I am Right Beside You | God Message Today |

my beloved you are deeply known

cherished beyond measure from the moment

of your conception even before I have

known you intimately your life is a

precious gift an opportunity to

experience the richness of my love to

grow in wisdom and

stature in every challenge find the

seeds of growth in every Joy see the

fruits of my

blessing with each passing day let your

heart be a fertile ground where Faith

takes root blooms and

flourishes in your interactions with

others remember that they too are my


Creations show them the same love I have


you in your kindness let them see a

reflection of my

grace in your forgiveness let them feel

the warmth of my Mercy through your life

let them encounter my presence

and when the evening of your life draws

near when the Shadows lengthen and the

light Fades fear not for I will be there

as I have always been to guide you

through the Twilight into the radiance

of my eternal day there in my presence

you will find the Fulfillment of every

hope the answer to every

longing walk boldly my child with faith

as your shield and my love as your sword

Let The Melody of my words be the Rhythm

that guides your

steps in every moment in every breath I

am with you I watched you with a heart

brimming with love as you embarked on

The Miraculous Journey of

existence my presence in your life is

unbroken a steady stream of guidance and

companionship I Am the Artist and you my

beloved creation are being lovingly

shaped on The Potter’s Wheel of Life you

are adorned with peace that surpasses is

understanding joy that defies

circumstances remember my child that in

the fabric of your life each thread of

waiting weaves a pattern of Divine

Design a tapestry of profound

purpose your journey of waiting is not a

path of idlin but a pilgrimage of growth

a voye where trust is both the compass

and the

destination as you Travers see this path

let your heart find comfort in my

promises I am with you in the waiting in

the Stillness in the

uncertainty I am the architect of your

days the author of your story in every

moment of pause in every season of

anticipation my love envelopes you my

grace sustains

you rejoice in this time of waiting for

it is a Sacred Space where faith is

deepened Hope is kindled and love is

ever present

in this holy Stillness know that I am

God and my plans for you are perfect

trust in me with all your heart for in

due time you shall reap the Harvest of

blessings I have prepared for

you this journey of transformation is

not a solitary one though you walk

through valleys shadowed by doubt and

climb mountains of Trials you are never

alone my presence envelops you a

comforting cloak in the cold a soft

whisper in the

tumult when pain clouds your days and

the night seems endless remember I am

right beside you holding your hand

guiding your

steps I understand your Humanity your

fragility the human heart and mind

though wonderfully made have their

limits in your moments of Despair when

you feel abandoned and lost recall my

greatest sacrifice

on the cross I embraced loneliness and

pain endured the utmost abandonment so

that you my precious one would never

have to face your trials

alone know that in every step you take

my love is there Chasing After You eager

to fill your life with blessings beyond

measure my paths weave patterns beyond

the grasp of human understanding come to

me child with a heart close Ed in

humility Bowing in reverence before the

boundless expanse of my

intelligence in your journey through

life it is essential to acknowledge the

limitations of your finite mind the

universe unfolds in a symphony of

complexities its intricate Melodies

often beyond the reach of human

comprehension much of what occurs in

your life and indeed in The Wider world

is shrouded in

mystery this is not a Cause for

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