Heed My Words | God Message Today | God Message For You Today | Gods Message Now

my beloved child listen closely for this is not merely a message but a Divine

whisper to your soul open your heart let not this moment pass in vain for I about

to impart a truth profound and transformative in this very instant I

speak to the depths of your weary heart Embrace these words not as mere sounds

but as an act of love from the infinite do not be troubled by the

challenges that currently encircle you for they are but threads in the grand tapestry of my perfect

plan observe as each peace falls into place under my sovereign

will my vision for you is one of utmost Splendor reminiscent of the prodigal son

who though he wandered and lost his way was welcomed back into his father’s arms

with immeasurable love and joy in the same way I envelop you in my

arms of eternal ity offering you an unending Embrace of love my ways might

seem inscrutable and you might feel as though you are walking through these times blind to my

workings yet believe in my ceaseless activity in my orchestrating of Life

Symphony aligning every note and every pause according to my Divine

composition trust in my promise and your heart shall overflow with joy

understanding that every tear you’ve shed is part of a greater purpose heed my words they are the

beacon that will illuminate your path this very moment I grant you the

fortitude to withstand your trials adhere strictly to my guidance

take a deep breath and rise in your moments of Despair push

forward Knowing You are not alone my angels are sent to surround and protect

you [Music] do not fear those who lurk in the shadows plotting against you My

safeguarding Embrace covers you and your loved ones nothing will breach the sanctuary of your home realize who walks

with you I am the king of kings the Lord of lords your heavenly father ever watchful from on

high my presence is sufficient to propel you towards Victory free from fear and

hesitation I am your Shepherd your guide your strength and the Wellspring of your

Victory when challenges confront you do not succumb to fear in Your Darkest

Hours hold on to my words they will guide you through the shadowy valleys

emboldening you to Prevail lay aside your worries for today brings the

answers you’ve sought do you doubt that I hear you I

understand your thoughts your hopes and the deepest yearnings of your your heart Nothing Is concealed from

me to realize your prayers action is necessary I will equip you with the

necessary tools and wisdom to carry out my purpose proceed with care in

executing my plan avoid rashness and evade the pitfalls of over ambition be

thoughtful and judicious the efforts of the diligent lead to Prosperity while the impulsive

plunge into hardship not all is predestined I Empower you to shift the currents in

your favor you’ve navigated without my guidance and experience has proven my

wisdom yet there’s still time for correction you’ve heard my counsel and

my timing is perfect never early or late but exactly when needed be encouraged

for significant and favorable opportunities are approaching though they may bring

challenges but with your trust in me there is nothing to fear remember behind every hardship lies

a profound blessing allow me to transform your thoughts to influence your perspective

and to shape your life forging you into a vessel of my might I will use you to spread my

message of love and understanding through you others will see my peace and

love even your foes will witness the collapse of their plans against you

I possess the power to bring about change beloved Thou Art not alone I have

not forsaken thee cease dwelling upon the past for I shall not permit thee to

relinquish that which I have in store for thee focus on the good and keep thy

course steady thy blessings await thee and I have transformed thee completely

do not return to the place from when thou was taken for it is all behind thee now Thou Art cleansed and saved Thou Art

no longer alone never return to the days of solitude close thine eyes and feel my

spirit walking beside thee now Thou shalt Prevail over any

adversity for thou art courageous Thou shalt gain Mastery over thy emotions

isoing impulsiveness be at peace amidst The Tempest and do not lose the faith I have

instilled in thee Proclaim my word to the world declare that I am thy God and

recount the Miracles I have wrought in thy life that all around thee may know me as a god of love slow to anger and

abounding in Mercy I forgive my children and forsake them not I remain faithful

through trials as I have demonstrated in all thy experiences my love for thee Burgin with

each passing moment every day it grows larger perhaps Beyond thy

comprehension now is the moment go forth my child my daughter and look not back

wart I am with thee today tomorrow and forever amen lend an ear to my voice and

doubt not my Covenant with thee believe in me with all thy strength and I shall bless thy every

Endeavor come now and surrender the Reigns of thy life unto me let me be

with thee know that when thou Dost surrender all be it maladies burdens or worries I receive them with love

for I am not unmindful of thy needs comprehend that I am the solution

to thy problems the escape from all thy conflicts and the provider for each and

every one of thy Needs Trust in Me from the depths of thy being and I assure Thee I shall Grant

the desires of thy heart be fully assured that those things thou Hast entrusted to me with faith and without

doubt I shall bring to fruition in the thy life Thou shalt receive a river of

my love and an ocean of wisdom I shall bestow upon thee health strength courage

and Abundant Blessings have faith and believe for blessed are those who believe even

without having seen find solace in my presence dear child I understand that even as these

words reach you there may linger a sense of Frailty a hesitancy to face the

trials of life I am fully aware of the many responsibilities you shoulder and

how the world can often weigh heavy on your soul the burdens you carry are indeed immense and it is for this reason

that today I extend to you a Haven for your spirit step into my loving Embrace let

go of all that disrupts your peace and allow me to rejuvenate your strength to

nurture and care for you stand assured in my presence and and harbor no doubts

about my promises surrender to my will trust in me wholly and I will resolve all your

troubles I will envelop you in Arms Of Love providing rest and

comfort remember I am the Potter and you are the clay The Vessel I lovingly wish

to shape yield to my hands and I will mold you into a creation beyond your wildest

dreams I will be your Refuge replacing your your pain with joy my love will erase every shadow of

Sorrow from your face replacing it with a radiant smile infusing it with new

life and profound happiness for in your expression my

delight will be reflected my joy will dispel your grief remember I am your

comforter the one who upholds your life and steers you through each day my

beloved continue to listen to my voice Let My Words penetrate your being and I

will impart wisdom guiding you on Paths of righteousness I will be your light in

the darkness the lamp that illuminates your steps ensuring you walk

steadfastly therefore my child put your faith in me for when you do my powerful

Hand Works on your behalf I will create a way where there seems none open doors

and shower you with Grace nothing is beyond reach when you trust in me

prepare your heart and never cease listening for my voice when you call out

to me even in a whisper I will hear your plea and respond to your prayers for I

am your God and you are precious to me cry out to me and I will answer

unveiling deep and Hidden Truths you have yet to uncover trust that what you

ask for in prayer believing you shall receive remember I am always with you no

harm will befall you for I will deliver you from your foes and all that troubles

your life come now relinquish your burdens and concerns allow me to cleanse your

heart freeing you from doubt and fear run into my embrace my child and

you shall witness my mighty work in your life come now surrender the Throne of

your heart to me I shall impart wisdom to you throughout your life

my word Shall Serve as a lamp to your feet and a light to your path you shall see truth and discernment accompany you

every day your life shall never be the same Come Into My Embrace my dear one

yield yourself to me place your burdens before me release your worries and allow

me to take care of everything I shall resolve your problems heal your ailments and provide for all

your needs I shall open the door doors of heaven and pour blessings upon you and your family until they

overflow I urge you to stand firm and be brave do not

waver remember I am always with you I will accompany you wherever life takes

you I am your shelter and strength an unfailing support in times of trouble

place your trust in me and I will never let you down or abandon you for I am

your all powerful God Sovereign Over All omnipresent and I will never leave your

side just as I was with Moses in front of pharaoh so too will I stand with you

in all your endeavors Forever Until the End of Time my child my beloved know that in

these moments I am closer to you than you can imagine I walk beside you I

reside within your thoughts and heart you are never alone for from now on I

lead the way as a formidable Force ensuring that nothing and no one can harm

you my love for you my child my precious one is boundless you are my cherished

treasure the joy of my heart today I gift you peace and liberation of spirit from this day

forward my goodness and mercy will accompany you throughout your life and in my eternal dwelling you shall find

your forever home continue to reach out to me in prayer for I am attentively listening

the plans I have for you are filled with hope and overflowing blessings beloved

child today I wish to unveil the abundance of blessings I have reserved for you since your creation you are a

manifestation of my love and grace and everything in existence I have crafted to nurture and provide for you be

assured that I will fulfill all your dreams all your requests I will grant no barrier or challenge will will

impede the blessings I have for your life everything I do is imbued with

purpose so ready yourself for what you are about to receive Is Not Mere chance

but a testament to my love and good will for you from this point your sorrow will

dissipate and pain shall be no more in your life today marks A New Beginning where I

will fulfill every promise made to you all your desires I will satisfy I will

make you prosperous and triumphant setting you at the Forefront of success these blessings are Not Mere

coincidences they are the fruits of your dedication and adherence to my teachings I recognize the journey hasn’t

always been easy there were times when you wandered away from my word feeling a

drift and without Direction but as surely as the dawn breaks each morning

the glory that awaits you will outshine your past struggles your blessings will be

multiplied beyond measure your acts of kindness towards the less fortunate your care for the

sick and needy have all been noted for nothing you have done has been in

vain you shall Triumph my child and achieve the realization of your goals in all your

endeavors your aspirations and dreams shall come come to fruition despite the

adversities nothing shall impede your progress for I shall Aid you in attaining everything you set your sights

upon I shall abundantly bestow my blessings upon you as it has been my desire since the day of your creation I

shall not only multiply your material possessions but I shall also increase your years of life for every hour you

have served with a whole heart not only unto me but unto others without

expecting anything in return all that you have done with love without

reservation and without conditions for the poor and the needy shall be rewarded

to you manifold my child I want you to know that I am renewing your spirit your

courage and your zest for life I am restoring within you all that the enemy

and this world attempted to steal from you for all the gifts and blessings that reside in the spiritual Realm are

already yours they belong to you therefore rise now awaken each morning

and place me first in all that you undertake dedicate the initial moments of your day to me step out with faith

and determination to seize the blessings unfolding before your very eyes and hold

on to them tightly for I grant them to you due to your devotion and love for

me move forward my child and do not falter take confident and steady strides

on your path toward success and prosperity remember that I shall be with you upholding you within my hands keep

advancing without losing heart banish doubt and fear from your mind for None

Shall be able to shame you I shall remove your adversaries from your path

those who vehemently protest as they witness my blessings and prosperity upon you those who fabricate lies without

remorse I shall eliminate from your life those who have risen against you for they have

also rebelled against the blood that has redeemed them because they do not repent of their wickedness they too become my

adversaries my child distance yourself from these malevolent individuals

withdraw from all those who concoct slander against their own Brethren they besiege with their tongues and humiliate

with their gaze they destroy innocent families trample upon the chosen wheat and Aid in

the growth of the tears they paint their perversions as virtuous Doctrine like wolves disguised

as sheep depart from them for they shall receive their just retribution for their

wickedness keep moving forward do not halt on your path of Faith abide by my

word and heed my voice listen to my counsel and I assure you that all shall

be well for you if you need to hear my voice within your soul there is my

written word open its Pages Traverse them with faith and love store them in

your mind treasure them in your heart with hope believe in them with passion and Obey them with

loyalty then your heart shall leap with joy your spirit shall rejoice for they

shall fill you with faith and confidence to achieve all that you set out to do for within them lie great blessings and

eternal life life receive this word my child and treasure it in your

heart for I shall grant you all that you have dreamt of all that you have asked of me I shall bestow upon you no

obstacle or problem shall hinder my blessings in your life for I love you and my will shall always be to bless and

prosper you in all things amen you are not in the hands of your enemies you are

in my hands bring forth before me all your burdens of and afflictions deposit

in my hands everything that you believe is lost all those situations and dead ends Place everything at my feet and I

promise you that I shall resolve them for even though your enemies May shout

that you cannot that you are lost I tell you today that you can that you are not

lost I shall not allow you to be lost I am the light that illuminates your path

I shall extend my my arms to lift you from the abyss and envelop you in my divine grace and love you only have

faith in me for even when your strength waines I shall uphold you you need only

trust in me I promise that I shall help you overcome the obstacles that stand in your

way watch as difficult situations transform and paths open up for you to

advance step by step in moments of weakness in those instants where your

strength Falls Alters I shall be your Fortress in the midst of the storm I

shall be your calm and in times of doubt I shall be the certainty that fills your

heart press onward my child press onward move forward with the conviction that my

love accompanies you in every step you take I shall be by your side encouraging

you sustaining you and guiding you toward the destiny that awaits you you

you need only have faith in me and I promise that I shall never leave you alone that I shall never leave you

alone continue knowing that my love for you is eternal and that I shall be there

to lift you up when you fall to illuminate your path when it is dark and to carry you in my arms when you can go

no further the past is behind you today is a new day for you it is time to raise

your gaze and extend your boundaries it is time to make decisions that will determine your destiny employ your faith

and look toward the future do not look back or lament past

mistakes it is necessary that you do not cling to what can no longer be forgive forget the offenses leave

behind old feuds and do not let unforgiveness turn you into a prisoner of pain fill yourself with patience and

love do not let the words of those who judge you you define you remember that I

know you nothing that the world says about you surpasses my word for I have

declared you my child to be holy pure and without blemish in me you are strong

and more than a conqueror do not allow limited opinions to impede your progress Forge ahead with the assurance that my

love accompanies you at every step you take and that each experience each

challenge is sh keeping something magnificent within you for my purpose

for your life is unique and extraordinary therefore my dear son my

beloved daughter I say to you once more you are not alone you are not solitary

you are in my hands and today I come to Aid you in scaling that mountain in

toppling fortresses I shall bestow upon you the strength to surmount the difficulties

that obstruct your path my my hands shall be your support in each stride and

my presence shall illuminate your path amidst the darkness do not dread the unknown for

though it may resemble an abyss I shall be there to hold you and assist you in

soaring my hands shall not merely sustain you but Elevate you towards New

Horizons towards opportunities yet unseen but soon to manifest and bless

your life simply continue onward and do not surrender do not allow this

situation to rob you of your dreams remember that no one r at the

promised land without first crossing the desert of Trials I shall be a protective Cloud

during the heat of the day and I shall be your Pillar of Fire during the chill of the night entrust your faith and

confidence in me for I shall bless you in an astonishing and abundant manner move forward with the certainty

that my presence shall accompany you at every step you take do not falter when

confronted by seemingly insurmountable challenges remember that the strength

residing within you surpasses your imagination even when the path appears arduous and challenging when the burden

seems heavy and the storm appears Fierce do not forget that you are never alone

you shall never be solitary my love and guidance shall be by your side at all times encouraging

you and fortifying your resolve beloved Son cherish daughter

from this day forward I want you to acknowledge that every step you take every challenge you confront shall be an

opportunity for growth in learning so do not fear making mistakes

have faith that my wisdom shall Aid you in achieving your goals and becoming the person you are destined to

be always remember that no matter how great your dreams may be I am with you

to help you bring them to fruition do not give up press on with determination

for as long as you remain in me you can accomplish all that you set your mind to

have faith do not fret my child for brighter days are on the horizon the

moment is near when you will reclaim the treasures you thought lost witness the power of your God for whom nothing is

impossible your fate rests firmly in my hands alone I will Foster your growth in

the most unlikely places where scarcity and need are all too common and where many have given up

hope yet you my dear Child In This Very place will discover Your Inner Strength

your dreams once dormant will awaken and flourish I have transformed every

adversity intended against you into a catalyst for your growth today’s trials will evolve into a

testament of Triumph await the miracle that is on root your prayers have not

gone unheard what I plan to give you exceeds all your

requests have faith for I am about to shower you with blessings beyond your

imagination trust in me even when the path seems unclear no matter how far

you’ve Fallen my hand is there to lift you it may seem at times that I’m silent but I’m always present I will support

you until you achieve Victory my timing is always perfect for you embrace the

opportunities I present when I urge you to walk step forward when I call you to

rise Stand Tall when I declare You Victorious and triumphant open your

heart to my Proclamation and release the burdens of past mistakes and sins the

past is behind you behold I have transformed form Med your life

completely you are a new creation your future is secure in my care in my

presence you are safe and protected so I send you out again unafraid confess your

faith in me with conviction today let us engage in conversation my desire is for you to be

liberated from all worries I will lighten the load that strains your weary

soul I long to see transformation in your life life for your spirit to be

renewed so that happiness becomes your reality not just a distant

memory this is why I am here to speak with you responding to your call for

help acknowledging your need for my guidance I wish for your faith to

continue growing for you to maintain your trust what you perceive as difficult and

impossible I can indeed achieve you cannot return to the Past you must must

accept it your life exists Here and Now happiness cannot be found in the

past refrain from surrendering to those selfish individuals who attempted to distance you from me filling your mind

with lies and falsehoods hindering your success and making you believe you are

worthless forgive those who have harmed you Harbor no ill feelings your battle

is not against flesh and blood refrain from acting rudely or violently toward

anyone your true battle resides in the Supernatural realm where spiritual

battles are a reality there the adversary strives to steal your soul laying traps to make you

stumble when you are distracted but it is my will that you obey me strengthening yourself to

confront evil kneel in faith at your secret Refuge close your doors with my

word before you and pray in silence fortify yourself in me receive my

strength and Dawn my armor so that you may face whatever comes your way standing

firm envelop yourself in the power of my love clothe yourself in the truth of my

forgiveness prepare your feet for the battle and take up the shield of Faith to defend against the arrows of fear

that assail you Shield your thoughts with the certainty that I am with you

and will protect you from your enemies [Music] let my word be the sword that halts the

threats of those who seek to steal your peace and joy keep praying persevere at

all times in both good and bad today I shall entrust you with a

potent secret you are my Victorious Warrior worthy of my love Forge ahead

with faith for I shall work wondrous things within you and your family I am

confident that you now comprehend the matter at hand the the one you and I are privy to it lies securely in my hands

and soon all shall be set a right tell me that you believe in me I desire for

you to rest in my promises if you feel the need to confide in someone if you carry a burden and

Secret in your heart that weighs heavily upon you share it with me I shall not judge you for your words nor condemn you

what you divulge to me shall remain sealed I have shed my my blood for your

forgiveness I wish to relieve you of worry stress and fear I’ve often spoken

to you urging you to be at peace and have confidence allowing worries to dominate

your thoughts impacts not only your well-being but also that of your family embracing bad news weakens your

faith and trust opening the door to defeat and despare know that I’m not angry with you

I do not send punishment your way you may be facing many challenges but

for your benefit and out of love for you I shall transform all adversity into

blessings therefore do not fear come and Converse with me I desire to reveal my

plans to you to guide you and impart wisdom so that you may choose your paths

wisely at this juncture in your life you cannot afford to squander time you must

distance yourself from negative influ uences those who seek to demean your faith leave them to me I shall deal with

them I can touch their hearts I know what to do your focus should be on the road ahead dedicate time to my word each

day be vigilant in your actions and mindful of your words exercise caution in sharing your

innermost secrets and weaknesses trust that I will bring into your life people worthy of your trust in

individuals who will believe in and support you I hold the power to lighten your burdens in me your soul will find

healing for all that you entrust to my care I will personally oversee this I

promise you my unwavering love and I will both heal and sustain you I am

watching over you catering to your needs and providing Comfort therefore fear

nothing and no one my strength empowers you my might fortifies you and my hand

protects you this has always been the case even during times when you felt

lost and overwhelmed by challenges look at where you are now if you are reading

or hearing these words it is a testament to your faith and your desire for a successful joyful life do not entertain

the thought that you are unworthy disregard Hollow doubts and false

accusations you are my beloved child who has opened your heart to me you seek and

love me daily and I have chosen you as an heir to all that is pure beautiful

good and kind your dreams grounded in truth and virtue will be realized March

forward with unwavering faith in your accomplishments and work earnestly towards your goals it’s never too late

and you are never too old if you feel unprepared do not worry I am here to strengthen and equip those

who are willing I call out to those who long to draw near and serve me with

devotion you are in this world to accomplish significant and meaningful things irrespective of past mistakes or

failures this belief is rooted in your faith in my death and Resurrection I

forgive your sins and offer you a new chance to rise and rebuild I will make you a leader in your

family a source of blessings I will silence those who have disrespected you and publicly affirm

your value and my love for you ignore those who demean your worth I am your

almighty God your savior and Redeemer blessing you with favor and mercy I

Infuse your weary spirit with life and will continue to show my immense love for you with each breath you take

believe in me and accept my love unconditionally your Eternal happiness

and all your blessings Hind on this Faith continue to express your love and trust in me know that I am with you

always in good times and in bad I will soothe your restless nights troubled by

worries I will work through those around you to bring blessings into your life

hold fast to my words they are your Assurance I will open unexpected paths

for you preparing more miracles and surprises than you could imagine your deepest desire s can be fulfilled for my

power knows no bounds I will clear your way and support you in your struggles be

brave do not let fear or doubt take root in your mind I have bestowed my love

upon you strengthened you and granted you the character of a warrior with my

spirit I have anointed you and as you raise the sword of my word with your hands I want you to continue

fighting there is no illness that should make you flee no financial problem that

should terrify you nothing should deter you when you place your faith in me I

take Delight in aiding you every day I seek ways to strengthen and console you

showing you the path to view with your spiritual eyes I hold your destiny in my hand when

you find yourself surrounded by problems recall my promises and do not be

afraid when bad news arrives at your doorstep remember remember that you are not alone for you have a heavenly father

who loves you consider what you can achieve when you decide to believe and

trust distance yourself from pessimists who Revel in negative thoughts those who

believe every problem to be insurmountable surround yourself with

kind-hearted individuals who support and encourage you Express gratitude and keep walking

walk and keep dreaming dream dream and keep believing believe and many powerful

Miracles will continue to occur fill your heart with humility and allow me to care for you let me embrace you and

demonstrate how much I love you each day you will reach Great Heights places you

never imagined and you will soar to Majestic Heights you never conceived I am with you nothing can

hinder you if the enemy confronts you remember that you have your faith and you have me I know what I’m doing and

where I’m leading you take hold of my hand accept my plans and be at peace

allow me to remove the anguish from your soul for it should not reside there I

carry you in my arms walking amidst the fire and the storms you will not be burned you will

not suffer further we will cross the ocean of your difficulties even if you

encounter tumultuous seas that seem fast and formidable I am with you you will not

sink cast aside your fears and think of the blessings that await you at your destination have faith in those who love

and protect you maintain a sense of confidence and an attitude of Hope the

dark clouds May seek to conceal from you the son of your freedom and divert you

from the light that will illuminate you but the heavens and the Earth are mine and my creation obeys my voice voice I

am blowing new Winds of restoration the threats of the storm have receded the

sunbeams that illuminate your window reveal the beautiful landscape before you behold it

Rejoice for it is time to smile you will see your family return

those who departed those who didn’t understand will reconsider and those who

distance themselves confused I shall grant them a new life to all who forsake

their crooked paths and place me in the foremost of their hearts I am affecting changes around you some you may not even

perceive but people are observing you many Envy you While others admire and

will Express their admiration something profound is transpiring within you you appear active

and content and they will request you to share your secret and you shall tell

them that I am your lord the author and creator of your faith and salvation the

sole bestower of blessings for in my hands I hold the power of Resurrection

my name is Jesus and this is my holy and mighty name close your eyes now bend

your knees wherever you are and pray receive my blessing into your heart and Shout with all your faith and strength

Christ lives rise and continue to walk with confidence in my will

my forgiveness is real and when your heart is cleansed by my powerful blood the doors to Eternity swing open

celebrate with joy for this is the day of your Supernatural Victory you will

defeat Giants and Triumph in all your endeavors in my powerful name I must warn you your long awaited

moment is approaching your waight shall come to an end your goal your desire

your blessing they are becoming a reality at this very moment prepare your

heart for the happiness may be overwhelming and your surprise so immense that you may doubt whether you

deserve all that I wish to bestow upon you I am addressing your soul once more

beseeching you gently with patience and affection to renew your thoughts I know

that you cannot do it in your own strength but I will assist you in what you cannot however you must rise with

faith there ize your Bible begin reading daily seek the company of those who

inspire you to believe those who speak words of encouragement and help you grow

I’m not far from your heart right beside your bed you can kneel every morning or

simply close your eyes at home speak to me tell me your feelings and thoughts

what are your reasons for living always be grateful identify the things and

people that make you feel blessed write my word and place it before your

eyes in short verses that you can read and commit to memory not to recite

thoughtlessly but to meditate upon them in your soul to grasp my love and power

and learn to have the faith to believe that I truly love you that I desire to

bless you that I have a beautiful and perfect plan for you and your family the

day has arrived for you to receive what you have long awaited you will no longer

have to weep or endure anguish there will be no lack in your home in all areas of your life there

will be peace and abundance I wish to make a pact with you I want you to come and listen to me

every morning to receive this word into your heart that will provide stability and peace renew your way of thinking

From This Moment onward for my visit to your home is imminent before this year

concludes I will fill you and your family with Harmony love tenderness and

happiness I love you I want you to tell me that you believe in me that you will

overcome and everyone will see that I am with you your blessing is on its way and

nothing shall hinder it soon you shall receive the answer your needs shall be

met your health restored and that loved one you cherish I am telling you they

shall return to your life be courageous let your joy begin today soon people and relatives will

come looking for you I want them to see your joyful and rejuvenated countenance

may your smile astonish them and may they witness with their own eyes the

wonderful blessing that I’m about to bestow upon you the word has been spoken

abundance is declared I do not lie and what I promise I shall

fulfill always remember this so that your mind does not fill with anxiety or

worry I myself will put an end to your suffering Your Time Has Come days of

happiness and pleasant moments are on the horizon value them my child and do

not fear do not weep do not despair believe in me for I am your God speaking

to you today believe it in your soul I hear your supplication I sense the

beating of your humble heart your prayer resounds on my throne and the gates of

my grace swing open I pour upon you my blessing and favor my presence dwells with the

simple-hearted with those of Humble Hearts with all who invoke my name sincerely and

ardently always remember that you can trust in my power and Fidelity I shall

never forsake you I will not not abandon you nor shall I forget you as the years

pass if I suffered on the cross and shed my blood for you it was not to forget

you when enemies and troubles assail you when you feel weak needy and unwell I am

with you at all times I reiterate it to you constantly so that you do not forget

I yearn for you to seek me every day to remember my words I have the power to

deliver you and if I tell you this every day it is because I truly intend to do

so I want you to be filled with faith to go to sleep with peace in your mind and

to rest well to wake up in the morning with enthusiasm in your soul and confidence that my promise is

unbreakable I shall never abandon you I speak no falsehood I love you eternally

I shall bless you thus it was thus it is and thus it shall be tell me now do you

believe this I yearn to perceive in your words your strength and your happiness exercise greater patience with

yourself for I love and understand you I have forgiven you and stand prepared to

assist but do cease doubting your worth you are mine I have not come to settle

your debts in accordance with your transgressions all your errors have already been expunged and cleansed you

stand before me as pure as snow my Justice shines upon your countenance even though believing may

prove difficult you made unwise decisions because you were preoccupied things went arai and you

became frustrated fear not I comprehend and I have not come to chastise or deny you my

love cease blaming yourself for the events unfolding in your life I know you

have encountered hardships and occasionally Harbor the fear of repeating past mistakes thereby

perpetuating your suffering uing yet you must learn to find Solace feel my arm

grasp my hand at all times for I watch over you day and night I am your

protector I shall guide your steps to prevent you from stumbling but you must find

Tranquility learn to wield your faith however minuscule it may be your

faith is akin to a Tiny Seed from which great Miracles Will Spring refrain from

being so harsh on yourself you have already learned much from your mistakes

and your mindset is evolving you are growing wiser except the greatest gift that no

one else in this world can bestow upon you but me it is my forgiveness wrapped

in my love paid with great sacrifice rest assured that you are now

cleansed and I want you to feel at ease cease your self flagellation for past

events and lost opportunities I have something something better in store for you but you must

believe me confirm your acceptance of my love and forgiveness and pledge to listen to my

word daily your future Shall Not Mirror your

past I shall ensure that you do not revisit the pain that has Afflicted you

and continues to do so the time has come for these wounds

which still bleed in your heart to heal you shall leave the past behind mind

retaining only the lessons you have learned never to regress trust in me fully from today

onward I shall Lift You toward a better path remaining everpresent you may speak

to me and confide in me your thoughts and feelings you can unburden yourself

and shed tears on my shoulder when your strength waines I implore you not to entrust your secrets to deceitful

individuals who may profess love initially but ultimately betray your trust and broadcast your matters to the

world I beseech you my child to immerse yourself in my teachings seek my

presence and pursue the purpose for which you were chosen my presence shall be by your side always consoling you a

new life awaits you one filled with happiness dispelling the sadness and

tears when tears do flow from your eyes henceforth it shall be tears of joy for

you shall witness my promise is coming to fruition place your trust in me rest

assured In My Embrace for you are now in a sanctuary of safety no harm will come

to you those who might try to harm you will have to contend with me in the past

I have guided you through the most arduous of circumstances pulling you from the jaws of seemingly impossible

challenges do not lose faith in your toughest moments I will not not forsake you particularly now when Victory is

just within your grasp my love for you is boundless your adversaries will not

be able to touch you the traps they set for you will become their own

downfall I watch over you constantly guarding your every move your sleep and

your Awakening my angels encircle you brandishing fiery swords to defend your

life and integrity I Empower you to overcome all dangers serpents and scorpions shall

pose no threat for they will not rule over you seek my guidance and words now

it’s time to fast and kneel before me daily seeking my blessing to be

enveloped in the safety of my protective Embrace I will intervene in the lives of

those who oppose you causing them to feel remorse and dissuading them from harming you again they will realize that

to mock my holy name is no trivial matter and they will understand the

seriousness of Faith they will see that your faith in me symbolizes power honor

integrity and Truth not many including you will begin to contemplate their spiritual lives

more earnestly as you walk this path do so humbly looking towards the heavens do

not dwell on those who tried to degrade you I hold you in my hands and ensuring

that you will not trip or stumble over the hurdles laid in your path stand firm

and do not fear the threats or ridicule of others for paying them heed May inadvertently invite fear and they might

perceive vulnerability in you they will try to strike you down but their efforts

will be feudal as they will have to face me and be revealed as cowards when their malicious intent is illuminated by my

glorious light remain Stead Ste fast in your faith and committed to honesty and Truth

for the victory is already yours now live in Serenity knowing that no harm or

malice can come near you or your family go about your life in complete peace no

longer preoccupied with those individuals hold fast to my love and

evil will not come near you Embrace this day with joy and leave all your worries

in my hands my Legion of shining angels will accompany you wherever you go and

my love for you will never cease to be shown [Music]


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