listen closely my precious little one I am your heavenly father and I want you

to know that a major Choice has been made about your lives up there your life

is about to radiate more light than the Sun so brace yourself for an onslaught

of miraculous blessings from above there is a Heavenly hand guiding

you every step of the way and your life may be full of blessings you want a

continual flow of water so put on your biggest grin and get ready to dance

through life for the skies or shower you with benefits do you believe in God if

so then like this video in the next day or two you could

get some unexpected financial help there will be unprecedented levels of healing

change benefits and miracles in the year

according to God if you put your fears to rest and wait for the sun to rise

tomorrow you may get a miracle that changes your life forever if you stay tuned until the very

end of this movie your benefits will increase exponentially and you’ll walk away with

a tidy sum from the ly love healing and plenty all which you really Merit to our

flowing into your life from me in the powerful name of Jesus Christ

your loved ones will recover and miracles will occur exactly when you ask

for them when you put your faith in Jesus he will provide for your every need including food to eat and drink to

drink as well as all the other necessities for a full and joyful

life keep in mind that no matter what you do or where you go God is always

with you you may experience God’s miraculous interventions in your life if

you let him into your house with the help of his Heavenly

troops the god of heaven and govern everything in the blink of an eye he can

turn the gentle morning into night and Ascend the highest

mountains if anybody comes to Jesus who is the food of life they will never be

hungry he is the source of Living Water those who drink from him will never be

parched he promises you a life of Plenty pleasure and eternal existence when his

magnificent hand touches your health blessings that will change your life

will flow down upon you you will preserve riches in heaven

and experience success on Earth if you consider god with everything in your

Affairs including your finances Health relationships and

dreams God has the ability to alter your way of life in an instant just as he

created the world in six days and then rested on the

seventh he deserves all the glory for being the kind and all sufficient father

of our Lord Jesus Christ remember these words at all times whatever you ask for

and his name he will grant indeed he will if he hears your

prayers and grants your heart’s desires he will be pleased I hope that he hears

your prayers and extends his helping hand to help you overcome the challenges

you are facing he typically comes along with you so you’re never really alone

if you are willing God can make the promises he makes in the Bible a reality

in your life the Bible contains powerful words of God’s

will do not let go of his promises hold on to them firmly although death is a

possible consequence of sin God has graciously offered you everlasting life

in Christ Jesus our lord as a powerful Defender and rescuer

God is on your side now that he sees how much joy you provide him he will not

scold you on the other hand he’ll be amused by your singing to him you are Priceless and his

love for you is eternal in the name of Jesus he must restore your health

finances and relationships I’ll also bestowing upon you a spiritual and

Financial boom embrace the truth with him my

darling through him benefits and miracles are bestowed no one can delay

the Fulfillment of his promise to you if you keep your trust firm he will show

you nothing but blessings and wonders greater blessings than you could

have imagine are on the way provided you maintain your faith and follow God’s

instru instructions I understand that you’re feeling

overwhelmed but please know that you’re not alone God will provide the help

healing and resources you need if you bring your problems to him in

prayer God has a purpose for your life the Lord says you have never seen

anything like this before it is both larger and

higher your endrance and resilience will soon be rewarded for everything that you

have endured whatever bad things have happened you will eventually turn around

and become good things you must persevere dearly priced

newborn out of this terrible situation God is going to express Something

Beautiful every possible Lake in your lifestyle that may lead to disaster will

be severed by him the road ahead becomes quite obvious

to you this bodess well for the kinds of lives you want to live the kinds of

things you need to do and the kinds of relationships you want to have never

doubt the Lord’s capacity to instantly alter your

situation doorways can be opened Hearts can be traded what was lost may be

repaired and blessings can be transferred by him before the end of this month I

promise you will see Miracles that seem like they were performed by God join me

in saying this God will perform exceedingly well whatever I ask or think

since I adore him I shall be pursued and surpassed by

his advantages people will behave kindly toward me because I will be in the right

place at the right right moment the kindness of God envelops me your life is being transformed by the

Lord today in the midst of your sufferings he is providing pleasure to

update them and Lead You from scarcity to plenty in this incredible season you

will witness many firsts and triumphs for your way of life my darling

I have a unique plan it is not in the least least bit an attractive decent or

optimal strategy it will rise with optimism for what is

ahead it will bring out your inner star and bless everyone in your vicinity the

result will be that you are drawn closer to me and that my call is

glorified enjoy an Endless River of Love fortune and joy that goes beyond even

your wildest expectations do not frat about little

matters instead bring all your request to God In Prayer always remembering to

give thanks your terrible times are over and

God is about to shower you with all your prayers answered precious

youngster in addition to Healing love and fresh opportunities you have a

unique take place in God’s house because you are one of his chosen children keep

in mind that whatever you ask for if you stay in him and his words stay in you he

will most likely Grant your request know that the Lord your God is

with you always even in the midst of your troubles and that he will fight

your battles on your behalf until you win the victory everything thing you have prayed

for including improved Health financial success love and serenity is about to

come to fruition According To Jesus your patience and Trust are paying off

everyone around you may experience an outpouring of pleasure and Faith as a

result of your infectious happiness a shift that will alter the

course of your life is about to happen in the next s days you will find

yourself in the arms of your soulmate settled into a beautiful new house and

enjoying a steady stream of substantial riches that will support your desires

and the people you care about as God writes a new chapter in

your story one of Joy healing and success get ready for an outstanding

month ahead and the next days you will experience erience an onslaught of

advantages wonders and advances that will Astound

you every area of your life including your career health and

relationships will undergo a miraculous transformation you may count on

unexpected advantages an abundance of love and anything else

imaginable you are in for a treat in April and May when you can count on

receiving miraculous gifts unexpected advantages and an extra helping of joy

and contentment you are about to embark on a miraculous season when every day

will bring new discoveries advancements and

triumphs no one can shut the door I’ve created for you and nothing can stop the

divine plan from unfolding in your life lives God is a safe haven and a source

of strength in times of weakness whether you are facing challenges on a global

scale or not your life may be briming with so many advantages that all your concerns

may vanish before this week is done in ways you could never have imagined the

Lord is bringing resources people and money to you and he has also sent angels

to protect and direct you and your loved

ones keep in mind that seeking God is feasible and that pleasing him is very

difficult without faith the Lord is now changing your lives for the better

converting your hardships into pleasure and your lack of resources into

plenty like Daniel you can put your confidence in God even while you’re in

the midst of adversity those who put their faith in

Jesus will never go hungry since he is the food of life if you are tired and

burdened he will give you rest he is the light that shines within the darkness he

alone can give you the pleasure and serenity you seek so come to

him before this week ends I need to provide you with the ton of benefits a

bigger grin and financial breakthroughs my dear little one I’ll be sneaking out

on you with perks that will blow your mind improving that takes

time you may experience a sense of contentment and prosperity once again

and God returns with everything that those evildoers took from you a future

filled with blessings increases and and plenty of cash is waiting for

you the hand of God is working to rescue you from the clutches of suffering

conflict and lack and place you in a place of healing prosperity and

plenty I promise you are next in line for a miracle that will change your life

so ignore anything the devil may have told you God says

get ready to be amazed by the reality that your lifestyle is prepared to swap

indefinitely incredible success and exciting new prospects are about to

present themselves to you join me in this prayer so that we

might receive God’s rewards we are grateful to you God that may as arrived

all of our family and friends I beg you be safe this month keep vigil over us

and shield us from harm oh God send us abundant good health

prosperity and vitality let go of any anxiety stress or uncertainty in our

souls please assist us in putting our trust in you and not in our own

knowledge when times are rough give us thanks that you have answered our our

petition and are benefiting us do not be afraid I will protect you

from danger and I am always by your side my little one I am here to protect you

so you need not fear danger because I can tell my angels to protect you with

all my might no disaster will ever be able to reach

you focus on my message until the conclusion otherwise you will miss out

on something crucial and this month will offer you boundless abundance wealth

Fitness and prosperity nothing is impossible when

you have got on your side only he can achieve the seemingly impossible and he

has the ability to behave as if Nothing is Stopping him keep counting your

blessings no matter how bad things become faith not worrying will accompany you as

I lead you through life’s challenges all of your plans relationships Health finances and Joy

are being revived via the call of Jesus Christ hold fast to the Lord and he may

miraculously provide for your needs and improve your quality of life his favor

is upon you and in the name of Jesus Christ I command the Holy Spirit to heal you if

you are sick our bodies are being healed our debts are being cancelled marriages are

being restored and addictions are being broken therefore expect a great miracle to take

place tonight make sure you say it out loud and take full ownership of

it have faith that daily Miracles are taking place and that God is changing

your lifestyle he said I got here that you could have and revel in life and

have it in abundance to the total until it overflows God wants us to enjoy life to

the utmost and that is a reminder of that he hopes that we might experience

Joy love and peace the bright side is that you are about to bark on a season

that is jam-packed with everything you said in due season rain will fall on

your land and the Lord will bless all you’ve worked for because he opens the

entrance to heaven the treasury of his generosity I am grateful for the money I

have and would welcome further funds God says I am ready to shower you

with blessings this week no longer is simply one or two but triple the

benefits you may consider he assures you that he can easily attract enormous sums

of money and that his bank account is about to erupt with more riches than you

can imagine remember God’s miracles do happen tend you’re about to become an

example of what happens when you have him on your side the advantages you reap

will be more than you could have imagined God is turning your shortage

into a sworn declaration your uncertainty into Clarity and your check

into a public spectacle religion is going to be a means of acquiring

it infinite blessings health love and plenty more will be showered upon you by

God you are about to experience an incredible miracle that will change your

life and provide you with more pleasure than you have ever known

before somehow things will turn around for the better in your life he lavishes

His blessings on you and your loved ones mending whatever wounds you may have in

little time at all you may be gazing in at your sixf figure bank account while

parked outside your home in your brand new car your econom IC

responsibility your shattered heart to your family Circle and the day I will

make for you will be taken care of by me my darling baby this year should be the best one

yet for you and your loved ones so focus on getting healthy fixing your

relationships and getting your finances in order this next weekend is going to be

jam-packed with all The Right Stuff wisdom blessings growth opportunities

productivity optimism answers healing love and favor from

God we are approaching a time of renewal dazzling New Beginnings breakthroughs

and Triumph keep in mind that Al those suffering is temporary happiness is

eternal I have a fantastic life-altering gift in store for you for

every time you feel let down you will feel an overwhelming sense of Joy love

and rationality in your coronary heart you could find yourself laughing out

loud and learning a lot in no time at all I am certain that this week’s

downtime can be jam-packed with wonderful experiences for you rest

certain certain restoration plenty fresh chances and blessings will be yours from

God I am with you and I will protect you no matter where you go I will not

abandon you until I have accomplished all that I have promised you God governs

as the supreme ruler of Heaven exalted above all other powers and

authorities I know the details of your financial situation and I am aware of

the findings in your scientific report God says everyone is out to get you and

I know how important your Ambitions are I promise I won’t disappoint you

please allow me to stress this point health career business

relationships and money could all take a turn for the better this week

for your sake God is prepared to do great things when we accept God as our

father and ourselves as his children the reason Christ said we would inherit the

Dominion becomes clear every slip hop is met with Grace

every failure is followed by a fresh start and every setback is followed by a

successful recovery with the goal of enjoying a life of plenty Jo and success

the moment has come you don’t have to do anything to

attract wealth benefits they just pour into your life typically I wait

patiently at the entrance of your coronary heart hoping that you’ll let me

Insight I am a kind and compassionate God so you need not be afraid to open

the door I would rather play a pivotal role in your life directing you at every turn

I can fill you with my energy joy and serenity as you accept me I have the

power to transform your anxieties into a Tranquility that has no

bounds whatever difficulties you face on a daily basis remember that God is

greater than anything you can imagine and as you kick back and relax he’s busy

racing to get what you want please join me in this group prayer

father I am grateful that you consistently push me to overcome and let

go of everything that limits my growth as we go out on this journey

together I beg your protection and blessings I know that with your help I

can overcome any obstacle and come out on top please protect our children while

they are in school keep us safe while we travel send us more blessings healing

opportunities and breakthroughs embrace your high priority

Divine calling because the almighty God has anointed you with Divine wisdom and

protection the love of your father will shine a light on on your path enabling

you to overcome any obstacle and accomplish your goal with strength and

Grace holy cow my darling I am about to change your life narrative so that it is

filled with joy healing and prosperity in the days to come I will assist you in

mending your relationships your finances and your health you may may be experiencing

difficult times in terms of your physical or mental health but I want you

to know that I am like a great doctor I can cure you restore your strength calm

your mind and fill you with the energy so that you can keep living a full and

meaningful life my darling I am the God who provides for all your wants the

floodgates of heaven will soon be open so that you may be showered with

blessings remember that I am with you today in both good and bad

times I am with you in your anguish sadness and grief you must know that I

am a god of Grace not punishment I am not in this to judge you but to forgive

you and love you I sent my only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for

your sins so that you and your loved ones may have everlasting

life may all the things that have brought you pain in the past soon go may

my love and blessings replace your pain and sadness may you experience great joy

laughter and love may my words of healing peace and restoration bring you

Solace and optimism say it with me in

God will bless me heal me offer for me protect me and manual me my precious

little one I am the one and only creator of the universe and everything in it

including the Stars the sea the mountains and the

son God is about to open the door you’ve been asking for and I’m always there to

guide soothe and defend you through your many facets remember that you are

special to me and I love you no matter what if you’re ready to start a season

full of joy love and harmony the following seven days are going to be

absolutely amazing we have broken the curse there will be a multiplicative

effect on your wealth and and health you have had me by your side in every

adversity you don’t need anything else I’ll keep you and your loved ones safe

and blessed out of nowhere you’ll cross paths with the proper people doors that

seemed impenetrable will suddenly open you’ll reach your objectives and your

prayers will be granted you will experience extraordinary healing a full recovery

from disease and Financial Freedom before the month ends and the year of

Plenty is about to Dawn on you as God removes you from a time of suffering

hardship and need Bountiful success are you reading

this tomorrow will be the day of recovery progress and wonder Readiness

is key to receiving the answers to your sincere prayers in the the near future

you will experience an outpouring of God’s love prosperity and health which

will Astound your adversaries and Shake Your World I am telling you that now is the

time for you to make a comeback Lord although you may have gone through a time of difficulty I am here to restore

you and will never leave your side your financial fortunes are about to soar

no matter how hard you try money will always seem to find its way into your

life and you will become immensely affluent if you come to me I will

restore your health strengthen your relationships and Revitalize your money

put your faith in me my beloved family and friends because I am the god who can

redeem and restore my blessings for you are an abundance of

good health joy and an eternity of delight I assure you my children that

they are not lip service being a God who takes action means that I will never

break my promise I will make up for all wrongs

pay for all losses triumph over all enemies and eliminate all obstacles I am

here to mend your broken heart heart and repair your bank account I am here for

you because I know how hard it has been financially for many of you I will make up for all wrongs pay

for all losses triumph over all enemies and to eliminate all obstacles I am here

to mend your broken heart and repair your bank account I am here for you

because I know how hard it has been financially for many of you

embark on an exciting season with my guidance you will reap the rewards of my

blessings if you trust me and let me guide you may I shower you with numerous

blessings improvements and miraculous events enabling you to excel in every

aspect of your life because I am a just God the wicked

will not be able to triumph over the good you may place your trust in me and

I will defend you in battle your health wealth and

relationships will all undergo healing and restoration my darling there will be

no end to the happiness I bring into your life as I work my miracle if you

submit to me I will bless your family and you with a better

life whatever hurts you I will mend and no matter how many times you fall I will

turn them into strength have faith in me I promise I won’t disappoint despite

your difficulties God is actively working to bring you Victory God assures you that

he will always be there for you no matter what he will bravely fight your fights

leading you to Triumph even in the face of overwhelming odds a life brimming

with his Serenity and pleasure is what you can

expect even in the areas of love wealth and health you will experience immense

Delight the enormous breakthrough that is about to happen will Amaze your

enemies and it will forever change your world it is imperative that you vacate

the premises without delay since they are inhabited by Celestial beings who

have bestowed their immense benefits on you we may expect a year full of

miraculous developments Innovations and transformations in

this is the moment for new beginnings and possibilities I

declare some good news will come your way before the end of this month you

will soon experience an upturn in your financial Circ circumstances to

Restoration of your health and the appearance of miraculous events at the

very moment you need them you are experiencing blessings from

above that you could never have dreamed of the Lord says prepare to enter a new

season throughout April you may expect to encounter daily manifestations of

favor and miracles which will inspire you to leap for Delight

pray this now father I praise you for all that you have done and for your

unfailing love and grace that have stayed with me through thick and

thin I praise you because you are faithful even when I fail I choose to

stand firm today in my faith that you are blessing me according to your

amazing riches and glory in jesus’ name

as a reminder of the words of Philippians for instead of worrying

about anything turn to prayer and express your needs to God strengthen

those who are weary of holding on send them a sign that you are still by their

side may God lift all aspects of dread and

concern thank God for all the benefits he has given you no matter what this

weekend brings prings keep in mind that God is greater than anything you could

ever face instead of depending on yourself become more reliant on his power if

you’re feeling overwhelmed just give your concerns uncertainties and

anxieties to God he can handle them let us join in prayer I want to express my

gratitude for your kindness and love God of Miracles

thanks for making us in your image and for sending Jesus to die on the cross

for our sin so that we might receive forgiveness your love is

Everlasting and an ending and nothing can ever take it away from us we are

grateful for your daily guidance our fam’s protection and the abundance of

blessings you bestow keep in mind that hope always

exists in places where God is present God is with you at all times watching

over your trials and answer your prayers when you trust in him he will guide you

through difficult situations and show you the way out Divine blessings are being bestowed

we are bestowing monetary assistance miraculous events and blessings that

will transform your life put your faith in him and his good

purpose faith in God opens the door for miraculous things to happen in good and

bad times he is there to help us navigate life’s curveballs and shower us

with miraculous surprises May the next seven days be

amazing brimming with joy love and harmony may we trust in his plan for our

life lives we are entering the last season of suffering you’re going to experience the

manifestation of all your prayers as the heavens prepare to open their windows we

are sending our best wishes for love health and wealth your broken spirit is hearing

God’s Voice through your tears as you read this his purpose in guiding you to

this message is to reassure you that he is currently preparing a path for

you he possesses the ability to restore damaged relationships enhance your

physical well-being and to unlock boundless opportunities you will soon

see a breakthrough if you remain faithful embrace the serenity love

healing and benefits that come from releasing your anxieties concerns

worries and anguish to God as Jesus says in Matthew

keep in mind do not be afraid Little Flock for

your father has been pleased to give you the kingdom faith means singing praises

to God in the middle of a storm having faith in him in a valley and following

him in the dark I am with you at all times keeping

vigil over you and those you care about so you may put your trust in my Divine

kindness and Direction join me in prayer as we ask

God to bless the next month Shield us from the influence of negative situation

so that we may make choices based on our JW and show us that the Hope

strength and serenity that come from knowing the Lord’s Joy will carry us

through any storm no matter how confusing it may seem a prayer for the reader may your

prayers be heard May doors be open may your body be healed may all your needs

be met may all your enemies be vanquished and may a flood of blessings

be HED into your life this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ

amen the atmosphere in your living room is somewhat dis

eliminate it without delay failure to do so might result in problems for all

parties involved no force can defeat you my

darling just listen to the angels and do what they say to keep your house happy

and secure your Birthright as my beloved servant is trust in my love and

protection this week your life will be filled with abundance breakthroughs and miracles no matter how

bad things become I will transform them into something

good would you put your faith in me just keep in mind that I am the god who does

Miracles the same God who let Moses cross the Red Sea and who healed and

raised Jesus from the dead watch this video all the way to the

end and discover miraculous signs from God it is possible for me the god of

restoration to turn sadness into pleasure and for Ashes to become Beauty

I will return everything your opponent has taken from you you will find solutions to all of

your problems and experience my healing power and ways you never imagine do you

feel prepared rest assured I will lead you to a place of healing and

health let’s pray for one another Lord Jesus you are my strength and I need you

heal me my family and my friends I will place my trust and hope in you forever

in the year God’s blessings will pour upon me

bringing healing provision protection and divine guidance

I am the one God and my only begotten son Jesus Christ is the only mediator

between myself and the people of this world he alone can save you for all time

he is the truth the life and the path I the almighty God he am the one

who keeps you alive and meets all your needs count your blessings and Express

gratitude for what you have because it will open the way to Greater

benefits three things the Lord wants you to keep in mind at all times trust him

and he will see you through any difficulty every bad thing that has

happened to you is already working to change for the better and I have blessed

you and your loved ones beyond measure even in the darkest of times I

will give you the will to keep going a time of joy Joy love and peace is about

to descend on your life and I am going to shower with

plenty thank God for the many gifts he is sending your way and welcome this

season with open arms an incredible event that will change your life is

about to take place and the suffering you are experiencing will soon

stop in the next few weeks I have many blessings in store for you and they will

make your grin even bigger get ready for an avalanche of incredible chances and

financial breakthroughs no matter what you may be certain that I the almighty God will

defend you watch over you and guide you to Triumph in times of difficulty you may

rely on me to lead you through the depths of despair you may rely on me to be a source of

Hope when darkness surrounds you and Solace when times are

tough may you and your family experience physical and mental well-being along

with a deep sense of tranquility and safety my word and My Vow remain

unwavering I am utterly honest and my word is always good my my name is God

and I will be a rock a provider and a light for you accompanying me on this journey

guarantees that you will never feel lonely a new Rob will open up for you

the moment you enter the realm of opportunity and you will no longer have

to fight the need to borrow and beg my loving creator has wonderful things

planned for you so keep that in mind in the future Rich rewards will

shower upon you profoundly altering your life your situation will be completely

changed and you will be amazed at my faithfulness as miracles happen right

before your eyes my precious children please give up worrying stressing and

being afraid put your worries on me I am here to help just give them up to me

and I will supplant them with my blessings Peace Love healing and

Tranquility those benefits will materialize because you have faith in my heavenly

plan God is about to accomplish a remarkable feat in your life and I am

announcing to the world that he will Propel you to the Forefront on one hand

God will restore Health to your body soul and relation relationships on the

other your resume will rise up the ranks do not be afraid little one

guardian angels are always ready to help you being in my presence makes you

immune to harm I am the one who will safeguard you from harm so put your

trust in me this week you will see a change in your health job relationships and money

a according to God the economy will do well and you will feel better

physically Miracles and possibilities that change people’s lives will abound

in in order to experience miraculous signs from God please watch this video

all the way to the conclusion a double portion of God’s

favor and benefits is on the way more than enough to make up for all the

suffering you’ve endured do not give up hope God has a magnificent plan that is

uniquely for you new opportunities blessings health

and wonderful news will come your way this week the tide is turning and I will

be able to pay my debts and be a benefit to someone else since my health is going

to come around and my finances are going to grow

please pray with me so that I can accept the blessings and miracles that are on

their way to my home God I praise you for having brought us to me I beg that

you bless our families and friends with safety this month keep an eye on us and

shield us from harm you have heard our request and are

blessing us now please take away any anxiety fear tension and un certainty

from our hearts when circumstances are difficult may we be able to rely on your

wisdom rather than our own understanding we ask this in Jesus Christ’s

name May the holy spirit guide you to great success and shower you with

Angelic Graces things that went wrong for you are about to go right for you

Grace and God’s love will do wonders for your relationships health and and

professional life for salvation comes from believing

in God’s resurrection of Jesus Christ and confessing this belief with your

lips for Faith justifies and salvation is a gift from

God God wants his glory to shine through you for you to be unique and for his

kindness to be a parent to everyone in the next months you will be sitting in your dream

automobile outside your new house gazing at your million-dollar bank account and

all keep in mind that I am with you constantly no matter where you are or

what you’re going through whether you’re on top of the world or in the depths of

Despair less or cursed I am always there I Will Stand By Your Side through

any difficulty you may be facing praise God with all your might for he will do

far more than you could ever imagine his favor will follow you wherever you go as

you praise him everything will fall into place for me people will be exceptionally kind to

me I am surrounded by God’s favor healing is taking place for you my

friend in all areas of your life physical mental and and financial you

can put your faith in me because I am a God who restores broken things and

restores what is lost when all else fails you can always

rely on me to strengthen you cure your illness and restore your faith and love

when they appear to have faded you are in for a pleasant surprise

I have already planned the Deliverance of Health Liberty prosperity and

serenity that you have been praying for let us join in prayer oh heavenly father

I am eternally grateful that you love me despite my

imperfections forgive me if there are times when I don’t love you back with

the same intensity give me the wisdom to recognize when people I’m dealing with

are struggling and the grace to respond to their needs in a way that brings you

glory God is telling you that this week will bring about positive changes in

your health job relationships finances and business incredibly good

things are going to happen to you because God is upgrading and blessing

you Here Comes Your season of positive changes the week ahead is full of

Promise so be optimistic good things are on the

way you can be confident that no matter what difficulties you encounter God’s

power will be sufficient to protect you he has committed to fulfilling all of

his promises to you he is doing all he can to ensure your safety even while you

Slumber there will be many blessings good news healthy relationship shs and

good health in the near future in the coming weekend keep in mind that your

weakness is nothing compared to God’s strength when you feel like you can’t

cope put your trust in him he is more than capable of handling your

concerns transitioning from renting to owning a home is a significant step in

your journey moving from employee to employer Bor to lender suffering to

purpose and neglecting to overbook many blessings are on their way

to you the forthcoming Harvest promises Abundant Blessings such as Prosperity

success positivity love healing new beginnings and divine

favor there will soon be a return to normaly Fresh Starts successes and

breakthroughs embrace the transition from fleeting anguish to immutable

Joy this week is full of game-changing discoveries fresh chances positive

updates Better Health increased wealth and Triumph you are currently undergoing

a turnaround have faith that the Lord the god of your father David has heard your

prayers and seen your tears and and is on his way to heal you praise be to God

for here’s about two open doors that are closed to everyone else and your sorrow

is turning into Joy God knows every detail about your

health and financial status regardless of obstacles hopes or possibilities be

assured that he will not let you down you can expect healing plenty of New

Opportunities and bless this week many people tried to discourage you

tell you that you didn’t deserve success and say that you wouldn’t make it

advancements and good fortune however are gifts from God no one has the power

to take away his promises there will be an outpouring of blessings if you remain

faithful this weekend is going to be jam-packed with opportunity

breakthroughs Health improvements Financial growth good news and success

that will change your life take this Victory and move forward

in jesus’ name every setback you’ve endured prepares you for a tremendous

blessing that will change your life and bring you immense joy and

love in the days leading up to this your financial romantic and spiritual aspects

of life will flourish guaranteeing a massive tenfold increase in the value of

your Investments if one wants to enrich their life with happiness health and plenty in

the next year they should brace themselves for the arrival of unexpected

Miracles and wonderful knowledge to get these benefits you have to watch this

video until you can’t take it anymore a time of boundless blessings is near

waiting for you to seize them may the blessings of prosperity love health and

a peaceful home life overwhelm you making God your first priority will

allow you to completely let go of your worries and allow blessings to flow into

your life whether it’s improved Health stronger relationships or more money you

desire it all as you drift off to sleep tonight may you be blessed praise the

Lord your God you will have better food and water and sickness will leave your

midst Jesus assures salvation by saying that putting one’s faith in him will

result in a breakthrough that saves one’s life as God blesses you via

primarily anointed areas a new age of immense blessings Limitless tranquility

and divine favor begins a life faltering Miracle

protected by your grandmother’s prayers is on its way and all of your suffering

will end everything that’s happened to you as part of God’s plan he loves you

no matter what and is ready to perform miracles to change your life you may look forward to an endless

stream of Love Money and joy that will go beyond your greatest dreams in every

situation instead of complaining bring your wishes to God in prayer and

supplication I’ll Express in gratitude bring God into your personal

space and watch as he performs wonders you could come to realize after days

that God’s delay in achieving your goals was really a means of safeguarding you

remember that no matter where you go or what you do God is with

you you have achieved a remarkable feat God will answer all your prayers

bestowing upon you health love New Opportunities and more your challenging

days are over your special place in God’s home is

a reflection of your status as one of his chosen children if you remain in him

and his words remain within you he will fulfill all your

requests keep in mind that no matter how difficult things become the Lord your

God is always with you fighting your battle so that you may rest

easy you are about to see the fruits of your faith and tenacity which will bring

you everything that you have hoped for including improved health wealth love

and Tranquility when you’re happy it will radiate to everyone around you

making others feel the same way put aside any negative messages from

the adversary because you are about to experience a miracle that will change

your life you better buckle up your life is about to swap forever shocking your

enemies you are posed at the threshold of incredible satisfaction tan dazzling

possibilities expensive ask for God’s blessings God thank you for bringing us

to the month of May this month keep our families and loved ones

safe watch over us cover us together with your Divine safety and shower us

with appropriate health benefits and strength do away with worrying fear

stress and doubt in our hearts while difficulties arise to assist us in

considering you absolutely do not be afraid God is

always watching over you as promised in the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him as

your Refuge danger will be unable to touch you he has told his angels to

protect you from harm so you won’t have to worry about anything in the next day or two you may

see some surprising Financial gains and has the potential to be a year of

unprecedented healing change blessings and miracles lots of love healing and

prosperity are on their way to you Jesus Christ will perform Miracles and restore

your own family when you least expect it if you stay focused on the message until

you give up this month will offer you boundless riches including money health

and success everything is possible with God

he could make it happen by performing the seemingly impossible no matter how

bad things become you should always be grateful for Life religion will reassure you and lead

you through any difficulty replacing your concerns in jesus’ name you have the

power to bring new life to your dreams relationships health wealth and

happiness hold on to the hope that the Lord will miraculously rescue you from

your troubles and Elevate you in your life his favor is upon you the season of

suffering sadness and restless nights is drawing to a close heaven will pour down

everything you have prayed for Like Rain from its Windows love good health and

financial success are on the horizon if you find yourself overcome

with emotion as you look at this know that God is speaking straight to your

broken Spirit he is clearing the path for you Jesus provides for your every need

including food when you’re hungry and drink when you’re thirsty as well as

everything you need to live a happy and prosperous life if you bring your anxieties pains

strains and concerns to God he will answer with blessings love healing and

serenity keep in mind do not be afraid Little Flock for your father has been

pleased to give you the Dominion rejoicing in God during the storm having

faith in him through the valley and following him in the dark are all parts

of religion have faith in God’s Heavenly Direction and mercy knowing that he is

always with you and will protect your loved ones pray this expensive God bless

the next month protect our delight and do not let circumstances dictate our

actions anymore I pray that you will answer the prayers of the person reading this open

new doors heal their body supply their needs defeat their enemies and clear a

pathway for unrestricted advantages in jesus’ name

amen even though our plans won’t go according to plan the Lord’s pleasure is

our energy peace and wishes even when we don’t

understand in order to maintain a peaceful and secure home you should

promptly remove any negative energy from your living room you will triumph over

any enemy force that forms assaults or harsh conditions may not

work God protects you and keeps harm at Bay imagine a duug of blessings

breakthroughs and Miracles this week as you transform weakness into strength and

challenges into opportunities if you have faith in God

you will soon see a breakthrough today God announced that

your life would forever change shocking your enemies there are brilliant

opportunities and Great accomplishments waiting for you just around the corner

will you join me in praying this prayer for for God’s favor oh God bless the

month ahead of time God I pray for the character

studying this and I communicate favor over their day defend our jaw and no

longer that situations determine how we take care of our

decisions although everything may not be deliberate remind us that the pleasure

of the Lord is our energy peace and wish even if we do not

understand a terrifying Force resides in your living room and I beseech you to

grant their requests restore their health meet all their needs Vanquish all

their adversaries and pave the way for boundless blessings to flow into their

lives in response to Jesus invitation amen get rid of this from your living

room right away if you don’t its evil energy might destroy everyone and bring

a plethora of difficulties instead focus on the angels and get rid of them so you

can keep to your personal joy and safety little one no weapon will be able

to defeat you no matter how strong an assault or challenge seems God will

protect you from damage this week transform your pain into

energy and your difficulties into Blessings by embracing a deluge of

advantages breakthroughs and miracles if you have faith in God your

next stage is almost here your enemies will be amazed by the

impending transformation in your life New Opportunities and tremendous

satisfaction are on the horizon for you join me in praying this prayer for

God’s benefits oh God I ask that you bless this next month may we guard our

jaw and refuse to let external factors dictate how we handle our

choices I trust that God will bless the person reading this and speak positively

about their day even when nothing goes according to plan the Lord’s Joys are

strength Serenity and hope in the name of Jesus Christ I ask

that you hear their prayers restore their health Grant all their wishes

Vanquish all their enemies and provide a way for an abundance of blessings to

pour into their lives you should immediately remove this

from your living room if you don’t want want his evil influence and a host of

issues to sadden anyone instead concentrate on the angels and get rid of

them so you can live in peace and safety listen little one no weapon crafted

against you will succeed God protects you from danger

therefore even the most difficult circumstances or assaults will

fail this week you can turn your weaknesses into strengths and your

troubles into opportunities because blessings breakthroughs and miracles

will pour down on you think of God and you will soon achieve your

breakthrough you are on the verge of entering into an eternal transaction

with your enemies you’re about to experience amazing satisfaction and new

chances help me with my prayer request to God oh

God I ask that you bless the month ahead protect our joy and help us to stop

letting other factors dictate our choices please God hear my prayer for

the person perusing this and know that I am speaking favor upon their day even if

everything does not go according to plan the Lord’s pleasure is our strength

tranquility and desire regardless of what we do not

understand God I ask that you hear their supplications restore their health meet

all their needs Vanquish all their adversaries and clear the way for

boundless blessings to pour into their lives all in the name of Jesus Christ

amen it seems like there’s something wrong in your living room please remove

it immediately otherwise it could cause a lot of trouble and everyone could be

devastated by its dark influence listen to the angels and remove them so your

home can be happy and safe no one can craft a weapon against

you my dear challenges or attacks may fail because God protects and shelters

you blessings breakthroughs and miracle Les will fall like rain this week

transforming suffering into strength and challenges into opportunities if you accept it as truth

in God’s eyes you will make great strides ahead you and your enemies are ready to

engage in an eternal exchange amazing achievements and new opportunities are

on the horizon for you join me in praying this prayer for

God’s benefits pricey God bless the month ahead protect our delight and do

not let circumstances determine how we manage our choices I hope that God will speak favor

over the person reading this and their day even if it may not seem purposeful

at the moment the joy of the Lord is our strength peace and desire even when we

don’t understand in the name of Jesus Christ I

ask that you hear their prayers heal their broken bodies meet all their needs

Vanquish all their enemies and make space for Limitless blessings to pour

into their lives Amen in your living room there is a

horrible Force get this out of your living room immediately its ominous

influence can do much harm and create a great deal of hardship for everyone if

you want to keep your house happy and safe listen to the angels and let them

go no one can craft a weapon to oppose you my darling God protects you from

danger therefore even the most difficult circumstances or assaults May

Fail assume a do of advantages breakthroughs and miracles this week

transforming suffering into strength and difficulties into

opportunities as you give thought to God your breakthrough is Drawing

Near your enemies will be shocked by the impending changes in your life wonderful

success and exciting opportunities are about to present themselves to

you join me in praying this prayer for God’s benefits oh costly God bless the

month ahead protect our jaw and do not let circumstances dictate how we handle

our choices I pray for the character studying this and I pronounce favor over

their day even if everything may not go according to plan the Lord’s Delight is

our energy peace and desire even even if we don’t see

it Lord I ask that you hear their prayers send opportunities their waight

restore Health to their bodies satisfy all their needs Vanquish all their

enemies and clear the way for an abundance of benefits to pour into their

lives in jesus’ name amen when you’re down to your last faith

you’ll see incredible Miracles happening all the time as you try to replace your

life with God you will enjoy an abundance of good

things when you keep in mind that the Lord is your Shepherd you may live in

his home forever and his kindness and unwavering love will follow you every

step of the way this week your whole family may find

healing and restoration and you may finally experience the love and

prosperity it you deserve you will always receive a miracle when you seek

assistance in jesus’ name God Is Lifting you up as you embark

on the greatest comeback of your life God is hearing your prayers sending

angels to assist and even sending financial support to ease your financial

burden let’s all pray father thanks for freeing me from all the negative baggage

that comes from carrying Beyond offenses guilt and blame assist me to treat the

Beyond as the Beyond and sit up for the brand new stuff you’re doing in my

lifestyle these months to jesus’ name you have been there through all the

ups and downs of life and I am grateful I am grateful to have you as my God

because you are righteous the best and kind God is changing your situation for

the better showering you and your family with a better existence God May heal

your wounds and overcome every obstacle those sorrow and loss weigh you

down know that God is with you providing strength and comfort a miracle is on the

way your guardian angels are guiding you to the best opportunities and you will achieve

phenomenal success my wish for you is that you

experience Joy at all times if you ever feel down or lost you can always find

solace in my love and support I will do all in my power to

improve your quality of life rest assured that terrible situation is

beginning to go away May good Vibes abundance and miraculous events shower

upon you God is always with you even when you

can’t feel him God has a plan for your life a plan that is greater than your

own when things don’t work out the way you expect it’s because he has something

even better in store for you the week ahead is filled with good

news answers to prayers break throughs Miracles and favor to instead of

worrying turn your focus towards worshiping for you are about to receive

a gift that will change your life this year God promises you may

expect to reach a new level in your lives as he transforms your sorrow into

Joy your difficulties into strengths and your loss into a miracle Beyond Your

Wildest Dreams in times of discouragement exhaustion or uncertainty

find solace in knowing that God is already working and he has the power to

reverse any bad circumstance bless you and your family and heal any hurtful

places you will live a long healthy life doing everything that God has called you

to do I believe you will get stronger and healthier this year year and it may

be your most active and fruitful year yet after you have prepared wept prayed

and persisted your terrible situation is coming to an end in a quiet and pleasant

way and God is prepared to accomplish what you cannot do on your own bringing

an abundance of pleasure health and riches into your life you can count on God to shower you

with financial assistance blessings that change your lifestyle and miracles that

bring breakthroughs and benefits into your life by the end of this year God will

reverse the course of the entire world and Men the broken parts of your lives

your healing has begun and you will see your economic Harvest come to

fruition God is is about to bless you abundantly in a way that will astonish

you God May shower you with blessings such as right Fitness peace love and

favor leaving you in astonishment assuming you continue to

walk by faith I Proclaim that you will encounter the greatest blessing you have

ever receiv received in your entire life God is enhancing your life and guiding

you into a new season every day in April brings Joy

favor and miracles when you feel like you can’t continue you will receive

electricity and pleasure will take the place of discouragement a great blessing tailored

just for you is on its way so brace yourself for an onslaught of blessings

remain in tune with God’s presence and obey his word you may expect answers to

your prayers today a year of Boundless Energy and

productivity is yours when you take control of your lifestyle through Fitness and meditation embrace your

Brokenness and trust that God is working everything out for your

benefit take hard in his promises for there are seven things you can count on

his presence safety Energy Solutions provision peace and eternal

love God has excellent plans for your life guiding your movements and working

out every detail for your benefit do not be frightened or discouraged because I

am with you I am your God and I can strengthen and Aid

you dear Lord you may anticipate a fantastic week ahead filled with fresh

opportunities blessings connections ideas rest and divine favor you will

have a rise and progress this week you must claim it with faith in the name of

Jesus Christ amen for every sorrow there is a

blessing that may change the course of your life feelings of contentment love

and joy will envelop you God is transforming your suffering into

an opportunity to worship Him ushering you into a time ofo at his grace and

kindness we’re listening to your prayers in your lives God will complete

his work even if it takes longer than expected God will fill your heart with a

new Melody Grant your prayers and let Joy triumph over sorrow an economic boom

Miracles and blessings are on the way your circumstances are going to improve

soon an end is in sight to the anguish heartbreak uncertainties and restless

nights God will answer all your hard work in praying for love good health and

financial success and he opens the windows of Heaven

celebrations and benefits are on their way before the month comes to a

close turn your obstacles into growth opportunities and your worries into

praise if you consent to God’s plan he will use any circumstance for

good God who listens and responds to prayer is preparing a way for you even

if you have heard horrible news God is making a way p patience is key because

healing guidance answers Miracles guardian angels and good fortune are on

their way at the moment things are improving for you your pain is becoming strength

your anxiety is becoming self-awareness and your difficulties are

becoming determination think about God’s plan

there’s a very good purpose for your life May those who are Desperately Seeking employment

resources and serenity find what they are praying for everything you’ve been hoping for a

car a job a blessing and a new personality is on its way always put

your trust in God and wait for his perfect timing as you unwind this week

seek greatness healing plenty fresh chances and benefits

ahead prepare to be amazed when God fulfills your every desire continue to

be in tune with his will and you may look forward to exciting opportunities

favors door openings and promotions April is going to be a month

of good news blessings opportunities healing love and favor from

God these days it’s a guarantee of advancement accomplishment wonderful

encounters promotions raises possibilities good news surprises power

breakthroughs and Recovery unexpected benefits chances and accurate knowledge

are on their way to you something significant is planned just for

you the Lord will fill your storehouses with grain and guarantee a blessing on

everything you do God will finish what he began in your lives transforming

delays into Marvels his favor and kindness are being shown in a season of

Wonder good news your prayers have been heard and you may look forward to

Healing New Opportunities and blessings soon God is preparing a means for you to

align with his purpose and remain connected to his word consider a reason

to celebrate before the month comes to a close the Lord is transforming trials

into stories chaos into Clarity and scarcity into abundance according to his

word he has good and abundant plans for you keep going even when you’re

exhausted benefits recovery and opportun unities are on the way start each day

with a prayer of gratitude to God and a request that he reveal his magnificent

plan for your life believe me when I say that I will

launch on a winning streak complete with breakthroughs God is giving you

abundantly transforming your trials into lessons and your muddle thinking into

understanding he tends for you to flourish and he will give you hope and a

future keep going even when you’re exhausted God will help

you God has a purpose for your suffering and will reward you for your loyalty so

there will be benefits healing and chances in the future send prayers for those who are

Desperately Seeking employment who are in need of resources and who are feeling

that there is no way out of their current problems have faith in God’s perfect

timing your preferred vehicle procedure blessing and person are on their

way take pride in the remainder of the weak and everything that it brings

recuperation plenty fresh opportunities and benefits more more

than anything you could have imagined God is going to fulfill your every

desire this is going to be a season of unprecedented success for you by turning

scarcity into abundance and Chaos into Clarity God will reward you

abundantly I know the plans I have for you the Lord says plans to prosper you

and not harm you plans to give you desire and a future trust God even when

you’re exhausted then you will see healing opportunities and

rewards give thanks to God In Prayer first thing in the morning and seek as

well for your life your season is about to begin with a flurry of successes and

breakthroughs in preparation for His abundant blessing God has transformed in

your scarcity into platy your evaluations into memories and your

bewilderment into Clarity His abundant intentions for you are

real I can find a way even when it seems impossible I will give you energy when

you think you can’t cross over when you feel discouraged I will bring you Joy

your Miracle is on the way trust that God will perform the impossible

there are doors that no one can close but God will open them for you at the

invitation of Jesus you may expect favor kindness and benefits truth blessings

fresh opportunities healing love and God’s favor may all be yours in

April today is a guarantee of growth success positive encounters advance ment

promotions opportunities accurate knowledge unexpected developments fortitude

breakthroughs and Recovery God has Grand plans for

something special and you may bet on receiving unexpected benefits

opportunities and good news I give thanks to God for all of his

purposes According To Jesus the Lord will guarant guarantee a blessing on

everything you do a could fill your storehouses with grain God will complete

whatever he begins for your lives transforming any delays into

Marvels is generosity and Grace will usher in in the era of Wonder your

prayers have brought about benefits healing and new

possibilities God is transforming your tears into Joy oh I give your prayers to

those who are actively looking for work who are in need of resources and who are

feeling despair about finding peace everything you’ve been hoping for

the vehicle the event the blessing and the person is blocking your

path for the remainder of the week lay claim to Greatness as you recover

Prosper open yourself up to New Opportunities and receive benefits prepare to be

amazed God will do more than you could ever imagine in the near future you will see

a plethora of positive changes advancements encounters promotions

raises opportunities correct knowledge surprises energy breakthroughs and

healing Good Fortune unexpected possibility ities and accurate knowledge

are on their way to you the Lord will bless all your doings

and your storehouses will be filled with grain God will finish the work he

started in your life even if it takes longer than expected you can expect a moment of

Wonder as well as his kindness and favor we have heard your prayers and soon you

will experience benefits healing and opportunities pray for those who are

Desperately Seeking employment Desiring assets and feeling hopeless so that they

may find peace the car the job the blessing and the person you’ve been

waiting for on their way for the remainder of the week

declare greatness alone with healing abundance New Opportunities and

blessings amazing blessings opportunities and

truthful information are on their way to you God is prepared to amaze you and

surpass your expectations the days ahead may be

filled with advancement success beneficial encounters promotions

increases opportunities correct information surprises strength

breakthroughs and and Recovery I am a compassionate God who

can cure repair and bring immense blessings into your lives my baby I

entrust you with my physical health mental health and financial struggles

the months of April and May are full of amazing things I am on a mission to completely

revamp your life and this week from Monday to Sunday could be filled with

Miracle Les exceptional things will happen in

every area of your life including your finances relationships stability and health as we

enter may this month will also be a fresh start for you prepare yourself good fortune is on

the horizon I have already plann the release Independence prosperity and

health that you have been SE speaking believe it or not a Divine work

of art will emerge for your life embrace the talents I am bestowing upon you and

your way of life will become a beautiful tapestry of blessings the Lord says keep in mind

that you are never truly alone on this journey through life God’s angels are

constantly watching over you ready to step in and help when when you’re in

trouble when you’re sad and lonely God is your joy and praised when you’re weak

and defenseless God is your strength remember these for facts about

God he will provide a path for you he is avenging your fights prayer is the best

medicine and you should generally submit to God’s timetable miracles happen and

you have no one else to turn to but God you will rise up healthy blessed and

successful because you are my precious baby and I truly care about you this

week may bring you many benefits New Opportunities restoration and plenty

more the storm will no longer overcome you in the midst of your current season

of mour God is answering your prayers and the year is shaping up to be

one of miraculous transformation breakthroughs and New

Beginnings the Lord hears your prayers and leads you through your trials if you

refuse to give up I will shower you with blessings of Peace healing and victory

right now and I will bring good fruition from this bad

situation rest assured I have never let let you down and I will never let you

down I am always by your side through the good times and the bad so stay

strong keep believing keep hoping and cling to his word because good things

are on their way to you keep your faith little one because I

am about to shower you with blessings and miracles you are about to enter a

remarkable season where everything falls into place according to plan no matter

what no one can delay hinder or destroy what I promised

you get ready for the breakthroughs and benefits that are coming your way my

power to Reveal Your Existence is strong I will open doors change Hearts men

relationships can transfer advantages immediately you will witness my great

needs before the end of this month God wants you to be happy loved

and blessed and the next thing he does for your life will be good for you your

kids and your grandkids I know you’re worried about money health and family

but know that I am always on your side I can bless you with Victory peace and

healing this year instead of being anxious turn your concerns into worship

may this month be filled with good news answered prayers breakthroughs Miracles

and favor God is bringing you to a new level of Life replacing your disappointment

with joy your struggles with blessings and your loss with

Miracles we will quickly restore your health relationships and finances please

consider me and keep in mind that I’m diligently working on your behalf to

bring about the breakthroughs you require take ambitious steps ahead and

trust me you may see that all your preferences will come to an end and you

won’t have to go through that process that relationship or that existence you

need relax never forget the uplifting tale of

day David and Goliath David didn’t need to know the extent of Goliath’s power he

knew it all nothing you’re facing today can overwhelm me no obstacle is

insurmountable when I am there find Comfort my precious toddler in the

knowledge that you are not alone every moment I am watching over

you and working to give you the benefits you do deserve I also take care of any

nasty things you may have said or anything that stands in the way of your

destiny with the power of Jesus blood I erased them all at his

command the only thing I ask of you is that you trust in me and let my benefits

flow freely through your life I am the creator of the Heavenly lights the one

who gives you everything you need for your life unlike passing Shadows I am

Eternal and unchanging my beloved child I want you

to know that I am always here for you and that I will lead you through

whatever difficulty you face I want you to repeat these words to yourself these

days I am receptive to receiving the Plenty Of Love healing and advantages

that I am to my whole family will experience healing under jesus’ call and tremendous

Financial Miracles will occur exactly when I want them

too dear child I am here to Usher you into a new and exciting phase of your

life a unique and exciting phase full of boundless

possibilities I possess the power to completely transform your lives guiding

you away from Financial strife life and toward wealth and abundance so go ahead

and let go of your worries and Sorrows I will replace them with chore and

success perhaps you faced Financial challenges or experienced Financial

losses but I assure you that every penny you’ve expended will find its way back

to you your business career or job will Thrive and you may experience a

significant Improvement in your financial well-being join me my dear

ones and see the Wonders I can bring into your lives amass and abundance of love

prosperity and success into your life may your blessings grow and may my favor

be showered upon you trust that even in the most impossible of circumstances

I can provide a path for you that no one can take away may I grant all your

heart’s desires prepare yourself for the next

days for they will be a time of magnificent transformation behold my beloved ones

Marvel at the Miracles benefits and breakthroughs that will leave you in of

the immense power and love that come from above it could be your dream

process of fulfilling marriage to a breakthrough like never

before remember my son the most important relationship you will ever

have is with my son Jesus Christ he is your guide your salvation and your life

partner when you are hurting he will heal your wounds and give you comfort

God says let us say these words together good

Lord I choose you even in your worst hour he will be your light nearby you

believe is true inside him and he will never let you down you have my whole

attention this new chapter of your life is a time when exact matters will arise

abundantly you will experience one accomplishment after another one victory

after another and one Leap Forward after any

other I include your forgiveness and invite you to take your proper place in

my life as My Savior and Lord I am here to replace your stress

with Clarity your confusion with understanding and your sleepless nights

with peaceful sleep you are about to go from feeling defeated to fulfill filled

in every way your story is evolving and you will

begin to experience success and genuine Fortune many of you are currently

dealing with pressure criticism and insomnia you just need to believe that

what I have planned for you is true then know that I will never leave you next

week will be filled with amazing Miracles new insights significant

advances and additional benefits I will bless you and your family with happiness

abundance and appropriate Fitness the sky will part and rain will

fall to bless your land and your labor your way of life will keep getting

better and your professional and romantic lives will start to thrive

again when one of the lepers in the Bible returned to thank Jesus for

healing him Jesus told him rise up and move your religion has properly made you

this story teaches us a powerful lesson when we show

gratitude we invite even more benefits into our

lives first know that God is repairing you and that you will emerge stronger

than before this is the first of four things God wants you to know right

now three you’re on your way to a major Miracle right now for God is working to

fix the situation that has been stressing you out five do not hurry

God’s preparations since the results may be worth waiting

for father you are absolutely right pray for this now you have my eternal

gratitude for the way you adore and Captivate me no matter how fast I fall I

appreciate your dedication in response to jesus’

invitation you are benefiting me according to your riches and glory and I

choose to stand up and embrace this as real these days

Amen in the next days you are going to experience an avalanche of incedible

blessings that will envelop your life you may receive a truly miraculous event

the one you have fervently hoped for as you rest this

night on your journey away you will be amazed to see doors opening Miracles

happening out of nowhere and benefits like you’ve never experienced before my

heart’s purpose is to bless you abundantly therefore I will pour forth

blessings until your cup is overflowing I adore you for who you are

Flaws and All Because my love for you is eternal an ending and self-

sustaining get ready to be amazed by a revelation of Plenty that will transcend

your wildest dreams this week is going to be a big deal for you toddler you’re

going to have a string of successes and Ben benefits that you can’t wait to

share with everyone in the next hours an influx

of wonderful Joe including love money and health is about to arrive in your

lives it will include Limitless Fortune Limitless health and endless

success praise be to the Lord your God for he will bless your food and water

and drive out sickness from your mid generally give thanks to him for the blessings and he will multiply

them behold I Proclaim today that at the call of Jesus Christ nothing bad will

happen to you your health your time your money or your family if you are tired of feeling lost

hopeless and unhappy then come to me I will bless your life because you are my

baby and I love love you without condition I can restore all that the

enemy took from you bringing you prosperity and peace. am have faith

because I will make a difference and bring you benefits even when your enemies see you

suffering peace blessings optimism and good news May envelop you in the year

but I can bestow upon you more than just Financial wealth I can grant you

forgiveness for your past which is your gift and faith in your future if you

will only believe in me and see Miracles unfold in your

life you are more than a Victor or a Survivor you are an heir with Christ a

friend of God a Channel of Grace and an eyewitness to reality you have access to

the great Riches of Heaven the promises of God and the advantages of

redemption the year has the potential to be a period of healing

transformation blessings and miracles for you and your family right now I will

change your life transforming your disappointment into happiness and your

defeat into comebacks God has heard your prayers and

will reward you with miraculous signs and wonders these miraculous treatments

will heal your body and relationships and let plenty of new

avenues in God is always aware of your suffering

your cries and prayers have reached him and he will rescue you you are entering

a time of boundless love and plenty God has excellent plans for your ultimate

fate he will part the clouds and shower you with his benefits he will bless the

fruit of your hands and promise to fulfill every desire you

have if you ask God he will change your sadness into Joy he is now addressing

your requests and for has the potential to bring about Monumental

shifts discoveries and wonders here is your chance for fresh

starts and glittering opportunities when you give your life over to God he will

bless you and your loved ones and you will have a better life as a result he

will cure your wounds and turn your setbacks into extraordinary

comebacks a time of abundant benefits tremendous tranquility and divine favor

may be upon you by the end of this month as God best stows upon you opportunities

that are uniquely suited to your life although medical professionals

lawyers and soldiers can all preserve your lives from physical harm only God

can give you life after death never forget that God has the

power to transform a crowd into a message a test into a sworn declaration

a Triumph from an experience and a victim from a defeat God will

shower you with Limitless blessings this month including increased Joy financial

success and physical health maybe you won’t have to weep

demand or worry about anything else for the rest of the night God will restore

the time and opportunities you’ve lost he will shower you with a life that

is full of Plenty good health pleasure and happiness he who blasphemously says

Jesus is Lord and who really believes in his heart that God resurrected Jesus

from the dead receives Redemption if you want to improve your

life get well and Escape your current predicament I have a fantastic plan for

you everyone who reads this as my sincerity EST prayers the Lord prays for

you in the safety of his wingless Embrace May harm be unable to touch

you rejuvenating your health revitalizing your relationships and restocking your budget

are all goals of mine as your reliable advisor believe that I am a god of

Salvation and healing and take me at my word my loved ones

According To Jesus the wonderful gift that God has bestowed upon you is an

Abundant Life filled with perfect health boundless delight and constant Joy my

assurances are more than just words on paper my word is my temple and I am a

god of action we will write injustices compensate for losses

Vanquish enemies and remove obstacles go to your growth you must say this with

absolute certainty I remember the days when I was far from God my life was full

of pain and had no mention of God whatsoever I have already announced

restoration for your lives now you must Proclaim restoration for yourselves

everything changed however when I met Jesus who brought hope and direction

into my life remember that I am the Supreme healer capable of curing whatever wound

you may have whether it is physical emotional or know secular my beloved

children always keep in mind that I am God I will lovingly cater to you until

the day you die because I am your author in times of need I shall be there

to lend a helping hand and bring Bel I will never leave you or forsake you how

love will last forever my son Jesus has already overcome the

enemy through his unending love altruism and Resurrection he vanquished the

powers of evil , years ago in the afterlife to this historic Triumph where

no enemy strategy will be able to thwart you have faith in Jesus and be afraid

the power of evil can’t hold you back put your concerns anxieties and

weights on my shoulders you may see the evidence of my heavenly involvement in

your life and you let me go and find all that is in my

care love wealth and good health will pour down on you bringing you immense

Delight your job finances health health and relationships will all undergo a

miraculous change you will experience a remarkable

transformation in your health money and relationships enabling you to live a

more fulfilling life Joy will be your constant companion

and physical health will also be your constant companion furthermore I guarantee that

money will come pouring in for you often and effortlessly bringing an era of

abundance into your life I will do the impossible for you my dear child because

I am the supreme god when it approaches your path prepare

for the best your return will take place in I the almighty will take care of

your health your relationships and your bank account

God bless you and keep you safe from harm while you view this message May

Health joy and serenity replace all your troubles if you give your life to God he

will provide a comfortable life for your family he will alleviate every pain you

inflict turning your failures into triumphs Beyond Your Wildest

Dreams nowadays I prepared to get hold of a ton of Love recovery

and abundance that I clearly deserve with the aid of God’s grace the Lord

says if you’re lying in bed feeling broken confused lost and wondering if

your situation will ever change allow this to be a clear sign for

you your prayers have not long gone and heard you serve a God who now does more

than just listen he also answers prayers the Lord is preparing the way for you

don’t worry about things too much if they are in God’s plan they will come to

pass and nothing can hinder them let us pray together expensive God

I thank you for maturing me and loving me so much that you s Jesus to die for

my sins granting me forgiveness if it’s no longer meant to be God has a better

plan in store for you find peace in understanding that

everything occurs for a great purpose if I have ever let my options lead me away

from your teachings please accept my atmost remorse I beg you please teach me to

love you and everyone else unconditionally in Paradise I can’t wait

to be with you forever God will never leave your life unfinished during this

preparation time a miraculous change will occur for you God will give you hope and joy like

never before at this time you will be amazed by God’s love and assistance God

will hear and fulfill your prayers I promise you a life of endless happiness

and plenty of life that will never end with your support I invite you to

repeat these affirmations my health will improve my budget will expand and I will

have sufficient income to meet my obligations and provide for

others Miracles and blessings are about to shower my doorway now let us all join

together in prayer by thank you God of Miracles for all the ways you have loved

and helped me we are grateful that you have forgiven us and given us a new

beginning with you I appreciate the daily advantages

you provide and your affection is perfect and constant please guide us

wisely each day as we protect our homes and pursue our many

desires you have demonstrated your love for us by sacrificing Jesus Christ whom

you created we are grateful as sacrifice makes finding forgiveness

possible I ask that you guide and protect us as we go about our daily

lives and that your blessings endure additionally may we never lose faith in

you or forget that you are always watching over us for all that you do for

us Lord we are ly grateful none other than me the almighty

God provides cures restores and blesses abundantly while you give me complete

control you unlock the gates to Earthly wealth and stock up on Heavenly

riches love perfect health and plenty are the gifts the Lord has promised you

with an accepting attitude embrace them warmly from now on you will never again

have to worrying about a deficit in your bank account in fact it will

overflow my darling you are about to enter a very remarkable season there

will be many first winds and miracles this season someone has unlocked a door

that no one else can open for you I will transform your poverty into prosperity

and your grief into Delight you may put your faith in me for all of

your problems and hardships just like Daniel did while he was in the Lion’s

Den prepare yourself ahead of time for a productive week I have some really clever ideas for

you amazing benefits breakthroughs and miracles will occur that you could never

have dreamed of before I wish you luck in all aspects of

life including your financial situation because I care about your success let me

say this father thanks for your truth which unfastens

me I choose to release all negative words directed towards me I choose to

forgive those who have hurt me I embody your word which is my identity in jesus’

name amen one I am here with you almighty God

your greatest advocate I will protect you and guide you to Triumph please

leave your worries and concerns with me like water more and more wealth will

flow into your lifestyle enriching it daily this money will result in a

dramatic shift in your lifestyle and an unprecedented influx of Good Fortune and

prosperity your life will be brimming with benefit after this week’s stop

dissolving problems there was joy laughter love and an endless stream of

blessings that accompanied every Terror that was shed the incredible Bounty will

Astound you do everything you can now to ensure

a life filled with plenty good health and financial success anticipate

enhancements in artwork introspection and interpersonal

connections you should not worry I the almighty am am always here to help there

will be less sadness and more happiness when you feel like there is no way out

pray I’m sending you a blessing to let you know I’m rooting for

you raise your voice and say these days I am prepared to obtain the outpouring

of affection recovery and abundance I absolutely deserve I am the god of many

chances I will make things happen even if they don’t seem conceivable at the

moment a dramatic shift is going to occur in your financial situation

maintain order by practicing gratitude and faith

I the final writer who can handle anything will unlock a fantastic

opportunity prayers will be answered by Miracles you will recuperate and become

fit you may find a great deal of tranquility and

security according to the Lord Miracles will start happening this week I can

answer your prayers provide you with Supreme calm increase your benefits make

important contacts and double your money by the end of

new and exciting things are about to

happen if you happen to be perusing this please relax it is important to monitor

positive outcomes love Financial Security and healing from

adversity God will lavish you with blessings of abundance physical health

happiness and financial success you will no longer experience pain tears or

restless nights winning the lottery is going to change your life get in shape and receive God’s

touch which will bring life-changing benefits into your lives God is rescuing

you from suffering and War and he is giving you healing ease and plenty as

you rest this night God performs The Long awaited Miracle alter your life and

postponing troubles have no fear for you are like

David facing Goliath I will overcome any challenge you present in the face of

your conflicts I am well prepared feel free to visit me if you

would rather not be despondent lost and depressed excellent Fitness enjoyment

and Tranquility will replace pains anxieties and

problems I transform Daybreak Into Darkness bearing Everlasting Joy I walk

on top of the world’s finest components my name is the Lord and my haries are

from Heaven glorious restoration and debt

relief are on the horizon as a result of an upcoming miraculous healing angels will pay your bills and

take care of your debts because God loves you and wants what’s best for your

family God consoles those who are lonely even while they are alone where there is

zero everything revolves around God although I am sad and lonely I find

Hope and delight in God God is electricity even though he is weak and

defenseless heavenly father I am grateful for the ways in which you have

improved my way of life your persistence has been

fruitless I’m able to provide precise health safety and an economic step

forward that goes beyond expectations this week brings

breakthroughs progressed health money and relationships the home Windows of Heaven

open pouring out love wealth recovery and new

possibilities financial institution accounts are overflowing and bills are

paid in full and on time we should ask God to bless us

abundantly as we seek a higher purpose guardian angels will protect our ship

have faith and assurances have faith and very excellent rewards through Jesus

Christ as certain as rainfalls so will be God’s favor to you

he envelops you with his grace wisdom kindness and

favor while you’re sleeping wonders happen difficult times become assets and

misery becomes Joy immediate benefit s are on the way Financial circumstances

improve and doors magically open this week breakthroughs Miracles

favors spoken back prayers and accurate news abound feel the positive effects on

your health energy relationships and bank account this month soon surprises affluence

restoration and advantages are on the horizon according to what the Lord has

promised he will bless your family cure you and turn every bad thing around

anguish weeping and restless nights and you are bound to win the lottery

redesigning one’s life Fitness receives the miraculous Touch Of

God God leads you out of suffering and into healing comfort and and much more

this very night God grants your prayer for a miracle that will alter the course

of your life forever any situation may lead to a

miracle in Good Fortune success joy and

wellness will be yours God blesses us abundantly this week with excellent

Health pleasure and happiness watch this video and and God

will surprise you with wonders put loved ones first pay off debt and by the house

of your dreams greater benefits a more sophisticated pricing range and improved

Health are on the rizon for your relationships Health finances

and level of exercise will all undergo dramatic shifts this coming

weekend success good fortune and many benefits will be yours in April

I went from feeling devastated to living a life full of goodness Good

Fortune Prosperity Miracles and Jo population

narrative in the next days you will experience unprecedented Joy love and

financial success instead of negativity there is pleasure gentleness love and

benefits financial aid life altering advantages and miraculous occurrences

are all gifts from God this week come together in prayer to unleash the

benefits there is Assurance in God’s promises can also be filled with joy

success and love I will not suffer for Jesus Christ

sake the day of God’s glory will be in Ephesians for might also provide

a great Advantage this week unfathomable ways are God’s blessings challenges to

Opportunities difficulties to testimonies and muddles to

understanding we should pray together pricey God of Miracles thank you for

your love and compassion passion I am grateful for forgiveness and a new life

because of you thanks for your perfect and unfailing love safety and guidance

Limitless advantages are preferred for might also bring bigger advantages

and Better Health in Jesus call amen although you put your faith in God

I understand that longing is always there God watches over you and hears

your prayers no matter what challenges you face I have complete Command over

everything because I am the god of Heaven’s armies day are night my Vitality lasts

and I can even go on the highest slopes food contentment Everlasting lives

abundance and pure delight are all within my reach and and I am the one you

have been seeking you deserve an outpouring of Love healing and prosperity and I’m

sending it your way declare this petition in the strong name of Jesus

Lord I can praise your strength within the morning I can reward your love for

you are my castle and my secure Haven in times of trouble Jesus according to God promised

that those who prayed in response to his call would have their prayers answered

giving honor to God the Father via him have faith that I will change your

financial situation so that you no longer have to worrying about money and

can instead enjoy plenty get your health finances and

relationships in order so you can recover and Thrive I’m transforming your

pain into strength your fear into dedication and your demanding situations

into remedies what the enemy intended for harm I can use for your benefit place

your belief in me I’ve got a superb plan for your life may Prosperity good health and my

blessings shower down upon you and your loved ones have faith in my plan and

know that I will be there for you most of the time May blessings compassion and

positivity envelop you and your loved ones are you able to triumph over your

challenges as well everything you’ve gone through the anguish confusion and

lack of sleep will eventually cease when God opens the Heaven’s

Windows you will receive everything you have prayed for more and more you are

about to get the benefits of love good health and

success you are about to experience healing rebirth breakthroughs and

Triumph you will only suffer this pain for a short time but the joy you will

feel afterwards will be Eternal today the Lord is transforming

you from a life of scarcity to an abundant of Plenty from grief to Joy get

ready for an era of unprecedented success in the Hereafter all the

horrible things that cause you to weep will soon disappear may my love and

blessings replace your sadness and anguish with an abundance of Joy mirth

and affection I pray that my words of Peace restoration and healing bring you

comfort and Hope God knows just what is good for you and

his timing is Flawless so keep that in mind most of the time he will open doors

that no one can shut so keep praying and believing in his

purpose before returning as the powerful lion of Judah Jesus came as a gentle

lamb I am here to heal you he wants to ease whatever kind of pain your EXP

experiencing whether it’s physical mental or spiritual put your faith in God’s power

to accomplish great things when you surrender yourself to God he will bless you and your loved ones with Better

Lives when the moment is perfect I the Lord will make the impossible feasible

for you according to the Bible keep in mind that God is both the

father of mercy and the one who can console you as you go through this time

of transition he is transforming your life making happiness out of sadness and

lead you to success and wealth never forget that God is your

strength no matter how weary and feeble you may feel declare your gratitude by

affirming I have received proper healing now

I ask for the safety of Jesus blood over my body and everything that worries me

God knows you personally understands your problems and loves

you nothing not even death or illness

can stand in the way of my purpose says the Lord I will deliver the things I

have promised to you at the appropriate time I can use religion

as a substitute for anxiety I will be there to help you whenever an issue

arises I love you so you can count on me to remain by your side most of the

time a six-month life transition May profoundly affect your mental financial

and emotional health neither fighting nor borrowing money will be an issue for

you as the new week begins there will always be more than

enough money to live a happy prosperous life for you since there will always be

an excess of it a great change is about to occur in your light if you remain

faithful and in harmony with God moving from a nation of scarcity to

one of Plenty where Miracles happiness and good fortune are common place is

quite an experience answer Jesus call to put an end to any evil spell or curse

claim God’s justice against your enemies by covering everything that touches you

with jesus’ blood you are entering a time of Wonders

when you will experience success after success and make great strides ahead set

your worries at God’s mercy while you launch your hurt let God heal

you give God permission to keep you and let go of your fear give your concerns

space to pass and pray for God’s blessings a seemingly endless stream of

miraculous events is unfolding in your life the next days have the potential

to be jam-packed with Incredible advantages breakthroughs and miracles

rest assured you’re never really alone the Lord has promised to be with you at

all times he’ll fight your battles and Cal any storm he is pouring Joe and

uring peace into your life God is making things better in your

life he is converting your home addresses zip codes account balances

credit reports and clinical records many blessing blessings opportunities and

advancements are coming your way from above all the things that have saddened

you will eventually fade away as time passes leaving you surrounded by joy

laughter love and blessings God wants you to know that

he’s your Eternal source of strength even when you are weak exhausted and

vulnerable keep praying because just when you think it’s over God performs a

miracle your home will receive unexpected funds

today within a few hours I guarantee you will be smiling and I want you to know

how grateful I am for this miracle the holy scriptures State something you have

prayed for agree that it is already yours and could come to

you belief and the absence of Doubt are your prayer companions uncertainty rides

on waves of Doubt God has purposefully planned your future give thanks for the

advantages you’ve gained you may walk in Triumph because God will guide you on an

astonishing path heavenly father I trust that you

will find a way because you are the God of all opportunities in the name of

Jesus divide and spoil every Spirit of failure surrounding me and myy loved

ones help me recognize that you are with me seeing me listening to me caring for

me and loving me Jesus says in the invitation to take part in a joint

prayer thank you for shaping me you alone are worthy of my atmost adoration

father I pray that you will ease my anxious heart and give me strength to

face each day I lay my worries at your feet and

ask that the peace that passes understanding comes from knowing that Jesus has paid the price for my

sins you are going to get a substantial amount of money in your bank account

this week I give you complete control over my life and place my trust in you

thank you Lord for another day and for all you’ve done in my

life I greatly appreciate your care for my family you’ll experience healing and

miracles like never before in your life and your financial situation will

improve it’s a new season and with it comes more freedom wealth and plenty

prepare to receive gifts beyond your your wildest dreams as I am about to

turn your scarcity into an abundance that will overflow can you handle it you will see

improvements in your health finances and relationships as you embark on a journey

of healing and restoration if you stick around until

the end of this movie you’ll see improvements in your health and prosperity in your financial matters

permit me to ease your pain and repair your history’s wounds in addition to giving you the

tools you need to succeed financially I can also bring back what you’ve lost you

are in for a treat this weekend open your heart to receive my

blessings and prepare yourself for a life full of joy success and deep

satisfaction God is rearranging things for you my beloved

newborn he will shower blessings on you and your family alleviating all of your

suffering this week unexpected people who want to hurt you and make you happy

will receive three times as many benefits from me my darling hear me out

I am the god who does Miracles I can do the seemingly

impossible have faith in me and see the Miracles I can do in your lives keep in

mind that I am the most excellent Monarch and ruler everything else pales in

comparison to my power and dominance everything is within my control I also

hold on to the fact that you exist in my

hands just naming me Lord or attending church on a regular basis isn’t enough

you know you should likewise attend to the needs of my heavenly father what

does my father require it’s much more important to love your neighbor as

yourself and to love him with all your heart soul and

mind you Delight me and become a citizen of my nation when you remain in my

loving existence you can’t enter my nation or even get closed to me as long

as you live a life driven by ego greed and

pleasure I feel compel to encourage you today my dear children difficult

circumstances obstacles and disappointments have been met by you perhaps you have questioned

why things seem the way they do wept and endured pain I Am The God Who redeems

restores and blesses but you must know this I will turn your sadness into Joy

your ashes into Splendor and your grieving into dance in front of your

adversaries I will do it boldly to prove that I am your God and that you are my

cherished children put down Roots close to where I

am is your secret meeting place and attempt to locate me to love one’s enemy

is to love oneself do what my father says you can trust that I will heal you

and bless you beyond your wildest dreams I have heard your prayers and I

will bring new blessings into your lives and open new doors to Miracles consider

giving thanks and praise for it is through gratitude that you may attract

even more blessings into your life the next day might change your existence in

a major way you will have a remarkable recovery

by the end of this month which will lead to a general recovery from disease and

debt God will mend your finances relationships and health and your future

may be prosperous and full of growth prepare yourself for greater Joel

and improve Pro budget healing an abundance of affection and miracles do

you believe in God’s plan watching this video through to the

end could bless you and your family with eternal Fitness happiness Financial

stability and peace because God is with you a new door opens for your Lifestyles

that no human can close your health wealth mind and family

will flourish in response to jesus’ call and you are entering a season of

successive Miracles and benefits my darling the next week will bring you a

plethora of wonderful experiences wonderful people and advantages like

never before remember that no weapon and form against you

now get ready for a major miracle that this week God is healing our bodies

cancelling debts restoring marriages and breaking addictions have faith in me

because I have excellent plans for your lifestyle you will become extremely

wealthy and money will flow effortlessly to your ends I am able to bring Health to

everyone in need shower blessings upon you and your loved ones strengthen your

weak spots cure your ailing parts and bring back any love and serenity that

may have faded away Lord I am coming to you for guidance as I face challenges at work I

believe that you will never leave me or let me down and I can bring to

fulfillment all the promises that you have placed in my heart amen let us pray

together God my child you are about to receive Health riches love and inner peace all

things for which you have prayed Lord I am in harmony with your timetable I

prefer not to visit places that are undeveloped or

unprepared I acknowledge that the path you have chosen is for my benefit and

your glory Jesus came into the world as a prophet from God showing us the way to

eternal life through love and forgiveness he lived Among Us talked to

us healed us and treasured us even though he came from humble

beginnings his message gained popularity the Bible says have fun usually pray

continually and deliver thanks in all circumstances for this is your will for

us in Christ Jesus salvation is yours if you publicly

declare Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the

dead God you have the power to create rapid change in my life I can never give

up hope because just when I believe All Is Lost you send a miracle my way I pray

for everyone who needs a miracle right now you are capable of doing the

impossible and find away when there appears to be

none I wish you Victory peace recovery and financial benefits throughout your

life my word is final and I cannot let your enemies harm you the power of God

is such that he alone can transform a mess into a message a test into an

affidavit tribulation into a Triumph and a victim into a Victor

as Jesus said life will no longer be constant for he will come again

therefore let us embrace the victory in these final days as we have already

secured it we can trust that he will guide us secure our Victory and ensure our

survival the Lord will open Heaven’s Door and send rain to your land and

season to bless your fingers work money abundance and the correct

kind of LA are on their way to you without you having to do anything special God will fix your health your

relationships and your finances in no time you could find that you have more

than enough money to pay all your expenses or even do more for your

kids you will reclaim your calm and prosperity during that sore back season

therefore it is customary to Express Thanks to God for all the favors big and

small and he will shower you with even more advantages please Jesus Christ I humbly

beg you to pardon me for my transgressions and to lead me in a

manner that reflects your glory as my savvo and Lord I turn from my Wicked

Ways and surrender myself completely to you get ready to laugh and love all over

again as God returns all your adversaries have taken from you have

faith in God’s promise because you trusted me I may bring prosperity to

your lives as a memorial according to the Lord’s words I really like you he

will save you and keep you secure Lord I come before you you today

with a broken heart full of praise and thanks after they rejected me you

complimented me after they attacked me you taught me to fight and after they

wounded me you taught me to forgive pray now that when people look at me they

will see you the Lord greatly appreciates everything you do and the caring eyes

that Watch Over Me If You you are ill I swear to curse the source of your

sickness and declare that the Holy Spirit has healed you through the power

of Jesus call always rejoice in the Lord no matter what’s going on in your

life if you put your trust in the Lord and begin to praise him for his kindness

you will experience Everlasting peace if you pray for anything believe that you

will get it and it will come true and without religion it is not

possible to Delight God due to the fact that everybody who comes to him must

accept as true that he exists and that he rewards people who earnestly are

seeking him sometimes all we need to do is pray drop everything into God’s hands

and let him handle it as long as we are compl completely

destitute God will start doing Marvels while you are grieving God cradles you

in his arms When You Weep he dries them he repairs your wounds in my arms you

will find safety from all dangers I can send my guardian angels to

protect you wherever you go so nothing bad will ever happen to you when your

soul Longs for the company of others walk with God even if you feel lost and alone accept

God’s word as truth when you put your trust in God he will fulfill your every

desire it was an honor for me God is my source of strength even though I am weak

and vulnerable is the fundamental distinction between God and humans

thought clear to you humans accumulate forget and collect even more but God

provides forges and gives much more sure I am the gatekeeper anyone who

hears my message and abides by it is reasonable like someone who builds a

house on Solid Rock Jesus said I have the power to hold those who entered

through me that unpleasant situation is ending

and it will be calm unpleasant since they will be allowed to come and

go as they choose and find good pastures please Lord I surrender all my

cares fears and worries to you in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for guidance

this year protection from harm and the removal of all obstacles from my path I

am about to update all of your stress frustration and anxiety with an ending

peace I am the god of Plenty and my plans for your life are great I want to

bless you with money and success as well as give you the knowledge and ability to

overcome any obstacles that come your way no matter what your opponent has

prepared as you enjoyed this film may you attract an abundance of true love

prosperity and perfect Health enriching your lives with Jo and

contentment according to what the Lord has said the next Days might be

fantastic for you as you embark on a season of Joy love and plenty of money I

assure you that money will come to you effortlessly and eternally bringing an

abundance of life as long as you watch this video till you stop

no matter what you’re going through right now keep telling yourself I am

blessed I am rich and I’ve got the favor of God God will fix your health your

relationships and your finances soon next week will bring incredible Miracles

huge breakthroughs and even more advantages get ready for major Miracles

this weekend because God plans to take you to Heights no one in your family has

ever achieved before and it will have a profound impact on your tasks finances

Fitness and relationships remember that with God on

your side all things are possible he can create a path where it seems there is

none in the Lord will shower you with blessings cure you lead you provide for

you and protect you from harm you may anticipate a series of

Victories as you embark on This Magnificent season overcome any

difficulties and emerge victorious in everything that you do a magnificent

blessing from God will be reaching you before the month comes to a

close pray with me Lord because I believe that you are the Son of God who

died on the cross to save me from my sins and give me everlasting life the

terrible thing that is happening to you right now will soon be over and a

wonderful thing is about to happen in your life the Lord your God is currently

transforming your lives making your Sorrows into jaw and your setbacks into

recoveries he will transform your situation from poverty to

riches keep in mind that material possessions are Trent Like Houses cars

and jobs but God’s love and guidance are Eternal declare with

confidence these days I am worthy of embracing the love healing and

prosperity that are destined for me I believe that anything is possible with

God’s Gra gra pray this to me pricey God thanks

for Lifestyles this morning I hope it won’t be too much for me to handle

something tells me that you have a fantastic strategy for my way of life

right now amen says Jesus [Music]


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