Healing Blessing| Message From God | The Blessed Message

my beloved Son today I come to you with

the desire to heal your body and your

mind your faith in me is great and I

receive it with joy today I am here to

tell you that I know each of your

afflictions there is no pain that

escapes my compassionate gaze nor wound

that I cannot heal yes son listen

carefully my desire is to heal everyone

who trusts in my blessed hand envision

your life right now with all its

struggles and pains all your hopes and

dreams and and now look at your hands

notice how they are restless anxious for

a solution for a Divine Touch that

brings healing and relief you have

trusted in doctors in medicines and in

human therapies and that is commendable

for I myself have placed in their hearts

the knowledge and wisdom to care for my

people but now the time has come for you

to trust fully in me for where human

science reaches its limits my

Supernatural power

begins remember job my faithful servant

who was afflicted with terrible

illnesses the doctors could not

alleviate his pains his friends could

not console him but when he turned to me

in total trust I healed him and restored

to him double of all he had lost just as

I healed job my desire is for you and

those you pray for to be healed if only

you believe in my promise fear not for

my hands are stretched out over you

ready to bring health and Abundant Life

trust in me even when all seems lost for

for in your weaknesses my strength is

gloriously manifested do not let doubt

and fear dominate you surrender yourself

completely into my hands trust in my

love and faithfulness and you will see

the Miracles I will perform in your life

while you rest in my presence at this

very moment know that there is a special

anointing for physical healing being

released upon the Earth right now

through me it is the regenerative power

the power of the Holy Spirit In Heaven

healing where there is no pain no

darkness no sickness no sorrow and no

suffering son I have heard every one of

your prayers even those that were not

spoken aloud but echoed deeply in the

Silence of your heart every tear shed

every sigh of Anguish has not gone

unnoticed before me for I am the one who

searches hearts and knows the innermost

thoughts remember the words of the

psalmist David in Psalm

the righteous cry out and the Lord

hears them he delivers them from all

their troubles the Lord is close to the

Brokenhearted and saves those who are

crushed in

spirit just as I heard the Cry of the

righteous in the past I also hear your

cry at this moment never lose hope even

when the storm seems Fierce and the

Winds of adversity blow hard for I am

the one who calms the storms and causes

the rough Seas to be still trust in me

even when your faith falters for my

faithfulness is unshakable do not forget

also the words of the prophet Isaiah in

but those who hope in the Lord

will renew their strength they will soar

on wings like eagles they will run and

not grow weary they will walk and not be

faint just as Eagles are renewed in

their strength as they wait upon the

Lord so shall you be strengthened in

your faith and your hope keep fighting

my beloved Son for your battle is not in

vain even if the obstacles seem

insurmountable I am with you fighting by

your side trust in me even when the path

seems dark and uncertain for I am the

light that illuminates your way never

succumb to despair always remember that

I am the god who heals The God Who

restores the God who performs Miracles

lift your eyes to me for I am the source

of all help Victory and freedom come

from me wherever the trauma may have

begun my hand will instantly heal all

wounds remember Psalm

I sustain the sick and restore

their health the power of healing is

present and do not forget the benefits I

bestow I forgive all your iniquities and

my desire is to heal all your diseases I

redeem your life and Crown you with love

and mercy son also pray for others so

that they may be healed the prayer of a

righteous person has great Power renew

your faith in the power of prayer for it

is through it that I work wonders in

your life let your heart Rejoice for a

joyful heart is good medicine where

there was discouragement I bring joy

where there was desolation I bring life

I promise to restore health and heal all

your wounds you are not rejected in my

eyes but loved and cared for I want you

to receive the physical and emotional

healing you so greatly need I ask that

every day when you wake up you remember

to connect with me let your first breath

of the day be a prayer of gratitude for

the life I have given you for the

Miracles I have already performed and

for those yet to come remember that

gratitude is a powerful key that unlocks

the doors of Blessings by acknowledging

the small Graces that surround you you

will be preparing the ground to receive

the great blessings I have reserved for

you for my desire is to heal those who

trust in my blessed hand and gratitude

is the path that will lead you to that

healing ing moreover do not forget to

take care of the temple I have given you

your body for physical and spiritual

health are intrinsically linked eat well

get enough rest engage in activities

that bring you joy and peace for when

you take care of your body you honor the

gift I have given you and prepare the

ground to receive my healing blessings

also remember to seek my presence in

every moment of your life not just in

times of affliction for when you remain

close to me you strengthen your faith

and your trust in my sovereignty and

when your trust in me is unwavering

miracles happen and never forget that I

am your loving father who loves you more

than you can imagine I am always by your

side ready to hear your prayers wipe

away your tears and guide you on the

path of Life trust in me for your

healing is already on its way my son as

a promise of my love for you and my

desire to see you heal healed in Body

Soul and Spirit I now wish to share with

you a source of comfort and healing that

will touch your heart in times of

Affliction these are the healing Psalms

inspired words that bring comfort and

hope to those who suffer Psalm The

Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he

makes me lie down in Green Pastures he

leads me beside Still Waters he restores

my soul he leads me in Paths of

righteousness for his name’s sake even

though I walk through the valley of the

shadow of death I will fear no evil for

you are with me your rod and your staff

they comfort me Psalm

he who dwells in the shelter of the

most high will abide in the shadow of

the Almighty I will say to the Lord my

Refugee and my Fortress my God in whom I

trust Psalm

bless the Lord oh my soul and all

that is within me me bless His holy name

bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not

all his benefits who forgives all your

iniquity who heals all your diseases

Psalm they cried to the Lord in

their trouble and he delivered them from

their distress he sent out his word and

healed them and delivered them from

their destruction Psalm

the Lord is my strength and my song

he has become my salvation the voice of

rejoicing and salvation is in the tents

of the reuse the right hand of the Lord

does valiantly the right hand of the

Lord is exalted the right hand of the

Lord does valiantly Psalm he heals

the Brokenhearted and binds up their

wounds he determines the number of the

Stars he gives to all of them their

names great is our Lord and abundant in

power his understanding is beyond

measure Psalm oh Lord my God I cried

to you for help and you have healed me

oh Lord you have brought up my soul from

shol you restored Me to Life from among

those who go down to the pit Psalm

let me hear in the mourning of your

steadfast love for in you I trust make

me know the way I should go for to you I

lift up my soul Psalm the Lord

watches over the sojourners he upholds

the Widow and the fatherless but the Way

of the Wicked he brings to ruin the Lord

will reign forever ever your God o Zion

to all generations praise the Lord Psalm

delight yourself in the Lord and He

will give you the desires of your heart

commit your way to the Lord trust in him

and he will act May these healing Psalms

envelop you with my peace and strengthen

you on your Journey of Faith and Hope

may your faith be renewed each day for I

am the Lord your God and I am with you

forever amen if you believe in these

words leave your Amen in the comments


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