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my beloved child I see the burdens that

weigh heavy on your heart the pain that

lingers in the depths of your

soul know that you are not alone for I

am with you always holding you close in

times of

Sorrow I know the trials you face the

challenges that seem

insurmountable yet even in your darkest

moments I am the beacon of light that

guides you through the

storm trust in me and I will carry you

through the darkest nights into the dawn

of a new day cast your worries upon me

for I am the one who Bears your

burdens release your pain into my loving

arms and let me Soo your troubled

Spirit fin solosy in the knowledge that

I am the Healer of all wounds the

comforter of all

Sorrows though the road may be long and

arduous know that I walk beside you

every step of the

way lean on me and I will give you

strength trust in my love and I will

bring you peace that surpasses all

understanding with love and compassion

God my child if this message resonated

with your heart I invite you to share it

with others by spreading these words you

multi mply the blessings in your life

remember you are a beacon of light and

together we can illuminate the world

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