I Am The Chosen One, The Savior l God Says Me l God Message Today l God Message For You l

my cherished child I am the Christ

residing within you a beacon of Glory I

am the Messiah The Rescuer of the world

dwelling deep within your being know

this and let it be a promise extending

to all who hold unwavering faith in me I

make my dwelling in the depths of your

hearts through faith and this blessing

is a masterpiece of my spirit subtly

woven into your innermost self the more

you trust in me the more profoundly you

can experience my indwelling presence

and the more powerfully I can manifest

through you in a world that may

sometimes feel engulfed in despair

remember that I am the hope of glory

this hope transcends the Earthly realm

and anticipates the Heavenly Abode where

you shall eternally reside with me the

Brilliance of Heaven’s Radiance is so

profound that even in the darkest hours

of your existence its luminous Rays can

Pierce through illuminating your path I

am the light that continues to shine

amidst the deepest Darkness for the

Shadows have never vanquished it as you

walk the path of life life with me

wrapped in the mantle of my

righteousness this light grows

increasingly brighter until it

culminates in the fullness of day if you

find yourself entangled in a problem

that lingers over an extended period

it’s natural to dread its recurring

presence yet this reaction only

exacerbates your

predicament when distressing

circumstances resurface anxiety and

defeat tend to shroud your heart each

day the challenge persists becomes

synonymous with a bad day this is a

detrimental and P istic Focus allow me

to propose a more constructive approach

when the problem is temporarily absent

or reduced in intensity let Jubilation

and gratitude be your constant

companions whenever you recollect

Express them should the problem persist

direct your gaze toward me and reaffirm

your unwavering trust beseech my spirit

to Grant you the strength to persevere

and to maintain your unwavering focus on

me by doing so you connect a positive

attribute trust in me with something

that was previously regarded as entirely

negative with consistent practice you

will discover yourself in a win-win

scenario more importantly you will cease

to be a prisoner of your circumstances

dictating the quality of your life

rejoice unceasingly and maintain a glad

heart be unwavering in your prayers pray

persistently give thanks to me in all

circumstances regardless of the

challenges that may confront you my word

is living and potent it penetrates

deeply Discerning the thoughts and

intentions of the heart because

scripture is alive vibrant and infused

with divine power it possesses the

capacity to profoundly touch hearts and

thoroughly transform lives Your

Existence has been irrevocably altered

by the marvels of biblical truth my word

ceaselessly operates within you bringing

about a profound metamorphosis within

the depths of your being the more you

immerse yourself in scripture both in

mind and heart the more malleable you

become to my Divine hand the Journey of

Grace is an odyssey of transformation of

becoming increasingly like me I am

unchanging a constant throughout time

yesterday today and for all

eternity therefore you must evolve and

progressively conform to my image this

is a glorious adventure and or inspiring

privilege nonetheless it can also be

painful at times but change invariably

entails some degree of loss and may

trigger Ang

anxiety the antidote is to cling to my

hand to walk alongside me with

unwavering dependence upon the path I

have ordained for you my word is the

lamp that illuminates your path and the

light that guides your way waiting is an

inescapable component of life within

this world one of the most challenging

moments of waiting occurs during the

night especially if sleep is

elusive as Darkness drapes on while you

anxiously anticipate the first glimmers

of dawn you can empathize with the

Sentinels who who stand vigil awaiting

the morning’s

arrival however no matter how

interminable the night may seem Daybreak


arrives I in my wisdom have ordained an

orderly universe and thus you can rely

on the Rising Sun there is profound

wisdom to be gleaned from this cycle of

expectant waiting culminating in the

dawn of a new day individuals grappling

with protracted trials May sometimes

feel as though their suffering will


indefinitely yet for my beloved children

their there exists every reason to be

sanguin even when darkness still shrouds

their circumstances relief shall indeed

come I possess the power to transform

situations and alleviate suffering in an

instant furthermore every one of my

followers embarks upon a journey that

ultimately leads to Heaven just as the

night can sometimes appear agonizingly

prolonged only to be inevitably followed

by dawn so your sergeon in this world no

matter how arduous and lengthy will

invariably culminate in glor Glory my

peace serves as a gentle soothing pillow

for your weary head disengage your mind

from the complexities of plans and

predicaments allowing yourself to Repose

in my restorative presence whisper I

place my trust in you Jesus as you relax

body mind and soul within my protective

Embrace should anxious thoughts Endeavor

to intrude surrender them to me

accompanied by expressions of

gratitude rejoice in the knowledge that

I comprehend every facet of your being

the intricacies of your

circumstances I love you eternally and

perpetually attend to your needs instead

of dwelling upon your problems allow

these profound truths to renew your mind

they shall set you free as you immerse

yourself in my tranquil presence placing

unwavering trust in me and offering

continual gratitude I labor ceaselessly

on your behalf as you remain in

communion with me I illuminate the path

ahead I may unlock a route that once

appeared impossible or I might guide you

along an entirely new

trajectory always remember that you do

not Traverse the challenges of life in

solitude you possess an Ever potent

helper one characterized by boundless

might tender affection and wisdom

surpassing all human understanding

therefore Rejoice be of courageous

disposition I shall fortify your heart I

implore you to confront adversity with

confidence and unyielding resolve in

your association with me boyed by the

indwelling holy SP Spirit you possess

the wherewithal to exhibit boldness

timidity holds no place in My Kingdom

whenever you find yourself overwhelmed

by the trials that surround you recall

your true identity as a child of the

Eternal Sovereign invite me into the

very situations that Loom ominously

before you and allow the radiance of my

mighty presence to fortify your spirit

when you opt to live courageously it

brings me great pleasure consequently I

respond by strengthening your heart

augmenting your veiler it is crucial to

anticipate encountering hardships as you

journey toward the Heavenly realms for

you dwell in a world marred by

Brokenness this is precisely why courage

becomes an indispensable trait among my

followers alongside courage you also

require hope my pledge to fortify your

heart is exclusively reserved for those

who anchor their hope in me courage and

hope share an intimate connection within

my kingdom therefore I fervently

encourage you to preserve your courage

and your hope for they are more precious

than the most refined gold exercise

self-control cloak yourself with faith

and love as a breastplate and da the

helmet of




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