I beg you not to ignore this |God Message Today For You| God helps|Jesus affirmation

my dearest child in the depths of my

heart I reach out to you today with an

overflow of love and care the mere

thought of us growing distant pains me

profoundly for our connection means

everything to me I urge you not to let

any divide come between us open your

heart and listen closely for the words I

share have the power to shape your very

existence your life my child is a

precious gift borne out of my boundless

Love Every Breath You Take is a

testament to the depth of my affection

for you however I respect your freedom

to choose your own path whether to

embrace or relinquish our bond is a

decision that lies solely with you know

that if you choose to turn away it will

not be I who abandons you but rather you

who distances yourself from my Guiding

Light the thought of such separation

weighs heavily on my soul as my deepest

longing is to walk alongside you sh

sharing in your Joys and sorrows and

showering you with my blessings do not

allow the distractions and temptations

of this world to lead you astray do not

let doubt or indifference Cloud your

understanding of my unwavering love for

you I stand before you eager to play a

meaningful role in your life infusing it

with purpose and significance as your

creator I have known you since before

your existence I am intimately familiar

with your experiences your victories and

your struggles yet I also see within you

an untapped potential waiting to be

Unleashed a greatness that can only be

realized through my guidance though fear

and pride May threaten to drive us apart

my arms remain open ready to embrace you

whenever you choose to return my love

transcends time and space knowing no

bounds today I encourage you to reflect

on our relationship do not ignore the

longing in your heart or push aside the

desire for a deeper

connection allow me to be your steadfast

support in times of uncertainty your

Guiding Light in the darkness and your

comfort in life’s storms let today not

be a day of Separation But A Day of

Reconciliation a day when you

wholeheartedly embrace my presence and

allow it to transform you know that by

choosing me as your Eternal companion

you will find fulfillment beyond


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