my cherished child I desire you to grasp the depth of my affection for you since

the dawn of time I fashioned you with intent every facet of your being I

meticulously crafted with my own hands you are precious and esteemed in

my sight a treasure I hold dear I perceive you truly perceive you I

understand every as aspect of you your strengths and vulnerabilities your aspirations and

anxieties your moments of elation and sorrow nothing about you eludes my gaze

and in beholding you entirely I love you unreservedly my love for you knows no

limits or prerequisites you don’t need to earn it or demonstrate your worthiness I love you simply because you

belong to me when life becomes arduous and the Journey feels endless remember

that I am by your side always I will never desert or abandon you even in

those moments when you feel isolated I am there supporting you even if you cannot perceive it I am your source of

strength when you feel depleted I am your solace in times of grief I am your Tranquility amidst any

Tempest lean on me and allow me to Bear your burdens I have I have magnificent plans

laid out for you my child plans to bring you prosperity and not adversity to

Grant you hope and a promising future I have planted my dreams and aspirations

within your heart and I have equipped you with all that is necessary to fulfill your

destiny even when the path ahead appears obscured I am guiding each of your steps

trust me throughout the journey I am continuously orchestrating events for your benefit your existence

holds profound purpose I designed you to mirror my goodness and illuminate the

darkness around you wherever you Journey my presence accompanies you I aim to

touch the lives of others through you as you demonstrate love in the manner that

I do you possess a unique role in this world that only you can

fulfill I am your father and you are my cherished child your words bring me

Delight I treasure every conversation we share share with me your hopes your

worries your questions your fears no matter how significant I want you to

confide in me I am always attentive to your voice my spirit resides within you

my very essence dwelling in your heart you have access to all my promises and

blessings I withhold no good thing from you everything I possess is yours to

claim my Provisions my wisdom my joy my

peace depend on me for all your needs and abundant overflowing life awaits you

as my beloved

child listen closely for these words bring a blessing a gentle breeze of

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