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Jesus Oh My cherished child rest assured

that I am intimately acquainted with

every burden you bear each tear you shed

is tenderly collected and stored in my

bottle for nothing escapes my loving

gaze do not fear the sorrow that brings

forth tears for even in the depths of

Despair you are cradled in the Embrace

of my unfailing love no beloved one that

the trials you face are not without

purpose trust not only in me but in my

omnipotent power which transcends the

boundaries of human comprehension my

Divine perspective sees beyond the

constraints of time and space unfolding

a perfect plan that eludes mortal

understanding though my ways may seem

mysterious to you trust in the

Perfection of my will and rejoice in my

glory though you may only glimpse a

faint reflection of my divine plan rest

assured that every tear you shed is

accounted for and a day will come when I

shall wipe away every trace of sorrow in

times of trial cling steadfastly to me

for apart from me your endeavors shall

falter align your actions with my Divine

will and I shall draw near offering my

strength and guidance as you seek my

presence earnestly you shall be blessed

abundantly both in your labor and in the

depths of your

soul look for me amidst the fog of your

troubles dear one for I am ever

presentes shining my light upon your

PATH train your gaze to see beyond the

veil of adversity and behold the beauty

of my presence Illuminating even the

darkest of days when faced with

uncertainty let not worry Cloud your

judgment but rather trust wholeheartedly

in me in moments of Doubt recall the

countless reasons to trust in my

unfailing love and find solace in the

truth that I know all things beloved let

not judgment Cloud your perception of

others but instead exercise discernment

rooted in love and

righteousness just as I preached in the

hallowed Halls of the Jerusalem Temple

let your judgments be guided by the

spirit of Truth devoid of

self-righteousness or hypocrisy in this

era of Tolerance do not be swayed by

societal pressures but boldly proclaim

the truth with kindness and wisdom delve

into the depths of my word allowing my

spirit to imbue your words with Divine

love and Grace Rejoice my child for in

me you have found not only a brother but

a constant companion trust in my

unwavering presence and know that I

shall never forsake you guiding you with

boundless love and wisdom remember dear

one that your true friend is none other

than the king of kings and in me you

shall find strength and refuge cast your

cares upon me for I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end in all

things remember the power of your

choices for they shape the course of

your life offer yourself willingly to my

Divine purposes and witness the

transformative power of my love at work

within you beloved let your heart

overflow with gratitude for the gift of

Salvation bestowed upon you Embrace

humility knowing that in your weakness

my strength is made perfect share the

message of my love with others that they

too may find Hope and solace in me May

this message uplift your spirit and fill

your heart with peace


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