I AM RESTORING YOUR WASTED YEARS । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child hear my voice this day

for I have words of encouragement

Direction and promise for

you I know the seasons you have walked

through the waiting the hoping the

crying out for

breakthrough and I say to you now the

appointed time has come the delays and

detours along the way have served my

purpose to prepare and position you for

this crucial moment you have pursued me

in the secret place spending time at my

feet to hear my heartbeat of love for

you you have sought my will and listened

for my instructions to walk in your

purpose you have cleaved to my words of

Life found in scripture as a lamp unto

your feet and a light unto your path

even when the way seemed dim even when

the adversaries whispered lies that your

prayers were in vain you continued to

trust in my

faithfulness and I say to you this day

your faith has opened the door for

fulfillment of my promises in your life

the set time of favor over your life has

come for some Seasons now you have been

hidden obscured from the eyes of those

around you tucked away in quiet

obscurity as I established roots of

character integrity and identity within

you but now the season of hiding is over

I am unveiling my glory in and through

you for all to

see the gifts talents and anointing I

have cultivated in your inner life are

now coming to full bloom as I expand

your territory of influence for my

name’s sake where you have been hidden

soon you will be seen on Center Stage

where you have been confined in dark and

narrow places of limitation soon you

will know the broad places of increase

and influence for my kingdom the borders

of your tent are expanding

the stakes of your life are being

lengthened as you abide in the Vine I am

growing the rich fruitfulness of your

life to nourish

many this is a time of Divine Alignment

a convergence of heavenly purpose and


potential all of creation is longing for

my sons and daughters to arise and

reveal my glory within them all of

Heaven awaits with breathless awe for my

faithful ones to walk in the fullness I

have prepared for them from Before Time

began you were destined for such a time

as this long ago I planted within the

fabric of your being sacred seeds of

purpose and

promise I have called you by name I have

molded you with My Loving

Hands and now the labor of preparation

is giving way to the joy of

fulfillment now you will reap a

Bountiful Harvest from seeds Faithfully

sown in Prior

Seasons yes there have been times when

Injustice raged around you in the

courtroom of this broken World truth has

not always

prevailed evil has seemed to flourish

unchecked the goodness of my ways has

been assailed by the cruel Injustice of

corrupt Powers but I tell you now

justice has not been denied only delayed

for a season until my appointed time of

Reckoning and setting all things right I

am still on the

throne I see and know all that occurs on

earth below not one detail escapes my

notice or Falls beyond the governance of

my sovereign plan and I say to you my

righteous child you will see evil

overthrown you will see Justice Done the

truth will come to light for all to see

no adversary can withstand the march of

my triumphant purpose is on Earth though

chaos seems to rule the present hour

know that I am weaving all things into

Redemption restoration and renewal I

have promised not one word I have spoken

over you will fall void keep your vision

fixed on the greater reality of my

promises rather than temporal

troubles do not judge the story of your

life merely by the roughness of

individual chapters you are walking

through today you are living Liv in the

middle of a much greater

story my story of extravagant love for

my creation and Relentless passion to

see my will done on Earth as it is in

heaven you are an integral player in

this Grand Narrative of redemption so

rise up now with fresh fire and

faith-filled courage take your place on

this stage of human history as an agent

of Revival and Awakening the global

society today languishes in darkness

bondage and and despair anxiety stalks

the streets of every city fear and

hatred corrode communities many are

confused wandering without hope

disconnected from truth that sets

captives free but child you carry the

light of my presence within you the

truth of my word upon your lips the

power of radical love and forgiveness in

your heart you represent a kingdom that

will never fail and you are an

ambassador of Hope to change the world

so now is the time to boldly decree the

message of Freedom found only in me now

is the time for divine appointments as I

strategically connect you with those I

wish to transform through your shared

Journey there are many opportunities

around you to make a positive

difference will you join me in being a

force for positive change in your time

will you let the principles of generous

kindness and unconditional acceptance

guide you in reaching out to those in


will you set aside personal fears and

comfort to become an Agent of Change

showing what life can be for those

facing difficulties and

challenges this is no time for Passive

Faith or subtle witness I’m calling you

out of quiet obscurity into courageous

action your true self is rising up like

a phoenix from Ash and Rubble you will

no longer hide your light but set it on

a stand for all to see for those feeling

crushed by circumstances not of your

making no I will supernaturally turn

mourning into

dancing for those grieving

Injustice believe I will turn bitter

tears of Sorrow into streams of joy for

those crying in intercession for loved

ones trust I am able to save even the

most hopeless of cases and restore what

has been

destroyed do not fear the

darkness keep walking in the light and

know that the darkness has never and

will will never overcome you’ve spent

long nights weeping by the Rivers of

Babylon but now comes the day when you

lift your voice to sing again the Exile

is over I am taking you from Wilderness

wandering into your Promised Land I am

your deliverer your Vindicator your

Shield of protection and high tower of

Truth prevailing against every assault

of the enemy I will defend and protect

my righteous ones this day I come to

restore courage IGN fresh Vision revive

weary Hearts grown faint in battle I

impart strength for the journey ahead as

Elijah stood on the mountain before me

battered by storms and Injustice on

every side today I say to you what I

said to him in that

hour go forth for there are yet

thousands who stand with you you are not

alone though often you have felt so and

to prove this truth I am sending Divine

connections across your path

a faithful Army arising in this hour to

link arms and stand together a spiritual

family you can call your own comrades in

arms for Kingdom Purpose brothers and

sisters in me for everything the enemy

intended for evil against you now behold

I am turning it to your

good even painful chapters along the

path were allowed by my hand to further

shape you into the person preped

prepared and positioned to walk fully

into all I have ordained for your life

your story has ever unfolded according

to my

script now the pages turn toward

triumphant New

Horizons The Waiting season is over the

season of obscurity and hiddenness lifts

like morning fog before the Rising

Sun this is the dawning of your new day

rejoice and lift your head with

gratitude and holy anticipation

of all that will unfold in the weeks and

months ahead but stay near to my heart

that I may continually guide your steps

one by one along my

pathway abide in the vine that my

resurrection power May flow freely

through you as Eternal fruitfulness from

your life nourishes this thirsty hungry

world the pain in the making of you has

been real but nothing has been wasted or

lost even even your sufferings now

emerge as beauty from

ashes I tell you Sober Truth when I say

difficult roads still lie ahead to live

as light demands sacrifice in Dark

Places to model my heart for a hostile

World brings

persecution but now your roots are down

deep into my steadfast ground of Joy now

the foundation of your inner life is

established upon the Bedrock of my

faithfulness and abundant grace no storm

will overthrow throw you no weapon

formed against you will prosper but for

now take time to rejoice in this

Milestone moment on your journey rest in

the completion of this

season shift that marks New Beginnings

allow my love to wash away past pain and

renew childlike trust for the future

path unfolding

ahead I lead the way into goodness and

mercy into fresh waters and Green

Pastures follow me wholeheartedly and

trust me fully for I am making all


new the old is gone and washed away the

time of singing the time of fruit

bearing has come amen

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