I Beg You ONLY 2 Minutes!|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my beloved Son my precious daughter

listen to these words that I come to

bring you with joy and hope those who

bathe in the power of the blood of my

beloved Son Jesus are not cursed or

imprisoned this is not a coincidence but

the calling you have felt for days and

today by giving me permission to listen

we renew our promise I bless you and

hear your prayers believe in this to

maintain inner calm and peace know that

your words have not been in vain they

have not not been lost in vain from the

beginning my ears have been open to your

prayers and will remain so even when you

cry out in pain I feel your sincerity

and humility and there is nothing in you

that offends me please talk to me

express your thoughts concerns fears

hopes and dreams I am your friend I

understand your need for peace and

comfort it is comforting to find a place

in your thoughts to receive Eternal

praise and pure worship your words

reflect your thoughts and that’s why I

ask you to speak to me share your

concerns fears hopes dreams needs plans

and doubts because I’m here for you you

have been struck by bad luck and by the

cruel words of others breaking your

spirit and leaving you breathless but

you need more you need strength my word

will strengthen you in times of

difficulty you will be strong when you

feel weak and you will not be afraid

when you feel faint you will cling to my

promise also come to me when the path

becomes too difficult to bear remember

that I am always with you you will be

blessed on your way so do not let doubt

stop you I bless you because I want to

and because I love you I pour out

kindness and favor on you because you

are dear to me sheltered and loved a

true friend my love for you is eternal

and will not end I do not need to change

my mind or adapt to the times because if

you believe in me Rivers of Life Will

flow from within you if you trust in me

I will give you strength courage and

spirit to overcome the forces of evil I

will not abandon you or forget you all

the promises in my word will be

fulfilled for you today if you believe

that your sins have already been

forgiven if you are ready to forget your

mistakes and bury your past and if you

accept the love of an eternal and

almighty God this is a unique day that

you will never forget a day of life and

victory prepare for battle because you

have chosen to trust me

I will show you that my plan for you is

real prepare for a new season of

Supernatural wonders always remember

this I understand I am with you all the

time renew your commitment to your faith

today as you read these words you are

loved beyond words and it is important

that you know it your efforts to

approach me are recognized and

appreciated if you’re ready for divine

blessings today write Amen in the

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