Hear the Divine Message God Message For You Today | God message for you today Divine Whisper 11:11

my dearest child have you ever pondered the purpose behind the arrival of this profound message into your life it’s a

manifestation of the boundless love I Harbor for you at this very moment

Envision me cradling you in my arms allowing you to bask in the Eternal sweet and extraordinary love that I have

for you I urge you to release the burdens that weigh heavy on your heart as my words resonate Within You Feel The

Healing Touch where sorrow Fades making room for the blossoming of joy and

Tranquility I am a constant presence vigilantly watching over you every second nurturing the growth of our

shared love my desire is to Shield you care for you and unravel the intricate

messages I send your way each day I am willing to go to Great Lengths to reshape your perspectives and

beliefs understand this my dear one you have the power to change and that is the

absolute truth my Divine love possesses the transformative might but the time has

come for you to wholeheartedly believe in it the words of love I share hold no

sway if rejected today make a conscious decision to afford yourself the chance for Change

and boldly Proclaim that God possesses the power to reshape your life to

eradicate loneliness and sadness and to Kindle the flame of divine and love for

living rise up and declare once more today I can

change grasp on to the love of your heavenly father reiterate your

declaration and feel the encompassing Embrace of my Holy Spirit pervading

every corner of your mind and body I am in the process of uprooting detrimental

habits and vices erasing unhealthy thoughts and utilizing my divine power

to obliterate the depression that has cast a shadow over you your emotions are

undergoing purification and the renewal of beautiful feelings that will fill your heart is underway today this is not

a mere coincidence it is the truth I love you and on this very day you will

sense and witness my love everywhere you go you will encounter a Divine Touch and

I will be there extending Open Arms to welcome you soothing your spirit with bound affection your life is meant to be

lived and the dreams once lost are awaiting Reclamation I shall Grant you the

strength to forgive yourself I perceive the bonds that restrain you and I am providing you with

the confidence to seek and discover genuine friends those who Harbor ill intentions

and pretend to love you for material gain will be removed from your life

replaced with sincere companionship and clarity I am gifting you with a new life yet I

implore you once more to believe refrain from seeking the opinions of those who

oppress you rather seek Out friends who uplift you and Aid in your growth my

heavenly forces surround and protect you but the decision is yours to not look

back if you possess faith and believe in my promises Advance without dwelling on

the past I will touch the heart hearts of those who have wronged you instigating repentance and

acknowledgment of the harm they caused you but your journey must persist

brighter and more prosperous times await Laden with tremendous opportunities and

Abundant Blessings gaze upon the Horizon as far as your eyes can reach I will

lead and bless you do not let your age impose limitations discard the notion

that there is nothing good left for you to achieve because you believe your time has passed and you lack the strength to

move forward this is the indisputable truth I am your father I am God my power

surpasses the bounds of your imagination if you believe then believe that I can

rejuvenate your strength and reshape your thought processes only those who

exhibit unwavering faith in me shall receive this extraordinary blessing

conversely those who choose to conform and seek acceptance among negative influences those who reject my word are

in essence rejecting this wondrous and eternal life comments today stand up

with courage and determination even if the world has Stripped Away numerous opportunities

from you I am here to impart life and restore what the adversary has stolen I

shall multiply your blessings as you immerse yourself in this potent message

allowing it to take root and fortify your heart I will nurture you with the sweet honey that invigorates your body

and the Divine wheat that nourishes your mind filling it with beautiful desires

henceforth awaken each morning to seek this Divine word let it envelop you

bring your prayers to me spend time in communion with me and then step out to

embrace the multitude of opportunities blessings and open doors that I have

meticulously prepared for you this is not an accident receive this message

attentively inscribe it within your heart this word possesses the power to

transform you your thoughts are heard they resonate within my realm your cries

Echo upon my Throne you are summoning a change in life and Direction allow me to

guide you on what steps to take without feeling overwhelmed refrain from making

impulsive decisions today instead I implore you to reflect silently and

thoughtfully on everything I am about to reveal to you if you were to depart from

your current position where would you go I have orchestrated your journey to this

point for a purpose I have been at your side offering guidance and assistance in

moments of desperation and uncertainty trust me my child there is no need for

anxiety I extend my hand to you not merely for a fleeting moment but as an

unwavering commitment to guide you through every step of your journey picture this I am at this very instant

anointing your head with the Divine oil of comfort infusing your surroundings with a fragrance that Whispers of

security tranquility and profound Stillness know this the reality of my

presence in your life surpasses mere imagination the same Cosmic Force that

sustains the vast universe is transmitting these very words to you the enduring love that has cradled you since

childhood shapes the voice that imparts this word into the depths of your heart

a word intricately woven into the fabric of your destiny there is no need for you to

wander aimlessly to Traverse from place to place or to be tossed about by the

shifting tides of Time and thought do not succumb to despair do not relinquish

your path the reason I have brought you to this precise moment is veiled in a purpose both powerful and

Supernatural even if the full comprehension eludes you for now rest

assured that in the hush of the night my spirit will unveil to you the Grandeur of the plans I have set in motion for

you my blessings are manifold encompassing not only healing but

spiritual growth abundant provision and a return of those who have departed from your life Laden with great gifts and

boundless Joy what is it that your heart yearns for the most I already know yet I

desire to witness the depth of your faith speak it aloud present it to me

and witness the vibrancy of this Living Word today you needed to hear it to feel

it to bask in the Divine love that saturates you with beautiful emotions understand this clearly I love

you ask of me and it shall be granted unto you I reiterate this Proclamation

so that it resonates through the very fibers of your being I love you

eternally I am the singular holy and Supernatural remedy for all your

afflictions I am your God your healer the opener of doors and the clearer of

paths in my hands I cradle your life your future your family and you find

yourself enfolded in the protect mantle of my love today you encounter my

presence in a tangible and Powerful manifestation eagerly anticipating my

words with a heart humble and ready to receive Embrace these words with love

cherish them and permit them to fill your mind dispelling the worries that have burdened you leave behind the

problems the discouragement and the complaints of the past eff face them

from your mind for there is no necessity for you to Bear a burden that impedes the renewal of your thought processes in

this moment Envision yourself free from the weight of past afflictions liberated

to embrace A Renewed and transformed mindset a mindset steeped in the

optimism of divine love dear one let your words be the beginning of a journey

where you refrain from inflicting harm upon yourself through negative selft talk instead let your words be the seeds

of wisdom that Foster growth and edification in your life do not allow

the adversary to deceive you into believing that change is beyond your grasp that your future is destined for

defeat and challenges or that your path is one marked by depression and

obscurity for in me there are no impossibilities clasp onto this truth

with unwavering conviction regardless of the circumstances that unfold do not let

let it slip from your Consciousness your life your future the

fabric of your character the state of your finances the intricacies of your marital situation the conflicts within

your family however formidable they may seem I can transform them if you but ask

the transformation can commence at this very moment I don’t promise that it will be

effortless but I assure you that you will have my help my support and my divine power know this deeply I love you

and I desire nothing but the best for you always the miracle you seek is a desire

that resonates within me and I hold the capability to bring it to fruin believe

in me bear your cross with determination for it serves a purpose The Suffering The profound

torment on the cross was not in vain I foresaw the day you would come into

existence now navigating a path Laden with trials and hardships you have endured much at the hands of others but

today I am removing all discouragement and frustration from your heart I’ve already endured given my life and risen

again for you Paving the way for you to experience an abundant free and joyful

life place your trust in my word and your mind will undergo a genuine

transformation a river of pure thoughts will flow flow where confusion once rained Joy will replace sadness and a

fervent desire to embrace life will supplant depression extend love and forgiveness

to yourself for your sins I have long extended forgiveness Surrender Your

Heart to me and allow your eyes to perceive my ways you may encounter challenges and seow seeds in this world

where you are but a pilgrim but remember my blessing is your destiny I desire

your feet To Tread the path of my love with utmost seriousness I implore you

once more to surrender your heart today and in return I will fill you with joy I

will lift the burdens that have wearied your face I will bestow upon you the strength to overcome the Shadows that

have haunted you since childhood you are familiar with them you know what I mean

I have loved you just as you are but I chose you for victory to conquer and to

guide others on their Journey towards their destiny so that many May witness how my will is

fulfilled in someone like you accepting such spiritual abundance

with a humble heart May pose a challenge but receive it with humility and

courage for I will also usher in many changes in your surroundings I am your

life grant me the opportunity to demonstrate that I can completely transform you to the extent that many

won’t recognize you they will Marvel at the Newfound tenacity strength and

happiness emanating from you embrace my invitation Surrender Your Heart to me

today a profound transformation is underway Within You harmony peace and

blessings will envelop your family and you my mighty hand is touching your

heart accept this message and hold it dear with love let it illuminate your fa

face with a radiant smile because your soul recognizes and senses that I your

God your Almighty father am holding your hand wherever you find yourself rest

assured that my determination is unwavering I am committed to making you

even braver than you already are let the fears and worries that

occasionally paralyze you and induce timidity be cleared from your

mind understand that in the heaven realm a supernatural battle is being waged for

your life and the well-being of your family this is why I am strengthening you molding you into a courageous

individual take stock of the fact that you are much stronger than you realize when you clasp my hand I endow you with

the power and ability to stand up for the innocent anointing you with holy oil

that fills you with Valor your faith possesses the potency to combat fat

diseases with my word on your lips the armies of the enemy will flee from you

rise up my child Embrace this blessed love and always remember that I am with

you my love and guidance are unwavering constants a reassuring presence in every

step you take in the Stillness of your heart seek me and you will find comfort

and strength consider the world around you as a magnificent creation team with

wonders each Sunrise is a new opportunity I grant you to experience joy and make a difference observe the

birds gracefully soaring in the sky the flowers unfolding in vibrant colors and

the endless expanse of the sea these are all Reflections of My Love For You in

moments of Doubt or fear turn to me I am your Refuge your Rock Trust in my plan

for you even when the path seems unclear my wisdom is infinite guiding you

towards what is best even amidst life’s challenges I have blessed you with

unique talents and abilities use them to spread kindness and love in the world

each Act of compassion each word of encouragement serves as a way of serving

me and bringing light into the lives of others always remember you are never

alone in your struggles I am constantly here attentive to your prayers ready ready to offer my

support Lean on Me in times of need and I will give you the strength to overcome

any obstacle cherish the relationships you have for they are gifts from me love

and care for your family and friends as these bonds serve as sources of great

joy and comfort in loving others you express your love for me when the

question why arises take a moment to redirect your inquiry towards how ask

how can I see this situation Through Your Eyes Lord what would you have me do

in this moment these questions are not Pathways to despair but gateways to

action compassion and understanding while the past cannot be undone the

present and the future are within your grasp choose to trust in me follow my

guidance one step at a time and consider the blessings flowing from the Wellspring of my grace the Paramount

among them is the gift of salvation an unearned and unending gift

a testament to my grace that knows no bounds from this boundless Grace

emanates a myriad of blessings in the radiance of my forgiveness guilt and

fears dissolve leaving behind a profound sense of peace and renewal as a cherished child of God you

bear a purpose and meaning that transcend the material realm your relationships take on New Dimensions as

you learn to love and forgive mirroring the love and forgiveness bestowed upon

you in response to these Abundant Blessings let gratitude fill your heart

make it a daily practice to reflect upon and Express gratitude for the blessings in your life this practice is more than

a ritual it becomes a shield guarding your heart from seeds of discontent and

ingratitude so my beloved walk forward in faith and trust for I Am With You

Always guiding loving and cradling you in the palm of my hand fear not for I am

your strength and shield your everpresent help in times of need Stand

Tall accepting the gifts and blessings that culminate in the Victor’s Crown I shall Place upon your head once again I

am here and folding You In My Embrace unveiling a love that awakens you to

proceed re your life in a new light I persist in loving you wanting you to

comprehend and remember that within my holy heart resides an immense love for you my faithfulness is unwavering my

Mercy boundless and my grace Knows No Limits I do not react negatively or with

anger when you stumble I offer you the chance to recognize your mistakes and amend them in due time there is no need

to hide or seek refuge for I am not seeking seeking to confine you I knock

at the door of your heart simply because I love you have loved you and will continue to love you my dear child today

I shall visit your home and alter your destiny your prayer filled with faith

and sincerity has summoned me here know that I have come to rescue you

for I possess the power and the will to be the key that unlocks the door to miracles

your faith is the key but understand that I love you dearly under any circumstance you shall

always find solace in me you are enduring suffering and are in

need of my assistance my love that envelops and heals you without

judgment my affectionate presence Embraces you in silence devoid of

reproach you require my friendly ear that patiently listens without

interruption tell me your desires for that is the truth your own strength has reached its

limit this is the moment to acknowledge your need I know that you and your

family are traversing a cruel desert where loneliness desiccates hope your soul thirsts for love due to the many

indignities you have endured the path Burns and you cry out as you tread upon

the scorching stones that bring tears of pain I understand how you feel continuing to

walk and believing that even in the midst of this suffering my hand sustains

you nevertheless I have come to protect you from the enemies that assail and

wound you everything you are enduring today is merely a process of

purification just as gold shines only when it passes through fire so shall you

shine and be purified of the lingering negativity within you I tell you this not to demean your

brother but to encourage you to extend your hand to help those who have

fallen abandon anger vanity fear doubt and the lack of

faith never dwell on the past for nothing that you have experienced there

can compare to the Joy you will have from this day forward seek the small and great things

things in your life for which you are grateful walk with a clear conscience

with my virtues in your heart you are worth more your family is worth more and

your future is worth more than money possessions houses professions jobs fame

or popularity do not fear losing material possessions and do not weep for

them first and foremost what truly holds value is your love for me seek me with

all your might for I am your provider and now I shall provide what you

need I shall satisfy you with genuine blessings open many doors before you and

present you with good opportunities blessings shall pour upon

you abundantly pay attention to what occurs around

you remember that I can transform negative things in your favor so do not despair if you initially

encounter obstacles you do not comprehend behind every problem and

frustration I am concealing prosperity and blessings of Plenty prepare yourself to wisely manage

what I bestow upon you seek guidance in my word to enhance the gifts and talents

I have placed in your life do not be seduced by material possession

do not surrender to fame and do not worry about accumulating debt to acquire

vanity focus on what truly matters strive to elevate your spiritual life to

a higher level make an effort to learn from my word and to know me better I

shall reveal many things to you I want you to witness wondrous Miracles and be

diligent in matters of Health and Family Leave nothing for later I give

you the strength and intelligence to resolve various situations today I do not want you to be desperate

at the last minute to have things go wrong due to not heeding my counsel and

to be crushed by frustration rise up and do it dare to

act your heart is courageous and I do not perceive cowardice within

you no matter what you feel do the good things you need to do and do not fear

here you shall neither lose nor lack anything and if you happen to lose

something or people become angry with you for deciding to improve your situation and make good choices entrust

those individuals to me pray for them but do not heed their

advice or complaints those who willingly walk towards an abyss cannot offer you

any help I am with you to assist you in everything but Place me first

not only will I Aid you but I shall also Prosper you and shower you with

blessings more valuable than gold even if you feel defeated and

disheartened I shall resurrect your desire to live and strengthen you those

around you and many generations to come shall witness how abundantly I have blessed

you I shall change your garments Crown you with honor and clear your paths

your home shall be filled with my glory believe in this for it shall be

so listen to these words alone if you are too busy and must depart but if you

can spare a minute receive this word that shall bring you great

happiness in your small acts of gratitude you have been faithful and I shall place you in the midst of your

need you have been thankful and for that reason I shall will make your life

abundant you shall receive even more than you have asked of me neither the world nor people can give you the love

and peace that I can bestow upon you I have given you Faith strength courage

and perseverance to move mountains to Triumph in every challenge you face and

to emerge Victorious you believe in and serve a real all powerful and Supernatural God

tell me that you feel it speak to me tell me that you believe in

me now rise up and live your life with joy put into practice these words you

hear and read today I understand your concerns because I know that often it seems that nothing

goes as expected and you feel frustrated child have

patience I shall assist you with all that matters to you I shall reveal my

great power in your your life and transform the things that have gone arai into meaningful and good

outcomes lift your head and weep no more for I bring you my mighty blessings and from this day forth you

shall come before my altar to give thanks for the Wonders that shall begin to unfold in your

life Welcome me warmly into your home and let all in your household respect

and seek me I am changing hearts banishing sorrow

and pain I am cleansing your home of all illness and scarcity filling every dark

corner with my light and salvation only I bring you infinite love

and peace I am safeguarding your life and the lives of those you love with my

protective shield I keep you and yours safe under my wings and no harm shall

befall you I shall guide you along the paths of goodness and love free from worries

doubts and fears I love you I watch over you and I

cherish you tenderly open your heart wide and receive all the love I have for

you I long for you to spend more time with me in the Embrace of serene

nature there I will provide nourishment for your soul and bring Rejuvenation to

your weary Spirit feel my divine power moving along your path gently opening

doors and sweeping away the negativity that has burdened you I have already cleansed you of your

sins and lifted the weight of weariness from your shoulders so that each day you

may grow stronger and more courageous place your trust in me for

everything is working in your favor my angels tirelessly carry out my

commands to shower you with Abundant Blessings streng strengthen your faith and speak my name with passion for you

are and always will be deeply cherished by me the matter that only you and I

know rest safely in my hands and soon it shall be

resolved declare your belief in me and find the peace you seek I want you to learn to rest in my

promises I heard your cries of desperation when you were unsure of what to

do I am truly delighted with you you have touched my

heart despite your arduous Journey you continue to trust in me and have not

given up therefore I affirm today that I shall pour even more blessings upon you and

your family do not lose heart do not stop keep moving forward and do not

fear keep raising your hands to the sky even when you’re most fatigued on your

your journey sit down and Converse with me with your own words tell me your

thoughts your plans and what you hold within your heart express your feelings

man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from my

Throne the bread I bring at this hour is for your blessing nourishing you with Comfort tranquility and

confidence I leave my peace with you and you shall receive it in your

heart when you feel you can no longer go on remember that the fire of my love

reminds you that I am always with you do not place your trust in humans for they

can disappoint you let not your spirit depend on the affection and approval of

people it is true that I have created you to love and be loved but it is also

true that the only true eternal love which shall be yours for all eternity is

my sweet love that never fails and is always close and secure for you do not give your heart to those who

may forsake you do not entrust your future to those who after receiving

everything cease to love you do not give the first place in your soul to people

who may turn their backs on you hurt your heart and ruin your life hope you asked for and here it has

arrived because you prayed for it here it is remind yourself that you are

not alone you are not an orphan even if your father mother family

or children leave and abandon you the most beautiful and profound love mine is

available to you feel and know that your heavenly father is here for

you I want to help you emerge from these problems overcome discouragement and

continue onward without losing your faith so you can Triumph and

prosper trust in me as your true Heavenly Father feel free to speak to me confide

in me and tell me your needs see me as a great friend I extend my hand to you and

you can be certain that I’m always attentive to you speaking with me is good for you it heals your soul fills

your mind with peace and by expressing what you feel with your own words it

activates your faith and miracles shall begin to happen this is the day to tell me what

you wish to say but also to listen when I speak to you I am not judging you scolding you or

bringing to mind the times you have failed feel that my spirit is gently

whispering in your ear I am telling you that I love you and wait for you every

day with the Morning Light so that you may open your eyes and with your thoughts tell me that you need me and

love me these beautiful words are your worship your praise and they reach my

Throne as the sun rises my presence fills your life your family and your

home with love and protection thus do not forget that in the challenges you

face I am willing to help you I will not withhold the good things

you request of me I shall promptly answer your prayers and send them to you

enveloped in my love I will open your spiritual eyes so that you may comprehend these words

today step through this door into a supernatural new life and do not return

to the house of pain I have extraordinary and wondrous miracles in store for you ones you

haven’t even asked for I will surround you with blessings because of my unwavering and eternal

love if you have given me your heart and are committed to following me with

steadfastness and loyalty then no one can snatch you from my hand however the cunning enemy lies in

wait hoping for the moment you become distracted look back feel tempted to

revisit the past or doubt these words if if you allow doubt to creep in

it can once again ens snare you no one can touch you or your

family this is of utmost importance and you must not forget

it the enemy targets you to trample your faith and emotional stability the wicked

and envious cannot bear to witness a strong person like you they know their end is near and their attacks are feeble

and feudal when you exhibit no fear when your spirit remains unshaken in the face

of sudden trials you will experience peace stability emotional maturity

self-control and Supernatural power within your heart there will be no trace

of cowardice or fear your legs will not quiver in Fright anxiety will not control you when

unexpected challenges and conflicts arise stand firm do not make decisions

driven by your emotions be composed and Serene remember these words I am

speaking to you come listen to me give me a moment and Let My Embrace fill you

with the love and peace you need at this moment I bestow upon you my grace and

blessings it is my deepest desire to see you flourish and prosper eternally by my

side in the Heavenly Kingdom accept it live your life on this Earth as you

deserve with enthusiasm passion purpose and vision with unwavering determination

to do good and carry my word to the farthest reaches of the universe for through your

hands I will work miracas I will bring encouragement and

solcy to souls who seek me and provide spiritual sustenance to those in need

walk with confidence and do not allow the the Envy of the wicked to enslave your

life place all your faith in me so you may experience boundless

Tranquility remember my promises when threats Loom and my Holy Spirit Will

enshroud you in security it is my will for you and your family to be enveloped in an

impenetrable shield defended by my warrior Angels at all

times my protection is ever presentent lean on me so that Temptation cannot

overpower you rejoice in the knowledge of my eternal love for with it come

Abundant Blessings you will never be without my protection no matter what obstacles life

may throw your way do not fear my blessings are yours

and they cannot be taken away I have reserved a future of unparalleled peace for you seek me and

he heed my counsel to stand strong when Temptation beckons your Victory your life Your

Serenity your fortified Faith your heightened spiritual awareness these are

the rewards for your unwavering faith and your decision to follow me to the very end I secured it for you through

great sacrifice but you must accept it with faith gratitude and

humility it is a gift of love that I yearn to bestow upon you simply tell me

sincerily my God I receive and accept the challenge I shall not fear for no

reason and I will not turn back if you require my tender Embrace tell me if you

seek my sweet and profound love ask me do not

fear if you believe I will reject you banish that doubt from your mind this

very moment I am not like those who have hurt you I am not the same as those who

have spurned you they imposed conditions upon you to receive a mere crumb of love

but I laid down my life upon a cross for you I shed my blood and bore

unimaginable pain to ensure that you know the depth of my love for you do not compare me to those who have

caused you pain and suffering I am not like those who set

conditions for their love instead I gave my life on a cross for you shedding my

blood and enduring immense pain so that you may understand the depth of my love

for you through my resurrection you have found Redemption and your heart has

opened to my grace and my word together we have been

Reborn the cruel adversary who once sought to harm you has been defeated and

ashamed your choice to embrace love life and forgiveness has saved you in my eyes

you are a beautiful and cherished child and I long to hold you close Whispering

my affection into your heart I also desire for you to rise and face the

challenges of life with confidence knowing that my presence will always be with you to protect and provide for you

even when friends may turn against you fear not for I am your steadfast

companion there may be times when I do not Grant all your wishes but trust that

I always seek what is best for you I will give you strength life and

true happiness a blessed future awaits you so continue to nourish your spirit with my

teachings so you do not lose your way amidst life’s chaos the enemy prows like a roaring

lion trying to distract and ens snare you stay in constant communication with

me and keep your ear attuned to my voice I will reveal wonders to you in your

dreams and guide you on the right path be sensitive and obedient to my word and

you will find rest strength and confidence knowing that your heavenly

father is always by your side greetings my beloved child

how are you feeling today I hear your prayers and sense a change in your heart

I hear your words clearly and your tears are precious filled with faith your

courage to face each new day despite the burdens that weigh you down fills me

with immense Joy this is the spirit I cherish the Fearless determination with

which you confront life’s challenges knowing that I am here to help your

faith is extraordinary and will lead to miraculous transformations in your

life I am Overjoyed to witness your victories you were not created to hide

in fear or idleness if you ever feel fear creeping in again cast it aside in my

name rest when needed for I do not expect you to engage in unnecessary

busyness do not burden yourself with needless worries your faith and peace

bring me joy rest when necessary fight when I command and take moments to

breathe I will fight your battles on your behalf your faith pleases me and

your sincerity warms my heart I am delighted that you come to me

every day seeking my presence listen carefully my beloved

child engrave my words in your soul my will is clear and I I will fulfill it to

truly please me all you need is unwavering Faith a belief in my reality and an understanding that I have

countless blessings in store for you this is my promise and I will not

waver accept my blessings with humility and offer no excuses if you truly wish

to please me then accept my will know that I love you deeply and that my love

for you is eternal my love heals Comforts and surrounds you with

protection and affection you have been through a season of struggles and

Solitude feeling abandoned and forgotten but that is behind you now

today I am here to strengthen you and dispel the despair in your

soul my promises will never leave your lips you will speak them and

remember if you ever feel alone cry out and I will be with you every day

when worries weigh you down come to me for the rest your heart

needs remember that I am your Shepherd and you shall lack nothing I hold

perfect Provisions in my hands and you shall not want for anything I am your

path to Salvation and my divine presence banishes all fear from your life your

roots will be planted beside Living Waters and your fruit will bless your family and many

others if you seek something true and eternal if you long for genuine love I

am here on days when you feel like crying without reason seek refuge in my

love you have no other option many may offer you affection but expect something

in return always demanding more they May promise patience friendship or even

happiness but they forsake you when you have nothing more to give in this world there’s no one who

can provide you with what I offer love peace healing and unwavering

Faith come and receive this blessing now it is yours free of

charge I am not selling it I only require your heart your faith your

loyalty your commitment and your unwavering desire to leave the past behind and embark on a New Journey with

me that’s why I’ve come to tell you to surrender everything to me and have

unwavering Faith the doors will swing open the storms will pass and your

blessings will arrive fear not for I Am by your side to assist you do not lose heart for I love

you keep moving forward resist and I will provide you with the strength and perseverance to conquer the

challenges you face under my protective Wings the enemy

cannot harm you and when you grow weary I will lift you up and console you with

my boundless love if you need to share the secrets of your heart carry a heavy burden or

reveal a hidden pain that you can no longer bear confide in me

I will not judge you or condemn you your confidences are safe with me I shed my

blood to offer you forgiveness and I do not wish for you to remain

burdened by worry stress and fear I have spoken to you many times to

bring you peace and confidence if you let worries control your mind your health and family will

suffer if you allow bad news to erode your faith and trust you open the door

to defeat and despair I am not angry with you nor do I

seek to punish you the challenges you face are numerous but I am in the

process of transforming them all for your ultimate good because I love you

deeply so do not be afraid come and Converse with me I want to reveal my

plans to you guide you and impart wisdom so that you may choose your paths wisely

at this juncture in your life time cannot be squandered you must not

Traverse your days without giving thought to your future distance yourself from negative company and those who seek

to belittle you because of your faith leave them to me I will deal with

them focus on what lies ahead it is my will for you to become a successful

respected and blessed bless individual plant new seeds of love and

reap Bountiful fruits of joy and prosperity I have bestowed upon you the

gifts of Love forgiveness and the ability to receive my word

supernaturally I want you to demonstrate my love through your actions to your family touch the lives and hearts of

many with your hands I am elevating your faith to Heights you’ve never felt before and if necessary I will

personally remind you to fix your gaze upon me each day I am erasing your

anxieties healing your emotions and carrying away your pain your heart is

undergoing a complete transformation you will witness firsthand how I support and assist you

in all your endeavors I will unfold you in my love

Shield you and protect you I want you to radiate my strength and power to the world through your joy and

smile I am placing special gifts talents uplifting friends and a faithful family

in your life they will come to love and respect you as they witness the Miracles

I am working within you your strength and desire to live are

increasing do not forget that the enemy will send pessimistic individuals your way those who see only the negative who

lack faith and enthusiasm pay them no heed for their

aim is to discourage you and fill your heart with negativity summon the courage to be your true self work diligently

stand firm for every moment of your life you are cherished supported blessed and

embraced by me Forge ahead with a smile for you are incredibly special to me

dedicate a portion of each day to my word be mindful of the steps you take

and the words you speak guard your secrets and weaknesses I will bring trustworthy

individuals into your life those who believe in you who will assist and support you I possess the power to lift

your burdens I will tend to the matter you’ve confided in Me This I Promise You

I Will touch your soul calm your heart and Whisper words of love to strengthen

and bring you peace you need not endure the storms in your mind day after day there is no

reason to suffer when others dictate it if I tell you there is peace within your

spirit believe in these powerful words that can heal you I desire to hear

gratitude from your lips alone forget none of the gifts blessings

and benefits I bestow upon you I forgive your sins and remember

them no more I heal your ailments rescue you from the depths of Despair and

satisfy your soul with mercy and love if you surrender your heart to me

today you will never hunger for affection or thirst for attention again you will no longer seek the

companionship of false friends or yearn for the approval of the ungrateful and treacherous I will be your friend your

companion your sustenance your God your king your Shepherd your provider and

your healer extend your faith toward a new future await it with confidence be

patient say it with your own lips I Surrender myself to you my God I believe

in your word with all my heart and I respond my child I receive your faith

prepare yourself for The Marvelous downpour of blessings I shall pour upon you today I shall demonstrate to you

just how much I love you my love is genuine and your heart can feel it look

around you and appreciate the many things and details I provide to surprise you to capture your

attention nevertheless you have enemies who despise the confidence they see in you they envy your

character for it poses a threat to their malicious intentions they feel defeated even

before they strike because they know I love you and shall protect you their only weapon is to bombard you

with doubt and empty threats they gather around you shouting

attempting to convince you that you are in error that there is no love that you are not my child that I do not exist and

that your struggles are without purpose or destiny but your spirit knows the truth

for from the moment you opened your eyes you knew and felt that my love envelops

you this immense love makes you strong lifts you up and provides the energy to

forge ahead to fight and walk in Victory day after day you belong to me and I

shall watch over you even When Storms shatter Mountains and the earth quakes and its bowels open up beloved child

nothing shall befall you or your family you are safe in my hands place your

faith in my words trust in my love rely on my promises believe in my healing

power I am your provider I am the fire that ignites your passion for life

burning away thoughts of Despair and renewing the affection you hold for your

family do not open the door to despair do not deceive those who love and trust

you do not play with thoughts that bind do not keep secrets in your soul that

kill I am your father your God my love is evident in this wonderful

opportunity I grant you I loved you and I love you still despite your flaws I

shall continue to bless you it is time to change to walk by faith into a life

of of Freedom this message is for you and only you I love you and today you can feel it

come again tomorrow for there are many new things I wish to tell you tell me

now that you love me do not attempt to comprehend or compare me to any human being people may judge based on outward

appearances Beauty intelligence wealth or imperfections but I am

different begin each morning proclaiming words that heal your soul Jesus I trust

in you I receive your love and come what may I will continue to trust in your

faithfulness I accept your love and your blessings with faith open your Bible with Faith and

Hope accept this tender and holy love that never waines declare your belief

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