I Am The Hand That Reaches Out To Lift You Up | God’s Message For You

my beloved child I your God the one who

fills your life with boundless Grace and

NeverEnding Mercy come to you today with

a message of Hope and reassurance in the

depths of Despair I am the hand that

reaches out to lift you up I am your

Solace your refuge and your unwavering

strength Just Like an Eagle strengthens

its wings I strengthen you and my

Eternal Word soothes the wounds of your

heart I have opened the doors to a

supernatural realm where you possess the

power to tread upon serpents and

scorpions and nothing absolutely nothing

can harm you these words are filling

your spirit with Tranquility I am your

ever watchful Guardian watching over

your very Soul especially in these

challenging times when the world’s

troubles besiege you daily Temptations

lurk and enemies seek to undermine you

from every corner there may be moments

when you feel lost not knowing whom to

trust anymore friends may turn into foes

and even your own family may turn away

when you need them most but fear not for

I am always here my love for you

swelling with each passing day do not

anchor all your hopes infallible human

beings or fleeting material possessions

I am by your side shouldering your

burdens pardoning your transgressions

and pouring out my Holy Spirit upon you

anyone who dares to harm you will face

defeat and those those who lead you

astray shall be held accountable many

may attempt to bring you down to cast a

shadow of Shame upon you driven by Envy

in their hearts but hear this no one can

snatch you from my embrace my child open

your ears and allow my Divine breath to

transform your thoughts you have many

years ahead many important missions to

fulfill there exists a sacred and

marvelous purpose that beckons you but

your sustenance and strength do not

reside in this world or in the people

around you if you seek profound and

enduring blessings if you yearn for a

transformative life for you and your

family you are on the right path so keep

forging ahead love me with unwavering

devotion let me take the foremost place

in your heart you have been chosen and

accepted through my sacrifice and

Resurrection I know you’re not without

flaws but I have covered you with my

grace turn to my word when guidance is

sought consult your Bible when wisdom is

needed and seek counsel from my servants

who guide you for I will speak to you in

many ways be attentive and you shall


success it is true that I have never

promised an effortless existence

responsibilities and trials shall always

be part of life I breathe life and joy

into your soul I bestow upon you a crown

of Victory I have seen you adorned in

Robes of white I grant you Authority

skill and courage to surmount mount a

thousand obstacles to cross a thousand

borders to journey to distant lands and

display my

Miracles I Empower you to remain

steadfast and unshaken a beacon of

unwavering Faith Like a Rock that stands

firm you are an example for those who

falter those who cling to their past and

underestimate the profound blessings I

am pouring upon them my delight is to

clear your path to unlock doors to heed

your prayers to provide answers to

fortify you and to navigate you through

the storms of

life I want you to grow to possess the

strength and resilience that comes from

your unwavering faith in me together my

child we will overcome every obstacle

and you will shine brightly as a

testament to my love and grace trust in

me and let your actions be guided by the

unwavering conviction that I am with you

now and always may you walk in the light

of my love my child and let your faith

be an inspiration to others amen


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