my darling you are an Exquisite thread in the fabric of my love-filled creation

and you will always have a special place in my heart exceeding your most ambitious dreams I have reserved an

abundance of wonderful advantages for you keep in mind that when you’re going

through tough times when life seems heavy and your dreams seem far away it’s

because you temporarily lost trust in me temporarily swayed by external challenges your heart earns for the

Solace that my teachings provide renew your trust in me I beg you dear Lord and

Creator if you fully commit to my teachings you will be able to weather the storms of life and emerge stronger

than a tree planted by the water now that you are here blessed by God I want

to renew your soul with the knowledge I have imparted I fully support them and

they will give you strength courage and endurance if you’re in a bad scenario my

sentences may change it and give you hope for the future please keep in mind

that I am fully aware of all of your feelings all of your innermost thoughts and all of the trials you are going

through as you embrace my lessons let them be a source of motivation and

Direction bringing you through the challenging times and Illuminating the path to a future full of optimism and

achievement when the weight of the arena is on your shoulders and the path ahead seems clouded by night I want you to

know that I am a constant Beacon of light on your journey there were times when doubtful voices tried to drown out

your dreams but I’m here to tell you with absolute certainty that those doubts were born of untruth stop letting

them put out the fire that’s burning within you don’t allow any delusions to sway your heart disentangle every

negative Shadow use my strength to Vanquish all Wicked desires know that

you have my wavering support as I speak to you as my cherished son or daughter

you still have a ways to go in your Odyssey but I beg you not to give up or give up now keep going there’s no need

to fret right now these days I inject faith and enthusiasm into you imagine

your renewed strength like a charging bull propelling you to the top of the mountain once again I implore you to

channel your whole focus and optimism into the promises I have made made I will eventually fulfill all of my

previous statements keep an eye out as my divine plan becomes a reality in your

lives you put all your trust in me the one who can give new life to the dead

and create Pathways where none seem to exist you no longer rely on your own knowledge you no longer rely on other

people and you have firmly planted your hopes and dreams in me now is the time for you to discuss

the benefits behold old my favor will be shown to you in every area of your life

declare my message boldly even in the face of challenges and see its positive

influence life’s challenges demonstrate true Faith which is why I am standing by

my promise I want you to seize my promises with confidence and do something about them I promise you that

you will be able to complete any task that your faith will grow and that it will become more fragile than pure gold

have faith in me and you may rest easy knowing that I will keep my word you may

have faith that I will never let those close to me down so you can watch as your dreams become reality gather

yourself like a little child and stand before your writing’s holy Shrine put a

stop to your defiant attempts to carve out your own path and surrender all of your Ambitions to me give me control of

your wishes my teachings assure you that everything under my care will flourish

if someone abides in me and I in them then we are like a Vine and you are like

branches my darling you will reap great rewards apart from me but from this

point on you will reap nothing I beg you to return to the source of acceptance

that is genuine in your heart do not go from my presence always keep my word and

let my statement reverberate through your whole body when when you accomplish this you can be sure that everything you

do from now on will be not just prosperous but wildly successful with my

unwiring hand guiding you you will surprise everyone and transcend your own

destiny direct all your efforts towards me and I will grant your every desire

perhaps your way of life is a veritable Treasure Trove of advantages and wealth

see the powerful prophecy come to fruition God’s plan for those who love him is something that no one has ever

heard of seen or even imagined the blessings of your life are drawing near

so open the wide eyes of your faith and see them as you push upward raise your

hands and let blessings Drift from your mouth behold how your unfaltering faith transforms your life into a testament to

my infinite kindness and love before you retain your faith a world of chances

opens up stay strong and you will soon see your concerns dissipate like the

Morning Mist and your dreams come true Come Along on this heavenly adventure with me beloved and let your life’s

Harmony blend with the notes of my grace light a candle of your faith and let it

guide you on your journey the promise that your Everlasting companion will never leave you should continue to

influence you let go of worries that can obscure your vision of fate and Release

Yourself from the grip of transient pointless or harmful things that bring you nothing but misery immediately free

yourself from everything that might obstruct the flow of my Bountiful gifts into your life let the light of patience

in prayer illuminate your path and stay away from the darkness of unbelief have

faith in both me and the power of my message to change lives in the face of

adversity hold on to your hope I am here to help you overcome any obstacle that

stands in your way and Usher in a future when your problems are just Distant Memories all because of the Serenity and

calm I provide listen up my darling little one I’ll be right here with you the whole way keep in mind that I have a

keen awareness of your needs and that I know the stresses that push on your heart and the despair that comes from

Financial hardships or pollution at this holy moment let your heart be wide open

to absorb the promises and guidance I am giving you so that you might understand my word clearly letting it wisdom fill

you and lead you to Pathways of righteousness and Truth as you give in

you’ll see problems solved and fears gone I send you a wave of gratitude

tranquility and serenity for your unfaltering belief in what is true for me you must Now understand that I am

more than just a deity who performs miracles for you I am prepared to provide benefits and healing to you and

your loved ones including your parents children and extended family give God

the opportunity to intervene through your faith in me keep going even when things get tough keep your cool and

fight the temptation of easy ways out of Harm’s Way if you want to protect yourself against deceitful teachings

keep praying and study my words carefully let go of concerns over material possessions keep your heart

firmly planted in faith because each Duty will find its conclusion shortly for I know know that the world’s

services are fleeting and yours are Timeless and true I’m not forgetful nor

am I ever late no matter what challenges life throws at you I will always be here to meet your requirements when you feel

uncertain know that I am here to support advise and encourage you continue your

journey with unwavering faith and determination as these traits will ensure the timely fulfillment of your

prayers realize that having faith not only gives you the strength to endure but also assures you that my abundant

gifts will show up in your lives even when you’re down and out if you are overwhelmed by Financial worries and

contamination I am here to help you make sense of my presence despite these trying times have faith in my promises

because my word is a source of guidance and comfort a brilliant Beacon of Hope

that may light up your path through the Shadows keep in mind that I am brimming with Limitless style and love and can

work wonders in your life not only do I wish you health and prosperity these days but I also lavishly shower my

blessings on you your family and everyone around you in addition to

filling you with hope your faith in me may give you the strength to fight against the worldly temptations that

might otherwise steal your focus maintaining unfaltering religion and

continuous prayer will firmly ground you in my Divine will and protect you from the traps of seat you may find comfort

in knowing that you are on the right track if you devote yourself to studying my phrase practicing staying strong

cling tenaciously to my promises since with my support you will overcome every

difficulty you encounter have no fear and do not become tired I swear I will

never leave you behind on your journey put your faith in me and I will grant your wildest dreams rest easy because I

am here to support you no matter how heavy your load is your comfort and my energy will drive you forward no matter

how forceful my presence is no matter how bad things get remember that your

faith in me is a NeverEnding source of strength and comfort my deities are

Assurance love and miracles my love for you is Limitless and my grace is Limitless too you will soon see your

worries go away replaced by the calm Serenity that I can provide so cultivate

your faith be be patient and keep thinking about me as long as you are my

precious baby I will keep close eye on you because of the genuine and enduring

affection you have shown me my little one I truly like you on this holy second

of communion I bless you Proclaim your freedom from all shackles assume your

financial recovery and envision success in all your activities with promises and Supernatural power I your heavenly

father and the almighty God convey my words to you listen closely as

I want to carve them into the depths of your soul dealing with you and revealing

the complexities of my plan for your life is something I have chosen to do out of unlimited love my dear I am

highly sensitive to your needs and wants able to sense your heart’s aspirations before the source of this Insight

articulates them I swear to you that I will tend to your Necessities hear your hearts wishes and get your finances back

on track I am here to orchestrate a full recovery to mend the very substance of

your being cure your soul and restore the calm that may have escaped you so

fear not my beloved child and Marvel at the Miracles I will perform for your life all of your financial obligations

will be forgiven and you will overcome the seemingly impossible challenges that

life throws at you I am here standing by your side sending the Positive Vibes and

strength you needed on your path have faith that whatever you do will eventually pay off your hard work will

bear fruit in the form of a plentiful Harvest and you will be able to fulfill

whatever financial obligation you may have because I will give you the wisdom

to harness the opportunities that are before you your life and the lives of

others around you will be abundantly blessed by the many manifestations of prosperity material emotional and

spiritual as you welcome ssw into the world never forget that success is more

than just material riches it represents a kingdom of fulfillment that fills you

to the brim as you experience it I will entrust you with more responsibilities in the future if you remain committed to

the little matters keep in mind that the key to receiving my advantages is to

obey me and be good stewards of all I provide you always be ready to lend a

hand to those less fortunate and in need and keep your heart open to the ideas of

humility and generosity As you move through this interdependent dance of riches embrace the graciousness of your

lives may your heart be a blank slate letting me shape you into a treasure Trove of gifts a Channel of divine grace

for everyone my beloved child Illuminating the way for others to find peace peace and

prosperity walk carefully along your path knowing that obstacles will appear

and put your faith to the test but fear not I am with you at all times

strengthening and guiding your journey as you overcome these trials overcome

discouragement for adversity shapes you into the person you will be and your steadfast commitment to me will reveal

your true self while I replenish your funds and disentangle the web of indebtedness my loving vision for you

goes beyond the material world my darling baby my deepest desire is for someone to undergo a deep spiritual

transformation let our connection deepen and can your faith grow with each success and challenge met the

vulnerability basis of my unfaltering commitment to fulfilling promises is the vulnerability you see in my statement

you have a firm handle on me and my love and energy have no bounds if you put your faith in my powerful arms a

whirlwind of miraculous blessings will pour into your life dear darling take

heart in the fact that my love and grace are with you and walk confidently in the knowledge that your financial healing

debt settlement and release from loads are on the way get this scarcity will no

longer cast a long Shadow over you your loved ones and future Generations I will

shower you with many benefits in all areas of your life you need not be afraid anymore because because my grace

is more than enough and my kindness endures forever follow my instructions

with unwavering trust knowing that I will never abandon you your own being

will one day stand as an Illuminating proof of my lavish provision a tangible

affirmation of the veracity and dependability of my Earthly promises

with immense joy and deep appreciation take this beautiful message my beloved

child declare resolutely that you will transform your financial situation

eliminate all outstanding debts and transform your passions into unprecedented accomplishments to see you

not just survive but flourish my beloved is my most secret wish you are very dear

to me under my protection and blessings I beseech you to listen closely to my

voice and follow my advice in everything that you do your desire for my expertise

and confidence in the complexities of my personalized approach are evident don’t lose hope when faced with

challenges in fact these challenging times will fortify your trust in me a

faith that will receive abundant rewards put aside your concerns about Taro and

everything else that can derail your path instead fix your attention on me I

the founder and perfectionist of your faith promise to always be by your side

and issue you without wavering I want nothing more than to see you thrive in all all areas of your life

because my love for you is Limitless these words will always be a constant reminder of my unwavering

commitment and love for you my darling so hold them near Your Heart during my

call today I really wanted to bestow on you immeasurable advantages may you

experience complete Financial Independence full restoration of your financial well-being and boundless

success in all your current Endeavors I I am amplifying the benefits and

supplies I have generously set out for you it is up to you to decide whether or

not to guarantee Daily Bread listen closely my little one and let your heart

be open today inscribe these words inside you so that you may treasure them

and always know that I will be a continual source of encouragement and Direction on your journey have faith in

them and they will bring an abundance of love and wealth into your life just like

I pour forth benefits upon you until they overflow never forget that I am the god

and author of your faith the source of boundless compassion and love and your constant companion who will never leave

your side your happiness and well-being are under my watchful eye I would rather

shower you with blessings than anything else the promises I have given to those who love me will come to pass in you as

you become a shining example of kindness in everything that you do from the decisions you make to the

actions you take blessings and prosperity will surround hard-hit

families like a cozy blanket as my hand reaches out to those who bring blessings your way I will pour forth an abundance

of blessings to them bringing them health and joy however my Supernatural

protection surrounds you forming an unbreakable barrier those who try to curse you will only bring misery upon

themselves my favor and protection envelop you causing Every curse to fail

before it even reaches its Target the places I take you will be ripe with opportunities and advantages providing a

perfect setting in which to hone your skills and acquire new equipment I give you this gift as a

Heavenly promise that your lives will be full of Plenty and that everything will be expedited for you at every turn of

your journey along the path that my Limitless love paves for you you will

discover many reasons to rejoice and be grateful if you allow it to receive blessings your house can become a

sanctuary of love and harmony as you share in my substantial benefits your

circle of relatives a rocksolid source of support and joy will join you in your

joy your ministry will Thrive because of your unwavering commitment and

enthusiasm those in your orbit will see my brilliant light streaming through you

and Illuminating the path and it will become become a beacon of Desire if

you’re looking for consolation and answers in your professional Pursuits you’ll find that you accomplish and

realize your goals your activities will be defined by excellence and

productivity with my favorite travel partner by your side you can be sure that no matter what you do it will be a

success I am your constant support and strength my darling baby and no task will ever be too great for us to

accomplish together my claim extends to Generations to come not just your own so

incorporate my words into your life today with unfaltering trust and prepare your heart to receive the abundance that

is waiting for you as you soak in the blessings that have showered upon you today those profound words ring like an

eternal Covenant an unbreakable tie etched deep within your soul Your Divine

possessions are a shield Against The Winds of adversity and an unfaltering manual leading you to complete

self-awareness in the realm where blessings flow and curses take hold so you can rest assured that nothing can

take them away from you envision my love and protection surrounding you like a

warm cloak shielding you from harm and preventing harm from coming your way I

am the god who frees the captives and raises the downtrodden so your Abode will never be in need of anything my

resources are Limitless and my Supply is endless within the proclamation of liberation

there is a river of Plenty that never runs dry May the light of my wisdom shine on those who put their faith in me

transforming your lives into a dynamic testimony of love and mercy Because of

You others will witness the Wonders I weave into the fabric of reality with

faith as fuel fearlessly pursue your destiny because I am with you every step

of the way a safe haven and source of strength there is absolutely no need for

you to feel alone before you ever set foot on this Earth I will remove all barriers and open doors of opportunity

that no one can shut I am dedicated to ensuring your safety and will always put

your well-being first with the help of my hands as your author and the heritage of Nations I may construct and seal the

wishes of your heart every day in spite of all the ups and downs in your life my

love for you remains steadfast and constant like an everlasting flame I

will be by your side assisting and directing you so that the best possible future for you will come to fruition as

I watch over your pleasure and well-being you may Rest In the Arms of my loving baby never forget that my love

for you is stronger than everything in the universe may it be so your anguish

is Audible and I aware that you are trying to find reassurance in raising questions about the Fulfillment of my

promise please hear me out the Fulfillment of my promise is not some

abstract idea it is really about to burst through the door of your lives be

serious about your job Ascend and unlock the door with steadfast confidence be

strong and fearless in your approach to the forthcoming blessing never succumb to discouragement or allow doubt to

overshadow your faith your unique set of skills and products perfectly complement

this planet remember that you are more than a delicate Blossom instead see

yourself as a strong tree that shelters those who seek me out please let me bring out your best in this breathtaking

Garden I’ve planned for you a messenger of love for your own family an ally to the downtrodden and a bringer of Good

Fortune to your own estate these are all parts of your greater calling gather all

the gear you’ll need my beloved we are rapidly approaching harvest season you

are one of my chosen ones there therefore go out into the world and smell the success Aroma I may Elevate

and improve you I’m committed to removing deficiencies and needs from your life pay close attention to what I

say join me no more in following the path of those who ignore me wasting time

on meaningless chatter while wealth is at your fingertips in an effort to thwart the advantages I want to provide

you they point the finger at Grumble and me you will get the full benefit of the

soon to be Harvest protect the belongings I’ve given you from theft keep your house safe from destruction

while shielding your children from food listen to me every morning to ensure a

Bountiful Harvest I can provide the knowledge and assistance you need to advance and succeed this time in your

life isn’t only passing it’s setting the stage for something really remarkable to

come have great faith in it and remember that your heavenly father has much

greater things planned for you I no longer bestow a little blessing upon you I show you many blessings in it benefits

a vest embrace it and make sure I know you love me no matter what I’m here to

bring you away from the desert onto Victory and the joy your soul craves

your likeness motivates me to achieve everything you have a significant purpose in this world yet you continue

to annoy me to no extent we once again treated the sick with respect enabling

them to endure persecution and tribulations without complaining with

you now in my presence is my Holy Spirit who has the same power that inspired such

perseverance discover the Limitless domains of love and mercy your future answers sanctuary and solutions as well

as your recovery salvation knowledge tenacity tranquility and comprehension

are safely in in my hands I invite you to come to me to learn more about my

miraculous and Heavenly energy and to serve as my vessel my conduit so that my

will may be fulfilled in your home and heart please come close to me and

embrace my words because of how much you love me instead of bringing your prayers and tears to me in a strong communion

listen quietly and calmly awaiting the Fulfillment of my word you can always

find way into my heart seek the things that transcend Hess and material wealth

the wants of your genuine heart your health your relationship with me and your spirituality are your top

priorities your whole way of life will flourish in tandem with your spiritual growth because I have always had the

patience to see the Marvels take place I will keep bestow my Bountiful blessings on your family be prepared put on your

best clothes settle in and wait for the soon toe arrival at your door good news

is on the way which will put your mind at ease and assure you that great things are about to happen the rewards I speak

of giving upon you are only pleasantries from my sincere efforts supported by my

unfaltering functionality and backbone and my objectives have always been sensual never overstated my love and my

Divine Purpose for you are the rock upon which your fate will not topple nor will the Allure of money or human whims

Unfortunately they remain silent when it comes to praising someone negativity parches and drowns a soul rendering it

incapable of providing anything useful permit me to plan miracles to improve your lives approach me with faith

kindness patience and humility always keeping Good Deeds for other people in your heart IDE dearly you would use

these privileges to benefit everyone the quality is rightfully yours

and you’re clearly capable of achieving it my love for you is a fact that never

changes an attachment that is divine and unaffected by the world around us

whenever you’re feeling down when life is throwing you curveballs and your mind isn’t cooperating come to me keep in

mind that you may not be able to trust such Sensations entirely maybe your soul

needs sustenance more time to pray or is carrying a heavy load no matter what’s

going on in my life right now now I will always make everything larger for you no strings attached no matter where you are

mentally my Holy Spirit extends a wide hand of welcome we are looking for comfort and pardon let go of any

accusations that I create obstacles or circumstances so that you cannot receive my grace via My atoning Sacrifice at the

pass my heart is wide open for you and I invite you in you may choose to approach

me since I have known from the beginning that you have been painstaking in L laying the groundwork for your journey

removing obstacles I have removed every roadblock and now I offer you the key to

unlocking my mystery we are quite close on the subject of your forgiveness and my love for you permeate every fiber of

your being with the Deep truth in my words and the boundless love I have for you allowing them to resonate throughout

the fabric of your lives daily speak my Divine truths and witness how they grow

into a Bountiful Harvest a life adorned with plenty success and the sweet Aroma

of benefits by submitting my words you liberate the door to a world where faith

is more than just a concept it transforms reality as you with any luck

express your goals come to terms with the fact that manifestation occurs when

the fabric of space and time itself aligns your desires for a fulfilling

life are ahead of you in including not only your romantic adventure but also

the growth of your own family and the prospect of a future filled with

success adherence to my holy teachings enlarges my watchful care over the

canvas of your life which is a gift from your God and Father you may rest easy

knowing that I am here for you every step of the way acting as a parent figure who will guide you and provide

the perfect amount of calm when you need it most you have my unfaltering faith to help

you overcome any challenge that stands in your way and I am here to Stand By

Your Side ready to lend you a hand whenever you need it my precious darling

you have the incredible ability to remove every obstacle that stands in your way of achieving happiness and

success I am the key that unlocks the doors to your destiny Grandeur inside you therefore embody this divine power

in addition to power you can discover a treasure Trove of information and wisdom

with my help you may see clearly and make decisions that bring you happiness

prosperity and serenity have faith in the impeccable timing of my plans I am not ignoring

your hopes and goals rather I am tending to them so that they may Blossom when

the time is right let go of any uncertainties or anxieties that may Cloud your judgment and creativity

you can illuminate your path to a future brimming with advantages and plenty by looking to me and I will guide you every

step along the way my beloved child as you continue to walk in faith your

journey may have its share of challenges but it is also carrying great potential and Limitless possibilities never take

your gaze off the Horizon there is a fresh day waiting to break upon you and

in the afternoon your dreams will materialize in ways you you could never have predicted true love is fixed on the

horizon where a new day is about to break an afternoon when your wildest dreams will come true and you will be

surprised at how close you are to realizing them have faith in my love for it’s fixed far away where a new day’s

Dawn is about to break a day when your dreams and goals will materialize in

ways you could never have dreamed trust in the veracity of my love as it focuses

on the horizon awaiting the dawn of a new day that will fulfill your most

ambitious dreams have faith in my love since it lingers Far Beyond the Horizon

where a new day is about to break an afternoon when your hopes and dreams will come true in ways you can’t fathom

accept my affection because it is absolutely reliable and have faith in my

assurances since they are genuine in this deep journey of friendship that we undertake together I

am always by your side loving guiding and supporting you within the journey

brimming with meaningful purpose you will discover the power of persistence and the radiant beauty of unfaltering

faith I am enticing you beyond your own bosom in the darkness that surrounds so

many people’s lives I ask that you emerge as a shining symbol of my infinite love and hope that shines

brightly Embrace who you really are now I will never never abandon you daring Warrior because you are not afraid to

use your faith and face challenges you also know when to return to your source of strength because I am the god of

reality my word and assurances will never wave and you will win without a doubt go forth without fear I have set

aside time and space for you allowing you to live a life filled with abundance and joy do not worry about short-term

restrictions I will deal with that pray to me me confidently at any time of day

or night and I will answer your prayers and address your worries while surrounding you with my heavenly

Serenity remember that my holy word is a treasure Trove of wisdom and direction that will lead you confidently along the

road of righteousness where you will experience blessings make wise decisions

and fulfill my divine plan you will face your journey fearlessly knowing that my

protective Shadow is about you and that you are safe Under My Safe Haven both now and forever there are a lot of doors

that open every day that say come on find me again specifically crafted for

your health Prosperity Triumph and joy I am about to reveal a plethora of

beautiful Supernatural events refrain from giving into discouragement and strengthen your spirit in the face of

hurtful comments knowing that you will Triumph in the end the time has come for you to fully commit to my Everlasting

Love For You A Love That strives to remain unwavering in any case you’ll push

yourself higher even if you’ve touched the floor you must look at me with all your honesty and modesty I beg you to

seek me out daily come to terms with the fact that you need me as much as I am

expressing my need for you give me what I want my beloved child who could

possibly stand in your way with my unwavering support you are strengthened

and your status is undefeated remember that my love is greater than Earthly parents knowledge or humans fleeting

mistakes when you endure hardship take comfort in the depths of my love for you

while you absorb this revelation of this heavenly truth these days take pleasure in the moments spent in my heavenly

presence words become unnecessary our time together is really precious and we

let go of all worries My Serenity will surround you as you enter the area as

well as an aura of tranquil concealment I am here ready to shower you with love

every morning as the sun rises so you need not be afraid of the turbulent emotions of others I eagerly await your

endeavors every morning because my love for you is Limitless expand upon my point of view what could possibly

motivate me to stop loving and blessing someone as special and precious as you

my first priority is to Grant you Eternal salvation so that you may live a Fearless life protected by my love and

to walk this Earth with unshakable faith in yourself and my love that will remain

forever reflect on the sacrifice I made on the pass it was not a sign of loss

but of triumphant involvement in your victory in addition to shedding light on how to overcome personal weaknesses

exhaustion from life’s trials and emotional storms my resurrection became a source of strength and a Divine

Catalyst that will lead you to a magnificent lifestyle that goes beyond the common human experience es of

loneliness rejection and pain you are my beloved children blessed with power

bravery and success over many challenges raise your hands in Triumph as a sign of your accomplishment and a proclamation

of who you are my prayers are for the success of your activities and the

Fulfillment of your goals together with my kid believe in the divine plan for

your lives behold the Brilliance of your being like the sun rising in the morning

until it reaches its peak inside me I am the assurance that your dreams and Ambitions may come true so come find

Solace from the pain of lack and need with my gentle affection I will shape your financial landscape so that it

reflects success and I will keep the ties of your family connection strong

believe me when I say these things these are the Echoes of a Father’s love that has endured for all time not just Hollow

promises embrace the love that has followed you from the beginning of time into your heart because it is in this

sacred Embrace that I will fulfill my greatest desires for your life now is the perfect moment to give me sacred

trust appealing to not only your intellect but also your spirit heart and

soul let go of the feelings that cause harm and make mistakes free yourself from the burdens

of this world that prevent you from living a peaceful life have faith that I will spare you any more anguish even

after you have given much and received nothing in return my affection for you is beyond comprehension this is yours to

receive your Exquisite representation in my picture makes you the most precious

possession I have and I would give my life for you my darling please understand that my purpose is to guide

you toward the future that I have meticulously prepared for you a path that is Rich with opportunities and

choices that will bring you blessings and fulfillment keep in mind that following

my will brings blessings and joy into your life as well as the lives of your loved ones I am listening to your

prayers so you may wait for my response with confidence I never leave those who put their faith in me inside the holy

shelter of your home so come confidently safely and with Assurance my heavenly

kingdom is always open it is believed that your house will always be a

sanctuary of peace joy and Limitless plenty whether you let it or not you may

be certain that nothing is out of your reach now that my benign presence Graces is your Haven give yourself over to the

Everlasting company I provide live in the Tranquility I provide and let its gentle currents permeate your whole

existence no matter what path your worldly Journey takes know that my heavenly Essence will always be by your

side feel my loving spirit’s comforting presence as it resonates throughout you

serving as a constant reminder of our interwoven existence I grant you the

honor of residing beyond the turbulent currents of Earthly events so you may enjoy the inherent Tranquility that is

your rightful inheritance treasure this deep sense of Tranquility which is very important to

me and I hope it gives you boundless joy as a couple from the crack of dawn to

the Stillness as the day’s fabric unfolds we may take part in this Holy Communion whenever we choose and we can

look forward to our communion with enthusiasm as we have a conversation that goes beyond the ordinary when you

take my hand and bow before my Divine Throne I affirm and claim your special

place in my heart proclaiming to the world that you are completely mine if

only you could understand the life-changing power of those moments and the immense significance they hold in

your life’s tapestry I would celebrate with you behold the transformation of your

perspective as my words and love fill your mind with comprehension you have

received Gifts of great importance and are equipped with the unshakable promise to accomplish things beyond the

capabilities of Ordinary People a person’s non-secular wealth goes beyond

their bank accounts and credit card balances I give a blessing that is heavy with gold and contains relaxation Joy

tranquility and affection it is immune to theft or dissipation like smoke and it continues for all time my benediction

is more valuable than any material treasure because it lasts forever your loved ones your health and your faith

are more valuable than the meaningless Promises of this world only then will you attain true Victory bask in my

eternal love and revel in immense Bliss every day I am reminded of how important

it is for people to look at my face listen to my word and be kind and admiring just as I am with you my guide

and how the walls of your advantages are crumbling before your eyes because of my deep love for you I beg you again and

again to listen to what I said to you today my deepest desires are for you to be well happy and at peace additionally

may your way of life be characterized by Abundant Supply relieving you of any needless obligations even on days when

you don’t feel like working or when you get home exhausted our bond must stay unbroken never forget who I am I’ll be

right here with you all day ready to answer your questions and impart my wisdom I can feel your anguish as you

try to make sense of everything going on around you it’s hard to see how your heavenly father has been there for you

every step of the way with my love and strength I will not let you face challenges that are too great for you to

handle I am here to support you every step of the way please let let us set up

a computer within the hour when you call upon me from anywhere you will feel my

presence and hear my soothing voice in this very moment of our talk I can guide

you again and again and your demands are amazing to me at this moment there is a

graceful calm this Incredible Gift is all yours to accept so don’t pass it up

as you bring your hands close to your eyes let your worries melt away and let the heavenly calm surround your heart

my love will Encompass you your whole being is a precious story never lose sight of that you pen each chapter with

great care and purpose moving forward remember that your story is a work in

progress with chapters yet to unfold your story is brimming with the expectation that the yet to be unveiled

promises will culminate in a costly resolution that fortifies your unwavering Faith grounded in the

certainty of my unwavering love and B boundless understanding with Assurance competence

and calm self assurance the road ahead opens as the year winds down and the

festive Christmas season approaches I will be by your side every single step of the way the celebrations are more

than just a party they should be a moving reminder of the desire and rebirth I bring into your life on a

daily basis as we enter this season of reflection and contemplation May the

living image of my Everlasting presence love resonate inside the fabric of your

life just as it does at Christmas pause for a moment and think about all the

blessings I’ve given you over the last year I wish you a year filled with happiness and thankfulness as you

reflect on the past year and look forward to all the new opportunities that the next year brings my greatest

desire is to mold and influence your lives with the knowledge I provide with you in my classes therefore I want to

etch this knowledge into your soul join me on an adventure to Uncharted territories of Joy where you can soak up

the light of my serenity delight and Limitless Joy also when you establish a

firm foundation of faith and bury yourself in the Treasure Trove of my heavenly teachings may all your efforts

bear fruit and all your dreams come true have faith that I can grant all your

wishes and more creating a life full of blessings that will allow you to share in the joy of a United family and a

harmonious home trust me my darling because I am always here to help you

feel me in the gentle touch of each wind the warmth of each Sunbeam and the joy of every smile shared with your dear

ones even though my Essence may also appear ephemeral always remember the

Limitless love I have for you you are my most beautiful introduction made with

such magnificent purpose that you are full of latent potential Grace you must

not allow unfounded accusations to sway your faith in me I have bestowed upon you the physical prowess mental agility

and courage to face any difficulty headon have your thoughts or heart hindered your Faith’s expansion put it

aside and ignore any alerts that don’t fit with my teachings I’ve crafted you

for greatness and planned a life of blessings to help you overcome any obstacles you may face may your lives

weave the threads of unfaltering Faith Divine Purpose and the infinite love

that I your writer typically bestow upon you my darling toddler in the safety of

my unfaltering commitment to you may the depths of your faith find Comfort I

assure you that my promises are Not Mere platitudes but steadfast pledges that I

will fulfill with Divine Precision today even if the results of my kindness may

not immediately come to mind rest easy knowing that I’m skillfully connecting

your remaining gains to a web of Providence some people around you are so

caught up in their own lives that they don’t even notice when you’re going through tough times please know that

many of them care deeply about you and your well-being but they may struggle to express their feelings for you due to

the fear of rejection so please do not let my absence go unnoticed let the joy

that I pour into your heart each day shine through a radiant smile a smile

that can initiate deep healing and Limitless Miracles just as I do every day be friendly and smile at everyone

see the dramatic change in their perspective they’ll start to notice you coming you will meet people who will

become huge blessings in your life and you will also find the way to mend broken relationships and make true

friends I have established a genuine and enduring bond with you ensuring our

eternal connection a new lease on life will wash your sins away and direct your steps in

a miraculous way you might find out about some serious news that’s about to go viral if you use these things

properly you will also become a tremendous Boon to people in your immediate vicinity and to countries far

away always begin by blessing those closest to you on this day carry on with

your journey while remembering the promises I made to you during times of conflict please accept my assistance and

we will climb that mountain together you will soon feel peace in your spirit and as you go about your day you will feel

my everpresent presence and be at peace spending time in conversation with you

is truly soothing I get a rush out of being of service to you and it makes my day whenever you ask me for advice may

you rest in the beautiful promise that I will bless and help you in all things my love for you is unending and unwavering

right now my my heart’s desire is for you to be filled to the brim with immense Joy Limitless safety and the

Everlasting sense that I am here for you there is a new level of happiness and

contentment waiting for my innocent heart a vessel of unfaltering faith and

love we have heard and answered your prayers spoken in the Stillness of your heart in ways you could never have

imagined bring a spirit of gratitude and an open heart to this dazzling season

the beginning of a new chapter often Heralds a period of rest and renewal the

difficult experiences you’ve endured have refined your character Beyond mere testing embrace the blessings and

opportunities that have already come your way you are now prepared to receive them your past struggles have not been

in vain rather they have played a crucial role in developing your character strengthening your faith and

preparing you for the Abundant Blessings that are about to pour into your life your life the road ahead is illuminated

by hope and I assure you that it has not been in vain a time of great happiness

and prosperity is about to come your way the sufferings and tests of the Hereafter have shaped and refined you a

lot of good things have come your way because of your unwavering Faith you are about to enter a realm of abundance

where all of your dreams will come true be strong and courageous as you face Giants without fear lean on your faith

and self-confidence to help you win watch what you say to avoid hurtful comments let go of hurtful emotions and

replace regrets and memories with dreams and Ambitions Let The Healing forgiveness of my heart envelop you

completely let me transform your past into something beautiful I am kindling a

fire within you so that you can shed light on those around you especially the ones you hold dear and see the changes

in their faces as they look up at you with the light in your eyes this is the miraculous

anointing that my Holy Spirit has bestowed upon me as a gift of love and

grace you must take it upon yourself to nourish your spirit with my teachings

you are devoting yourself to the spiritual realm in an effort to locate me through prayer your goals may even

reflect your inherent desire to follow me I will reveal to you the father’s

Divine will a glimpse of Paradise is for the exact Journey not for broad public

proclamations be a good honest friend and walk tall and humble as you go along

treat people with the respect and dignity you would expect from your brothers and sisters every time I plant

a new Supernatural seed in your soul with your unique love and care I pray

that it will grow into a harvest of healing power and miracles behold the beauty and goodness that radiators you

your love loved ones and your friends live in Perfect Harmony seeking me all at once wherever there is animosity my

Holy Spirit Will depart some people claim to love me but they constantly bring others down while they’re talking

about themselves it breaks my heart in all seriousness ignoring criticism from

outside sources what lies ahead is proof of my dominance I am the ruler of glory

and I’m am holding your family and your very being in my Mercy filled hands I

beg you to humbly accept my love so that I can bless you even more it is my

Divine will to write these words on your soul tablet allowing them to reverberate in your heart until they become an

everlasting part of who you are so resist the Allure of distractions and

let your inner Sanctuary be filled with court cases and frustrations always keep

in mind that this is a trial of your metal an opportunity to show that you can not only focus but also accept value

and obediently follow this sacred phrase that I am planting deep within you may

you dedicate the initial moments of your daily walk to listening to my voice

recognize the many challenges you face and accept that the strength to overcome

them may elude you at times try must courage and believe deeply that a single

prayer has the power to heal Elevate and bring about instant success ignoring

your ingratitude and lack of appreciation for your Limitless love does not diminish your immense

significance in my and many others eyes you can rest easy knowing that I

appreciate all of your hard work and admire your unfaltering commitment to showing kindness without expecting

anything in return my heavenly ebook keeps track of every sacrifice you’re making pay attention I’m not here alone

I am with you even when I am not physically there Heavenly and terrestrial Witnesses alike have banded

together to cheer you on in your adventure if you need assistance in Combat Warrior angels are ready to fight

alongside you defeating enemies and removing obstacles many people care

about you and keep you in their prayers I personally consider your request every

day pay close attention as you listen for the phrases that reverberate in your mind and reveal themselves

visually those are not empty words they are profound truths that speak to your very being greeting each new day with

genuine Joy must have seemed like an insurmountable task in light of the obstacles that have hung over your head

you’ve come this far in The Crucible of adversity having endured tests that

shredded you to your core but now you’re on the verge of a miraculous transformation my darling you have

triumphed unfalteringly Shining as an example of perseverance in the face of

hardship despite the fact that the turbulent waves of the Arena attempted to Cloud your vision and rattle your

Faith’s inspiration your journey through this Barren Wasteland characterized by

days of disappointment and loneliness is drawing to a close I’m aware of the

length and nature of your suffering and I proclaim a change in the cosmic modern era bringing forth days of brilliant Joy

the people around you will see the revitalizing power and vitality flowing through you proof of how my divine

intervention has changed you through the Maze of difficulties you’ve encountered on your journey through the barren

Wasteland of loneliness and exhaustion my infinite wisdom will serve as a beacon to lead you home your unfaltering

faith love for me and dedication to your family kept you going as you limped

along dry and vulnerable your tenacity has not yet gone unrecognized and now I

am sending forth clouds that will bring a special rain Living Water that will soothe your tired Spirit Feel My Love

seep into your soul like a Divine Elixir that soothes pain and brings you Tranquility I am faithful to my word I

hear your prayers and answer them with unfaltering focus when you call upon my holy name I will lead you into a land of

miraculous wonders where blessings will shower down upon you and your loved ones this demonstrates your faithfulness

cander and unwavering faith in me I am entrusting your fate to the tender

loving care of another you deserve the best and I am no longer talking about material possessions let me see your

happiness and hear your thankful Spirit my love the most magnificent and

magnificent present that is already enveloping and supporting you right now is what I’m speaking of this love is a

beautiful sentiment that gives you the courage to face any challenge headon it

lights a fire in your heart that is already Burning Brightly examine my word

my promises and my ability I have bestowed many advantages upon you to

obtain and you sit beside me in the Heavenly Realms right now they have

complete faith in them with absolute certainty I can assure you that the depth of these truths may also elude

your complete comprehension I am more optimistic than the air you breathe more beautiful and

pure than the sunlight that illuminates your daily Journey from dawn until the sun sets and I never get tired or sleepy

no matter how many hours pass as you come humbly before my throne in prayer I

am prepared and aware of every need that arises from your Beating Heart determine

the core of my Mercy it is a gift that will last forever a token of love that

is not conditional on your good fortune or flawlessness you will already have the reputation that comes with my

declaration that you deserve the fine it may not be necessary to engage in a thousand

conflicts or endure a multitude of hardships in order to receive additional blessings in my nation be thankful and

humble when you receive blessings and remember that religion wins the War I

don’t want you to use the talents I’ve given you for selfish gain to sell yourself short or to seek approval from

other people true followers resist the temptation to be arrogant and follow the lead of those who claim to be their

leaders by acting in accordance with my principles of Integrity keep your spirit

from being satisfied in order for you to maintain your modesty I have bestowed upon you considerable possessions and

blessings when you extend a helping hand to those in need with honest gestures

the everpresent dance of the sector will Amaze you with a Cascade of Miracles as

people navigate the complex Web of Life you can be sure that my love for you

will will always be a constant pressing force your unfaltering Devotion to

following my guidance your unfaltering adherence to my Commandments your eagerness to hear my advice and the

depth of your love for me are all evidence of this eternal love consider each day as an opportunity to infuse

your life with the valuable lessons I impart it’s a chance to create something

fresh every day every morning let the sun rise and have a good time with me

remember remember that the light of my glory Shines on your heart even on days when you awake to the cloud cover that

usually illuminates Your Existence a cloudy day has many advantages disadvantages and obstacles

but it also has the ability to grow and change let the cloud serve as a reminder

never allow your surroundings to limit or intimidate you in the face of ambiguity I promise to be your steadfast

companion as you navigate the maze of Life Choices even on a cloudy day there

are plenty of advantages I’m giving this to you because I care about your soul rest assured I stand by your side no

matter what so you need not fear those who put their hope in material things and the problems they see around them

often fall prey to Despair and negativity their once resilient resolve to reject meaningless platitudes and put

fleeting friendships ahead of my spiritual Council will soon erode and they will quickly Stray From the Path I

have laid out for them trace your faith back to the unchanging Foundation of my Everlasting Love and learn from their

mistakes recognize what elevates and edifies rather than giving in to the transient Allure of material Goods this

sacred phrase brings restoration edification power and sustenance feed

your soul and mind extra dearly if you approach me with unwavering faith I will

guide you to an incontestable height you will calm your spirit by gazing at a picturesque landscape and you will find

peace in your mind by settling your racing thoughts this is a safe haven for

you my friend remain for a bit open your hands to accept the abundance that this hallowed place has to offer gather all

of these benefits put them in your heart and wrap yourself in the mantle of strength I am offering as the fire of my

Holy Spirit devours all impurities the sensation of my gentle touch upon your

head is exquisite and indescribably wonderful the precious moments that you

give me every day are carefully molding the course of your lives improving it with each passing grade there may be no

need to rush on this holy Mission we should not do so at this time I beg you to lose yourself in the unfolding

technique understanding and loving its inherent cost as you go allow my presence to Captivate you to the extent

that uncertainty cannot breach the security of your mind know that my love for you is unfaltering and that my hand

will eventually reach out to help you and lift you up even if my voice seems quiet in the midst of your most

ambitious trials as we stand on the brink of entering new and better Gates

beyond the reach of those who were once closed off your unfaltering faith and belief in my all powerful electricity

have not long since been disregarded and I for one take up the task of retrieving

what has become lost in the afterlife to successfully integrate into your lives

and overcome your past losses I am relying on a wealth of beneficial blessings when you let go of resentment

and bitterness towards someone who has wronged you you liberate your heart from the bonds of broken relationships or

failures that stem from your own mistakes eliminate any trace of animosity betrayal or Vengeance from

your subcon ious mind my promise to you will never waver my precious little one

no matter what happens in this vast Cosmic tapestry my deep love for you will always be there to ground you I

have meticulous plans for you and I know every detail about them all with the goal of protecting you from harm recite

your deepest desires one more time and I hailing from the Heavenly Nations will

listen intently fulfilling your deepest desires have a good time your Str

struggles are over and your Victory Is Almost Here think long and hard my baby

do you believe me to be genuine do you use your side to show that you’re aware of my constant presence is there a

possibility that I may leave you with anything that you’ve ever considered may you acknowledge on this joyous occasion

that I am attentive to your prayers ever Vigilant and that my love Embraces every

tear that falls while I am here you have a special and irreplaceable place in my

my heart and I am here right now to tell you how much I love you and confirm it

the simple Act of recognizing you as my little child brings me more joy than anything else to you I am more than just

a parent I am also a brother and a god approach me with unfaltering self

assurance free from the chains of judgment for I am here waiting to embrace you Empower you and bring out

the best in you my kind kid understand this my love for you has been and will

be an Endless River full of Limitless elegance and impact and I am a Dey of

unwavering faithfulness it has never changed and it will never end you need

no longer be shy about asking me for whatever you want can you not have faith

that I will provide abundantly for you via him my son with everything that I have generously given you today is

shaping up to be your Monumental breakthrough your Triumph an Triumph Let The Echoes of your satisfaction

reverberate and make a company Proclaim all of my promises in your presence My

Cries ReSound addressing every disease and controlling the demon that has attempted to afflict me they are

primarily holy names and you must bow down before them please know that I have

an undeniable crush on you this boundless Love Now inspires assurances

for you my concern for your happiness and success will remain unwavering get

in step with my heavenly plan be still and know that this is the truth that will guide you through the complex Web

of Life you will see the manifestation of benefits Beyond Your Wildest

imagination as you continue to ground yourself in my love your journey is a testament to the power of Faith to

change lives I wish for your family freedom from all limitations the health

and happiness that come with it the opportunity to engage in meaning F work and the strength that comes with an

insightful education may they hold tight to their hope for the future and for

generations to come by working together to identify your hopes desires and goals

for the future you will create a brighter tomorrow your hopes and goals shouldn’t be too grandiose or too daring

have you ever thought about that take this in my remarkable vision and foresight for you and your own family

have been implanted in your heart here is a formidable task that I am presenting to you take courage and

Proclaim to the world that your God is kind full of mercy and Grace for those who seek him with a sincere heart

willing to repent and become heroes in their faith by reaching out to people in

need you will be able to bring about Marvels and miracles such as the provision of food clothing and healing

these promises I know spark your passion my message will bring bring tremendous

benefits to your soul something you could not have anticipated when you started on your journey to find me the

extraordinary events and radical change in your way of life are just the beginning of the incredible Miracles

that are about to unfold within your own family and yourself whether you’re up at

the crack of dawn or whenever your spirit is prepared to receive this message behold me because I am a gift if

you listen to me and follow my advice I can show you the way to a world of benefits your love is my life’s work

find Peace by getting in touch with this throughout all the ups and downs I am orchestrating the timing to bring

blessings to your family never forget that the purpose of all art is to serve

a higher power I continue to have authority over your fate no matter how

strong your partner is it is my presence that will give you that extra boost I

have trans trans formed your sorrow into Joy your sadness into a desire and I have revealed your true purpose

wonderful and extraordinary to you even those who previously knew you will

recognize the transformation I have instilled in you a Divine anointing that provides you with the strength to begin

again I reach out my hand and invite you to step into the Abundant Blessings that

are waiting for your requests sounds of Purity and righteousness echo in the

depths of my Celestial Beating Heart not just any doors but doors leading to a life decked with Goods beyond measure

may be opened for you by me whatever it is that you desire a treasure of Fitness

a deeper relationship with me or spiritual well-being now is the time to act not vanity or transient material

things your goodness will flourish as a result of your actions show compassion

no matter where you are feel free to share the message of Love desire and benefits with everyone regardless of

whether they are in need or not a Heavenly reciprocity that increases your Delight in life by a factor of will

occur when you freely give to others as I guide you towards blessings you will

experience a life of magnificence that transcends transient Earthly wealth

flourishing in the abundance of an abundant and eternal existence for those who actively seek me then everything

else will fall into place a spirit’s treasure in harmony with Divine reason

is more valuable than any amount of material Goods you may amass on your journey soak in all the wisdom I have to

offer irrespective of their level of social acceptance keep in mind that the

foundation of every miraculous event and breathtaking moment is a person’s gentle

sincere Faith gratitude is the invisible gas that transforms your faith into a

luminous Beacon that paves the way for others you have seen the Wonders that religion has accomplished the trials

that it has endured the benefits that it has improved for the needy the triumph

over deceit the recognition of the knowledge you have received and the determination to consider others refocus

your attention away from the old hurts and onto the new benefits we may share by overcoming the need to wallow in the

past follow a path Less Traveled as you get closer to trying Triumph on the

other side of the Horizon a massive Mountain Stands Tall and proud approach

it courageously and tenaciously Fields ready for Bountiful crops lay beyond their Peak cherish the life that flows

through you my darling child know the immense value you have in my heart and love yourself as much as I love you show

your respect for me by following what I say and taking care of your mental emotional and physical health as each

new day begins may you rise with the Divine assurance that your unique purpose and Abundant Life are

predetermined keep an eye out for your family’s success in the future you will

not only have chances but also certainty of satisfaction and success your talent

for bringing pleasure to hearts in pain is already well established adopt my

words and witness the infusion of Supernatural joy in your mind heart and soul as they EX vied the gentleness of

heavenly satisfaction permit the traces of melancholy and despair that have been

hiding in your depths to evaporate like Morning Mist before the warmth of the sun is now filling your lives this is no

accident it is a physical representation of my infinite kindness unfaltering love

and Limitless Grace get ready for a series of miraculous events that are about to happen and the things around

you will be drastically changed watch as those who have fixed their eyes on you nurture the or inspiring Brilliance that

emanates from inside however I beseech you to maintain vigilance among this

heavenly elevation protecting your heart from the treacherous Tangles of Joy

everyone can see that I have the ability to help the poor the oppressed the defeated and the

outcast those who have endured judgment and condemnation without real recognition will serve as living

Testaments to my tremend tremendous power the limits of character growth my beloved do not apply to your future it

is your Divine Purpose to have a life-altering impact on everyone you meet my kindness and compassion are

woven into the fabric of your life through the chapters that make up your triumphs and

tribulations each step you take in unison with me will further weave the grand Narrative of your life into my

meticulously crafted masterpiece unveiling the purpose of each Challenge and harmoniously integrating each thread

into the larger fabric of your lives your perseverance a quality you honed in

The Crucible of enjoy will yield benefits and your faith will serve as a rock that endures life’s challenges in

times of uncertainty or depression when the way forward seems hazy I beg you to

pray fervently to me through the Maze of life I am your steady light your

steadfast guide my words will be clear and concise as I guide you through Hills and Valleys

ultimately bringing you closer to a place of tranquility and personal growth where you can recharge in the quiet of

your travels you should know that you are not alone embrace the everchanging

tides of life with my heavenly Presence at your side a constant source of

comfort Embrace each day with an attitude of deep appreciation seeing it

as a precious gift and an opportunity to grow closer to God and demonstrate compassion to others patience and love

in times of Victory let thankfulness be your song when times get tough look for

my face remember that the trials you face are not punishments but rather chances to grow as a person a way to

shape yourself to be more like me and the people who accompany you on this journey no matter what comes up keep in

mind at all times that I am there behind you watching everything that’s happening

there is nothing you need the vocabulary you learn gives you self assurance and

the expressions of thanks that flow from your lips become abundant by opening your Bible and

seeking my direction and instructions you have made the astounding decision to reignite your faith and return to the

traditional road every seed you seow in the depths of your coronary heart will

yield a Bountiful Harvest of % free fruit your spirit carefully weaves every

word and verse from the Psalms to my Proverbs into its rich soil from these

seeds of transformation great choices and effective Miracles will grow unwaveringly looking behind you is

unnecessary the path you’re on is narrow but the one leading you to a substantial life is righteous a New Harmony among

your family is on the horizon and the Tranquility that surrounds you is a vital component of that

Harmony in my ideal World everyone will always be well prepared so Triumph never

surprises anyone and the enemy can’t take advantage of any openings this Readiness is guarded by a humble

attitude and the deliberate decision to treat others kindly lend a helping hand with deep respect and utilize one’s

possessions for one’s own benefit and the benefit of others without ulterior motives however those ens snared by

greed who seek quick wealth hoard my benefits and refuse to share will never experience real Prosperity think about

how I gave my life so that you in spite of all the hardships you face can find

Redemption and freedom I want the future to be filled with joy and Tranquility

you and your loved ones will reap the rewards of my blood’s transformational power which I will reveal to you I would

love to be of service but seeing your outlook and sincere desire for Improvement brings me great joy it gives

me immense pleasure to see your journey towards success and your dogged determination is evidence of the

strength inside you I beg you with all my heart to put your trust in my word

and to join me in listening first thing in the morning with wide eyes and the hope that a prosperous life lies ahead

here I am always reminding you that you are not alone no matter how difficult things become yesterday

unanticipated troubles brought tears interrupted your plans and left you feeling abandoned and betrayed by

individuals you thought loved you particularly when you needed them the most I know how much suffering you’re

going through but I promise you that your genuine screams and tears have reached the holy seat of God your

destiny shapes on this Hallowed Ground diseases find context requiring healing

and I multiply comfort in your times of distress be aware that you not forgotten

even if the people you relied on have abandoned you I have remained by your side unwaveringly throughout this latest

insolvency my presence remains engulfing you your life experiences have given you

wisdom compassion and the ability to bounce back from adversity those

characteristics will be with you as you face new obstacles and seize new possibilities those characteristics will

be at your side take this journey into consideration it is a divinely organized path to your

destiny know that I am always with you providing guidance support and comfort

if you come to me when you are confused or afraid I will show you the way to calmness and Assurance your journey

shows the strength of faith and the perseverance of the human soul keep the

valuable lessons you’ve learned from the past close by as you go ahead there

gifts that will help you navigate and mold your future embrace the change of

seasons with an open heart ready to take advantage of all that this new chapter

of your journey has to offer with an overflowing cup of thankfulness and anticipation incorporate the changes

your struggles are no longer obstacles rather they are Stepping Stones on the

path to Greater purpose and self-awareness with your strength and perseverance you have been an

inspiration to everyone around you and to yourself throughout this time of transition as You Follow the path of

wisdom prepare to experience a deep sense of tranquility and understanding

within the fabric of time at this precise Moment The Cosmic order will reveal the Heavenly keys to your hopes

desires and Ambitions so on this day of preparation I implore you to establish

your faith in me and take strength from the source of my teachings my words have an enduring WI wisdom that when you hear

them will ignite a revolutionary spark that will allow you to redraw your life’s map keep at it even if it costs a

pretty penny in the pursuit of steadfast faith and I couldn’t agree more immerse

yourself in the teachings and let them grow in your mind as you apply them to your life witness the transformation

unfold embrace the challenges that come your way because I am here always by

your side ready to lend a helping hand and offer guidance you my beloved Son

and Daughter are the realization of my deepest desires for Joy may you thrive in everything that you do the journey

that has come before is proof of your strength and I beg you to write my lessons into the tablets of your heart

along with the Deep truth that when you change your thoughts your whole being changes do not be afraid the authority

of God is behind your proclamations embrace the power of of your words to break down barriers and

eliminate negativity that may be preventing you from achieving your blessings today May health and wealth

bless your lives the lives of your children and the generations to come I do not require everyone’s consent

in order to forgive and bless you I do not need the consent of everyone here

the driving force behind this is my deep love for you cemented by My

Sacrifice your faith and Soul do not need to be dependent on the approval of others who may also fail to understand

the great work I have done for your life stay true to yourself some people may

refuse to forgive you either way hold on to resentment and animosity against you forever and ever in order to keep you

out of their lives they could single you out accept it and go forward it is your

element that you have completed go ahead and continue your adventure my intent intentions for you

are quite good if you put your faith in me you will succeed with my help you

will be able to overcome any obstacle my hands May free you from despair lift

your thoughts from the depths of Despair should you encounter another adversity or believe that something is a Miss

within you I will always be here to support you please pay attention to my words you can’t contribute anything more

regardless of how you came across or agree with them please give me your Faith your sorrow your heart your

willingness to give up in your devotion accept this as true my love for you is

Limitless hold on to it feel it and agree with it I’m always here for you

your steadfast determination in the face of hardship is very inspiring and the Miracle you have long anticipated is

just around the corner believe in your own invulnerability nothing can stop you

you are aware that I am always by your side and you also reject the gloom and doom that surrounds you you are

rightfully in my divine presence and while you bow before me think that my Legion armed with shining swords is

executing a miracle to cleave the winds and destroy the forces of evil behold

the power and Majesty that envelop you striking dread into the hearts of your religious enemies they may threaten from

a distance but they lack the courage and strength to really hurt you within the

light of my love you will stand strong a shining example of Bravery at ease in

the knowledge that you are eternally protected by the omnipotence of my heavenly Embrace by fully immersing

yourself in the deep meaning of these words and letting them strengthen your spirit You Stand Out Among the Brave and

tenacious people for whom I amplify my heavenly message raise your hands

powerfully and declare my heavenly father my stunning Lord and my God

forever cherished me allowing this message to resonate in Your Heart Like A melodic hymn being physically healthy

mentally alert and blessed with the gifts of wisdom and insight makes me the embodiment of a conqueror who is also

loyal and unwavering I see this nation of being for you every morning deeply ingrained

in my Divine phrase my beloved child I am a constant Presence at your side one

that doesn’t seek approval or company from anyone else recognize that I will respond to every

one of your petitions from the most Monumental to the most trivial with

answers that are the Pinnacle of perfection and accept as true the Ethereal expressions of my eternal love

if we are on this journey together we may reach a new place where faith will guide you and help you succeed your

faith a firm belief that your heavenly father loves and values you in an incredible sweet astounding Ing and

unmatched way is your most powerful weapon do not fear during times of loss

and pain for I am here with my Majestic might a caring father embracing you in

tenderness and affection it is admirable that you possess courage autonomy and an

indisputable electric charge these qualities are Divine Everlasting and

Supernatural even if the burden on your shoulders becomes heavier by the day remember that I am not imposing it on

you alone to be really free you need the assistance of others I beg you trust me

have faith in me find calm let’s have a seat and chat for a little I want you to

let the restorative power of my words permeate your being I pray that healing

promises reach your heart and help you let go of your inner anxieties you run

with the utmost care and responsibility to make sure everything goes well you

have fulfilled your obligations but the excessive effort you put in can cause you to wander off your path you will

grow my sister but if your runs don’t produce results you’ll start to feel like you’re just floating along without

my intervention you fight for your daily bread and your own family’s support

struggles are likely to be futile quit being so rushed that you lose sleep and have restless nights take a deep breath

and let me make your ideas more understandable your tired body deserves a break and I send you healing

encouraging and comforting thoughts in Warfare you confront Rivals every day

and the wind is always blowing in the opposite direction I would rather that this resistance not wear you down allow

me to assist you if you exceed your capabilities I think you’ll find it beneficial return to the depths of my

adoration let your religion shine with the same Radiance it always has you can

rely on me without ever feeling embarrassed I decided to do this so that

you may ReDiscover the fire inside you that burned with a desire to find me you

have not surrendered to your Ambitions spend more time in my presence allowing your thoughts to fully immerse

themselves in my message if you want to settle any issues with me this is essential I will raise my hand as a true

friend so don’t be afraid let’s go on this journey side by side experience the

spirits in embodiment let Joy soak into your soul and calmness wash over your

thoughts I’m here today to advise and encourage you there’s no need to go through life always fighting and

suffering alone because you believe no one understands or can help you we will

carefully intertwine every intricate thread of your family tree and financial

status I am here to assist you so put your unshakable trust in me as the one

who uplifts you bestowing radiant power upon you to persevere even when others

may have questioned you know that I have always had faith in the Limitless potential that I have meticulously

implanted in you now is your chance to shine brightly I your lord am the one

who gives you strength and I will never leave you or forsake you come with me on this adventure I need you to hold my

hand on this joyous occasion I will reveal to you the cunning schemes I have painstakingly devised for your way of

life feeling at ease knowing that I can answer any question you may have when you seek me out in the depths of

intimacy and Converse with me I will always adore you sometimes the stress

and exhaustion of Life can overshadow your desire to hear from me and spend time in my company despite the profound

impact our daily discussions have on your well-being your energy waines as your mind becomes consumed by your

racing thoughts and worries come listen to me me bring your requests to me and

wash yourself in the river of life-giving water that pours from me witness the miraculous changes taking

place in your life when you answer this call this call Will fortify your physical and spiritual selves and raise

your spirit please allow me a little bit of your time it is my humble plea that

you take a moment out of your busy day to show me your unfaltering faith I know

that you have a lot on your plate already give it one more shot if you want please return whenever is most

convenient for you first thing in the morning late at night or whenever else suits you with the Beehive of Honey

flowing from The Rock and the presence of holy wheat I am prepared where time

is not an issue I will feed you you will transform the time you dedicate to me

into motivation and energy the blessings of Eternal and crystalline rivers of divine Joy brilliant peace Supernatural

enthusiasm and holy knowledge will pour down upon you like rivers of fullness from Heaven

even as your enemy tries to shake your faith and self-confidence refrain from listening to him and instead stand firm in the

face of his impact put your fears to rest if you are unwavering and brave I

will shower you with blessings and mercy remember that my love and power will

always be with you my beloved child teaching you to turn your problems into strengths your joy into joy and your

sadness into happiness my affection for you my son and daughter will never

change keep in mind that I’m thinking about you and your lifestyle right now put all your trust in me and accept it

as truth I can handle this while I’m here I can see to it that you find a

root to health wealth and endless Joy accept it without question I am here

today to change your destiny because your prayers have come to me and I have answered your call your plight and your

call for help are clear to me stand firm for I am coming to you as the God who

can do Miracles no matter how difficult things become you will find love and

protection my holy spirit will strengthen you and I will be with you every step of the way so even if you

fall and your enemy thinks he has you under his control I will lift you up with tears in your eyes hold on to your

faith love devotion hope and honesty as you continue on this path knowing that

Beyond these obstacles is a life full of blessings bestowed by my kindness and mercy immerse yourself in the joy and

unwavering faith that guide your daily steps you are no longer bound by the chains of the Hereafter and the spirit

of isolation and grief has no place in your thoughts every day you demonstrate my

strength and I am elated at the prospect of doing much more with you as long as you maintain this remarkable Faith your

heart is a gift for me the most beautiful things you can provide are your faith devotion and heart even if

your sense of sight isn’t quite developed yet you may give your spirit the assurance that my response is

confident you will reach Great Heights and jump you may always find a solution to your problems at my holy throne for

the door is always open to you I treasure you and always hold you you in my holy hands well then the drought is

over and harvesting can begin use such phrases to support your point of You by

enduring the difficulties you have prepared yourself for the wonderful gift that is approaching close by overcoming

obstacles and learning to persevere in the face of adversity you will acquire invaluable experience and insight I will

ensure the realization of my purpose for you I am well aware of your dedication

and strong desire to conform to my will indeed I have faith in the Fulfillment

of the numerous promises made to you arise courageous Warrior of faith and

face your difficult circumstances head on by remaining steadfast in your

confidence in your heavenly father’s teachings if someone loves you they will forgive you and offer you Limitless

blessings now is the time to activate your faith by turning the pages of your holy book and taking in my teachings

by maintaining your resolve and fortifying your unwavering Faith you may take a leap of faith and have your

troubles alleviated be careful not to stumble I am the bright light that will lead you

you no longer go out in the dark and you engage in conflicts not alone but rather

while lying in a cozy Harbor anticipating your arrival with great

anticipation we are planning your future to bring you an abundance of pleasure pleasure Fitness quiet peace desire

provision and a future filled with your loved ones believe what I have said about the cause I have presented to you

rest assured if unexpected disappointment and sadness knock on your Soul’s door do not fret or lose heart at

that time of spiritual exhaustion maybe you’ll recall that I was here my Holy

Spirit Will seduce you and guide your broken heart back to me I have the power to Electrify you and give you the will

to succeed no depth is too deep for me to rescue if you have veered from the

straight path turn to me in true repentance and trust that I will lead you back enjoy the love and protection

of a father who will stand up for and defend you put your confidence in me and

I will take care of everything give me your problems and I will tell you how to fix them your life is a complex tapestry

my darling child and I can see the marks of hardship and loss that it has left on you in the middle of your anguish the

weight of your troubles has become a heavy load shrouding your days in Gloom and filling your heart with doubt my

love for you has no limits and I am here to be a constant Presence by your side

as a painful representation of your pain and weariness I understand the quiet tears you shed in the Stillness of the

night you may remain calm my darling for these trials are just passing clouds and

the shadows will part as soon as soon as the light of a new day reaches you I will remain steadfast by your side while

you face the terrifying valley of darkness and death I will always be by

your side forever and ever my love shall be your compass and shield fear must

leave your heart my beloved whatever your mood or difficulty you can count on my unwavering presence your faith in me

will endure the storm because my love for you is genuine and unending I won’t leave you high and dry

my strong hands will always be there to hold you as you face every challenge Triumph and test in life there is no

need for you to give in worry my darling embrace the future with optimism knowing

that I will provide you with the power to overcome any difficult situation even though the road ahead may

be long and rough take heart in the fact that I am your father your lord and

savior and the one who watches over your every move with bravery and resolve my darling keep

going take comfort in The Sound Advice of my holy word and lose yourself in the

depths of my teachings never underestimate the life-altering potential of prayer because in my

presence you will find the strength to face and Conquer whatever challenge life throws at you my darling think about all

the bravery and strength you possess stay strong in your faith and don’t let

the traps bring you down if my love loved ones stay firmly planted in my affection I will never let them down

even if the adversary puts their faith in me keep in mind that your trust in me

has the ability to overcome any obstacle and make the seemingly impossible doable

my darling if you remain steadfast in your faith I will bless your life with an abundance of blessings and Grace the

fruits of your persistence will be great oh my beloved May the strength of my love fill your soul instead of worrying

put your whole faith in me and grasp on Fast imagine me as a soft Breeze that

envelops you in its comforting Embrace a gentle breeze that caresses the fields

and think of all the promises I have woven into your life allow yourself to be filled to the brim with an

overwhelming feeling of love and optimism stay focused on me my love and

face this path ahead with unwavering faith knowing that even in the depths of Despair a new day will break through my

darling I pray that you will go on with your life’s work no matter how heavy your difficulties are or how many

obstacles you may face you must not give into them or let your will be crushed

you have my unending love shining brightly in my eyes and I am by your side every moment of the day prior to

dismissing those pessimistic ideas that spread lies about your talents and chances of success shed light on the

route forward what matters most is not the difficulties you encounter but how

you triumph over them with my Limitless Grace and strength if you put your faith in me my darling then you may rest easy

I am here to ensure your success if you put your faith in me no matter what I

will show you the way to a future filled with hope and success the strength to overcome any obstacle and the serenity

you’ve been seeking inscribe these words deep inside you and let the guide you through these challenging times keep

going even when the days drag on and the nights don’t seem to end no matter how

dark Things become I pray you will always remember that the light at the end of the tunnel will shine through and

lift the clouds off your shoulders have faith my beloved child that the trials

you are experiencing are just a precursor to the gifts and chances that are about to come your way you will

emerge from these hardships as stronger more resilient person my affection for you is profound

please know that my love for you is unwavering and unquestionable you need

to be a little more determined and strong my kid keep in mind that you have an inner power that goes beyond what you

can see therefore you shouldn’t let the dread of crossing the river of difficulties stop you from reaching your

destiny of blessings and plenty the challenges you face are intensifying but

my might will protect you from the enemy’s Arrows with unfaltering bravery

my youngster confronts the challenges in spite of everything press on with unwavering resolve knowing that my grace

and strength will see you through as your father and the creator of the world

I ask that you hold fast to the promises I have given to you and that you never let uncertainty cast a shadow over them

let me show you the way to a future filled with joy and prosperity I am offering you the incredible chance for a

new beginning today my darling my cherished kid and my Priceless son

you’re about to enter a new chapter in your life and from this point on you may expect a radical change in all areas in

this holy moment I offer forgiveness to cover all your shortcomings and any transgressions that may have

characterized your history so there’s no need to feel ashamed or humbled arouse

your emotions you know that I am with you you because you have unfaltering faith and see the incredible change

taking place all around you I will give you the strength to overcome any

obstacle and the wisdom to appreciate the good things that I in my boundless Grace give you my darling ignore the

world’s distractions and get near me in the midst of chaos find solace in

closing your eyes taking a deep breath and letting my presence bring you profound peace I understand every detail

of your journey and I’m with you every step of the way as you navigate these complex and difficult

times with the same amount of love that I pour out to you even the little things that happen to you are not able to

escape my careful attention be kind to your fellow humans and lend a hand to

those in need in your community I beg you I’m aware of the difficulties that

may arise but I can guarantee you that they will not be impossible to overcome

be for forgiving and patient with those who may try to hurt you forgiveness is

the way to peace and comfort in times of turmoil even when betrayal weighs heavily on your heart look I am giving

you the power to start again and the insight to avoid making the same mistakes you have been pardoned for all

your sins you have broken free from the chains of sin today may your heart be

filled with boundless Delight as you rejoice in the knowledge that I have all things under control including the

removal of any barriers in your way I will make everything even more magnificent and easy than you can

imagine when you relax make sure to thank everyone involved for all of your

adventures I’ve thoughtfully prepared many benefits for you and the key to

unlocking them is an attitude of gratitude hold on to these words close to your heart my love I will never leave

your side not even for a moment what you you are going through right now is

complicated and I get that during these moments of transition things may not go

as planned withstand adversity what you’re going through is special to you when you feel yourself

slipping hold on to my hand tightly refusing to let it slip in times of fear

and unease lift your eyes to the sky and commune with me in prayer my presence

will be palpable to you I want you to know that I have never never abandoned you you and your loved ones are the

center of my unlimited and Limitless affection I want you to know that I

believe in you and your abilities but I also want you to know that I hope you will follow your dreams even if you are

hesitant to do so right now A New Beginning is mine to give you a fresh

beginning where boundless possibilities and portals to plenty unfold painting a

picture of Hope and plenty like Morning Mist the once glaring impediments that

obstructed your eyesight have faded away for the sake of people who may hate or

not understand your trip I have painstakingly smoothed the way for you making everything easier than you could

have imagined there is no need for you to pursue them I will gently remove them

from your way I am here a firm presence enveloping you with Divine protection

and unfailing Care put your worries and uncertainties to rest and take heart in

the fact that I am by your side your loving father every step of the way

following me has been the greatest life-changing Choice you’ve ever made and my holy spirit is Overjoyed by the

harmony of your prayers as you learn more about me in my name you will find

strength for your spirit and healing for your diseases the angels I have sent to

you will watch over your house and defend you as you come and go today I

bless the work you have done with your hands as a testimony to my Limitless Grace tell me not in robotic prayers but

in the authenticity of your own words who I am to the Blind and to you I wish

to hear from you I am the radiant light that makes their lives Shine the soothing Shepherd who rekindles their

faith and leads the way for those who are weary I am the Wellspring of eternal life gushing down from on high to

satisfy everyone’s thirst and provide food to those who are starving my darling even in the depths of Despair

when everything seems lost and unsure you have someone to lean on for strength and encouragement keep in mind that I am

available share your concerns and anxieties with me my heart goes out to you and I am here for you at all times

know that I am the one in charge and take comfort in that your need for flawless goodness will be exquisitly

satisfied even if the world seems to be in a state of disarray and many things are not as they ought to be he struggled

with this newfound awareness but he ultimately wrote a song of unfaltering faith in me still he said yet I will be

glad in the Lord in spite of his terrible situation God my rescuer is the

source of my delight you may talk to me about your problems and even fight with them if you want to but keep in mind

that we’re trying to get to a point of absolute trust and absolute Delight

though my methods remain a mystery to you there is is Hope and help in my presence for I am strength for those who

seek me and put their faith in my name the opportunity to be adopted as a child

of God is my responsibility accepting myself and having faith in the term that defines me

are closely related because I am your rescuer I am the greatest gift you could

ever receive and receiving a gift requires openness dear God I want you to know

that you are the one who deserves everlasting life a miraculous and magnificent blessing is being a child of

God as you navigate this Fallen World I am both your refuge and your everpresent

Sidekick in addition to illuminating your way I also soothe your soul and

calm your thoughts it is my pleasure to provide you with happiness in this life and the next in Paradise where you will

see my face in splendor and enjoy endless oceans of love love your best moments here on Earth will be dwarfed by

the Luminous Splendor of Heaven the Brokenness and unpredictability of our

flawed World should not Shock you you have a natural and even Supernatural

desire for Perfection just as I did when I created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden Heaven A Realm of Splendor and

Majesty Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is your final Destiny as a disciple of my

your heart’s desire s will be fulfilled in fullness there do not give up hope if

you fail to keep relationships amicable and are at fault so that you can have

everlasting peace with me I gave my life to pay for your sins as a disciple of

Jesus Christ you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you and I have written my message to you not with pen and paper

but with the indwelling spirit of God on the tablet of your heart you are able to

do far more with his help than you ever could on your own no matter how tough

Things become you must not be intimidated within you is the third Divine person think about the

far-reaching effects of this fact you are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for when you follow my

instructions and gradually draw power from the assistance when you are with

others who do not yet know me the spirit uses the tablet in your heart to write

blessings upon you and invitations to come to me I can transform you into a

living letter by the power of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit I hope that you will

utilize the simple but powerful phrase help me whenever you feel the need to

ask for guidance or assistance in living out the gospel’s teachings in your life

there will be times when you feel weak and helpless like a bent Reed or a flickering flame Embrace that Brokenness

for it open opens your heart to me be completely yourself with me because I understand you perfectly as you share

your troubles with me I will refresh you and offer you a piece that surpasses all

understanding instead of trying to solve everything on your own place your confident trust in me take a break

knowing that I watching over you and working on your behalf your bruised Reed will not be broken and the dimly burning

Wick will not be extinguished rest in my watchful care for my he dealing within you is most effective when you rest my

love for you is unwavering even when the world shakes and the hills are removed

my desire for peace endures even when the Brokenness of this world overwhelms you look to me and remember that I am

perfectly matched with you bring me your troubles and I will help you navigate them ask me for wisdom and I will set

your priorities right according to my will take time to be still and worship me by worshiping me you can divert your

attention from the Brokenness of the world to my glorious presence and in doing so you share in my glory if it is

possible live at peace with everyone sometimes people will be against you without reason and I will not hold you

responsible for those conflicts more often than not though you may have helped bring about the conflict when

this happens you must deeply regret your part in the conflict and work to make it right no matter what always keep in mind

the value of forgiving not only of those who have wronged you but also of yourself my beloved pay close attention

when others are speaking and think carefully about what you are saying before responding this will help you

avoid unnecessary conflict and anger by being still and active you can tap into

my Limitless resources being alone with me and waiting in my presence

strengthens your bond with with me I help those who wait for me to accomplish

what they cannot do on their own but there are many things you can do when you carry out your activities when you

rely on the strength I provide I am glorified and you are blessed when you

feel inadequate quickly turn to me I will lovingly meet you when you need me

come to me and rest in my presence I am always thinking about you and knowing that I am with you even in the midst of

your business can bring you peace the awareness that I am always with you fills your heart mind

and spirit and can fill you with profound Joy many of my followers let

themselves be consumed by problems and dire predictions burying their Joy beneath layers of worry and fear if this

is you then bring all your concerns to me seek my help and guidance and ask me

to remove the anxious layers that have concealed your joy as you entrust your worries to my care your joy will

gradually resurface to nurture This Joy offer praises to me the king of glory

who loves you eternally I am gracious and compassionate slow to anger and abundant in Marvel at the wonders of my

grace and the unmar favor showered upon you through my finished work on the

cross when you feel wounded and weak fear not my presence for it is filled

with abundant love and peace rather than worrying about your shortcoming embrace them for they are a perfect link

to my Limitless sufficiency when you feel lacking it is natural to worry to

resist this temptation admit your shortcomings openly and thank me for them this releases you from trying to be

your own Savior and provider because you are weak and imperfect you need a savior

who is strong and perfect a provider who can fulfill all your needs you can tap

into my Limitless Resources by being both both still and active and by spending time alone with me waiting in

my presence in the meantime I work for those who wait for me doing what you

cannot do on your own but there are many things you can do when you go about your daily business depending on the power I

give you in this way I am exalted and you are blessed when you feel inadequate

look to me no matter what I will be there for you with love when you need me

join me in my loving presence and find Solace I am constantly thinking about you and want you to know that I am

with you more and more even in the midst of your busy days knowing that I am with you can bring you peace this awareness

comes from knowing that I am with you which fills your heart mind and spirit with joy embrace your shortcomings for

they are a bridge to my Limitless sufficiency worrying is natural but the

best way to resist it is to admit your shortcomings openly and thank me for them this will release you from the

burden of trying to be your own Savior and provider because you are weak and

imperfect instead align yourself with a savior who is strong and perfect and

with a provider who can meet all your needs you can also become more attuned

by looking for clues in my invisible handiwork all around you the Splendor of Nature and the happiness of those you

care about can be signs that I am there guiding you in the right direction my

presence is most clearly revealed in my word because I am the Living Word pray

that my spirit will shed light on scripture filling your heart with his light so that you can perceive my glory

I am pleased with those who honor me and put their trust in my unfailing love fear of the Lord which is sometimes

misunderstood is the foundation of spiritual understanding and insight it includes reverent awe adoration and

submission to my will will when you swap your attitudes and goals for mine you are submitting to me since I am your

creator when your lifestyle reflects my will aligning yourself with me is that

you have been saved through faith which is a gift from God furthermore my

compassions are new Every Morning begin each day with expectation ready to

receive fresh compassion do not let yesterday’s failures weigh you down learn from your

mistakes and confess your known sins but do not dwell on them instead keep your

eyes fixed on me your journey with me may have many ups and downs but no matter what you can find Hope in my

unfailing love in today’s world many people feel Despair disillusionment and

cynicism because they trust in the wrong things my steadfast love will never

disappoint you it will never let you go by Grace my anger is slow to anger so do

not judge your yourself or others hastily rather rejoice in the richness of my love as you mature in Grace make

every effort to be more attentive to me and more receptive to my loving presence the devil wants to keep you from me so

be vigilant remember that those who belong to me are not condemned when you

feel discouraged think about me and who I am I am your lord God Savior and

Shepherd I will never leave you I know you inside and out your thought thoughts and feelings included you are invaluable

to me think about all the ways I have taken care of you and provided for you I

am grateful for every single one come to me in prayer and I will ease your

burdens when we are together we can clearly see what is important and what

isn’t as you linger in my loving presence I will shine my face upon your blessing encouraging and comforting you

I promise that you will praise me again for the help I I have given you and that you will seek to increase your awareness

of my presence one easy way to do this is to say thank you Jesus for your

presence this simple prayer can be Embrace hope my beloved for it is the

thread that binds you to me devote yourself to prayer with an alert mind

and an appreciative Spirit toward my followers prayer is a way of life a way

to stay in touch with me but there are obstacles the devil opposes your your Devotion to me and His Dark Forces try

to break down your communication with me so it is essential that you devote

yourself to this discipline intent on staying in touch you can learn to call

on me even when you’re busy letting me into your world to make your work easier

and your life richer set aside dedicated time to focus only on communicating with

me this can be difficult but effective prayer demands both a sharp mind and

your prayer life and overall existence will be improved by keeping your mind and heart grateful and Vigilant I am the

Savior the compassionate forgiver of all wrongdoings the one who rebuilds you and

gives you a new chance my beloved who am I to you your daily devotion shows how

seriously you take my question and I wonder am I truly the most important part of your life as I watch you be good

and kind to your family and neighbors I see that your treatment of me reflects your treatment of others indeed caring

for others is the most profound testimony of love you can give me may your words be carried on the Winds of

love and returned to you as healing fears and Abundant Blessings the

shackles of your present situation will soon be lifted and I will strengthen you from the inside out I will untangle the

knots of your emotional pain and fear compose a healing Symphony and fill you

you with an incredible sense of Serenity strength and transformation during this time of

change confusion and fear will have no place in your life’s Sanctuary adhere to

a Timeless truth that transcends the epoch a truth I urge you to clutch tightly I the unchanging truthful

remained constant yesterday and forever more repeatedly I’ve whispered into your heart that my love for you is eternal

and I reaffirm it once more regardless of the trials encircling you my love for

you will never waver or diminish understand my chosen one that some fail to grasp the depth of my love

and succumb to the deceitful The Whispers of the enemy are allowing the world to draw them away from me while

many May stumble upon obstacles in their Journey you my beloved are set apart and

chosen and I have endowed you with unique gifts and talents destined for

the betterment of your loved ones in moments of adversity hold fast to your

faith let not the flame of belief in my promises flicker if you yearn to witness

Miracles if you desire the walls around you to crumble you must persist and

continue your fervent prayers stand Resolute in your faith for I am

bequeathing unbreakable strength to you no matter how low you fall I will be there to help you back up my mercy and

Grace will never end for you my love power and forgiveness are Limitless I

see your faith and love for me and I have faith that you will not give up even when faced with adversity amen


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