after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you today my beloved child today I have

something important to tell you please listen closely and don’t turn away or

stop listening don’t ignore or Overlook these words as they’re meant for your

good I love you very much and always aim to give you plenty of love to provide

you with comfort and protection so that even during tough times you feel safe

guided blessed and valued because you hold a special place in my heart I need to

share this vital message to heal your inner self I want you to know about the

steps I plan to take nothing is too difficult for me and in this amazing time while you’ve

been getting to know me better you’ve started to see understand and and trust

that my word is the truth destined to come true and it will never fail however

there’s an issue I need to point out I’m not mentioning this to make you feel sad

or give up nor do I want you to lose hope or stop moving forward I’m telling

you this because if you listen to my advice and follow it you will receive many

blessings listen closely and accept what I’m about to say if you want the doors and windows

of Heaven to open up for you and to connect with the Divine and miraculous

to make this happen you need to clear your heart of any complaints and negative

thoughts I’m happy with your faith but don’t let complaining poison your

genuine belief avoid holding on to negative feelings or pessimistic

thoughts as they can grow and eventually cause your strong faith to fade like and

share the video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the

channel if you love Jesus stop complaining stay away from friends who

constantly stir up trouble doubt and complaints instead choose wise

companions decide now if you’ll trust me or turn away from the good changes and

blessings that are coming your way especially if you leave behind complaints choose Faith hold on to hope

and avoid negative thoughts wonderful things are going to happen blessings

help freedom healing peace in your family joy in your soul and a Heart full

of gladness all these blessings will come to you if you decide to trust in me

I love you so much my child hold on to me tightly give me your

doubts and complaints stop trying to do everything on your own let me have the

chance to bless you and show you the incredible love I have for you tell me you trust in me I will remove the

obstacles in your way Break Down The Walls blocking your great future I’m cutting off the harsh

ties that have hurt you and removing the heavy burden that’s been dragging you down for too long type if you

believe in Jesus contrary winds have blown against your sails steering you

into the eye of the hurricane seeking to engulf you in the abyss of sorrow and

despair that has Afflicted you greatly I come to offer you

Liberation I shall breathe with Divine breath upon the storm of malevolence

there burdens Laden with fear and anxiety are dissipating the words I

speak are alive possessing the power to initiate genuine miracles in your life

the changes you’ve been hoping for the Fresh Start you’ve prayed about are on their way but I need to

warn you you can’t afford to waste time anymore you can’t just listen now and

then forget what I’ve told you later don’t misuse the grace and mercy given

to you fill your soul with good words feel the joy of Heaven in your heart pay

attention to the warnings you’re hearing this year is the time to put all the wise teachings you’ve learned into

action I’ll remind you of this every morning when you get up type Amen in the name of Jesus even

if you can’t see me look for me you know where I am as close as your

faith Within Reach of your prayers I want to answer the Deep desires of your

heart if you’re ready to see extraordinary Miracles this year you know what to do

give your heart to me live rightly hand over your life’s control to me and

follow my directions I have been foretelling powerful changes that shall soon transpire and the promise I made to

you shall be fulfilled you shall be free from deaths provided with strength and

resources however it is incumbent upon you to rise from where you are and confront the task

I place before you without complaint or faltering even in your efforts there is

blessing your faith is the key to unlocking these doors the huge obstacle

blocking your way is gone now don’t be afraid move ahead with

confidence I will always be with you giving you strength and direction to

wrap up this encouraging message I want to give you some important words that will make you happy the future I have

planned for for you is amazing and the blessings about to come your way are enormous but first let me tell you how

much I love you you’ve listened to me in your toughest times and on those nights when

I comforted your heart you woke up stronger the next day with a clearer vision of your

wonderful purpose and Destiny I’m so proud of you type yes if you are ready

for the blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in

Christianity kindly show your support for our community by contributing super

thanks from $ to $ it fills me with joy to see how

you’ve learned to avoid the traps set by your foes it’s wonderful to know that

you are my child my blessings are ready to be poured out on you at just the

right moment and in line with my plans while we look forward to this Joy there

are still areas in your life where you need to grow and use the Insight you’ve been

given remember this some things of value when received suddenly without effort

are not blessings for your life before receiving what I am about to give you

you must understand its purpose and what you must do to multiply your blessings

just as those who sew in the field must await the time the rain the Sun and and

the seasons you too must exercise patience which shall fortify your plans

and intentions many blessings are forthcoming anticipate them in your

heart filled with peace for they shall manifest at the appointed

time they shall not come without forewarning hence prepare yourself for

the victory you shall receive right from the start I’ve told you how much I admire

you there’s a secret that’s been shared since time began yet only a few try to

understand it others don’t want to listen because accepting it means they have to Humble themselves before the

almighty the holy and living God type I embrace my power to affirm what I want

you to know is that I love you deeply and I really want to bless you let’s

make a fresh start begin your day with me kneel down hear me out in the early

hours and let Joy fill your heart stop complaining

nourish yourself with my wise teachings read my words hold them dear in your

heart love and respect yourself as I love you show your family and everyone

else the same kindness I have shown you act now soon you’ll see the Miracles

you’ve been longing for these words are for you my precious ious child who comes

to talk with me every morning who takes the time to close your eyes in faith

reaching out for my reply don’t get disheartened or lose hope here you are

day after day showing such sincere beautiful and most importantly strong

faith that’s why I want to fill your heart with love heal any old scars and

make sure you always feel certain of my love for you go to sleep with joy and wake up always

with unwavering faith that each new day will be better than the

last type I’m abundant to affirm wherever you are Feel My Embrace my

hands upon your head blessing your thoughts and guiding your steps I will shower you with beautiful blessings and

incredible surprises but I ask that you remain steady steadfast and do not Tire

of coming here with me every day you do not have to speak just close your eyes

and feel the affection flowing from my lips take these comforting words to

heart I wish for your happiness and peace let the tough

times pass and welcome a new era of prosperity for you and your family you

might see yourself as insignificant especially when you compare yourself to those flaunting their wealth but

remember you have a more significant blessing you know me and have given me

your heart you possess an understanding of the spiritual realm that many lack we

can communicate at any time and you’re always ready to listen I’ll open doors

for you that remain shut to others and lead you on the best path don’t be

envious of what others have or be tempted by their wrong choices think

might look appealing but they lead to destruction in the end like and share

the video if you have trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love

Jesus walk proudly you don’t need to prove anything to be valued in my eyes don’t be afraid

you’re familiar with my teachings my house is always open to you you’re

always welcome here this is your home where you’re heard and valued you won’t find a love as true and

profound as you find here with me my cherished child I love you deeply I am

the light that banishes all Darkness from your life your home your family

it’s essential that you seek me daily that’s my love my desire embrace my

words with humility you’re hearing them now let them sink into your being

cherish them find find your Bible and place it beside your bed wake up with a desire to hear me

every morning read with faith with eagerness to

learn these promises you hear today will strengthen you I will make you feel so

empowered that you will never again Rise full of Despair type to show your

belief in Jesus if you do not understand what I say then you must get to know me

better you can come early into my presence I will make you feel how much I

love you you can go about your daily tasks feeling better you do not have to

bear anxiety or despair on your shoulders you do not have to be a slave

to your emotions you do not have to rise daily full of

fear I want our relationship to grow stronger I want you to trust in me in

any situation stop worrying choose to give all your thoughts to me and I’ll

set you free look forward to the coming months with optimism trust in me I am showering

you with Divine encouragement and confidence I want the fear dominating your home especially about money matters

to end they won’t bring you down anymore let your home be filled with loving

words instead of arguments bring back understanding and forgiveness among your

family members I’m your guide your truth your

life I wish for you and your family to spend this entire year under my Divine

care type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to receive

and if you believe in Christianity kindly show your support for our community by contributing super thanks

from $ to $ your home is now free from any curses my

power has purified it I freed you from all sins and past ties no evil force

witchcraft or spell has any power over you now don’t believe in false curses

you’ve opened your heart to me so you and your whole family are safe and shielded this is my promise don’t listen

to those who don’t have faith in me dive into this flow of strength love freedom and miraculous

change my holy light is shining on your home and family

have faith and trust wonderful blessings are coming into your

life tell me you believe in me remember those times when I delivered you from so

many problems all the Miracles I have performed that have made clear to you

the reality of my power write it down now now do it with faith today you will

see everything I can do in your life type to manifest miracles in your

life your blessing is here in my hands the definitive solution to all your

problems is here with me come and take it what are you waiting

for you know I love you youve always sense it deep inside even

when you feel far away or when doubts whisper that you’ve messed up that I don’t care for you that’s not true

there’s still a spark in your heart a strong wish to come back to this home that’s waiting and missing

you don’t be scared step forward even when confusion makes it hard to decide

what to do next you thought you had Faith but then things started falling

apart especially with people you trusted deeply they went their own way

leaving you feeling forgotten making you think you felt like I wasn’t there when

you needed me but deep down you know I’m always right on time I’ve never left you

I watched over you providing all the answers and solutions you needed but you

hesitated to trust me I reached out clearly but

you held back finding it hard to believe that your all powerful God wanted to

talk to you don’t turn away this is where you are deeply loved this is your

home your Haven here you can find Comfort peace and a place where you can

sleep soundly allowing me to guide you into extraordinary experiences today

you’re going to have a dream where you’re standing by a river with crystal clear waters looking at me I’ll reach

out to you and you’ll walk Barefoot on the water which will wash away all your

pain anger and frustration when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel

renewed type if you believe in Jesus this is a reward for those who

start to believe again admit their mistakes and find their faith once more

you don’t need to go elsewhere to hear comforting words I am here my teachings

bring life hold them dear in your heart and you’ll be filled with my Holy Spirit

I Am Your vitality and your blessing the real answer you’ve been longing for tell

me you believe say it out loud think it write it down with all your

conviction what you’ve lost will be given back to you I am the god who lifts you up and makes

you whole again I’ll make sure that what was taken from you will be returned because you’ve looked for me sincerely

and humbly I’ve seen the pain in your heart sometimes you feel like there’s no

hope but soon you’ll realize how much I cherish you your future is and has

always been in my care and I have the power to change the challenges you faced

there were moments you felt alone losing the will to live but I am changing

everything I draw near to show you this love Desiring to bless you abundantly

what other others plotted for your harm I shall alter and use to elevate you and

cause you to thrive like and share the video if you have

trust in the words of the god subscribe to the channel if you love Jesus you

must be courageous dreaming Grand dreams daring to conceive of vast projects you

know that holding my hand you can go far if you truly believe with all your soul

that I live within your heart begin to think as I do for my

power there are no limits obstacles or enemies that can impede it cease

contemplating defeat do not allow room in your mind for discouragement or

failure perhaps you are permitting negative individuals to sway you displacing you from your course leaving

you a drift like a ship battered by waves and buffeted by winds I shall

restore all that you have lost but you must value my love and the plans I have

for you when I say something believe it is

true if it’s in my teachings honor and follow it don’t ignore my advice don’t

always look for the bad in what happens to you come and talk to me each morning

find time during your day to chat with me and let’s have a moment together before you go to bed bed at night kneel

down and share your day with me I will give you extraordinary strength you’ll

see Miracles happening witnessing the changes in your life

firsthand type Amen in the name of Jesus you’ll see that I’m a reliable God

and father but remember I seek your affection and faithfulness let your

words always be kind and uplifting I love you and that will never change now

say you love me back my child don’t ignore these

words don’t just move on dedicate a moment of your day to me wholeheartedly

listen to the end don’t let anything stop you from hearing be attentive let

me write these words on your heart after you hear this message you’ll feel much

better filled with great peace so listen carefully you’ll find

direction and insight in my words search for me with all your heart

open your Bible every day read eagerly learn

earnestly in every page you’ll sense and hear my voice speaking to your soul type

I embrace my power to affirm you have longed for an answer you have prayed and

suffered greatly in waiting but like a Potter my hands are

molding you though at times you may not feel or see

it I’m removing your fears and Imperfections altering your character

and outlook on life after much waiting and enduring nights of Tears when you receive my

blessing and my response knocks at your door you shall realize how you have been

transformed I know you have struggled with various situations and it is time

for you to have have peace and happiness that day is approaching and

now you shall be ready to welcome me into your home as well as those you

love I shall touch their seemingly hardened Hearts I shall transform

them look around you today and see the love you’ve spread starting to

grow bright and hopeful days are coming where sadness will be forgotten and the

fight against feeling down will end you won’t be overwhelmed by deep

sadness anymore nor will your feelings be tossed around like leaves in the wind

I promised you a future filled with good things and I’m making that happen type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive and if you believe in Christianity

kindly show your support for our community by contributing super thanks from $ to $ so dive into my

teachings refresh your belief and build up your strength don’t be afraid to plan and

dream big because you deserve to start fresh even if things didn’t work out

before trust me completely this time your faith and dedication will lead to

such great achievements that you’ll be amazed come to me today I’m waiting to

shower you with love listen to your needs and unlock the doors of Heaven

making your journey successful I’m ready to reveal to you that incredible blessing but listen to

all I have to say without letting doubts cut in you fought hard and your efforts

haven’t been wasted the reward for your faith and perseverance is close I fully understand

the challenges you faced and I know your heart’s intentions

you’re not after material wealth fame or approval your fight is sincere and all

you want is enough to provide for your family get out of debt and take care of

your loved ones I intend to bless you for it is my

will I shall open the windows of heaven and pour upon you true blessings until

you overflow with the provision you require type I abundant to affirm

finally you shall be free from oppression and if you believe in me you shall rise resolutely continue working

rest when necessary but rise again the next day strive and be courageous with

all the fervor your soul can muster Advance without complaint without

sorrow with spirit and joy even if things do not unfold as you wish or if

there are those who seek to trouble you stick with the plan because even on

tough days you’ll find the strength to be enthusiastic when dealing with difficult

people greet them with a smile serve their needs patiently and wisely showing

kindness but also letting your strong character and the wisdom you’ve received from Me Shine

through stay away from harmful influences Keep Your Hands to Yourself s

and avoid speaking ill of others your opponents will be frustrated when they

see they can’t interfere with your progress our journey isn’t finished keep

moving forward with faith eagerness and hard work until I

say it’s time when the right time comes you’ll understand more as you stand in front of

a huge door behind which great blessings await I believe and promise promise to

spend time in your presence every day starting this plan right now my Brave

one because you are full of Courage stand firm in faith and you will

be victorious I bless you today with peace calm strength and

insight I’ve listened to your prayers and am delighted to know what’s in your heart you’ve come to hear from me and

you’re in the right place my charity one because here you are loved just as you

are I’m aware you’re not Flawless yet I’ve seen genuine remorse in your

heart type to show your belief in Jesus your working hard to improve

yourself your character attitudes thoughts perspective on life and the way

you interact with others I’ve chosen you for a life filled

with blessings you face tough times but you won’t have to face as many from now

on because my Holy Spirit and my teachings are giving you extraordinary Heavenly

wisdom you’re learning to make smart choices no longer swayed by fake friends

who actually take away your peace faith and safety that’s going to stop you’ll stand

strong in any trouble you turn to me today out of need

and you’ll leave empowered my influence will be evident in your expression the sparkle in your

eyes will show happiness and your thankful heart and joyful smile will

unlock doors and break down barriers I’m going to shower you with

blessings get up and start moving forward for you won’t be alone I’ll

introduce genuine non-judgmental people into your life who will help your faith

grown bring more peace and unity at home avoid those who try to pull you

away from your family planting seeds of doubt and Discord it’s true that some family

members may still be skeptical and haven’t committed to me yet but I plan

to work through you to demonstrate my love to them bringing them a message of hope I’m

granting you strength and courage to dedicate yourself to your household always acknowledging your need for me

seeking my presence immersing yourself in my word and my Holy Spirit even in

the face of discouragement in this challenging World type to manifest miracles in

your life there shall always be hope for you and your family with the secure

promise of protection love guidance and Abundant Blessings upon your household

embrace my love and care now tell me do you accept them with

happiness and belief my wonderful blessing you have such a beautiful

spirit I admire how you carry yourself your feelings when you talk to

me when you softly close your eyes touching my heart deeply I treasure your

gentle soul when it pulsates with joy filled with Heavenly Delight that

satisfies me and fills you up driving away any unease pain or

sickness after listening to me I want you to feel incredibly

loved you don’t have to walk around sad dwelling on your

troubles I love you and today you will experience this love in many

ways I will show it vividly and with my powerful words I will declare it if

anyone tries to stir up trouble you’ll be wrapped in this Divine

love if something saddens You My Embrace will protect you from all sorrow

lightening your heart and filling it with joy your family and friends will notice

and wonder what’s changed in you why you’re so joyful your foes will back off

overwhelmed because you didn’t fear them or let them hurt you

a Heavenly Shield of protection will surround you and Legions of angels will

Camp around your home guarding your family day and night believe this with all your

heart this love I hold for you is real not a figment of your

imagination it is as true as the air you breathe more potent and beautiful than

any Miracle you may request it envelopes you giving you

life type yes if you are ready for the blessings that you are about to

receive and if you believe in Christianity kindly show your support

for our community by contributing super thanks from $ to

$ this is the greatest blessing you can receive thus I adore your grateful

demeanor every day upon Awakening you express gratit itude for

your life and trusting me with your destiny and your days yet you know well that I’m real

Watching Over You attentive to your needs with this Faith you possess you

shall rise living feeling knowing that you are a child of the creator of the

universe with immense certainty in every step you take with a countenance a glow

with abundant happiness my dear child it moves me your steadfast

character so thankful you have such a beautiful heart

tomorrow come and meet me early before the dawn breaks I’ll be here waiting to wrap you

in my love once again I cherish you deeply I know how much you love your

kids they are precious to me too there names family names faces

Hearts thoughts wishes mistakes challenges and hopes are all recorded in

my book I understand what they mean to you I want you to find peace stop

agonizing over their choices are you worried they’re on the wrong

path don’t stress about things out of your control hand over over your concerns to

me type if you believe in Jesus focus on your own path to much worry

weakens you and takes away your peace save your strength and keep your faith

because I want you to pray for them it’s time to let go of what needs

to be freed the doves have grown and it’s their time to

fly let them go with trust as they spread their wings toward freedom

remember that my protective Embrace will always be with them as long as you pray trust in what I

tell you and believe in my plan you burden yourself with unnecessary worries

when you succumb to the urge to control to decide for your children to open or close their

ways leave those concerns to me there’s a limit they won’t cross the respect for

your family and your home must always be upheld if they engage in wrongdoing you

cannot remain silent I shall Grant you the strength

peace and wisdom when you must confront them but never speak to them with

anger guard your tongue spoken words and deeds can inflict deep wounds or affect

healing I have not been harsh with you it’s beautiful to see your heart filled

with love and hope for your children just as I hold love and salvation for

you type to manifest miracles in your life Embrace this love and extend

it to your children believing that despite errors and tears the Salvation in your life will

also reach them in due time genuine change will occur and and

they will come back to bring joy and happiness to your home keep praying for them knowing that

they are under my care and that a time of blessing for your family is near healing is on the horizon and it’s time

to release past Grievances and welcome a heartfelt reunion if you’re ready to receive this

blessing let me work through you granting you wisdom to build your character and lead your loved ones

some may not follow me yet but they will be encouraged by the Transformations

they witness in your life do not fear or be ashamed even if others mock or cause

trouble deal with them patiently offering words of encouragement and

prayers without reproach Your Role is to love just as I

have loved you learn from your mistakes recognizing that you are alive and forgiven through

my kindness and love come to me each morning allowing me to instill patience

and provide the wisdom you need lead your family on my sacred path

and soon they will all acknowledge me as their God and Lord well done good and faithful

servant get ready to experience a Time filled with joy and blessings as your

whole family recognizes and Embraces me take care of yourself type I claim it

if you receive this declaration type yes if you’re ready and share this video

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$ God bless you my child type amen

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