I Am by Your Side | Hear the Word of the Lord | God Speaks

know that you are never alone for my

spirit resides within you a constant

source of comfort and guidance draw near

to me and I shall draw near to you and

folding you in the warmth of my Divine

love allow my love to heal your wounds

ignite your passion and Infuse your life

with boundless Joy

embrace the fullness of life that I

offer dear one let my love Grace and

forgiveness flow through you

illuminating your path with compassion

and kindness love me wholeheartedly and

extend that love to your fellow beings

for in living as my beloved child you

embody the Ence of my son Jesus Christ

in moments of uncertainty remember the

tales of faith that echo through time

consider the courage of Esther Who Rose

to power to protect her people or the

resilience of Peter who found strength

in Christ’s unwavering belief in him

like them you to possess the fortitude

to overcome any obstacle for I have

endowed you with the same Divine


dear one heed my call to rise above

mediocrity and embrace the fullness of

your Divine inheritance command my

blessings declare my favor and watch as

the windows of Heaven open before you

your faith shall be honored and my

goodness shall manifest in ways Beyond

Your Wildest Dreams


know that I am with you always guiding

you toward your Highest Potential trust

in my love and together we shall witness

the glory of my kingdom unfold go forth

in peace my beloved child and may my

favor rest upon you now and forever


more my dear friend I can sense the

weight you carry the weariness in your

bones and the burden that seems to heavy

to Bear today I invite you to release it

all onto me to lay down your worries

fears and stresses at my feet for I am

the Eternal God boundless in love and

compassion and I long to Grant you rest

In My

Embrace in the hustle and bustle of life

is easy to become consumed by busyness

to lose sight of the peace that awaits

in Stillness but amidst the chaos pause

for a moment be still and know that I am

God surrender the need to control every

outcome and Trust in my Divine timing

for I am orchestrating all things for

your highest

good the storms raging within you the

turmoil and unrest can find solace in my

presence I offer you a peace that

surpasses understanding a Tranquility

that comes even the most turbulent Seas

of your soul when you feel loss and

certain of which path to tread look to

me I am the truth the way and the life

illuminating your journey with my



Light release the D doubts and fears

that bind you for I am with you every

step of the way my strength is made

perfect in your weakness empowering you

to overcome my obstacles with unwavering

resilience lean on me and I will uphold

you with my righteous hand granting you

the fortitude to persevere


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