God’s Wishes | Hope For a Bright Future | God’s Message

my dear children I your God want to fill

your hearts with light and love give you

wisdom and strength helping you follow

the right path to happiness and the

Fulfillment of your deepest desires rest

assured that I am always there ready to

help in difficult moments and led you to

success May the future seem bright and

promising to you filled with

opportunities and good changes may my

grace accompany you every day helping

you make the right decisions and follow

your mission on Earth May faith in my

blast hand fill you with confidence and

peace at all times I wish that your

heart’s desires will be fulfilled giving

you Joy and fulfillment of Dreams May my

angels always surround you protecting

and inspiring you to exploits and

creativity may your soul be filled with

light and love capable of overcoming

obstacles and creating miracles in your

life remember that I am your father and

Creator always ready to hear your

prayers and answer your aspir ations

trust in me and I will guide you along

the path to your will bringing joy and

blessings into your life may every

effort you make be rewarded every desire

of your heart Justified May the light of

my grace shine upon you Illuminating the

path to a peaceful and joyful future may

your every step be protected by my love

guiding you towards the Fulfillment of

your most secret desires and the living

light of truth may your life be filled

with kindness and compassion making the

world a better place through your good

deeds and wise actions may my blast hand

guide you through all difficulties and

trials strengthening your faith and love

for your neighbors let every moment of

your life remind you of True Values and

give you the joy of meeting good and

faithful friends may my grace fill your

heart with Purity and peace shining with

the light of hope and trust in the

future believe that I am your father and

Lord caring for you at all times and

never leaving you alone EX accept my

grace and blessing to give you strength

and optimism all the days of your life

may my love become your stronghold and

support guiding you to happiness and

fulfillment of the desires of your

hearts remember me and my love for you

stay true to your beliefs and True

Values May every moment in your life be

filled with kindness and light making

your world brighter and happier may my

grace and blessing fill your life with

joy and happiness guiding you towards a

true and bright future future with love

and hope your



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