Have Faith in My Merciful Heart | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my dear child listen to my response even

though the whole world may abandon you I

will never forsake you even if all those

who claim to love you let you down I

will never fail you my love for you

surpasses theirs and I speak the truth

you can trust me I will never let you

down your family your future and your

well-being are in my hands cherish value

and protect them do not risk the

blessings you’ve received do not

underestimate them if you remain

faithful in the little things and take

care of what I’ve given you in times of

need my word promises you that your

blessings will multiply and I will give

you even more of great Eternal

value and remember my child you love me

prepare yourself because you’ll be

amazed at the size of the door I’m

opening for you have faith be dedicated

and wise in all your actions and prepare

yourself because everything I have

planned for you and your family will

come like an abundant rain of amazing

blessings you asked for confirmation so

that you could make decisions about the

things you’ve been contemplating all

these days and this is your answer

clearly I come to tell you that you must

take risks and leave behind all the

fears that have kept you trapped for

these years and in this situation that

you can no longer endure

your dreams are vast your desires are

marvelous but you’ve been held back by

the fear of

failure it’s time to take my hand and

soar nothing will be the same as before

do not be afraid hold on to me now

before every important decision I’ll be

with you day and night ensuring that

everything aligns with my divine

plan open your Bible and offer a sincere

prayer because that that’s when I’ll

show you that everything I’ve spoken to

you is real it’s not a

fantasy Heaven and Earth will pass away

but my word will remain alive and come


pass I will guide you to where you need

to be to the place where you will

prosper I will show you exactly where

that special door I’m opening for you is

located starting today many things in

your life will

transform accept my blessing you will

reach a place that will be the starting

point for all your dreams to come

true you will meet people on the same

path as you thinking like you together

you will build a future of blessings and

wonders because my plans are immense and

you have no idea of the greatness that

lies ahead in your

life be kind and considerate to every

person you meet from today onwards you

will encounter good sincere and

interesting people you will will receive

help from unexpected places keep your

eyes open and your senses alert so that

when the door opens an opportunity comes

you won’t be distracted by worthless and


projects you know me well I don’t need

to say more my message is crystal clear

and you’ve understood it you know that I

will guide your steps and be with you at


times I’m here by your side always you

know I won’t leave you I’m as firm as a

rock nothing and no one can move Me

Close Your Eyes breathe in this Divine

breath I send to you in case you’re in a

hurry and need to

leave take this beautiful peace with you

and leave your anxiety with

me sometimes you feel you don’t deserve

it but I will remain by your side out of

love I won’t change my mind you want to

draw closer to me but you hesitate when

you’re about to surrender the the things

that disturb your

peace doubt Creeps in and you continue

to carry that sack full of bitterness

listen to my voice feel the healing

sweetness it brings let me write and

seow my word in your soul listen I love

you you are free with tenderness I

embrace you I guard you in my hands

today you may face many challenges on

your journey but wherever you go listen

once more and feel it I will be with you

I will continue Whispering healing words

in your ears so you won’t forget me so

you won’t drift away so you won’t let

your emotions deceive your mind I will

keep a flame burning in your heart and

when darkness surrounds you enveloping

you with its coldness and Terror my

light will shine brighter just like the

sun illuminates your

world evil cannot hide di when it faces

my eternal light any spiritual enemy

trying to bring you sorrow today will

cease to exist give me the opportunity

to show you how much I love

you pay attention during the day when my

voice Whispers In Your Ear I’m speaking

to you I’m pouring Divine oil on your

head I’m preparing you I am removing

false ideas from your mind if you have

falter it my forgiveness cleanses and

lifts you it is not my will for you to

crawl on the ground totally defeated by

fear and guilt for past mistakes I am

here to love you if my will were to

punish you you wouldn’t be here reflect

on this and accept all the love I’ve

offered you for a long time don’t reject

it there are two paths and you must

choose now the path of truth and life

leading to a one wonderful eternity or

the path that separates you from

me life won’t be easier if you follow me

but you’ll always have my help and

support when you need

it my Holy Spirit Will Comfort you in

your sad days and my word will bring

wisdom you have an open door to my

presence day and night you can bring

your beautiful and sincere petitions


confidence if you pray for your family

and give me your heart I will keep them

in my hands with great

love I will surround them with a mantle

of Joy bless them with abundance and

Harmony keep all their enemies at Bay

the Devourer the thief the false

friends I will surround your home with

thousands of angels ready to fight and

protect you from any threat I am the

same today yesterday and forever and

Just As the World Turns day by day and

the stars shine in your nights my

presence will embrace you always let

there be no doubt I will fight against

any enemy that dares to raise its hand

against you do not fear anyone do not

tremble at

anything your family is not abandoned

You are not

alone I have been with you since your

birth waiting for this moment to speak

to you clearly and confirm the great

blessings that await you I chose you I

gave you a name you belong to me and I

won’t let you go

even if one day you say you’re tired of

me remember when you’re where you are

you’ll cry when you recall all the times

I fought for you I extended my hand and

rescued you from danger I filled you

with peace and pulled you from

conflicts everyone abandoned you no one

else watched over you but I always

looked at you with eyes of mercy and I

continue to love

you my love for you grows daily

in good times and bad in times of

poverty or prosperity in health or

sickness I will fulfill my eternal

commitment I know that today you feel my

presence in a real and Powerful way and

it will be like that forever I will

never leave you reject any doubts there

is no one in the universe who can steal

this tenderness this peace this immense

happiness I have for you I love you and

care for you with

love and even though people say

otherwise I will find ways to show you

my affection daily today your

tribulation ends your storm is over for

me nothing is impossible my love knows

no bounds you can’t even imagine how far

I will go for

you a new day has begun and from now on

you will only receive blessings and

opportunities open doors beautiful

friends friendships and holy

Prosperity you will be free from

Financial slavery and I will bless your

prayers your work your efforts and

everything you have when I make a

promise I

guarantee that it will be

fulfilled I am with you and I will

always be there no matter how difficult

the situation seems I am your protector

and your comforter when you need it most

I will guide you and lead you on the

path of righteousness

nothing will confuse your mind anymore I

will always be in your thoughts filling

you with beautiful and eternal

Serenity your heart will overflow with

joy and you will experience the beauty


life I will give you reasons to laugh

those pains that made you cry will come

to an end I will never stop blessing you

my love for you is

unconditional here I am ask for the good

and holy things you desire bring me your

needs and I will answer your prayers

with blessings and

freedom I will bless you with Peace and

Freedom I will bring abundance I will

prosper all your paths nothing will

confuse you or take away your sleep

because I will always be in your

thoughts reminding you of my promises

and my

Commandments nothing and no one in this

world can give you the beautiful peace

that I can

I have listened carefully to your

blessings and Praises as well as your

complaints and apologies in your

prayers but I have to tell you that you

move me when you thank me in the midst

of your

problems you have been through a lot you

asked to fight against that process that

caused you so much pain and kept you

from sleeping to put to work what you do

to strengthen your faith I am pleased

when you raise your hands in the midst

of your battles and say father I love

you thank you for

everything you know what you’re doing

even if I don’t understand it I know

that everything works for good I trust

you I’m listening to you with emotion

tears run down your face and my ears

Delight in it because I know you’re

telling the truth you trust with all

your heart that I will provide for your

needs I can feel your gratitude and your

sincerity don’t give up your success is

on its

way you will see dry valleys in your

life turn green

again resources you thought were

depleted will reactivate and return to

you more abundant than

ever you know how the enemy Works don’t

let his lies deceive you no matter how

you feel I will continue to bless you if

conflicts come back to you don’t despair

call on me and I will answer you don’t

worry any anymore I have sent my angels

to protect you so you can live

confidently and

securely I know you know it you’ve seen

it don’t forget these words and you will

have the strength to overcome your

enemies you will see how fear grips them

when they see that I am working through

you you are in the right flock don’t

leave don’t jump around confused don’t

distance yourself from the

indestructible protection I offer

you don’t reject my reprimand even when

I correct you listen to my messages and

give me your full attention don’t let

Pride fill your heart I want you to be

humble and simple like me it’s time to

stand up and leave behind the mistakes

of the past without losing faith stop

looking down lift your face and enjoy

the good things that will happen because

because I your heavenly father have

chosen you to give you my

inheritance you know that in my presence

you can find rest and strength you’ve

listened carefully to my promises and if

you truly believe them show it to me by

standing up and facing every problem

with determination and faith I am your

God the creator of everything you see I

know what I’m doing I lead you by the

hand I inspire ire you with my holy

spirit’s light I will bless your

Dwelling Place I will send a reign of

blessings so that you and your family

can reap the fruit of your efforts and

in my perfect time receive an answer to


prayers if you’re hearing these words

you will understand them bend your knees

with reverence because the place and

time you are in is Holy I want to work

Supernatural miracles in your life

but I also want your faith commitment


loyalty this is a token of my love and

because you asked for it these two words

are my sign to you I love you everything

will be fine every situation no matter

how difficult it seems is in my hands

and I will grant you

Victory don’t be afraid I send you these

words to strengthen your faith to give

you love

salvation thanks and

forgiveness but I also take care of your

problems I have already answered your

prayers but the forces of Darkness have

risen to steal from

you you’ve done your part and that’s

great you didn’t give up and you

continued to pray with

faith now you can’t stop keep plowing

this field get up early and sew wipe the

sweat from your brow don’t let it

discourage you to see others faint and

give up their

faith keep working and in my perfect

time you will see a great harvest

receive this message and keep it

well when you feel down listen to it

again open your Bible feed your soul

with Psalms and Proverbs search the

lives of my

servants The Heroes of Faith who

although imperfect shut the mouths of

lions defeated armies and nothing and no

one could overcome

them to others I gave the grace to

endure pain and suffering they were

persecuted by the world fought day and

night but never denied me until their

last Earthly moment they remained

faithful to my call you too will not

give your enemies the privilege of

defeating you those who seek to take

away your family’s

Harmony you will confront them in my

Holy Name you will fight to the end

they dare to challenge you but they will

pay a high price do not submit to

emotional suffering run from those who

hurt you with their shouts and their way

of speaking you committed to supporting

them in good times and bad but they have

no right to take away your future and

trample your

integrity stand up you have great worth

and precious dignity protect your little

ones flee from violence and

wickedness don’t worry about what people

will say none of those who criticize you

are extending their hand to help you in

this time of

conflict so take these words into

account and fight for your freedom don’t

put your hopes in people and don’t seek

support from those who can let you

down this is the truth many promise you

eternal love but run away when the storm

approaches they take your joy with them

and steal the little hope you have left

do you want me to speak more

clearly listen now to this escape from

violence for the sake of your children

don’t be afraid I will provide

everything you need but don’t follow

people who want to clip your wings so

you can never fly I rescued you so that

your future would be bright I healed

your soul to fill it with my

love I will pour peace into your heart

and anoint you with Supernatural joy and

times of pain The Winds of the world

bring pessimism and Whisper negative

thoughts in your ears but no matter what

happens how you feel cling to the

security my words provide Don’t Be

Afraid don’t lose heart be strong and

courageous I am with you wait for me at

dawn come into my presence when you

receive the first rays of the new

day the brightness you see is my love

announcing wonderful and Supernatural

things that I want can and will be in

your life give me your faith early even

if you are tired or troubled bend your

knees bring all your conflicts and

problems to my feet your anxiety and

frustration today I spoke to you with

affection and told you what’s in my

heart you have decided to listen to me

obey me and walk toward your future with

faith and determination

I have said it and you believe it I will

prosper you greatly despite the

situation you are in today and all the

obstacles you see everything will be

fine I will defeat your enemies You Will

Raise Your Hands to Heaven in Praise

give thanks for your blessings and tell

your family that it’s worth hearing

believing and obeying the word of your

heavenly father I love you



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