hold on to this unchanging truth with unfaltering trust as you face the lofty

mountain of your difficulties you have what it takes to conquer this mountain

come to me with unwavering faith knowing that my answers will meet your needs

never allow the darkness of sadness or despair consume you as you continue on your path with unwavering

determination feeling the weight of family problems that stab your heart with exquisite sorrow is Norm

occasionally you need to take a break and recharge your soul in the Sacred Space of prayer and Solitude this is an

essential period for your overall health my Holy Spirit Will Comfort and restore you so you need not worry we did not

intend for the web of Sorrow to ensnare you forever when the burden becomes too great to bear I am not oblivious to your

tears and Sorrows they are echoes of previous mistakes and disappointments I will stand by your

side supporting you get away from me when you feel like you can’t take it anymore your true calling was to remain

hidden in the shadows not to face failure head on Ascend into my luminous

Embrace and let your countenance glow with delight drawing others to see the Ecstasy in your grin a manifestation of

my Limitless love I have performed many miracles for you and there are yet more

miraculous things in store for you because you are the embodiment of my love the moment to give up or withdraw

has passed as I have repeatedly told you envision yourself at the front of the pack fearlessly navigating through

challenges Paving the way to the carefully planned world of benefits for I’m about to reveal the profound wisdom

of your spiritual understanding clarifying your position as a lighthouse for generations to come despite the

current lack of recognition the pain of hardship should not deter you I am kind

L bestowing gifts and benefits on you pay attention to them everything happens for a reason and I the all powerful am

still in charge crucial to your success in times of spiritual weakness are your

attitude faith and beliefs Savor my word go down on your knees and pray when

things seem too heavy look up to God In Prayer I am present in that place as

well as in your heart rather than being far away my benefits are standing before

you we have all already defeated your enemies and your mountain of problems will soon crumble tell me again how much

you care and believe in me if you say yes then I will perform a great miracle

when you come to me with requests do it with Assurance showing your unshakable trust a token of your appreciation is

priceless you may bring me the most important portions of your day the times we spent together so come on in without

fear I will not reject you my My Sacrifice has removed the guilt from

your misdeeds even when you were far away and barely recognized me there’s no need to be ashamed to be in my company

you were the recipient of my compassion so that you may come to me tomorrow to tell me about the Marvels that have been

happening in your life which you did not see coming before I sent Legions of angels to save you from harm you may

count on my undying devotion and I will listen with boundless Delight my beloved

I have brought you back here so that we might Stitch your life together in a beautiful tapestry of love Faith and

Heavenly purpose I pray you will not go back to a location where Darkness Reigns

due to the presence of hatred disdain Melancholy and hopelessness at this holy time I’m

speaking to your spirit and asking you to decide will you listen to those who try to discourage you from returning to

your faith or will you trust in me the Everlasting Wellspring of knowledge and

love no living thing on this planet is Flawless in my eyes therefore it’s

important to acknowledge that flaw in all of us in the safety of my love do

not allow the criticism and disapproval of those who are imperfect to cause a waning of your faith and spirit we love

you and this is the only path to Eternal joy and happiness my love acceptance and

unadulterated holy adoration will be there for you no matter what my darling when you reveal yourself to me

approach with confidence regardless of the weather conditions whether you are facing adversity struggling to rise from

a low point or falling into sin due to your weaknesses you find a warm welcome

in my presence with infinite compassion I your creator hear every request for

repentance and if you would just accept my pardon I will give you a second opportunity at a fresh beginning give me

access to your soul without having to explain myself in great detail I understand the pain you’re going through

and I’m here to provide my support ready to bestow upon you Supernatural provision that is beyond worldly

comprehension the Gates of Heaven stand a jar anticipating your entrance this

deep reality is clear to me avoiding the path of the depraved who seek meaningless wealth at the expense of the

really fortunate is something I strive to do your belief in me and the veracity of

what I have said are both confirmed by your emotions my blessings will pour forth to you like water from a river if

you fully believe what I say and submit to my will making me the center of your

life and assisting others less fortunate never forget my darling that the words I

utter to you are not transient but rather an eternal message that I want to reverberate throughout your mind on a

daily basis as as you accept the life-changing power of believing may this sacred message illuminate your path

to overall Prosperity reflecting the blossoming of your spirit I am preparing

benefits for you so get up and walk boldly toward them put your faith in me

and I will lead you step by step with the grace of my extended arms which hold the key to your freedom if you can learn

to rely on my Limitless love and Almighty ability to clear the fog of uncertainty that threatens to cover my

words when I ask for comments then your life may change dramatically not because

your own strength is weak but because it is strong enough those who are against me will do nothing more than stand in

the way of The Liberation and advancement that are waiting for you in this world of total darkness I desire to

be the Beacon of Hope that you find I sense the weight of uncertainty that you

carry as your detractors gently tell you lies instilling the belief that you are

unable to perform what is required of you nevertheless I am determined to free

you from these shackles of doubt and change the way you think embrace the truth let go of your doubts and know

that I am not here to pass judgment when the time comes you may come to me for guidance and I will speak soothing words

that will strengthen your spirit and set you on the path to Freedom it is my sincere desire that you feel the

profound love I have for you in your heart I pray that the love I have for you and your loved ones causes a change

within you you are very important to me and I am very important to you I really

promise to divide the skies and pour blessings onto your words making them ingrained in your heart and guaranteeing

that you never wander from this boundless love you are excused from your mistakes by me keep in mind that even

though you are fallible as a human I am a kind God I will save you even from the

depths of Despair because I know how much you have repented my words have a power that goes beyond the appeal of

worldly goods and the gifts I have in store for you are more valuable than anything this world can provide just for

you I am declaring the opening of the Skies accept the blessings that come your way listen carefully to what I say

this is of the utmost importance there is no secret about my affection

my feelings for you my Affair are not mysterious take in your surroundings

feel the air you breathe and let the sun’s Rays caress your skin while you watch these are the things I’ve given

you as a token of my love and unwavering support you came into this year full of

Hope and determination and I have stood guard over you many times saving you

from the brink of Despair and bad decisions allow your determination to falter when confronted with with

challenges and hardships keep going if you keep moving ahead your aspirations will come true

the significance and worth of it are Paramount in my view I want to show my love and strength through you on a daily

basis as you carry out the mission I have given you you will soon be able to see Beyond the Veil understand people’s

motives and acquire great knowledge as my Holy Spirit Works through you to

sharpen your spiritual perception your mind mind will also grow allowing you to help many in ways they can’t fathom and

affecting their hearts in ways that are beyond our understanding behold my beloved the miraculous outcomes that

have resulted from your profound trust and steadfast confidence in the Limitless power of my divine

intervention open your arms wide and welcome the many gifts I am honored to give you continue to be diligent and

hold tight to your faith as you receive these rewards as things are going well

for you I beg you not to deviate from the road that ends at my doorstep I pray

that you will tell the world how much you love me and how committed you are to being true right up to the end put an

end to the chaos in your heart give me the weight of your worries and pain end your fear remain steadfast for I am

standing right alongside you ready to elevate you today embrace the new Grace

I extend to you an exceptional gift and endowment the source of all your good fortune unee this kindness will knit

your family together heal your body and rest your spirit shine brightly my

darling as you convey my message maintain unwavering trust for a little

while lean your head on my shoulder every time you shut your eyes and scream

like a helpless baby I the God who loves you reach out to comfort you I get that

you could have been filled with fear and sadness when you got up this morning have no fear I will give you a drink

from my river of Living Water even if your heart has felt empty and parched

allow me to refresh and rest your spirit my goal is to please you the world must

go on however for the time being how about we talk I promise to pay close

attention to what you have to say please tell me anything on your mind I care deeply about you and want you to leave

this place with renewed Vigor a strong will a calm spirit and an abundance of

happiness I see the many obstacles in your path trying to weaken your will to keep on

but know that I have never abandoned you in my presence you have my love my peace

my word and all my powerful promises that will help you endure these trials

the flame like a fire that starts in your heart consumes all impurities and

sin nevertheless take heed if you give into the deceit of the enemy and stray

from from me nothing will remain but Ash and smoke listen close the door to

suffering and fight against the unpleasant feelings that other people try to instill in you at the place where

my love once burned pay attention I understand how disheartening it must be

for you to be carrying around so much anxiety and despair your mistakes resonated with me because I have also

experienced abandonment from those I’ve cared for and saved when I asked them

about our relation ship I see their coldness and refusal to acknowledge it

which helps me understand you better I’m writing these words to reassure you of

my unwavering love for you the difficulties you face often overshadow

your view of my Limitless love and I understand that it’s normal for your worried mind to question if I’ve

forgotten you or if the blessing of my love was merely a dream during your trip

you could have met someone who said they loved you but then they broke their word and left

making you feel responsible for everything that goes wrong in your life to cast you in an artificial shade of

Shame people with evil intents May fabricate stories about mistakes you didn’t make setbacks you don’t remember

and transgressions they didn’t commit my sacrificial blood has cleansed you of the stains of the past reject their lie

or you risk missing out on the wonderful life I have carefully planned for you free from guilt for transgressions that

my infinite kindness has long forgiven stay strong and don’t let anybody bring

you down let go of the pain of the past never forget my unfaltering presence has

always been there we cherish and love you beyond words to guarantee you could live with dignity and a head held high I

gave up everything and even shed my blood you must understand the gravity of My Sacrifice the thoughts and feelings

of other people do not define you the things I say about you have an impact on who you are you are an exemplary son a

courageous fighter and a cherished character in my eyes avoid succumbing to

the devilish voices that attempt to harm you at every turn do not think that your mission is to pick up the happy bits

that your enemies have dropped we meticulously designed you to emerge Victorious from conflicts experience the

profound love I have for you since I am not here to scold you or beat you whenever you mess up

the devil has corrupted the brains of those who believe in a vindictive God and their hearts have strayed from the

road of kindness and tolerance leave your regrets with me and know that I can

empathize with your suffering I will always be here for you ready to speak words of encouragement and strength into

your spirit your sorrowful tears will soon turn into joyful ones and the love

that comes from above will bring your blessings closer with each passing moment I have loved you without end and

my Mercy will always be by your side let us start again my darling child where

each New Day brings a Priceless opportunity to keep fighting put yesterday’s troubles setbacks and issues

behind you put an end to the negativity and gripes they aren’t necessary obstacles on the road to recovery and

development write the first lines of this new chapter in the story you’re writing be kind to yourself in the rich

soil of your own existence do not seow the seeds of failure do not give into

the enemy’s attempts to convince you that change is impossible and that your future will be just like yesterday dark

and depressing I beg you to believe me when I say that the suffering I endured while

carrying the cross had a purpose even when my closest friends forsook me and humiliation followed me wherever I went

the most agonizing suffering I had ever endured on the cross was not in vain at the very beginning of time I never

wavered in my Pursuit Of The Miraculous change that would occur in your life I knew the Hard Road of disgrace and

rejection that you are about to face but I also planned for you a crown an

everlasting recompense and a life full of Plenty these Marvels are waiting for

you but they will only materialize if you believe my words completely and let

your thoughts change for the better your own mind’s constant chatter will be the one to bring you down

remember that I am the source of your life and when you feel that giving up is the only option I get to change you so

drastically that others will have a hard time putting a face to the spots where you were previously somber even in the

darkest of times the flags of Joy will rise hunger for a full life will consume

you give yourself permission to love and forgive yourself I already did that for

all your mistakes a long time ago join me on a path of Rejuvenation starting

right now by embracing my invitation I stand Here Again embracing

you with an Embrace that is love lighting a fire in your spirit and changing the way you see life it is of

the utmost importance that you understand and reflect on the boundless magnitude of my love for you inside my

Sacred Heart there is an infinite pool of Limitless love set aside just for you

say these words aloud and feel their impact I put my faith in you Jesus you

have my wholehearted devotion and I will hold on to my faith no matter what comes

my way I welcome my love and the blessings that come with it and I will

once again speak my word to you as your Shepherd write them down and put them on

tablets then fasten them to your doors and windows this will be a constant

reminder of them as you live out your life in harmony with my sacred scriptures and you will look forward to

the miraculous Wonders that will be woven into your life not only will these

Heavenly words soothe your hurt but they will also cast off the dark clouds of Despair that have taken up residence in

your heart the light of my love will envelop you flowing elegantly through

your entire home like a Crystal River creating a mesmerizing sight here in

this holy River of Life your shortcomings and errors will Flow Away and the turbulent Waters of animosity

resentment treachery and Injustice will calm down immerse yourself in the

uplifting power of this heavenly current as you watch your physical body become stronger and more resilient and your

mind break free from mental oppression allowing words to flow into your heart

as you open the Bible with unshakable faith and Limitless hope this gentle and

Sacred Love has an everlasting and Limitless character may it become a

Sacrament for us to practice every day even in your most private moments alone

you need to hear my Declaration of love for you my beloved Ed you are not

swimming against the tide of life alone even in the face of insurmountable odds

You are not alone in the fullness of my heavenly presence and mighty might I

want you to declare with your own mouth how much you trust in me and I want you to know that I am not only your God but

also your father and devoted friend if you seek me with all your heart I will

give you my deep calm and comfort in abundance believing in my actuality you

should approach me with an attitude of unfaltering trust and hope and call upon me constantly day and night things may

not work out the way you expected them to but I get a great deal of joy out of responding to such thoughts do not doubt

me again with every fiber of your being I am crafting a harmonious arrangement of blessings specifically for your

family and house ensuring they receive Divine favor feeling the loss of life’s

tangible goods should cause you to reflect seriously the object of my

deepest desire is a valuable thing I have made something that may bring you

Joy help you develop and strengthen your faith your losses will be made up for

and then some in a manner that is far beyond your expectations so instead of being upset and sad about

things you don’t have right now put your energy into loving me loving your family

and waiting patiently for the benefits I’ve already planned for you even if they’re only

temporary despite appearances the enemy has not really taken anything in fact

many of your glorious artifacts will return much more magnificent than ever please give me the keys to your heart

your spirit has long longed for the tranquility that I desire to provide you my presence May soothe your spirit as

much as your body in the quiet of the night lay before me the Troublesome ideas that

keep you up at night weaved with the threads of your sincere prayers your future is not unknown however if you

doubt my faithfulness and mock my words you weaken your own strength and leave yourself open to your enemies when you

put your whole faith in me you become strong and Victorious however when you doubt and give up you

give your enemies control over your fate and good fortune I want to protect you

so much I will not let go of you once I have you in my strong grip never let

your faith die even if it’s just for a little while here and there I want to have a conversation with your soul

therefore open your Bible and read more I want to mold you into a genuine

unwavering individual who is impervious to manipulation stand firm against

deceit and immorality stay true to yourself and resist the urge to do anything that might disturb your inner

peace you bring life spices to every moment you provide joy for the challenges life throws at us you are

different from others who run away from their problems and live in spiritual Darkness because of their bad habits my

angels will accompany you as you walk in the light of my Holy Spirit you do not

waste time dwelling on the past or wallowing in self pity over things that previously imprisoned you are you paying

attention allow me to provide further details when you conquer the negative forces and people that are dragging you

down your Victory will have an even greater impact living beside people who feel

hopeless and unloved is a constant challenge for me they buy into the illusion that eternity is some Far Away

concept they are surrounded by eternity but they don’t seem to see it so I tell

them to look around just then the doors of my heavenly Throne sprang wide open you

kneel down in Contrition I will not rest until I have shown you the many gifts and miracles I am capable of giving you

your wounds are healed and your stormy emotions are pacified by me a profound

calmness will now surround you my reaction to your stumbles has never been anger you are aware of this I went in

search of you and with my own two hands I pulled you up out of the pit I

anointed you with power dressed you in fine linen and adorned you with my adornment these words will stay etched

in your heart leading you to my will so that you may face any uncertainties that

come your way with courage with a faith that is unwavering and Unstoppable you

will be free from the shackles of betrayal and false friendship together we will face the

obstacles that lie ahead Master the tools I provide you with but don’t be afraid to come to me for help when you

need it I bestow upon you an unbreakable will to liberate yourself from the shackles of Vice when the Gloom of

Affliction Loom puts an end to defeat today you will no longer crave the

situations and individuals that contributed to your downfall the Mountain’s Peak is your future and we

must climb it together The Valley Of Confusion awaits us behind where the

cries of the Beggars who rejected your favor continue to reverberate nevertheless we will go on anyhow avoid

succumbing to The Temptations of those who would mislead you you’ve been through a lot and you’ve been so close

to death there is no desire to go back to that terrible time even though your

enemies may try to derail your plans if you pray to me before you begin I will

be your strength and guidance your choice to accept me as your lord and God is a critical one give me full charge of

your life and I will lead you purposefully put your Affairs in my hands and I will

watch over you so that you succeed in all your good and fruitful Pursuits fear

has held you back from pursuing your Ambitions and you’ve let your aspirations languish because you think

they’re too high to achieve on this fortunate day I bless you with the insight to organize your life’s Affairs

and set priorities with discernment my mighty works are taking place inside of you and I am I am giving

you the ability to dream big and Achieve objectives that will surprise even your loved ones submerge yourself in the

depths of my word and you will see a radical change occur in your soul and heart come to me with unfaltering faith

in times of difficulty when uncertainties are prevalent on overcast days during the dead of night and when

worry overwhelms you I want you to know that my holy spirit is always watching

over you ready to react when you accept my answers in trust and harmony with my

desires I am the one who will always show you the way to genuine happiness

enduring success and plenty more declare from the depths of your being that you

believe this fact to be true with your Boundless Energy brilliant mind and

fearless Spirit you will conquer any challenge that comes your way you will

succeed despite the obstacles you encounter in life if you remain steadfast even when everything around

you appears to be falling apart do not give into despair I will be your

Defender and companion right up to the end of the rainbow there will be forces that try to dampen your Delight but I

promise you their efforts will be unsuccessful you can face any challenge with the unwavering bravery that you

possess may you gain inner fortitude and the wisdom to humble yourself every day

before confronting the battle Battlefield I will guide you in removing barriers overcoming hurdles and

defeating enemies everything will work out in the end and even when you’re tired I will give you a break I will

fill you to the brim with health and vitality as you feel revitalized and empowered sure of your Victory you may

be certain that my pity and devotion will never leave your side I Lay My Love

and fresh strength upon you this day accept them and use them to fuel your faltering faith in your ability to

triumph over this and all future trials when I transform those shortcomings you

see in yourself will become sources of strength and unflinching resolve I am

dispelling the darkness of Despair and the residual low self-esteem that have held you back in the past anxiety which

has plagued you with uncertainty dread and Disturbed sleep is finally beginning

to remove its heavy load a life of meaning and joy awaits you the moment

has come for you to seize it I will hold your hand and guide you through today’s Maze of difficulties as I hold you close

in my arms today I will reveal to you the extent of your power which will exceed your wildest dreams I’m here to

tell you that you have what it takes to make all your heartfelt desires come true I’m giving you the tools you need

to become a Fearless fighter who can overcome come any obstacle in your path

my angels and my soul are inside you therefore you can do it I will always be

there for you may Abundant Blessings good health Tranquility strength and

knowledge surround you you are destined for greatness and significance within your family I want you to succeed in

every way so that you can learn more about me refrain from allowing uncertainty to ruin your happiness and

future make the decision to trust trust me and stick by my promise as you go

about your day no evil will be able to touch you welcome to your world you

already have a life beyond this world grand miracles are on the horizon and they will restore your grin by

transforming your faith and thinking gone are the days of grief and weeping I

will reignite your love and revive dreams that once lay dormant these words

evoke in people who forly hated you and need to cry a release from shame

your soul feels refreshed and renewed and you have a newfound energy for living get out of bed every morning

inspired and directed by Divine hope let me guide you handin hand to a new realm

where spiritual poverty ceases emotional deprivation disappears and desire is

unknown my arms quench your yearning for connection and intimacy you are secure

when your body is sound your intellect is sharp and your soul is full of pleasure and over whelming sense of

empowerment and drive will wash over you you will awaken to a profound sense of purpose propelled by unwavering

determination and understand the significance of the divine plan that chose you with unwavering resolve you

went through an endless tunnel of misery dug yourself a hole that would destroy you and finally realize that it was

pointless to hold resentment toward me even though I never meant any harm to you my love for you has always been deep

and holy however evildoers sowed mistrust and now you Harbor resentment in your head load

up on me with your troubles and I will provide you the relief and relaxation you need accept my presence and observe

the straightening of your Pathways as you place your complete trust in me not relying on your limited understanding in

every aspect of Your Life Trust leads to True safety even in the face of risk

when you put your confidence in me you will embrace the unknown which contains the core of genuine faith and the key to

a life richly blessed even if your desire for a risk-free life is reasonable I understand that you are

hesitant to put all your faith in the road that I have prepared for you although your strong desire to share a

life with me is admirable it appears to conflict with your determination to Shield yourself from life’s unknowns be

aware that being my companion is not a vacation spent in the safety of familiar surroundings nor is it an adventure

devoid of uncertainty on the contrary it is a thrilling Journey full of moments

that require unfaltering bravery and unshakable trust you are at a turning point in your spiritual path when you

must decide whether or not to follow me with all your heart you must let go of the need to constantly seek cover if you

want me to guide you through each day with your eyes fixed on me it is possible to overcome fear and travel

even the most difficult and perilous routes with the passage of time you will learn to fully immerse yourself in this

trip finding Delight in the joint Adventure we undertake my spirit will

surround you making sure that you no longer lean toward wrongdoing or yearn for rebellion in spite of all the Dark

Temptations that try to draw you in you must not give in I give you the power to

break free from the patterns that suffocate your mind good lovely pure and just ideas will occupy

your head from now on you will resist the temptation to be a bystander hearer

speaker or reader of lies and slander that corrupt your intellect and soften

your spirit you will be astounded at the magnitude of your change and the blessings bestowed upon you people will

treat you with dignity and respect putting your past wrongdoings in the past for I bestow upon you an abundance

of Grace that cleanses your spirit from now on more opportunities will present

themselves and more blessings will pour down on you I am Paving the way for a fresh beginning for you one that is free

from the regrets and anxieties that have plagued you because of your past mistakes jobs will be found for you and

your family will be well off the power of my blood has freed you from the shackles of dread and Terror allowing

you to live a life free from deceit magic and the scheme of your enemies

everything about you is spotless your head heart soul and lips this is the

gift I give to those who fearlessly share my message turn from their sins

and choose to listen to my daily cry for help you are aware of my affection for you as a testimony to your efforts and

your desire to submit to my will and make things right I am loyal even when

my answers take a little time to sink in I can see your step steadfast confidence

your unwavering devotion resembles that of my first followers who motivated by

my example endured thievery persecution incarceration torture flogging and Agony

yet remained unbroken you are like them some may think you’re perfect after seeing my

Majesty in your own life and the truth of the Wonders that happen in the Heavenly Realms you are snubbing other

people trying to bring yourself down by highlighting your errors and ignoring their criticisms and cruel comments

don’t let their pessimism consume you please let me know how much joy you bring to my life it makes me happy that

you think about me pray for me and thank me there is a cosmic resonance to seeing

your bravery write these words deep into your being Echo for you will encounter times of discouragement they serve as a

symbol of your faith endurance and commitment in times of need I will be

there to help you recover and even even bring you Fortune I open the way to the

supernatural I entrust your prayers devotion appreciation faith and the

Miracles you seek to you and I hope they find their answer May their daily devotion to the spiritual practice of

seeking my presence never waver before you shut your eyes in prayer and thankfulness share them with your loved

ones and keep them near you when that time comes I shall lay my palm on your

head and bestow an ethereal blessing on your life I am giving it to you right now accept it with deep appreciation my

words will remain engraved in your soul till we continue to speak incessant trust in this reality my heart aches for

you even if you stumble I’ve already let you go know that I your God your father

and your closest friend am the one who created the universe and that knowing this brings you Eternal peace there is

no retribution just love love kindness and forgiveness I beg you my beloved

child with unfaltering confidence and Trust to rise with joy and belief every

morning I love you very much and the fact that you are here today is proof that my voice has reached you soon a

powerful manifestation of my love will take place and you may trust me with all your heart storms will pass and doors

will open achieving Victory and receiving blessings are both with within your reach put your foot down

immediately keep at it may I grant you the strength and wisdom to navigate through this challenging time under my

Vigilant supervision the enemy’s reach is feudal in scope I’ll lift you up and

comfort you with the love that burns inside me I fill you with optimism and eagerness wrapping you in strength and

vitality whenever exhaustion tries to overpower you the change that occurs in

your life my goal is at hand hear me out carefully in the depths of your being

evade your grasp it was my conscious decision to have you born and to place

you in this world as a Channel of blessings strengthening your faith and the faith of others around you your

dreams of greatness are not an accident rather they are the result of my deliberate Choice stand tall and allow

me to see the sparkle in your eye as you grin right now reflect on the moments when you overcame a daunting obstacle

and came out smarter stronger and wiser you know that even if we make mistakes

and there are times when you don’t feel my unwavering presence I choose you because I have great things in store for

you come to me now and I will give you the peace you need eradicating the many

worries and ideas that swirl about in your head and refocusing your attention

just as the winds and storms submissively subside when I speak on your days I want calm and on your nights

I desire Serenity despite the abundance of gifts bestowed upon you sometimes you

remain unaware of them you put too much stock in unfounded worries and the views of others who can’t influence you rest

easy please I beg you again do not listen to rumors or threats from people

in the Press Your Fate is entirely in my hands though it may seem like the world

is collapsing around you and people around you succumb to Dre said have no fear my darling child I will protect you

from harm even if a multitude of enemies rise up against you and you must face the consequences of your own

mistakes you feel as if I am speaking directly to your heart providing solutions to the issues that have

plagued you for far too long my Resolute and fearless vow to never leave you is

evidence of the immense love I have for you right now I am showing you how much

I love you I feel the scorn that that the evildoers have showered upon you but trust me when I say that today all your

suffering will have been for nothing Brave wise and mature you stand ready to

defend the people you care about and provide a hand to those who have been through tough times your emancipation is

imminent and you are ready to be a Channel of my love Illuminating the lives of the darkened but your enemies

know all too well a torrent of incredible rewards is on the The Horizon

and with it comes the terror of your troubled past as well as the release of your Tranquility through unwavering

trust and bravery in your ability to Triumph declare with all your being that

you hold this truth you are not weak afraid or naive even if you’re afraid

you’re smart courageous and Powerful you’ll succeed in whatever you do my

words when infused into your essence will surround you like a shield strengthen your arms so they can hold

your figurative sword and prepare you to face challenges headon and come out on top even if your enemy has been trying

to stun you with frightening threats and yells at you today is a turning point

these comments came straight from my mouth to yours the moment you hear them you will never be the same you are not

the kind to back down from a fight you stand out and exude confidence with my

love and strength you realize there is no need for more weapons so you you march on with unwavering confidence and

resolve standing firm in your beliefs and fighting for your happiness doesn’t have to take years months or even days

to pass I will be by your side every step of the way as you undergo this

transformation today my love and blessings are with you always and I want

you to know that today is an incredible day at every turn I am the one who will

create opportunities for you soare dare to step forward and confidently knock on them I have prepared A New Life For You

full of pleasure peace happiness and prosperity therefore embrace it with

Resolute faith and unyielding resolve I guarantee that I will fulfill this

sacred vow even if others try to hurt you or mislead you my knowledge will

remain unalienable because I am all powerful when anxiety and Dread try to

rob you of your peace you should not be afraid because their efforts will fail lay down

and hold on to this unwavering reality my compassion is Limitless and my love

for you is Limitless too rest assured that my holy spirit is always watching

over you making sure that worry never wins again you must know that I will

bring you back up even if you fall if you think I’ve looked away from you when things were tough feel bad I will come

to your Aid when your enemies ens snare you disrupt your emotions I will stand up for you in court my word will cleanse

your spirit and protect you from harm so nothing can take my love from you sword

disease famine or Peril none of these things can break the tie you are more

than just a Victor in the face of these challenges my darling you have placed your faith in me choosing to make space

between yourself and evil when things get tough you don’t pout and question

your complaints without considering the repercussions you also don’t watch what you say and don’t care about your life

your family’s future or your blessings in contrast you’re steadfastly loyal I

still love them endlessly even if they disrespect my atonement and the precious

love I provide it is my deepest hope that you will avoid the evil and pray

for them those who mock my prophecy about the future will not be able to influence you instead I will shower you

with great possibilities and the strength to face obstacles headon if you

think that your abilities are the only determinant of your success you run the danger of seeing your blessings Fade

Away incorporate praise into your prayers lay your Praises on the altar of my favor if I don’t Grant your wishes

trust that I will provide you with something better my judgment as your Creator and father will guide your

spiritual Odyssey and your heart your belief in me even when times become

tough and your will to be an example of Grace as we work to make the world a better place these things Delight my

heavenly heart I implore you to listen carefully to what I have to say and then

we may go up the spiritual ladder to a place of unfathomable joy that this world cannot provide I am the one who

takes care of you who surrounds and sustains your body and who fills your heart with deep love and compassion you

are embraced by an immense love that surpasses all expectations and experiences in this life a love that

offers transient Serenity but also traps you in its Web of Lies I bless you with

Heavenly Tranquility that restores your life breaks your bonds washes away your

sorrows and fills your spirit with The Joy of my forgiveness every day I will

keep talking to you using strong language and beautiful details to say that my arms will always be open to you

because you are the breath of everlasting salvation you will hear my Voice’s melody in your ears wake up

believing because I will bestow blessings upon you today as I whisper my love over you you will be informed I

will be by your side the whole time without you I cannot complete the exams or respond to your questions every

minute my message will reverberate throughout you in this world of pain you are not alone and I will remind you of

that gently as I command Legions of angels will guard your every step

Darkness has no dread of its own and when fear tries to attack you stay firm and walk like a winner keep in mind that

my love for you intensifies daily Jesus gave his life to ensure your salvation

and Abundant Life now that you’ve grown up you have the guts of a champion so

charge at your enemies with confidence you are entering a supernatural life so start each day by strengthening your

faith with my word leaving your worries at my feet and knowing that nothing is impossible when you are with me I will

support you no matter what so be calm kneel in prayer with confidence

reverence and respect for my Angelic troops I am calling you and your place is with me soon I will be there to help

you stay calm and don’t let your heart be anxious I order you my warm hug is

here to comfort you enveloping you in love let them know you got their message

those who try to undermine you will end up looking foolish the plotters who oppose you will eventually fall prey to

their own tricks everyone who looks the other way who criticizes judges and

causes you difficulty is stepping on perilous ground and making a terrible mistake your enemies are rebelling

against God in spite of facing Solitude because of others who insult you I share

this with you in the hopes that it may inspire you to have profound emotional resilience

your faith in me and my strength have bolstered you I have given you the capacity to bring out the knowledge and

insight that I have imparted to you via my lessons I will not allow any friend

enemy coworker or dishonest acquaintance to shatter your life and steal your

blessings no you are not weak for those who are afraid of rejection or who want

acceptance from everyone it is detrimental to their own well-being to give into other people’s ideas and give

up what makes them happy or gives them energy do not be afraid I will be the

one to see to it that you succeed even if scowls and Rising voices hurt your

enemies have lost their power and influence over you their warnings are just rhetoric and will not come to pass

I am here for you without reservation ready to listen hug and give you the

Tranquility you need have no fear you are my precious gem and nothing can

separate us from my love put your troubles behind you find Serenity in

embracing this divide my grace envelops you as I unveil you it means a lot to me

that you are happy and healthy Express what’s on your mind including the difficulties you’ve encountered in every

situation you can count on my unwavering support realize that right now my holy

and Heavenly spirit is dwelling within you it is a gift gift from me that gives you control over your emotions uncover

the joy that lies inside free from the clutches of other people with the help of others Break Free of your emotional

shackles and resist temptation and immorality put your faith in me with all

of your mind soul and heart stay away from conflict if you can help it stay

away from people who might mislead you and stay away from things that will bring you sadness protect your heart

because it is your lifeblood do not let the storm dampen your spirits instead be

firm I wish to be your Paramount Authority consult me before you do anything important or make a major

choice and I will protect you from danger every day May knowledge bless

your family and may they thrive in every aspect just as their souls flourish in

my word prayer and thoughtful discourse may they avoid those who are always

spreading lies and gossip keep your heart free from the poisonous seeds of fear and hatred join me and allow your

emotions and thoughts to flourish find me all day long listen to my guiding

voice and feel my presence in your mind and heart take a look at you you’ll see

many tired faces marked with sorrow as they struggle with pain life and

creativity are the pulses that disperse my words which are not static in the

shadows you may find solace cleanse yourself and free yourself from hurtful

misconceptions as you open your Soul’s eyes a fresh Light is breaking through the Shadows filling you with optimism

you don’t need any more inspiration since I’m already lighting a fire in your soul your energy levels will return

to their youthful optimistic levels just as they were when you were full of

wonderful hopes and Ambitions just like you did the day we met you will find your first love again ascending the peak

without ever giving way to fatigue you will move with the deafness of a servant

in my otherworldly realm in the Ethereal vastness where sadness has no place your

faith and thinking will emerge stronger and more polished than before you are human and you may become tired however I

will show you the way to Enlightenment on that day you will find solace in my loving arms once again I am here to

provide sustenance water and relief from your suffering the chains of guilt will

release you I face ridicule and torment from the ignorant who slapped and tortured me on the back I endured hell

died and rose again so that you would be delivered from the clutches of Eternal damnation endowed with knowledge and

transformed into a brave fighter nonetheless gather your strength and

stand fast in your faith do not let discouragement deter you our many

conversations have repeated my promises of kindness intentions for you and your family and great benefits in the future

it is engraved as I said and I will complete it without wavering find Solace

and happiness inside believe me when I say this and put your worries about the future to rest if you are a Believer you

must not let fear rob you of Joy obscure your sight and drain your spiritual

strength by faith join me on a higher Road paved with unfaltering feelings of calm

and Tranquility I empathize with the constant attacks you endure the enemy

follows your every move and plots your destruction your trust he says is in vain and holding on to my promises will

get you nowhere but I dare you to get up face adversity head on and go forward

with the power that comes from my word in times of exhaustion take heart in the

knowledge that I am always here to strengthen you and Lead You In the direction you should go that powerful

enemy of yours will never be able to defeat you I say again any accusation or

outcry directed at you is unfounded in times of need who will you trust the

notorious one or The God Who gave you life bow down to my might even though

many would like to see you defeated no one can help you but me since my power is Limitless with my love and grace I

will save you even if you fall down down a thousand times I can’t wait to be of service to you and to re blessings on

you it is my intention to rescue and assist you you will find both safety and

a lasting feeling of Tranquility in my Royal presence which is the key to negotiating this terrain no matter what

path we follow know that I am always here to protect you and to be by your side while you face the challenges that

lie ahead instead of letting fear control your steps let confidence and

Trust in my guidance be your steadfast Compass although the paths I lead may

appear daunting at times rest assured that I am consistently monitoring them

Embrace this trip by boldly stepping into faith and immersing yourself in the adventure of a life based on complete

trust in me discover an Indescribable Tranquility as you travel with me over the roads I provide for you and in my

company experience the utmost Delight May the Heavenly Light Of Hope illuminate your outlook this light a

physical representation of my everlasting love and grace symbolizes your undeniable selection and total

ownership by me I have saved you from the darkness of sin in the radiant light of everlasting life and you will always

be mine may the light of my presence guide you making your way clear as you soak up the power I freely provide and

the Tranquility that pours like a peaceful stream into your being the radiant goodness that surrounds you

overshadows each individual effect as this holy radiation enters your core its

transforming Force radiates outward creating a brilliant effect on people around you spending time in my presence

refines you transforming you into an Exquisite reflection of my Divine image

and instilling in you the strength to illuminate others around you you break the myth of an angry punishing God

living in the cosmos by being completely honest with me about your deepest beliefs and thoughts keep in mind the

treaty that we have made I write my rules in your heart if you have put your confidence in me in this sacred Bond may

my soul serve as a beacon to lead you to the answers you seek listen and I will

respond in a way that brings you blessings our love is unparalleled and my dedication to you will never waver I

am about to give you an extraordinary request I pray that you will be here this very day to see wonderful Miracles

perform here on Earth I beg you with all my heart to trust in me and to let go of

the stories and problems that burden you sew your life Back Together live in the now focus on the people who matter most

to you and engage in activities that feed your spirit take care of yourself

since I’m already working hard to alter you for the better I sincerely implore you not to let things that don’t uplift

your spirit distract you from the subtle changes you may be feeling persevere

with Resolute determination have courage and I will implant in your mind countless encouraging ideas and plans

through my word but be careful not to waver I find that the most productive

times to read the Bible our first thing in the morning or late at night but I

encourage you to do the same anytime you can find a quiet place to do so if you

ask God for it he will give you deep insights to help you persevere through different ult times here in this world

you may find Solace Beneath My Wing nobody else will love you completely without expecting anything in return

your monetary riches and lavish gifts will not influence me no matter what happens my love for you will always keep

me Vigilant about protecting and watching over you now I’m speaking to

you from the depths of my soul hoping to strike a cord with you my deepest hope

is that you find the inner for itude to not only improve your own life but also

to shine a light on the lives of others around you particularly those who are most

defenseless I pray that you are able to Aid others less fortunate as you become

wise and Wealthy come with me on a daring Adventure into a world where miracles happen reach out to those in

pain and let your caring touch bring them relief May the chains of financial oppression release you enable you to

provide for your family with unwavering dignity and alleviate the burden of your debt from your

shoulders you should resist giving in and turning into a mere tool for your creditors feel free to break free

whenever you encounter a soul in deep suffering have faith in your capacity to be a light of

transformation speak my words break the links that bind them and pray fervently

for their freedom when you reach out to provide assistance know that you are doing the right thing

help the downtrodden I will greatly enhance your charitable Endeavors while I do see your anguish as events develop

I assure you that it is nothing out of the norm fear should not weigh you down

too much the gravity of your obligations is a reflection of your sincere desire

for the smooth progression of Life plenty of your home and the safety of your loved ones your hope is a desire

for a peaceful and stable Haven but there will be dark days when you aren’t

grateful and the enemy will sneakily poison your thoughts with lies turning your worries into fears and covering you

in anxiety and despair as soon as you raise your arms I will stand by and wait

express your thankfulness to me for your complete being your family your health

and everything else that surrounds you with high uttering words that drive the enemy away in the midst of The Crucible

of Affliction your true faith and glad glad heart serve as protective barriers

offering strength I’ll be by your side as you face the Flaming challenges

waiting to hear the first words of the day reverberate from the depths of your prayerful spirit I am eternally grateful

to you you may wonder why my heart’s desire is not for your material wealth to be a source of Pride but rather to

alleviate the suffering of my children who are far away and who are hungry persecuted threatened and afflicted I

see you as a Channel of blessing bringing my word to those who cannot hear it as you listen to me and grow in

faith realize that there are spirits going through trials you can’t possibly

fathom I am strengthening your capacity to feel compassion and mercy for those

who feel they have failed to Merit my grace so that you may better understand and share in their pain and hardship my

mission goes beyond condemnation and retribution along with the people you meet me on your travels I do not want

the demise of the things I hold dear despite my dedication to my work I

eagerly await their arrival I will free you from your enemies lift you from the

depths of suffering transform your grief into pleasure and heal the wounds that have plagued you in the past my voice

reverberates throughout you letting my words sink to the core of who you are the grace that envelops you tenderly

touches your spirit as you recognize that I have not not treated you in accordance with your transgressions but

rather with infinite kindness your transgressions disappear into the depths

of the water to break free from the shackles of your past I implore you to

accept my forgiveness now no one else’s thoughts or feelings mattered enough to

give you life provide for you or keep you going in this enormous Universe

nobody has the right to control their feelings or fate nobody loves you more than than I do and no one will ever stop

loving and forgiving you no matter what now is the moment for you and your loved

ones to enjoy the fruits of Peace Harmony and Recovery as I bless you my

beloved child I calm the storm in your spirit with deep hope and serenity and I

fill you to the brim with boundless joy and unfaltering Faith fortitude and

persistence your blessing is being bestowed on the world today I embrace it

without question your reservation fueled by my unfaltering faith and humility the

Resonance of my words with your soul casts aside the darkness of grief and the chaos of Anguish assaulting your

senses is The Echoes of worry and panic emanating from all directions if you can

contact me make time in your schedule to pray quietly take my word to heart for a

while let go of the burdens of life’s challenges my heavenly love may supernaturally show you reminders of

Limitless love the times when I have answered your prayers even with surprising blessings have left you with

doubt however if you keep believing in my word and praying fervently whether

it’s in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning I will open doors solve problems defeat enemies alleviate

sorrow and bring about transformational changes in your life I want you to

flourish into a respected figure who has a accomplish great things my deepest

wish is that you seow the seeds of love and reap the rewards of happiness and success on this life-altering path I

have bestowed upon you the invaluable Gifts of Love forgiveness and compassion

and I beg you to show my love in concrete Ways by making a positive impact on the world through the kindness

of your hands I’m taking your trust to new heights beyond anything you have

ever experienced before I prepared to personally remind you every day via

numerous channels to retain your unbroken concentration on me in the face of life’s distractions that threaten to

lead you astray you will discover my Divine will and my word will illuminate

your path put your fears to rest I will be there to support you no matter what

my love for you is profound therefore I refuse to let despair take root go forward with confidence knowing that I

am beside you you and will Infuse you with courage a plethora of blessings and Marvels are about to pour down on you as

you begin this next phase everything you need will be provided to you by me I

will always be here to help you and my love for you is Limitless with the power

of your prayers I want you to seek me first thing in the morning then I will lead you to Peaceful Meadows and give

you the Living Water you need to drown your Sorrows feel the increasing determination to embra rce each day

persevere in the face of adversity keep moving forward and Never Surrender the dreams that have Lain dormant in your

heart you have shown by your faith in my word and by your inner strength that it

is possible to triumph over trials and tribulations no matter how difficult they may seem you will find comfort in

the knowledge of Victory accompanying you in the face of adversity as you navigate the everchanging landscape of

existence I am weaving threads of promise and purpose into your life tapestry I’m endowing you with the

strength unwavering character and unshakable Faith to confront adversity

and Forge a path toward a brighter future in The Darkest Hours when everything appears to be falling apart

hold on to the faith that will carry you through even when the ground Beneath You appears insecure the finest strands of

Hope and resilience are weaving your future together hold on to the the fabric of my promise because it contains

the promise of a brighter future in the midst of Stormy Weather your steadfast

Faith shines brightly faith not only helps you navigate easy times but it

also strengthens your faith while you’re dealing with difficult times whether the sky is blue or the cold Embraces you

allow my vow to inscribe itself into your heart leaving an enduring Mark that

even death cannot erase today take comfort in the knowledge that you are

always safe in my loving care may my intentions light up your face with a

radiant grin if you’re feeling discouraged remember that I am the one who controls the pace of your Awakening

the road you travel and the doorway into each new chapter of your existence this

will fill your heart with an unshakable Delight I am more than just a farway God

I am your trustworthy friend and kind guide because you find un fathomable satisfaction in me your wants will never

go unfulfilled Proclaim your faith in this very second’s peace Let My Words Be

a BAL for your troubled soul their melodic tune is resonating deep inside you in the midst of life’s turbulent

currents know that my presence is a rock that can weather any storm of uncertainty in times of uncertainty and

great need my words remain steadfast like Celestial stars in the night sky be

dissuaded by those who are Dison honest rumors and uncertainties are murmured when fear keeps knocking on your door I

your heavenly father will always be there to watch over you root yourself in these words I am the property of my

powerful God and I will not give in no power can overcome me we go along the

road to righteousness hand in hand through the ups and downs of life I’m

arranging for blessings to fall upon you and your family at the exact moment that you need them be strong and unyielding

and never forget that you are a vital component of my divine plan always be steadfast in your belief that the

universe is conspiring in your favor I am determined to resolve any problems or

obstacles that may arise in your life and I have complete control over your

destiny your journey has strengthened and enlightened you and I have a clear

plan for your life that you must fulfill it has not escaped my attention that you

Adore Me and want to do what I say forgive me for the times you’ve messed up in the past and I will encourage you

to get back up after every fall so that you may come to me stronger when you’re weak in the event that you feel your

faith waning I will strengthen you just shut your eyes and think about me there

is no denying that your confidence is unshaken just being here is proof of how much you love me and the fact that you

keep moving ahead shows how much Faith you have in my heavenly presence I

desire for my glory to shine through you as you inspire others and bravely face

the world you are the most beloved offspring of my Heavenly Hands I appreciate you deeply don’t worry about

the future I have meticulously crafted a purpose for you endowing you with specific abilities for my glory and the

advancement of my kingdom my love has no limits and will continue forever my plan

is perfect and will come to fruition at the right time recognizing your

strengths and weaknesses I have a deep understanding of who you are I will forgive you if you fall stay out of my

light you can’t afford to wallow in self-pity think your life has been permanently stained or think that my

anger has been aroused I was already bearing the brunt of your sins before we even met come to me with self assurance

and honesty and I will give you another opportunity do not let anxiety consume

you sowing Discord in your spirit I am here to care for and protect you because

you are mine my lovingly spoken words will ease your tired Bones show you the way forward help you overcome your

anxieties and lead you to believe in me in times of need you may find solace in

me I am your rock hold on to these messages whenever they come your way and

distribute them with generosity my love will envelop your house with warmth your

pleasure pleasure and Tranquility will grow and blessings will abound I will always be there to support and defend

you if you pray to me every day I will strengthen your heart and keep you calm

for I can do the impossible maintain unwavering trust prior to this I helped

you out and I will do so again my word is dynamic and full of life it cleanses

heals dispels erroneous ideas that have hurt you and heals you from the inside

out as as you open your Soul’s eyes a fresh Light is breaking through the Shadows filling you with optimism you

don’t need any more inspiration since I am already lighting a fire in your soul

your energy levels will return to their youthful optimistic levels just as they

were when you were full of wonderful hopes and Ambitions just like the day you first laid eyes on me you will find

your way back to the love of your life ascending the peak without ever giving way to fatigue you will move with the

deafness of a servant in my other worldly realm in the Ethereal vastness

where sadness has no place your faith and thinking will emerge stronger and

more polished than before I recognize that you are human beings your ability to Tire yet on that

day you will be led by Enlightenment you will find solace in my loving arms once

again I am here to provide sustenance water and relief from your suffering the

chains of of guilt will release you torment a cross and lash were my companions as I weathered the mocking

gazes of the ignorant to save you from the clutches of Eternal death to give

you knowledge and to shape you into a brave fighter I endured pain died and

rose again hear read believe and put your faith in what I say remain

steadfast for I will do great Marvels and wonders in the days to come for you and your loved ones there will there be

a time when you want a miracle and that time will come quickly here you are

exactly where you need to be and your attitude is inspiring it brings me great

joy when you hide away from the world worship me lay your spirit at my feet

and cry out to me for all that you need or want seeing the strength of your

faith and confidence in God brings me great Delight there will be times when

no one else can empathize with the struggles you’re going through I know you’ve had to Bear the brunt of these

problems on your own but know that you have my support you have sought me with

all your heart and I will never keep my answer from you if you want to break

free of the many things that are weighing you down with misery confusion and fear you need my helping hand my

strength is what you want my reply is a desire for calm and quiet that lets you

sleep well and wake up happy take full advantage of today by clinging to your

sustain staining faith and the promises I have given you I will fight for and protect you I am your Shepherd your

provider and your God with you I will protect and befriend when the much

anticipated benefits finally arrive at your doorstep we shall rejoice I promise

it will happen therefore you should prepare for it transitions are inevitable let my healing promises fill

your mind I beg you to change the way you think and behave when difficulties arise keep in mind that I will not leave

you all alone I am luring my loved ones away from the darkness and into the radiant brightness of my presence never

forget that my constant presence is always there ready to lend you a helping hand whenever you need it even in the

darkest of times returning to the safety and comfort of my radiant embrace your

life’s path is an Epic Quest for self-discovery this poem from Shadows

into the Brilliance of Divine Light is a manifestation of my unwavering Devotion to you and love for you over the years I

am always with you and it’s not just a passing feeling it’s a purposeful decision to open your heart to my

presence if you want to choose us or someone else I totally get that one of

the most powerful and life-altering secrets to unlocking this door gratitude

is to realize that it is a symbolic Gateway that you have the capacity to open or shut

trust and the act of being thankful are inseparable when showing appreciation

becomes tough it’s a good time to review and strengthen your faith in me as your

faith grows stronger you’ll find it easier to express your heartfelt thankfulness which will bring you closer

to my divine nature I have a deep affection for you a love so strong that

I sacrificed for you to be born you now feel the force of My Sacrifice on a

dangerous cross magnified by the Holy Spirit who watches over you

constantly this power now Burns inside your heart reassuring your soul that I am the one speaking to you my Resolute

voice brings healing into your life I have not changed much from yesterday there is no denying its influence you

know who I am and when my voice resounds you find the serenity to Rejoice with me

for your Victory is real despite your enemies you must rise to the tasks I

have set before you because I am with you at all times I intend for you to carry out my will your aspirations will

come true right now I am speaking to you as your all powerful God my Splendor

surrounds you ensuring that nothing can overcome you you break the myth of an

angry punishing God living in the cosmos by being completely honest with me about

your deepest beliefs and thoughts do you recall the joint Covenant if you have

put your faith in me you may rest certain that I will write my rules in your heart in this sacred Bond may my

soul serve as a beacon to lead you to the answers you seek listen and I will

respond in a way that brings you blessings our love is unparalleled and my dedication to you will never waver

I’m about to give you an extraordinary request here on Earth may you be there to see the manifestation of genuine and

miraculous wonders throughout your lifetime please I beg you put your faith in me so that I can help you release the

tals and problems that burden you put your life Back Together live in the now

give your undivided attention to the people that matter most to you and do things that make your soul happy take

care of yourself since I am already working hard to alter you for the better I urge you not to let distractions

weaken your spirit and resolve as subtle changes may be occurring stay strong and my word will fill your

thoughts with a myriad of encouraging plans and ideas if you want to get deep insights in times of trouble all you

have to do is open your Bible read patiently and focus on the morning evening or any other time that works for

you as You Weep wondering how you will pull through my answer Rings true to

your conviction you will triumph over an overwhelming foe get on the same page

with me pray that miracle mirales will happen because of your unfaltering faith this will enable you to confront life’s

challenges headon not just today but every day fill yourself with the bravery

and power that are already inside you you are fearless and your faith is a rock that will never crumble in the face

of hardship take hold of The Shining sword I give you my holy word that you have trusted with all your heart and

fight the battles that lie ahead with me by your side I love you beyond measure and and I will provide you the

Tranquility your soul seeks today a Tranquility that Stills the inner Tom

but for now I beg you to quiet your anger release the weight that’s holding

you back loosen the jaw knot and remove the fog that’s obscuring your vision you

must release these unpleasant feelings to me today doing so is essential to your mental spiritual and physical

well-being avoiding dealing with your negative emotions such as fear wroth

impatience and frustration just sets you up for future trouble my heart goes out

to you as you worry about the uncertain future of your health your financial situation and your assets but instead of

talking to me first thing in the morning and last thing at night you look away and think about how my love is

unwavering like the mountains and the sky in the midst of life’s valleys

embrace my hand as it guides you towards a lovingly constructed future and bask

in the moments of Happiness as a compassionate Shepherd leads his flock into Green Pastures and Peaceful Waters

I want you to know that my heart harmonizes with yours and finds consolation in sharing your sadness I

extend my arms to comfort you during your time of need put your fear of Shadows to rest they can’t obscure the

brilliant light that I will shine on your path in the face of adversity you

become stronger more faithful and more resilient these virtues like the leaves

of a tree nurtured by streams of Live Water never wither but flourish in the Peace of your heart harmonize your

perceptions with my voice a hushed expression of optimism that goes beyond

understanding my words Embrace a future filled with endless potential and a future ornamented with promise as you

sit here in this hallowed Hall May the power of my words wash over you bringing a calm conf confidence that will not

fade your health related worries often divert our evening and morning chats the

complexities of your family situation are the most deeply troubling thing on your mind while your thoughts are all

over the place I beg you to refrain from letting this discontent turn into

anxiety and to keep your heart from giving in to the pressure of these worries they are normal and have a

profound impact on you tap into such feelings face the challenges head head on and deal with them as best you can

having trust that your God is with you every step of the way no matter what my enemies say I will not give into fear

when you are near me my beloved recite this Proclamation an army of heavenly

Warriors is standing by ready to charge at the slightest signal but I want to

see your faith in action with your preparedness in my hands you will face

greater trials in the realm that awaits you when you consciously choose to believe the signal to gather my heavenly

forces for me the release of these turbulent emotions is a prerequisite to

the bestow of the many blessings that I have in my arms for you my goal is to

take you to a level where you may experience the Abundant Blessings of God through the active and Living Faith you

have in me think back on the times when you felt completely alone after

suffering heartbreak pay close attention to me from now on and truly accept the

feelings I convey to you keep them near when you’re feeling battered by life storms and hold on to them tenderly

cherish them keep in mind these phrases you must know that I am the one who will

lead you on this path and that no matter how dark Things become you will not fall

if you ever discover yourself I will gently guide you so you know how valuable you are to me you are more than

just a chance event I loved you before you were born and I gave you a name because of that no one can take you away

from me my beloved child I love you with all my heart a life of Plenty pleasure

and plenty is what I have come to give you my supply list contains everything

you need to double your blessings and prosper in the face of world turbulence

share this message of unfaltering love with those who desire it give it another listen go back tomorrow this is the

place where I will meet you greet you with open arms and engulf you in my unconditional love and devotion make

your feelings clear to me the moment of your Victory is approaching put your hand out Embrace happiness it is

entirely within your rights may my elegance and dignity envelop you as I

shower you with my blessings even in front of your former detractors I will exalt you and shower you with blessings

I will open the gates of Heaven for your great flourishing Embrace these uplifting remarks that will replenish

your spirit Infuse your heart with my holy spirit’s vitality and let my power

forever remove your problems I hope you’ll accept my offer to practice gratitude no matter what comes your way

try to remember to thank me every day and make a deliberate effort to do so

this continuous observation will elevate your awareness of the abundance of blessings around you even in the most

mundane of situations this deliberate practice serves as a sturdy barrier a

discipline of being in my divine presence and practicing appreciation may help mitigate the effects of life’s

unavoidable challenges this life altering Adventure will bring you closer to me and change

your world view cultivating an attitude of thankfulness allows you to view the

world through the lens of divine grace giving ordinary things a magical quality

and reducing the difficulties of life with a heart full of deep appreciation as you go through the

complex fabric of life may the gentle tune of appreciation serve as an

enduring Symphony as you begin the Journey of each day May Thanksgiving be

the Lively thread that weaves together the many shades of happiness and sadness

creating a masterpiece that reverberates with the Melodies of Elegance and Beauty

in this holy Pursuit for fully immerse oneself in the practice of Thanksgiving looking for reasons to be grateful in

every situation a wealth of Love pleasure and Tranquility is waiting for

you at the threshold of my heavenly presence so throw open the gates even when the difficulties seem

insurmountable and excruciating seek my hand you are well aware of my affection

for you with all the love I’ve shown you how could I ever leave you there is no

one more important to me than you my kid when times are tough your enemies may try to win you over and drag you down

into despair but deep down you know that you are not alone you are very valuable

to me my little boy I’ll say it again so that it sticks in your mind my vows are

good real forceful and absolute never forget them our bond is unwavering and

my dedication will last forever for the rest of time I will never leave your side a multi M itude of benefits await

you you are truly fortunate you have made the proper decision and your trust is unwavering it brings me great joy to

see your extraordinary Improvement as you remain steadfastly focused on my Commandments my word deeply ingrained in

your being your trip has tested you to the Limit forcing you to make a

conscious decision to alter your path you continue to maneuver your ship with

unfaltering resolve expecting that a Heavenly Breeze would fill your Sals I am here to bestow on you extraordinary

rewards the fruits of your transformation and your sincere desire for change these words which you

perceive as a concrete sign of my love for you and a guiding hand to take you Victorious through all your tribulations

transmit life your wisdom is being bestowed on you and I am molding your character from the inside out embark on

this Voyage into the supernatural world with boundless patience as you remodel

your whole self prepare yourself for miraculous events and fearlessly face

challenges with the power I give you make it a point to pray every day come

to me in the midst of my divine presence and drink deeply from the knowledge that is contained in the Bible read the

Psalms and the Book of Proverbs and let their hallowed words imprint themselves on your heart I want you to feed your

spirit with my holy word every day learning new things and being Amazed by

the stories of faith carried out by my loyal servants watch the signals but

don’t argue with me about my promises instead show your unfaltering faith by

trusting me must the strength to love the oppressed unconditionally please hear me every day

you are now free because I have forgiven your sins you have broken free from the clutches of evil and Every curse that

has held you captive I bestow upon you the gifts of heavenly Liberty deep inside

and superhuman Brilliance remember that no matter how lonely or difficult the situation becomes I will be by your side

the whole way in my presence the wounds from your past that caused you to suffer

no longer have any power Freedom Serenity and a plethora of benefits

await you here permit me to change your life by writing a new revolutionary

chapter as time goes on May your faith and loyalty become more intertwined and

robust have faith in my love’s profundity give up your will and follow my methods without

hesitation even on days when you don’t feel like praying or connecting with me listen to The Gentle murmur of my inner

voice they communicate Words of Love straight to your soul may you be assured

that I will knock on your heart’s door offer you my hand and bless you with inner peace may you find solace in the

knowledge that my angels are watching over your home from every angle fear can no longer claim you Embrace this fact I

will accomplish all your good and uplifting intentions in my name from my heavenly seat I approve and further

wonders are ahead for you put your shame at Bay and Conquer your fear of failing

the moment of victory has come Prosper because of your unwavering Faith as soon

as you enter my presence I will shower you with blessings in every area of your life Proclaim your unfaltering faith in

me with bravery that reverberates inside your heart not just with words when life’s winds blow you off course and

things don’t go as planned let your spirit find comfort in the Stillness shut the doors to your chamber and find

solace in knowing that your Shepherd and Buddy are there to provide Solace even when troubles arise your spirit’s

complex tones resonate with me spend those special times alone even if you choose to be quiet experience how close

our bond is in spite of the maze of challenges you’ll face in life remember that I am with you a constant presence a

Shepherd guiding you through the valleys of difficulty I love you and I want you to hear it loud and clear as a fabric of

kindness and Heavenly intent Your Existence has a distinct and extraordinary meaning being a merciful

rescuer rather than a severe judge or punishing force is my Divine Purpose

stay hopeful and open your heart wider so more of my Holy Light May fill its

Chambers those who are just concerned with themselves will never understand the worth of your future so please do

not give up your life to them keep in mind that your strong connection with the Divine and unfaltering confidence in

me may lead to jealousy keep your heart pure letting forgiveness be your compass

show tolerance and love to everybody and don’t hold grudges against anybody give

me a chance to heal your broken heart and erase all traits of rejection recognize that it is not your

responsibility and you shouldn’t feel inferior if someone has unfairly undervalued you please know that my

heavenly love is not turning you away on the contrary you have welcomed me with

open arms into your family home and life to the very core of your being you are a

sanctuary where judgment has no place and forgiveness is King nothing except

kind blessing words come forth I pray that my Divine blood flows powerfully

and cleanses you from head to toe and that your unwavering heart finds firm ground in the rock of

redemption my darling I love you with all my heart and your faith and

simplicity are like stones in a mosaic of my infinite and profound passion during Your Darkest Hours when

everything seems to be falling apart and the relationships you thought were impenetrable break apart remember that

you are not alone on your path through life life keep in mind that my love for

you will never change and no matter what happens my dedication to you will never

Wayne even if others fail and leave you I will never leave your side in fact I

will be an everpresent source of unfaltering support and affection throughout your life even if all the

rules of human love crumble have faith in me despite the fact that I may let

you down my promises aren’t empty rhetoric but rather evidence of a love that goes beyond all boundaries your

journey isn’t something you do alone I will be by your side holding your hand through thick and thin accept me as I am

and you will find comfort in the promise that my love is greater than any Earthly limit your family is a sacred link and a

gift woven into the fabric of your existence protect and treasure this blessing because the fabric of a family

contains a power source that is eternal your future is full of Promise

possibility and motivation and I’ve given it to you don’t waste the chances I’ve given you my divine plan includes

your future embrace the blessings bestowed upon you recognize that all things are expressions of my love and

let me tend to you my wisdom is like a compass always there to guide you

through life storms and the difficult circumstances that lie ahead don’t ever

discount its power never lose faith faith that I will never let you down when you’re in the depths of Despair my

love is there to guide you like a steady Lighthouse the fleeting nature of human

connections will not dim my Everlasting Love No Matter What challenges you face

my beloved child know that an unending love will always embrace you listen for

the gospel inside the seemingly insignificant activities and overlooked aspects of your journey as you thread

your way through the complex web of your life pay attention to the details since

it is in the Simplicity of these things that the idea for great advantages rests

carefully tending to the things I have bestowed upon you ensures that your Deeds remain

unforgotten I promise you that when times get tough your resources will not only be plenty but will also increase in

abundance show me how much you love me by being completely honest with me in

everything that you do and by not just talking about it while you remain committed Let Your Love be the driving

force that determines how you behave and who you connect with prepare to be

astounded by the enormity of the impending Revelation I am arranging a scheme that

is much beyond your comprehension so take my prior pledges as real faith is

the key to my divine plan as it enables you to believe in the Unseen and the

unknown you commit yourself to the Quest for Consciousness letting it be the compass that guides your choices in

anticipation of the Wonders that lie ahead move with wisdom because it is

consciousness’s gift that reveals my schemes wonder the combination of self-awareness and determination in your

life will prepare you for the greatness of the opportunities that await you I

have carefully considered everything that could possibly help you and your family

and it is like a downpour of blessings get ready to have your life drenched in

an abundance of Joy success and meaning recognize that these benefits are not

only fleeting but have First Rate Eternal value and include them with humility and thankfulness only your

loyalty resolve and wisdom will unlock the door to the great Destiny I have woven into your very being my darling

when you turn to look at me a smile brighter than the sun will Adorn my face

you will find a deep love in my company that may change everything making your own sufferings seem like distant

Whispers In The Wind this love and ethereal power is like an endless stream

that never stops flowing you are not only welcomed but encouraged to fully submerge yourself in this life-giving

water imagine a love that has no bounds an infinite devotion that is beyond the

ability of humans to understand there will be no more criticism or judgment

when you look into my eyes just a love that welcomes you I’ve made you with purpose and motivation so my love will

accept your imperfections while praising your inherent Beauty Joy grows like a

verdant Meadow inside the vast expanse of this Limitless love it’s a source of

Eternal Joy a Wellspring that emerges even in the parched Landscapes of life’s

difficult circumstances incorporate this delight because it is is not transient rather it

is a constant companion that accompanies love so can all the love and happiness

that are flowing into you allow the stream’s calming power to lift the weight from your heart as you navigate

life’s currents find shelter and Tranquility inside the warm embrace of its unending devotion give yourself

permission to be led by boundless pleasure and love recently ambiguities

have plagued your thoughts and you have longed for clarity driven by desire and the promise of infinite

love you have sought confirmation in the murmur of your heart please take my

correspondence as an answer to your sincere questions I offer you a

guarantee that cuts deep into your soul proof that you can feel in your bones

reflective strands intricately weave your life’s tapestry prompting you to seek Solutions and make choices to

unravel them now is the moment to face the unknown with bravery and take calculated risks a clear and

unmistakable name for Action I implore you to break free from the chains of fear that have held you down for far too

long and embrace the power of trade There’s Hope for the worries that have lurked in the dark corners of your mind

they are not insurmountable this ins snaring condition is crushing your soul and it

can no longer sustain itself free yourself from the shackles that have been holding you back

dare to take chances my little one because in the face of danger we may grow change and create something

entirely new I am now taking you out of the pit of despair and into a place

where your full potential can flourish have faith in your inner fortitude I

have given you the power to overcome obstacles as you begin this journey of Commerce know that you are not on this

journey alone you may always count on my unwavering support which brings comfort

and Direction step into a future lit up by the promise of your own resilience as

you launch the weight beyond your anxieties the answers you’re looking for aren’t farway Whispers they’re the

resounding proclamations that reverberate through the halls of your soul urging you to accept the

life-altering potential of courage and belief in the fabric of reality when life stresses become too

much to bear there is a pressure that goes beyond the the constraints of time and place the power to pray creeps never

diminish the sacredness of the bond we share via prayer invoking the Divine

into your life from the beginning of mankind forward is possible via this holy activity which is not only a weak

last option but a powerful method of communication with me I framed prayer as

an immense privilege unfazed by the presence of sin in the arena during my

time on Earth I imagine my human form praying often because I know how much of an effect

prayer has on people’s happiness through prayer seeking the guidance of the Holy

Spirit and allowing humility and repentance to form the Bedrock of your communion with the Divine you can forge

a bond that not only soothes your soul but also radiates blessings to those

around you creating ripples of divine influence inside the world sharing this

holy ritual with others brings you closer together as a community making a prayer for the healing touch that your

land needs so much think about the power of this Collective prayer to make a

difference right now in your life in your circle of friends and family and in the World At Large far from being an

impassioned cry for Aid prayer is a valued bond that recognizes your need for divine presence and assistance know

that I fully understand your life’s challenges and will hear your prayers with sincerity deep within the Divine

now hears your prayers no longer muted trust in the power of prayer it serves

as a conduit for navigating life’s challenges and guiding you towards Divine guidance leave your worries at my

feet and grab this beautiful piece of assurance in case you’re in a rush to go

remember this whenever you feel deserving of less than love my affection for you is unchanging it’s the kind of

love that never wavers no matter how dark the clouds become in your heart I’m

committed to achieving status by your side out of genuine unwavering love even

if you may feel unworthy at times my love has no bounds and I want you to let

go of the self-doubt that’s been plaguing you this decision will not be altered you have my unwavering and

eternal love I can sense your reluctance to let go of the things that are causing you distress and I am aware of your

desire to attract me I want I want you to know that when you feel like giving up that’s when you find your freedom

give yourself permission to be confused and have faith in the love all around you instead of lugging around the

bitterness in your bag dump it at my feet in this time of growing uncertainty

I am here to shoulder your worries and calm your racing heart keep in mind that

my love transcends any doubt embrace the serenity that comes from letting go of

your worries and concerns I I am a safe haven where you can find Solace and a rock in the midst of life’s

unpredictable landscape come to me without fear maintains a steady position

providing steadfast support embrace the immense Tranquility that comes with knowing that my Everlasting affection

Embraces you my little child bear with me while I explain although everyone

else may turn their backs on you I will never leave you even if everyone who

says they love you eventually betrays you I will never never let you down I want to make it clear that my love for

you is greater than theirs this is something you can take my word for I am

unable to assist you in any way I have the power to affect change for your loved ones your future and your health

keep them safe refrain from jeopardizing or undervaluing the benefits you have

received your blessings will increase and I will give you more of great Eternal value if you are loyal to the

little things and fight for what I have given you when you are in need you love

me so much my little one gather yourselves the magnitude of the door I

am about to open for you will Astound you have faith in it always act with

dedication and good judgment get ready for there will be a deluge of wonderful advantages accompanying everything I’ve

prepared for you and your family this is your virtual response to your affirmation request which you made so

that you could make a decision about something you’ve been thinking about recently what I’m trying to say is that

you need to stop being so scared and start living your life to the fullest at

this point you can’t take it anymore the fear of failing has kept you from

achieving your great objectives and fulfilling your vast aspirations nothing will ever be the

same again so grab my hand and jump you need not be scared remain with me at

this moment my divine plan will be your guide Guiding Light and I will be by your side every step of the way before

you make any major decision to prove to you that all I have said is real and not

a dream I will open your Bible and ask that you pray earnestly both Heaven and

Earth will vanish but my words will live on and never die I am the one who can

lead you to your destination and help you thrive there to this day I can still

point you just where that one-of-a-kind door I’m setting up for you is a lot will change for you my blessing is yours

to receive you may be able to acquire a location that serves as the springboard

for all your aspirations as a group you can encounter others who are heading in

the same direction as you are because my intentions are considerable and you are

completely unaware of the Grandeur that awaits you in this life you will construct a future filled with benefits

and Marvels treat everyone you encounter with kindness and consideration starting today you could

encounter people who are intriguing honest and exact help will materialize

out of nowhere keep your senses keen and your eyes wide open to avoid distractions when opportunities present

themselves you know who I am further explanation is unnecessary you have

grasped my message and it is Crystal Clear I will be by your side at all times and do what you say whenever you

need me I will be right here you were my choice I contacted you via phone you are

mine regardless of your future claims of exhaustion I will not assist you in

escaping keep in mind where you are while in my opinion remember all the times I battled for you and you may weep

I reached out and saved you from Harm’s Way I cradled you in tranquility and saved you from Strife everyone left you

high and dry no one else was observing you however I still like you and I always looked at

you kindly my love for you grows stronger every day in good and bad times

I can fulfill my Everlasting commitment whether I am well or sick rich or poor

the more I think about it the more I realize that you can feel my presence these days such is the way things will

remain Eternal you are too much for me to leave disregard uncertainties no one

in the world can possibly take away the immense Joy Serenity and love that I

feel for you despite what other people may think I will always find a way to

show you how much you mean to me I love and care for you with all my heart your

trial is over today your storm has arrived nothing is out of my reach there

are no limits to my affection how far I am willing to go for you is beyond your wildest dreams you are entering a new

day and as you go on nothing but benefits and possibilities will come your way I may bless your prayers

artwork efforts and all you have and I will provide you with beautiful friendships and holy Prosperity so that

you can be free from economic servitude I pledge to always follow through on my word no matter how bad things go you can

count on me to remain by your side I will shield you from harm and reassure

you in times of distress on the path of Justice I can show you the way from now

on your view views will be clear on a regular basis I can be there for your thoughts bringing you breathtaking

Eternal peace you will be brimming with happiness and relishing the Splendor of life I have the ability to make you

laugh you will eventually move on from those that brought you to tears blessing

you is something I am unable to avoid you have my undying love I may remain by

your side my company is Rock Solid nobody or nothing can pass through me me

if you must leave quickly close your eyes and take this sacred breath that I gave you let go of your worries and

embrace this Serene Tranquility on those days when you doubt your deservingness I will be by your

side out of love maybe I won’t reconsider you want to be near me yet

you waver just as you’re ready to let go of the things that annoy you it seeps in

and you proceed to deliver that awful bag hear my voice clearly it experience

the calming sensation of renewal it bestows let me write and I will weave my

sentence into the fabric of your being stay focused I am truly fond of you with

affection you’re Carefree you are with me I hold you firmly In My Embrace today

there may be many obstacles along the way but no matter where you go listen again and feel its presence sure I’ll

keep going sending healing words my way in the hopes that you won’t ignore me

that you won’t give in to the current that you won’t allow your feelings to Cloud your judgment that I can keep a

fire burning in your heart even as the night draws in engulfing you in its chill and fear and that my light will

shine brighter like the sun lighting up your world when it confronts my eternal

light evil has nowhere to hide there is no longer any religious adversary who

tries to express your grief give me the chance to let you know how much I care about you throughout the day listen

closely as my voice softly murmur something in your ear this is my message

for you I am anointing your head with holy oil prepare yourselves I’m getting ready to see you I’m clearing your mind

of any erroneous ideas my forgiveness purifies and elevates you whenever you stumble crawling to the floor completely

overwhelmed by concern and shame for past mistakes is not my intention you

have my love you wouldn’t be in this same spot if my will punished you think about this and accept all the love I’ve

given you throughout the years do not turn it down choose between the two roads that will take you to an

extraordinary eternity and the truth and Lifestyles that will bring you closer to me the choice is yours if you follow me

nothing in life will be easier but I will be here for you whenever you need me while my words provide understanding

the holy spirit will ease your sorrow whenever you need me day or night I will

be right there there with you have faith in your ability to express your heartfelt and genuine requests please

keep your loved ones in your prayers and if you also give me your heart I will listen holding them in my arms with an

overwhelming sense of love I will wrap them in a joyous Embrace shower them

with plenty and keep the Devourer the thief and their false friends at arms

length a legion of angels ready to fight and protect you from harm will surround

your private residence today yesterday and forever more I am equal I may

include you like the sector spins every day and the Stars Sparkle while I’m around never stop letting go of the need

to clarify if an adversary dares to raise a hand against you I will fight

against them stop worrying about other people and stop being afraid of something your loved ones are with you

you have company because of your delivery I’ve been working with you and I’m excited to finally have the chance

to talk to you and verify the First Rate benefits I’ve been anticipating you’ve

seen it you know what I mean keep these words in mind and they will energize you

to defeat your enemies once they realize that I’m using you you can see the fear

that takes hold of them it’s good to have you among us stay where you are don’t run about like a burden don’t run

away from the impenetrable shield I’m I’m offering you and don’t run away from my correction or rebuke pay close

attention to my communications and show me that you care keep your heart from being filled with contentment just like

me you need to be modest and unassuming it’s high time to get up off the ground

and move on from our mistakes without giving up you must keep your head held high smile broadly and take Delight in

everything that life has to offer in order to come before your heavenly father who has chosen you to receive my

inheritance I want you to know that being in my company May provide you with Solace and power be very careful to

listen to my promises and if you really think they are important show me that you care by standing firm in your faith

and persevering through any difficulty I your God created everything you see I

understand my actions please take my hand as I guide you to encourage you I

send you the comforting words of my Holy Spirit spirit I will bless your home a response to your prayers has come to me

at the right time if you listen to these Expressions you will comprehend them the

place and the moment you find yourself in are sacred so bow down low in respect

I want to bring miraculous changes into your life but I also seek your unwavering devotion loyalty and Faith

these two sentences are my way of showing you how much I care you specifically requested them

I am truly fond of you I might be completely wrong no matter how challenging a situation seems I have the

power to bring you Victory put your fears aside not only do I address your issues but I also offer you these words

to strengthen your faith and give you love salvation gratitude and forgiveness

even though I have already granted your requests the evil ones have risen to take what is rightfully yours you’ve

done an excellent job completing your component you persisted in your hopes and never gave up you are unable to stop

now continue to cultivate this land to begin stitching rise early remove

perspiration from your forehead don’t let that deter you from seeing others faithlessness and fainting stay on the

job at my appointed time a great crop might be yours ensure that you retain

this message appropriately when you’re feeling depressed focus on it visit the

Psalms and Proverbs that will nourish your spirit and look into the lives of my Faithful Servants who despite their

frailties slew Lions vanquished armies and were ultimately

Invincible here I’m requesting the holy and excellent things that you believe are right just tell me what you want and

I will grant your requests including liberty and prosperity May freedom and

Tranquility be bestowed on you you can have enough of me every one of your roads leads to success for me I am able

to continually remind you of my promises and my commands so nothing will be able to confuse you or disturb your sleep the

lovely Tranquility that I will provide you with is unmatched by anything or

anyone else on this planet although I have listened carefully to your prayers

blessings lawsuits and apologies I must tell you that you praise me while you

circulate me you have endured much indeed dealing with your issues you beged to be free of that method which

kept you up at night and gave you so much pain when you exclaim father I love

you while boosting your fingers in the middle of a conflict I am Overjoyed

anyhow I appreciate it all you are well-versed in your craft even though I fail to discern it I understand that

everything works out well in the end Count Me In I’m emotionally aware of your presence you and I are both crying

because I know you’re honest that makes me happy you give serious thought to the possibility that I can provide for your

needs your appreciation and genuiness are palpable to me keep fighting your

success is approaching as life becomes more unfamiliar again you will encounter arid

valleys The Reawakening will reward you with an abundance of resources you thought exhausted you have a good grasp

of the enemy’s strategy don’t be fooled by his falsehoods it makes no difference how you feel I will always be able to

bless you do not be downcast if disagreements resurface just say my name

and I’ll respond put your concerns to rest I have sent my guardian angels to

protect you so that you may maintain your optimism and feel safe in the company of others I allowed them to go

through the agony and anguish throughout the sector they were pursued no matter

how hard they fought they never tried to to stop me from seeing them until their last breath their Devotion to my name

never wavered also from now on you won’t let your opponents win in my Holy Name

those who want to destroy the Harmony in your family will challenge you no matter what you will fight till the very end

despite the potential consequences they have the courage to challenge you refrain from discussing your emotional

pain in public get away from those whose loud voices and abusive language are

hurting you in my Holy Name you vowed to stand with me go all the way if you want

to if they dare to challenge you they will have to pay a heavy price do not

endure mental anguish if someone is trying to hurt you verbally or physically get the hell away from them

you vowed to be with me while I answered my sacred calling fight to the end

despite their audacity they will pay an exorbitant fee to task you you keep your

emotions under control while publishing get away from those whose loud voices

and abusive language are hurting you you will always support them no matter what

but they have no right to determine your destiny and violate your dignity get up

you are valuable and worthy of respect watch out for your children get away from Evil and brutality pay no attention

to the opinions of others no one finds fault with you is offering any kind of assistance that may ease your burden

during this difficult period remember these expressions and stand up for what you believe in don’t put your faith in

others if they betray your trust you shouldn’t ask for their assistance yes

this is accurate get out of there before the hurricane hits many will tell you they love you forever they siphon out

whatever little hope you may have had along with your happiness need I go into

greater detail regarding the actual ual world for the sake of your children immediately prioritize this means of

evasion of violence put your fears aside I can give you whatever you want but you

shouldn’t listen to those who would stifle your growth and make it impossible for you to S I came to your

rescue so that you may have an incredible future to make room for my love I restored your spirit in the midst

of your suffering I will anoint you with extra sensory joy and pour my serenity

into to your heart cast doubt on your future and fill your mind with Gloom yet

hold on to the safety my words provide no matter what happens stay strong and courageous do not be scared it’s me and

you when the Sun rises look for me as you take in the first light of dawn come

into my presence announcing the extraordinary and Supernatural elements that I want for you to be a part of your

life the light you see is my love I don’t care if you’re exhausted I just

want your faith get down on all fours you may put all your worries tensions

and disputes at my feet my words are now filled with love as I share with you the things in my heart you must be Resolute

in your focus on me your obedience to my commands and your faith and courage to

go forward toward your destiny you’re taking my words into consideration no

matter what you’re going through right now or how many problems you’re facing I will bring you great success your foes

will be no match for me it is very worthwhile to listen believe and follow

your heavenly father’s message you will lift your hands in gratitude acknowledge your benefits and share this with your

own family praise be to you I am here now to tell you of the Divine leadership

and abundant benefits that I am eager to bestow on you with all my knowledge

realize that I am the compass that points the way for your life life gently guiding you through the complex web of

your path as you remain true to yourself you receive the illuminating power of my

Holy Spirit this Divine Essence a beacon of guidance guides and empowers you to

walk in righteousness you may rely on my advice as a compassionate leader I can

see the big picture of your life and what’s good for you your soul will flourish under my care and I will lead

you to realize your highest purpose I will bless your home making it a Haven

of love peace and plenty as the rains from on high replenish the soil so that

my blessings may also shower upon you and your loved ones when you put in the

time and effort with honesty and dedication you will reap many rewards I integrate the Heavenly longing

that emanates from within me your perseverance my little one is a Hallmark of the Heavenly Kingdom I hear your

religious and heartfelt prayers in my perfect timing I the master of time will answer your

prayers tirelessly working to bring about the most harmonious and meaningful outcomes in your lives through my Divine

guidance and the bestowal of blessings realize that I’m not there alone stay

strong I am constantly directing safeguarding and bestowing blessings on you the strength to overcome difficult

circumstances the wisdom to make good decisions and the grace to embrace the richness that lies inside the gentle

murmur of your heart are all within my spirit’s Whispers if you would only open your heart to hear them pay attention

because those words are no longer just noises they are The Echoes of a Heavenly presence remember that if you detect my

Voice’s resonance it has significance in this hallowed moment Beyond Earthly

understanding kneel down in respect for the space and time you inhabit I am strengthening my heavenly hand toward

you precisely here in the sacredness of your existence though my taste extends

beyond the fantastic you can trust me to orchestrate Miracles and weave Divine Marvels into the fabric of your life

your steadfast Faith your unfaltering commitment and your Everlasting devotion

are what I want keep in mind that the expression of my Limitless love via

these words is a response to your spirit’s sincere please contained in the brevity of these sentences by my dear

in my all powerful hands you will find the essence of my heavenly assurance and

have faith that everything will be first class in any situation you will not be able to

overcome my barriers it is an integral part of your lifestyle an enduring

commitment in the Maze that is human experience these words are more than just words they are a promise of love

and a testimony to my everpresent presence in your lives keep in mind that

I love you unconditionally your faith can access the depths of my grace and your

unwavering devotion acts as the foundation for my successes and loyalty

connecting us like a sacred thread as you embark on this journey together let

these promises serve as a beacon that leads you to the Fulfillment of my perfect plan even if you may not know

what lies ahead in my affection I want you to feel safe and secure so that you

may let go of worries and uncertainties whenever you face difficult circumstances keep in mind

that there is always an opportunity for my divine intervention I am no longer a Divine

being but a caring presence intricately engaged in the intricate minua of your lives within the Symphony of existence

your triumphant Melodies harmonize with the Heavenly cause I am pursuing take my

words to heart my darling for they are more than just a promise they are a DE decaration of the eternal love that

envelops you and will lead you to the future I have meticulously planned for you have no fear I have listened to your

deepest most private prayers and the most heartfelt pleas you have ever

voiced in your darkest hours I am here to reassure you that a

shift is imminent a metamorphosis that will surpass your most imaginative dreams within the fabric of reality

inside your soul there is an unshakable trust a contemplation that surpasses the

uncertainties that afflict the thoughts of many I contemplate the complexities of human uncertainty the mysteries of my

omnipotence and the constant skepticism that Shadows the Wonders propagate daily

you have discovered a safe haven inside my affection and your idea has no longer wavered you have shown your resilience

through the hardships you have faced the orchestration of difficult events that have played out in your life’s theater

those times of conflict are crucial for planting the seeds of change you are the sculptor’s Chisel and the pains you

experience aren’t a result of doubt they are shaping your life the storms are the

Builders of the universe therefore embrace them they are the precursors to the peace that lies Beyond we

acknowledge your perseverance and your journey despite its challenges demonstrates the strength of your spirit

within the fabric of life every obstacle has been a measured step towards the

realization of a destiny deeply ingrained in your soul I assure you even

though Others May question and scrutinize you for choosing to dance with the Divine Guided by a Celestial

promise that resides in your heart a flame of unwavering religion glimmers within you my beloved and my love and

energy shine through the cognitive dissonance of Doubt should not influence you in harmony with the Symphony of

introduction may your faith be the melody remember the doubters your

perspective is the key that opens the door to the Wonders that lie ahead as you Teeter on the edge of transformation

even if you may also create doubt you must realize that my guarantees that

your journey is entirely yours and that the vows murmured in your heart are a covenant that goes beyond the

limitations of human knowledge are more powerful than the skepticism of others

in spite of the uncertainties that may exist in some people’s thoughts my love for you has no limits it is ever present

like a river cutting its path across the terrain of your spirit in your times of

isolation when doubt tries to obscure your view the Marvels you encounter every day are just glimpses of my

devotion diluted reminders that I am constantly there leading you through the

Maze of existence May the gentle warmth of My Affection guide you as you

Traverse the intricate Web of Life connected to the Heavenly source that nourishes all things each thread is

intertwined with the golden thread of my love my darling you must accept this

love and let it serve as the foundation for your transformed life it is time to

go on the transforming Journey which includes the promises that have been made to your spirit about what is ahead

may possibly maintain difficult circumstances yet think about the promises that have

been made to you accept the upcoming future as a tangible manifestation of

the Divine promise that permeates your entire existence step into this new

chapter with the confidence that extraordinary guidance love and Destiny

await you always keep in mind that the only way to access the Magnificent

future that lies inside the Symphony of life is with a Stead fast Faith beyond

the boundaries of this world my words reverberate with the ability to mend a supernatural Force sayings that escape

my lips contain the power to revive you from the inside out and take you to new

heights so you should no longer question their transformational ability I don’t

want to invade your personal space because you may feel unworthy rather I

want to get into the sacred region of your soul where your heart resids Ides I

want to write words that provide healing a holy book that breaks the bonds that

ens snare you and sets you free from the bonds of pain and anguish all of your

pain worry and suffering will dissipate like Morning Mist when the sun’s Rays

break over the horizon as soon as my little finger touches yours at that same

second all of your worries will melt away and a gentle calmness will wash over you

listen closely the entire fabric of the Universe moves in time with my every

word the stars align and the skies humbly bow to my voice in this Symphony

of heavenly bodies the extraordinary becomes common place as the seemingly

impossible becomes achievable in that sacred exchange healing will occur and the Divine

Symphony of transformation will play its melodic chords within the grand orchestration of your life life so open

your coronary heart to the celestial vibrations that Echo throughout the Universe and let my voice resonate

within you accept the profound truth that my words have the power to heal and

lead you to a life free from Pain you have now turned to me for comfort feel

free to lean on my shoulder while you take a deep breath remember that no matter how many times you feel abandoned

or scared there is always a safe Refuge love Serenity and strength in me in

times of sadness my love for you will always be there to strengthen you your wants thoughts and aspirations are all

obvious to me you may succeed in certain Endeavors but without me your light will

dim after listening I will reply it is my preference to assist you in

overcoming a need or a sickness and to shower you with love and encouragement

as you work toward your objectives throughout the day you’ll find daily solace in the calm pure Waters As You

Let My Words sink into your soul you are surrounded by my Splendor which fills

you with trust and certainty and prepares you for the battles that lie ahead it envelops you in a gentle hug

nourishing your thoughts with sacred words that will strengthen your journey find your Miracle here have trust and

display a confident grin your blessing is here keep pushing on my champion

still another path to your problems get over it now you should know that I’ve always loved you no matter how lost and

disappointed you feel know that I have never abandoned you even if I may have

missed your call I offered advice and guidance I said encouraging words you

worked hard to let go of uncertainty because you are loved here in the

comfort of your own home you may find Solace and security as you drift off to sleepy

night let your aspirations take you to a Fantastical world where I will open my

hands wide and you will walk on sparkling Rivers releasing all your pain

rage and aggravation as you go imagine a Crystal River as our medium tonight as

you come too you could experience a surge of energy that lifts a heavy weight off your shoulders return to

believing after rediscovering your faith and acknowledging your famous faults

finding additional lyrical Expressions is unnecessary here I am my life

sustaining word is excellent you will be filled with my Holy Spirit I am both a

way of life and a joy to you trusting God in whatever you say think and write

is the last solution your soul seeks amen

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