Heavenly Alert: Urgent Message From God For You Today I God Message I GodlyMessagesToday

my beloved children I come to you today

with an Urgent Message of Hope strength

and encouragement though times may seem

dark uncertain and full of tribulation

do not lose heart or give in to despair

for I Am With You Always even until the

end of the age I know the struggles you

face each day I see the burdens you

carry the fears that plague your minds

and the wounds of past hurts that have

yet to heal but I tell you your pain has

a purpose your suffering is not without

meaning or value I am using it to mold

you shape you and strengthen you for the

journey ahead the enemy seeks to destroy

you but I will turn his attacks into

opportunities for growth the world seeks

to conform you but I will use its

pressures to refine you what the enemy

means for harm I will use for your good

what seems now to be a setback will soon

prove to be a stepping stone to

something greater trust in my ability to

bring blessing out of adversity I know

the answers do not seem clear in the way

forward is obscured in fog but stay

focused on me fix your eyes upon my face

I will light your path one step at a

time follow where I lead even when you

cannot yet see the destination the way

may be Steep and treacherous at times

but I will take your hand and lead you

safely through persevere through the

struggles keeping your gaze fixed firmly

on me in my strength you will find power

to continue in my love you will find

comfort and care and in my presence you

will find unending Joy Joy I am your

shelter in life storms I am your sword

and shield against the spiritual forces

of evil I am your Firm Foundation when

all else around you shakes I am your

Lighthouse guiding you safely home I am

your map and Compass when you are lost

and confused I am the still Small Voice

that Whispers In Your Ear which way to

go listen for me follow me and I will

bring you through the enemy’s attacks

against you are increasing because he

knows his time is short he seeks seeks

to derail your destiny and Rob you of

your purpose but his efforts will

ultimately fail if you continue to rely

on me look to me alone as your source of

Hope strength and peace turn to me first

before anything else put your complete

trust in my sovereignty wisdom and love

take refuge in me alone and I will lift

you up beloved ones you are more than

conquerors through my power and Grace at

work within you however dark the Night

Joy comes in the morning however Fierce

the battle I have already won the war

however overwhelming your struggles my

strength will see you through you are an

overcomer In Me You Will Rise From the

Ashes of defeat into new life and new

Strength the enemy meant it all for evil

but I will use it for your good what he

cursed I Will Bless where he sought to

tear you down I will build you back up

stand firm on my promises they will

never fail you I know you grow weary at

times the journey has been long and ardu

ous like the prophets and Saints of old

you have become tired from well-doing

take comfort in knowing your labor has

not been in vain your reward awaits you

rest in the knowledge that all you have

endured has a purpose you are refining

gold bringing forth untapped potential

stay true to the course finish the race

with endurance the greatest victories

lie ahead my dear children even when you

feel like giving up I urge you to press

on take hold of the Hope set before for

you a Living Hope Eternal and

indestructible let this hope be the

anchor for your soul firm and secure it

will carry you through the Raging storms

and tempestuous Seas of life I know

there are days when you feel overwhelmed

by the cares of this world but come to

me when you are weary and burdened and I

will give you rest take my yoke upon you

and learn from me for I am gentle and

humble in heart and you will find rest

for your souls for my yoke is easy and

my burden in his light when you feel too

weak or weary to continue know that my

grace is sufficient for you my power is

made perfect in your weakness ask and I

will pour strength into your inner being

wait patiently on me to renew and

refresh your spirit I will send my

energy surging through your soul like

eagles Taking Flight you will rise up

with wings like eagles soaring above the

troubles that once weighed you down

beloved ones you were created in my

image shaped with my hands woven

together with purpose and precision

there is no flaw in my design do not

believe the lies of the enemy who seeks

to steal your identity and keep you from

embracing your true worth as my

cherished child if I am for you who can

stand against you there is no weapon no

name no curse that can succeed against

you when I am watching over you stand

confident in the truth of who you are

walk boldly in the destiny I have

prepared for you I know the plans I have

for you plans to prosper you and give

you hope in a future trust that I am

working all things together for your

good my ways are perfect though not

always easy my timing is Flawless though

seldom early walk by faith not by sight

until your steps lead you into the

Glorious outcome I have prepared lastly

my children know that my love for you is

unconditional unwavering and everlasting

there is nothing you can do to make me

love you more there is nothing you can

do to make me love you less my love

cannot be earned for it is already given

freely receive my love allow it to

surround you heal you restore you know

that you are safe in my love today

tomorrow and for all eternity go now in

my strength walk in the confidence that

comes from being Chosen and cherished by

your creator face each day with joy hope

and expectation of what I will do be

assured that no matter what you

encounter in Life or how difficult the

path I will never leave you nor forsake

you you are Graven on the palms of my

hand hands I hold you always in my heart

mine is an everlasting love my beloved

children as I close this message today I

leave you with these final words of

blessing empowerment and charge I

release joy into your spirit and

laughter into your soul I break off the

spirit of heaviness and clothe you with

the Garment of Praise I Crush every

demonic assignment against you and

render the enemy’s weapons useless no

curse or hex can touch you in Jesus’s

mighty name I activate your spiritual

gifts supernatural abilities you have

Divine Treasures stored up within you

gifts to encourage strengthen and bless

others stir up the gifts I have given

you step boldly into your calling and

Kingdom Purpose and go empowered by my

spirit to share the good news to be my

hands and feet to a hurting world to

tear down strongholds of darkness and

release captives into Freedom partner

with me to build my kingdom I give you

Spiritual Authority over all the power

of the enemy nothing shall harm you as

you do my work beloved ones you have my

blessing my favor and my anointing upon

your lives you are equipped and

empowered to fulfill your destiny now go

forth boldly in my authority and make

your lives count for eternity and as you

have received freely freely give share

this message with others who need

encouragement let it be a blessing that

keeps spreading hope strength and

inspiration to all who need it like and

share this message so that my words will

reach the hearts I intend them for I

bless you I keep you I sustain you now

go and be a Shining Light in the

darkness my love ever remains upon you

my precious children

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