God’s Wishes | How To Be Calm in Relation To Others ? | God’s Message

my dear children I come to you today

with wishes of understanding and

patience in relations with others

relationships with family friends

colleagues and just acquaintances are so

important in your life they help you

grow and develop make your life brighter

and richer however sometimes there are

problems disagreements and conflicts in

relationships that can damage your

Harmony and World Order therefore I want

to give you my words of wisdom and

strength so that you can easily overcome

difficulties and maintain good

relationship with others understanding

is the key to a successful and healthy

relationship the ability to listen and

understand other people put them in

their place and see the world through

their eyes that ask what makes you

really a person capable of compassion

and empathy do not forget that each

person is unique his own experience and

life circumstances that can affect his

behavior and actions therefore be

tolerant and open to others strive to

understand and accept them as they are

this will help you avoid conflicts and

misunderstanding build a strong and

Lasting relationship based on mutual

respect and Trust patience is a quality

that you need to develop every day there

are moments of trial in life when

everything is not going as we would like

when you have to wait and endure when

the situation gets out of control but it

is at such moments that the power of

patience manifests itself in all its

greatness remember that everything has

its time everything passes and changes

and you must be ready to accept life as

challenges and overcome difficulties

without losing faith and hope allow

yourself to be prepared for what life

presents to you be flexible and open to

New Opportunities do not Retreat before

obstacles and do not lose heart in

difficult moments remember that I am

always by your side in my love and mercy

you will find the strength and support

to go through any tast from time

immemorial let me be for you the one who

will always support and protect your

hearts who will help you find inner

peace and Harmony in your relationship

confident in my love and mercy step

forward boldly and with confidence that

nothing can destroy you because you are

my beloved children worthy of all good

and good with love and blessing your


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