering in my promise now it’s your turn to stand firm in faith entrust your heart to me be

Valiant and raise your gaze cast aside your sorrow this instant I am here to

uplift you to soothe your spirit to mend your hurts understand that in your direst

times you were never fors Aken thus banish the thought that I’ve withheld my love from you such a thing is impossible

I acknowledge the magnitude of your battles yet my love for you is unchanging and my grip on your hand is

steadfast you voiced your exhaustion your sense of being at the brink unable

to discern the exit let me clarify that perhaps your

gaze has been misdirected because the Gateway has always stood before you I am your path your beacon your entrance your

Verity the journey you are to Embark upon I am your future and your

existence in the Whirlwind of your struggles when you choose Faith over fear and turn to me you will find your

way through trust in my timing and my ways for I will guide you tenderly to

your deliverance should your patience wear thin and weariness Cloud your spirit I’ll be there

to bolster your endurance to fortify your resolve and to envelop you in my

Serene peace now is not the moment to surrender you are on the cusp of

realizing your heartfelt aspirations Embrace a full and unwavering belief in

my presence recognizing that I am your unfailing source of

assistance hesitate not in seeking my counsel before making decisions preserve

the progress you have made a misstep now could unravel your

achievements remember this journey is not a race nor is there a need to prove your Worth to others you have already

proven your faithfulness to me continue on your path with deliberate and steady

steps navigating with wisdom and you shall arrive at the Bounty and joy I

have promised upon reaching this blessed destination you will recall my words

lifting praises and gratitude to me do not lose heart or surrender to

despair place your trust in me for I hold you dear life has challenged you and

adversaries have tried to undermine your journey employing others to discourage belittle and doubt your

faith yet fear not for no person or trial can overpower you I am your Shield

your provider your healer and your steadfast support I will lay my powerful

hand upon your life mending each hurt and transforming every painful memory

into a testimony of my love and grace even amidst life storms and the enemies

cunning plots to disrupt your peace within your family your work your


d [Music]

Barry you remained unshaken standing firm in your faith I see the complexity

and the heartache these trials bring stirring turmoil within you challenging

your spirit testing your strength but today I’m here to heal the fractures in

your life march on be Valiant rise tall and keep your head lifted

High the adversary has tried tirelessly to impede your journey yet here you are

fortified by my grace unwavering the hardships you’ve endured

the adversities you’ve faced they aren’t your finale my pre ious one you won’t be defeated in this battle While others

might misjudge your current state as a downfall I am stepping in with my omnipotent hand and my

Legions of angels decreeing your upliftment your supplications have

reached the heavens your life is set for a Divine transformation be wary for many

walk in skepticism overlooking the Miracles that unfold daily questioning my Essence my my

affection my might but you my child are not of that fold your faith will persist

unscathed by fear in due time all will Behold The Magnificent shift in your

life and will come to recognize the magnificence of your lord hence keep

your eyes fixed on me cling to my words and Trust in my vows do not lean on the

inconsistent nor entrust your destiny to those who falsely profess their love

your heart that tender and Precious Heart Is Mine you have dedicated it to me foremost Love Me Above All for I

yearn for you to stay eternally mine


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