God’s Wishes | Harmony and Peace in Your Hearts

words of wisdom and love come from God

filling our hearts with light and

kindness may all people feel the warmth

and peace of gracious Mercy warming the

soul and filling the heart with desire

and Grace let peace and Harmony live in

every heart this leads to the fact that

we live in love and harmony with each

other may we be able to see the sides of

the light in neighboring lamps measuring

compassion and kindness in our every

word and deed may God in his great

wisdom and goodness guide our hearts and

help us achieve light and love for

Others May each of us feel the closeness

and tenderness of divine caress

inspiring us to live in peace and

harmony with the whole world Let The

Melody of love and compassion ring in

our hearts capable of warming and

comforting us at any moment in life may

we find the strength to forgive and

accept each other as we are striving for

Mutual understanding and Harmony in

relationships May the love and

Parliament of God fill our hearts and

Inspire us to good deeds and deeds may

we be able to to see and appreciate the

spiritual values that make our lives

richer and more meaningful and give

others the warmth of our hearts May each

of us find strength and balance through

faith in a higher and spiritual

connection with God may we hear the

voice of wisdom and light guiding us on

the path of Truth and goodness helping

us to overcome all difficulties and

trials may we lad Our Lives according to

Good Will striving for Spiritual

Improvement and goodness May each of us

find support and consolation in prayers

and communication with God feeling his

closeness and care for us let peace and

Harmony reain in our hearts which flow

from the infinite source of love and

Parliament of God may we learn to be

parliamentary and tolerant to each other

with love and compassion revealing the

image of God within ourselves and

reflecting his light in the world let us

achieve spiritual Harmony and change

internal conditions thanks to wisdom and

support from above May each of us find

strength in ourselves and believe in God

as mercy and be able to overcome any

difficulties and trials with dignity and

wisdom may we be able to be open and

sincere with each other striving for

deep spiritual unity and mutual

understanding let our communication be

filled with love and friendliness led to

our joint growth and growth and become

better and brighter for those around us

may we open our hearts to Divine love

and strength that fill us with faith and

hope for the best may we be able to

accept the gifts of Fate with gratitude

and joy and see in them blast care and

mercy be BL my dear and remember that

you are never alone with love and

blessings your


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