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my beloved child I know things are tough for you right now life throws some pretty big

challenges your way and it can feel like you’re climbing a mountain I get it those struggles can

really weigh you down making every day feel uncertain and every night

restless but listen I see what you’re going through every tear you shed every

moment of exhaustion I’m right there with you you’re not alone in this I want

you to know there’s hope even in the darkest times there’s a bigger purpose to all of

this even if it’s hard to see right now so hang in there okay you’ve got this

and I’ve got your back my dear child I want to remind you that the

tough times you’re facing won’t last forever even though it might feel like Darkness surrounds you now there’s

always a new day on the horizon trust me on this I never break my promises when

you’re going through those hard times remember this you’re never alone I’m

right there with you always think of me as your steady companion guiding you through even the

darkest moments no matter what storms life throws your way I’m your Solid

Ground and never forget how much I love you it’s endless and it’s always there

for you so don’t let fear take over you’ve got me and together we can face

anything whenever you’re facing a trial or caught in a storm I’m right there beside you you can lean on me for

strength comfort and the assurance that better days are ahead my dear daughter your trust in me

is well-placed I’m deeply committed to you and that commitment will never waver

I won’t abandon you instead I’ll be by your side every step of the way through

every Challenge and difficulty through every tear you shed you can count on me

to support and uplift you my hands are always there for you guiding you with my

unwavering power and love so my child don’t let worry take

over keep your eyes on the future with hope because I’m the one who gives you

the strength to overcome every obstacle I know your struggles can be

tough and draining and the road ahead might seem hard but always remember I’m

your lord and savior the one who looks after your soul your heavenly father who watches over you with care and love

trust in me and together we’ll make it through keep pushing forward with

courage and determination my daughter dive deep into my teachings and find

wisdom in my holy words don’t forget the strength of prayer when you talk to me

you’ll find the courage to face any challenge headon inside you there’s

bravery and strength to tackle life’s dangers so stand strong in your faith

don’t let the enemy’s tricks throw you off course trust in me because I never let down those who are grounded in my

love know this for certain the faith you have in me has incredible power it can

overcome any obstacle and reach the impossible through your unwavering faith

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