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my beloved child today is a blessed day and I want you to be fully aware that

you are surrounded by my angels as your heavenly father the

almighty I’m here to clear away all the curses that have affected your home your

family and your finances listen carefully because today

I am breaking the chains and releasing the bonds that have held you captive no more will there be scarcity

pain pain or division among your loved ones let me wrap you in my love Shield

you with my protective arms and pour out my blessings on every aspect of your

life from the moment you came into being I have seen your struggles and the

hardships you have endured I have seen how curses have brought sorrow and limitation to your

family but now with my infinite power and love I break every chain that has

bound your family I shatter every generational curse freeing your parents

siblings spouse and children from any malevolent influences that have impacted their

lives at this very moment I declare that my Divine Light fills your home where

there was Discord now let there be reconciliation and peace where there was

sadness let Joy burst forth where there was illness I bring healing and

restoration ation today my love will flood your home

creating an environment of Harmony and prosperity I am breaking Every curse of

division and despair that has affected your household allowing my love to flow freely among all your family

members this will Foster an enduring unity and deep affection within your family I am also reaching out over your

finances I understand the challenges and shortages you you faced but today I

Proclaim in my mighty name the breaking of Every curse that has hindered your financial

success I am opening the windows of Heaven to pour blessings upon you

breaking the chains of scarcity and debt I declare that you will be

abundantly blessed and your Financial Health restored doors to Prosperity will open

and opportunities for financial growth will come your way way resources will flow to meet all your

needs and you will become a blessing to others do not fear my beloved for I am

your faithful God and provider nothing is out of my reach trust in my provision

even if circumstances have overwhelmed you remember that I am always with you

and my grace will never leave you I am your Refuge your strength your Aid in

times of trouble trust in me and lay your burdens down at my feet for there is nothing you need to

hide from me always remember that you are loved regardless of your past or the

current challenges you face I am here to Break Every curse and

every chain that binds you I am here to give you life and not just life but a

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