I beg you, do not deny me this | Message from God | God’s message for you

my beloved child as the dawn breaks upon

the Horizon of a new week I address you

with words of love and grace May these

words resonate deeply within your heart

guiding you through the days ahead in

this moment of communion I call upon you

my cherished son to heed The Whispers of

the divine within your soul know that

you are infinitely cherished infinitely

loved for you are a reflection of my

Divine Essence I bestow upon you the

promise of blessings and abundance in

the weak that lies before you open your

heart to receive the gifts I have

prepared for you for they are as

numerous as the stars in the

heavens your unwavering faith and

tireless efforts have not escaped my

notice in every step you take in every

challenge you face your dedication

shines brightly like a beacon in the

night rest assured my dear child that

the fruits of your labor shall be

abundant like a farmer tending to his

Fields you shall reap a harvest Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams prepare yourself for

New Opportunities and recognition are on

the horizon your diligence and

commitment shall be rewarded with

success beyond measure the Winds of

Fortune are blowing in your favor

bringing with them the Fulfillment of

your deepest desires take heart for

financial prosperity is yours to claim

in Body Mind and Spirit I offer you the

gift of renewal and vitality Embrace

this healing energy and let it restore

you to wholeness in matters of the heart

know that you are surrounded by love

whether in the Embrace of a cherished

friend or the laughter of a beloved

partner Joy abounds within the Embrace

of family find Solace and strength let

Harmony and unity be your guiding lights

as you navigate the intricacies of


bonds embrace the unknown with courage

and curiosity for within its depths lie

opportunities for growth and

transformation step boldly into the

unknown knowing that I walk beside you

with each new experience you draw closer

to the fullness of your Divine Purpose

cultivate a heart of gratitude for the

blessings that surround you for

gratitude is the key that unlocks the

door to abundance in moments of Doubt or

uncertainty turn to prayer as your

anchor trust in the wisdom of divine

guidance for I am always listening

always guiding always loving know that

my presence is ever with you guiding you

along the path of righteousness trust in

the divine plan for it is unfolding with

Grace and precision open your heart to

receive the blessings that I have in

store for you let go of fear and doubt

and embrace the infinite possibilities

that await you may these words resonate

within your soul guiding you on your

journey of faith and fulfillment

remember my child that you are

infinitely loved infinitely cherished

now and forever more

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