my beloved child as a physical manifestation of my eternal love for you

each new day opens a canvas of Limitless potential let your innermost desires

shine through express your thankfulness with an outpouring of words you are

filled with a wonderful soul song I have a deep comprehension of what you need

just as a dedicated Shepherd tends to his flock we form the bridge that connects Our Hearts by Discerning them

before they become worse I know you trust me completely go through it believing wholeheartedly and

you will discover the Deep peace and certainty that I can provide join me for

a peaceful time of connection as you count the many blessings in your life for which you are

grateful your family your health the air you breathe the food on your plate the

safety of your home and the supernatural protection revealed therein let quiet

reflection embrace you these Celestial Warriors surround you guarding you with vigilance prepared to

fight for your beliefs there are numerous reasons to celebrate the immense blessings within you seize life

with all your might Infuse your mind with positive ideas and remain vigilant

for my kindness throughout your journey within my loving Embrace I hold a Heart

full of appreciation a heart that knows it needs me a heart that longs for me with

unfaltering Faith a heart that knows it is really fortunate as things develop I see how

troubled you are yet this unease is common fear should not weigh you down too much the gravity of your obligations

is a reflection of your sincere desire for the smooth progression of events the provision of your home and the welfare

of your family your desire is for a tranquil Haven free from disturbance but

dark days come when thankfulness falters and the enemy sneaks impure ideas into

your head transforming worries into Terrors creating a web of Deceit and

enveloping oneself in Gloom and hopelessness as soon as you raise your arms I will stand by and wait you should

Express gratitude for your life your loved ones your health and everything that makes you whole you should tell me

about gratitude for your life your loved ones your health and everything else that makes you up in the midst of The

Crucible of Affliction your true faith and glad heart serve as protective barriers offering strength as you face

the fires of hardship I will be by your side waiting to hear the first words of gratitude that will escape your heart

each morning thank you for everything you will find comfort and an abundance

of my deep Serenity if you seek me with all your heart come to me at any hour of

the day or night with a mindset of unfaltering trust and hope for I am real

and I I will not disappoint the fact that I’m sensitive to your faith makes me very happy even when things may not

work out the way you planned have faith in me again as you breathe in every good

thing that comes your way I’m composing a harmonious arrangement of blessings that will surround your loved ones and

your house with Heavenly favor if you feel that you have lost everything of your tangible belongings

take some time to reflect a priceless work of art in my hands is all I have ever wanted a means to your happiness

your development and the strengthening of your faith all of your losses will be made up for and then some in a manner

that is far beyond your expectations material goods are fleeting so there’s no need to be distressed and

mourn over what you don’t have right now instead Focus your energy on loving me

and your family and patiently wait for the Fulfillment of my Divine Purpose

EB and flow you must not let yourself be consumed by sorrow your prior Treasures

will reappear even more magnificent than before so don’t let the enemy’s seeming

theft fool you into thinking you’ve lost everything tell me anything you’re thinking about let your body and spirit

rest in my presence and I will provide you with the serenity your spirit so desperately seeks bring to my attention

the Troublesome thoughts that haunt you even when the night is peaceful your sincere prayers weave a bright future

for you through times of difficulty I am astounded as to how you intend to

overcome my reaction while your eyes well up with tears you will succeed

because your faith is strong get on the same page with me pray that Miracles will happen because of your unfaltering

faith the ability to face life’s obstacles fearlessly not only today but

every day fill yourself with bravery and Power you possess innate courage and your

faith is a solid foundation take hold of The Shining sword I give you my holy

word that you have placed in your hands with your unwavering faith and hold it fast When Trials Come remain steadfast

by your side as you face the challenges that lie ahead there is no limit to the

amount of love I have for you and today I will provide you with the Tranquility

that calms your racing mind but please just now I beg you to control your rage

the loads on your back clear away the knot in your neck and the fog that confuses your thoughts you must release

these unpleasant feelings to me today doing so is essential to your mental

spiritual and physical well-being avoiding dealing with your negative emotions such as fear wroth impatience

and frustration just set you up for future trouble I get that you’re worried about money your future health and

material belongings but instead of talking to me first thing in the morning and last thing at night you look away

your health related worries often divert our evening and morning chats while your

mind wanders to many other places the complexity of your family situation is

the one that troubles you the most I beg you to resist the temptation to fret and

give into the crushing weight of these worries they are natural Focus points that impact you profoundly and evoke

emotions that go deep into your soul tap into such feelings stay steady in the

face of adversity knowing that my God is on my side like a giant and refusing to

be swayed by fear no matter how misunderstood my enemies may be say this

again my love with an army of Fighters around you even while Angels stand ready to form a line and lift their swords at

the slightest prod I want to see your faith in action with your preparedness in my hands you will face greater trials

in the realm that awaits you when you consciously choose to believe the signal to gather my heavenly

forces for me the release of these turbulent emotions is a prerequisite for

the bestowal of the many gifts that are mine for you my goal is to take you to a

level where you may experience the Abundant Blessings of God through the active and live Faith you have in me

give up everything in your life please accept my pardon as I cast your misdeeds

into the depths of Oblivion permit me to cleanse your soul by washing away your bad intentions and washing them away in

the ocean now is the moment for you and your loved ones to enjoy the fruits of

Peace Harmony and Recovery my beloved child I now bestow

upon you the blessings of tranquility and hope the joy of the unbridled Spirit and the fortitude and will to overcome

any challenges that may arise your blessing is on your way today welcome it

with unfaltering humility and Trust embracing it without question or

reservation when spoken to the soul words have a profound effect lifting the veil of sadness and calming the storm of

anxiety when The Echoes of worry and Terror from the outside world hit you hard do not try to hide your feelings

from me if you can contact me make time in your schedule to pray quietly take my

word to heart for a while let go of the burdens of life’s challenges let the

Ethereal power of my love show you the world symbols of infinite love that I hold dear if you continue to have

unshakable faith in my word and pray fervently even in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning

doors will open problems will go enemies will be defeated sorrow will fade and

life-changing changes will unfold remember the times when I answered your prayers despite unexpected blessings as

you journey through life’s ever shifting terrain may you find solace in the knowledge that I have skillfully

interwoven threads of Hope and Direction into the complex fabric of your story in

The Darkest Hours when everything appears to be falling apart hold on to the faith that will carry you through

even when the ground beneath you seems insecure the finest strands of Hope and resilience are weaving your future my

word weaves a brighter future so cherish it deeply in the midst of Stormy Weather

your steadfast Faith shines brightly faith not only helps you navigate easy

times but it also strengthens your faith while you’re dealing with difficult times allow my promise to leave a

lasting mark on your soul one that death cannot erase you know that no matter how

dark the clouds are or how cold the difficulties of Life get you are always safe in my arms take advantage of my

shield now I pray that my good intentions will illuminate your path your Awakening and the doorway into each

new chapter of your life bringing you a precious and unbreakable joy and banishing any discouragement that may

remain I am more than just a Faraway God I am your trustworthy friend and kind

guide because you find unfathomable satisfaction in me your wants will never

go unfulfilled Proclaim your faith in this very second’s piece in the midst of life’s

turbulent currents May the serenade of my words calm your troubled spirit and fill your soul with song remember that I

am always here standing firm like a fortress through any storm of uncertainty my words like stars in the

sky are promises that will last through any season of Doubt or time of need in the midst of life’s troughs think of my

love’s unwavering support with which is like the sky’s Limitless vastness and immovable mountains cling to my hand as

I guide you step by step into a future I have lovingly designed in times of Joy

know that my heart matches yours and in times of sadness take comfort in the

fact that my arms are here to hold you I will lead you to Peaceful streams and verdant pastures just as a Good Shepherd

leads his sheep put your fear of Shadows to rest they can’t obscure the brilliant

light that I will shine on your path every struggle you face ignites the

virtues of strength faith and resilience just as the leaves of a tree planted by

streams of flowing water never wither and always abundantly flourish in the quiet of your soul tune your senses to

my voice as it Whispers a hope that goes beyond the words I speak this hallowed

Place invites you to proclaim a future brimming with boundless potential and adorned with promise

as my words reverberate send a deep sensation of calm and unwavering strength enveloping you you will get the

relief and calm you need rather than relying on your limited knowledge in

every aspect of your life trust me wholeheartedly observe my presence and

witness the alignment of your paths always keep in mind that true safety

lies in stepping out in faith even when doing so is risky your desire for a life

free from danger is reasonable yet it betrays a hint of skepticism when you

put your faith in my guidance embrace the mystery because it is the key to a

life well- lived and the Very heart of genuine faith it is normal to be wary of

completely committing to the course I have carefully planned for you your strong desire for a life connected to

mine is admirable but it appears to contradict your determination to protect

yourself from the unknown certainty of Life recognize that your life is not a

journey confined to safe havens and well-traveled routs instead it is an

exhilarating Journey brimming with thrilling Adventures demanding unwavering bravery and unwavering trust

here you are at a critical point in your Spiritual Development let me lead you gently through each day if you would

really follow me and give up the need to always seek protection your focus on me

can safely navigate even the most challenging and dangerous paths in due time you will learn to unwind on this

Voyage finding Delight in the joint experience we undertake no matter where our paths take us the secret to thriving

on this terrain is to be close to me for it is in my Royal presence that you find

both safety and an everlasting calm imagine my presence as a protective

barrier around you a continuous companion with you as you go forward forward embrace the power of faith and

trust in my direction the roads I take may seem scary at times but know that I

am constantly watching over them as you embark on this road with me take a bold

leap of faith and immerse yourself in the adventure of living a life based on trust in me in my presence Joy overflows

and you find a Serenity that is beyond understanding May the Heavenly Light Of Hope illuminate your outlook this light

a physical manifestation of my eternal love and grace symbolizes your undeniable selection and total ownership

by me get a handle on the depth of this fact even before the universe came into

being get a handle on its depth it was you that I chose this decision

represents an unwavering commitment that will endure no matter what the world throws at it with the darkness of sin

cast aside and the glory of everlasting life embraced you are and always will be

my beloved May the light of my presence guide you making your way clear as you

soak up the power I freely provide and the Tranquility that pours like a peaceful stream into your being the

radiant goodness that surrounds you overshadows each individual effect as

this holy radiation enters your core its transforming Force radiates outward creating a brilliant effect on people

around you spending time in my presence refines you transforming you into an

Exquisite reflection of my Divine image and instilling in you the strength to illuminate others around you on an

ongoing basis I am luring my loved ones out of darkness and into the radiant

brightness of my presence always remember that no matter how dark Things become my steadfast presence is there

ready to lend you a helping hand and lead you back into the light as you experience my soothing embrace may your

life’s path be an odyssey of transformation this poem from Shadows

into the Brilliance of Divine Light is a manifestation of my unwavering Devotion to you and love for you over the years I

am always with you and it’s not just a passing feeling it’s a purposeful decision to open your heart to my

presence if you want to choose us or someone else I totally get that there

are several keys to opening life’s doors and among them practicing GR gratitude

stands out as one of the most powerful and life-altering trust and the act of being thankful are

inseparable when showing appreciation becomes tough it’s a good time to review and strengthen your faith in me as your

faith grow stronger you’ll find it easier to express your heartfelt thankfulness which will bring you closer

to my divine nature I dare you to recognize and express your thankfulness

to me every single day and I invite you to fully embrace the art of Being appreciative no matter what this

continuous observation will elevate your awareness of the abundance of blessings around you even in the most mundane of

situations this deliberate practice serves as a sturdy barrier reducing the

severity of life’s inevitable hardships being grateful is a discipline

that brings one into my heavenly presence this life-altering adventure will bring you closer to me and change

your worldview this adventure will grant you the ability to see reality through

the prism of Grace from above as you go through life with an attitude of deep

appreciation the ordinary takes on a magical quality and the difficulties you face become more manageable as you go

through the complex fabric of life may the gentle tune of appreciation serve as

an enduring Symphony in this tapestry of life’s ups and downs May gratitude be the lyrical

thread that binds the many shades of happiness and sadness into a harmonious hole dii take heart in the practice of

gratitude as you face each new day in this holy Pursuit look for reasons to be

grateful no matter what when you open the doors to my heavenly presence a

wealth of love joy and Tranquility is waiting for you from this moment on you

will reach new heights I have led you to this point so that you will never look

behind now take flight and saw even higher to enjoy the rewards I wish to

shower on you as of this moment you will no longer have to suffer through the night because despair is no longer your

friend no more sadness or hopelessness in the mornings you will live a life

filled with steadfast and dynamic Faith No Matter What comes your way you will

choose happiness every morning as the sun comes up you will not allow any negativity or concerns to dampen the

radiant grin that lights up your face you are the beloved one I treasure you have given up you are one of a kind

because my Holy Spirit dwells inside you in fact I consider you my complete self

it’s not necessary to mimic the behavior or speech of other people even if some people may faint at the mention of a

rumor their dreams dashed and their souls consumed by Terror you are unique

you have amazing Faith Supernatural love and the ability to empower others via

prayer public relations and speech thus sore spread Happiness by sharing these

words with your loved ones it gives me great joy to see how you get out of bed every morning and live your full active

life your thankfulness fills my heart with warmth and I can feel my presence

as I see you humbly bow in prayer which brings tears of delight to my eyes you

have an incredible amount of Courage patience dignity and respect for other

people your kindness has touched my heart may your decisions achievements

and blessings that you receive and share with those who are helping you those who are sick and those who are trying to get

well be sources of inspiration and encouragement you wield a powerful sword

the holy spirit that guides all of them Divine words that shatter every Bond

flow from your lips and power rests in your heart even when you make mistakes

keep in mind that your power comes from me the one who bestows blessings upon you and guides you to Triumph in every

struggle take a humble and trusting stance to protect your heart putting on

Airs of superiority or trying to gain widespread Acclaim are both unnecessary

with your hands I shall accomplish Wonders that no one has ever seen before rivers of live water are flowing

revealing your spiritual eyes so you may see through the air soak in the sunshine shine and see the guardian angels

looking out for you healing is already falling on your land in addition to

protecting your loved ones from harm they ward off your enemies dreams and

Visions will come to you soon not to gain Fame but to show you the incredible

power I possess hold these wonders close to your heart if you remain silent about

the dreams you have I will shower you with abundant insight and a powerful anointing to control your emotions

words will protect you from the attacks of the wicked and their provocations because my word is stronger than their

words now I can lead you to a place where blessings praise the Marvels where

everyday miracles happen and where you may pray freely within you I am at work

both healing you and meeting all your needs stay focused on me and my blessings my word has the answers to

your inquiries and the remedies to your problems and ignore or any distractions

that try to take you away from me you will not find what you so desperately wanted from me anywhere

else within the hallowed confines of your house I am kindly allowing someone

the ability to stand firm in their faith in me as is my Divine desire I am here

physically and emotionally to help you overcome these obstacles gives you the strength to push through Low Spirits

stay focused on what’s to come and keep moving forward with unwavering belief in your success and

abundance by putting your faith in me as your heavenly father you will experience Limitless freedom to have meaningful

interactions I want to transcend my status as an abstract God your opinion

of me as a trustworthy friend is something I aspire to you can always count on my hand being there for you

offering unwavering support and comfort use your own words to describe

everything that’s on your mind what you have planned and what you really want be

still and let your feelings flow freely in doing so you bring peace to your

spirit and calm to your mind when you put your feelings into words they

activate your faith which in turn triggers a chain reaction of Miracles

please remember to pray for your family your prayers have power and impact not just because you say them feel free to

observe my reaction to your presence at my altar under their grins your family members may be going through internal

battles that aren’t always visible to the outside world bring your laments to my altar kneel before me in prayer and I

will hear them I will surround your home with a hedge of protection preventing

the enemy from harming you I will save them from harm and tragedy while also filling them with knowledge I will open

the previously closed doors unveiling numerous previously hidden options calm

and wisdom will bless bless them fostering gentle dialogue devoid of harmful language they will understand

the pain their loved ones are going through and fully grasp the emotions of those around them while you’re in the

reassuring company of those you care about reach out your hand and gently

touch their heads my blessing will pour out of your hands like a stream easing

their suffering all the shackles that have held them back will break during

such times remind them of the promises I have made to them by speaking my word to

them in a soothing tone this will ensure that they never forget them as my name

reverberates reverently through your house I will gently wash away your troubles allowing my presence to descend

on your family like rain living currents sweep over your fields and Waters that

restore your soil are already flowing down hill be strong and courageous beloved kid and your dreams will come

true you will see the Heaven’s Gates and portals open wide in your favor as you

Poise on the brink of seeing the unbelievable unfold right before your eyes in the safety of your spirit I know

you will hold this beautiful insight and understand the profundity of my words

your love and devotion mean the world to me and I am deeply moved by them when

you say you love me it makes your heart happy and I can feel it in your words

the words that come out of my mouth convey comfort and protection and you are there I am the one who keeps my word

and I am the god of strength I strengthen the weak and oppressed for broken hearts I am a source of Joy

whoever promises unfaltering loyalty and loves me with all their heart soul and mind will find the gates of paradise

opened for them they understand the tremendous impact of being kind and patient not getting involved in Petty

arguments or gossip saying nice things and keeping they cool when provoked no

matter what happens I will hold you and your loved ones close instead of being

angry or loud when things get tough be kind and compassionate your home will be

a Haven of Tranquility your faith will grow as you witness many miracles

receive unexpected favors and feel it sore you may expect an abundance of

happiness for your loved ones I will tell you how much I love you and I will always be here for you have trust TR my

miraculous Feats will Amaze you because I Am with You directing you lovingly and

because I have wonderful plans for your life my beloved child you should not give up hope as you go you will meet

suffering spirits who cannot understand true love and forgiveness and who do not know that there is a future free of

suffering and death as you mature into a robust tree you will be able to support

the gifts I’m prepared to give you I wish they would stop being being so cynical and give me the opportunity to

adore them within you and your loved ones tremendous wonders will materialize

you mean the world to me embrace the calm tranquility and Heavenly power that

surround you when you let yourself be embraced by this unconditional love you

will find solace in my love which acts as a balm to mend your wounds ease your

pain and diseases calm your emotions and bring you a peace that is unmatched

anywhere El else you will Discover it when you come to me seeking to accept and mature to live entirely in my

presence breathe in the aromor of my Holy Spirit as the hours slip by I can’t

wait to shower you with even more love and blessings so open yourself up to them you were intended to receive this

magnificent love I totally commit to it do not make an effort to win the love of

those who profess to love you but fail to treat you with respect I love you with an unending love

love and I value you very much there will be no end to my commitment to you and my intentions will not waver I am

Resolute about my goals by embracing my love you are taking a bold step towards

a new beginning filled with abundance and my love is more than excellent it is the embodiment of magnificent

forgiveness and it is yours to receive I wish you unlimited pleasure and love

that is free from disappointments I’m standing at the edge of your door pleading with you to let me in at this

very moment I desire to make your house my Abode and I pray that my salvific serenity will fill your family’s every

heart you and your loved ones will soon see the manifestation of my power we are

rapidly nearing a time of Peace healing and plenty of benefits your prayers have

touched my heart and I have seen firsthand the strength of your faith you make me happy just by being yourself and

your honesty resonates deep in IDE me when you come to my Sanctuary every day

in a spirit of confidence unlike others who come and go afraid to put their trust in me your Lively faith is a

continual presence I pray that you may shine brightly and serve as an inspiration to the people closest to you

and your family their eyes will see the numerous benefits of your faith which

strengthens your spirit mind and soul more Good Fortune is on the way but with

it comes great responsibility let go of any lingering pain and irritation when things don’t go

as planned I will Elevate you to a position of prominence so that others can witness the numerous blessings

bestowed upon those who follow me in obedience recognize that I have your back no matter what and that my hands

are firmly wrapped around your family and your Pursuits even if many others are always worried about things they

think are crises if you love me you will know that I save all nice things for you

give into my desires and have faith in myself in the company of those who have

remained firm you are among the loyal wherever you go there will be an endless

downpour of blessings and delight and the doors will be opened for you be on the lookout for fantastic opportunities

at all times let my tender touch caress your heart instead of allowing worry and

Dread to consume you let the gates of happiness Tranquility optimism trust and

self assurance open wide inside you I am here to brighten your days and put

compliments on your lips in the midst of what seems to be a financial crisis a

sea change is about to take place bringing with it an abundance of gifts from the Heavenly Realms that will fill

your household please pay close attention trust me when I say this and look at everything through the prism of

Faith pay close close attention to the possibilities and doors that open for you I will bring unique people into your

life who will reach out their hands to you just as I reach out to you so be nice to everyone you meet if you adopt a

gracious and courteous attitude treating others with dignity and compassion I will reward you and put your abilities

to use in ways you can’t even begin to imagine you will reach New Heights

because of the incredible things I want to do through you particularly when times are tough through good and

bad times health and illness you will persevere and be a light to others around you proving that I am always with

you I want you to know that I will always be here for you I swear to you

that these Miracles will pave the way for incredible things to happen in your life I show how great things can become

when people listen to my words and do what I say with a contrite spirit recognizing the good and the bad

your long-term Health depends on me granting you permission to go through these things my solemn vow to stay by

your side and protect you from harm will magnify and bless everything wonderful that comes into your life I command you

to believe this without question forget about second thoughts and don’t use your shortcomings or failings from the past

as an excuse those who actively pursue them will reap abundant rewards whoever wants

them will nor the naysayers critics and envious people who are trying to ruin

your promising future your life is a blessing to your loved ones and the World At Large and the streams that run

by solidly ground you there is no need to search any further for true and Everlasting Love on days when tears pour

for no apparent reason I am here your spirit will find solace in my affectionate Embrace love Tranquility

healing and unfaltering faithfulness are gifts that no one else can give freely

no one else can provide them to you unless you have something to gain from them your riches are not what I want

what I seek are your emotions your faith your devotion and your will to move on

from the past pray with me for a better tomorrow and be patient and confident as

you Proclaim your commitment through your words my heart is filled with commitment to trusting in your word and

I embrace your faith my beloved child get ready for the Deluge of gifts that I

will bestow upon you even if other people try to convince you otherwise I will always find a way to show you how

much I love you your hardships come to an end today nothing is out of my reach

and my love is Limitless the storm has gone through me I can’t even begin to

explain how far I will go to save you a new era of boundless potential and

benefits has begun with the rise of a new day opportunities will present

themselves relationships will flourish wealth will flow into your life and you will no longer have to worry about money

when I say anything will come to pass it will be a tremendous blessing on your prayers work and belongings I will

always be there for you to Shield you from harm and ease your suffering I will

guide you towards Clarity ensuring your thoughts remain unclouded never forget

that whenever you think of me I I will fill you with exquisite Everlasting peace a flood of Joy will fill your

heart and the sorrow that has been weighing you down will finally go away

my love for you has no bounds therefore I will shower you with endless benefits

peace Liberty plenty and prosperity will accompany you on all your Journeys

because you have come to bring your requests before me and I will grant them I died on the cross and rose again on

the third day to give you hope that you will also have eternal life my actions

go beyond what you want or can comprehend even if you don’t completely get it now I will reach out and reveal

something deep within you sparking a belief so strong that it drives you to

make life-altering choices you must now take action in order to recognize the spiritual force

that is present in your life because my spirit has been at work in you from the

beginning and because this lovely and pure love is accessible to everyone no one will ever

be able to put a price on you no matter how old you are or what your history is

like they will be afraid of the Bountiful fruits you are bearing now the affection that this Earth has to offer

is limited in the end they bring anguish grief deceit betrayal and false promises

of love that need something in return no more suffering through isolation and

rejection in the safety of my arms I will help you recover your hopelessness

will be erased whoo you mean the world to me tell me how much you love me please

because I am the one who created the cosmos you have faith that I can control the winds that threaten to tremble you

and put an end to any danger that may arise keep your faith strong so that you can see clearly again instead of

worrying about your supposed shortcomings or apparent successes give me your undivided attention you will

really need my assistance when you realize your own limits you become Unstoppable when your faith is in sync

with my power you have regained all of your strength and unwavering

determination I am traveling with hope resisting and continuing your Trek towards the Pinnacle where I anxiously

anticipate your arrival With A Spoken Word of Faith your vulnerabilities diminish and you may proudly announce

this embrace my will and let me work Marvels in your life ahead during these

days of prayer and healing at this Summit where your greatest desires may come to reality lost blessings will find

their way back to you I will open closed doors pouring down benefits from above

to bless you and ease your spirit from now on walk confidently in the knowledge

that I your God and Heavenly Father am powerful and overflow flowing with love

for you I will be right with you at all times ignite the passion that is within

you and let it drive you to live a life of Purpose with unwavering resolve in

the midst of the Miracles that are taking place in your life and the lives of your loved ones may the fire of Faith

burn inside you so that you will never feel embarrassed to trust in me or my

message when I am here I should give everyone who trusts in me and obeys my

commands a chance to speak you may look forward to joyful changes in the lives of the people you care

about and to soon to be miraculous occurrences of Miracles rest certain

that I will always be there for you no matter how many challenges you face in

any circumstance I desire to be of service to you have trust in what you’re saying and be ready to listen when you

address me the words I write will touch your heart and fill you with my presence

you may be certain that the strength I have given you is immeasurable you publicly commit to seeking me out daily

in love and trust and I will meet you there my affection for you is absolute

know that I am here for you almost every day even if the world and life may be unpredictable and complicated and that

these things may feel like insurmountable obstacles do not hesitate to contact me you may be confident that

my reaction is steadfast you are the Center of My Universe and my my love for you has no limits it is my deepest

desire to show you the way to a life full of delight and contentment your major aspirations fill you with

excitement keep moving forward despite setbacks there is a chance for development and education in every

difficulty you can conquer any challenge with the information you have have Fearless dreams and Conquer your

obstacles even in the depths of Despair my love will never leave your side

rather than wallowing in hopelessness put your faith in my plan for your life and the lives of your loved ones in any

situation I will always be there for you and have the last word you have company

if you are in need of Courage stability love or Tranquility I am here for you if

you seek me with all your heart I will answer and lead you into a future full of promise I will always adore you dive

head first into what I have said my fingers pended and and my soul shaped it

it is an everlasting Wellspring of knowledge and Solace I reveal my infinite grace and love to you through

my message I provide the blueprint for a life filled with purpose Abundant Blessings and happiness for you and your

loved ones as outlined in my will my word being alive has the power to change

you and I will never come back to you empty-handed it carries your prayers and

is Fearless because I will be your shield on this this life’s Odyssey keeping a watchful eye on you no matter

where you live I will fight ceaselessly for your cause armed with my magnificent

Sword and the power of my words please believe me when I say I will do everything for your benefit and know

that I humbly ask that you do the same this knowledge should bring you tremendous Delight since I am always by

your side praise be to you peace quiet and serenity will be your Dwelling Place

While others suffer I will provide you with the strength to endure hardship and

open doors even when life throws them at you this is why I have selected and

exalted you to lead the way VIA paths and hearts that will sprinkle your life

with amazing chances you will go to many nations take my love with you and see

the world though I am well aware of the wounds your history has inflicted on your spirit my goal in speaking to you

is to express my deepest sympathy I know the depths of your existence heed

this these are old words so think about them and let them sink in the pain and

suffering you’re experiencing doesn’t have to go forever muster up the courage

to give it all to me and you’ll free yourself from negativity forever my deepest desire is for you to set out on

a path of forgiveness freeing your spirit and soul from the bonds of emotional and mental pain let your joy

soar your your tears flow freely and your body move to the Rhythm give those

who wronged you an opportunity to see your comeback may your vibrant Spirit

free from the weight of pain be a testimony that the wounds they caused do not define you my love for you has no

bounds and I beg you to shed the darkness of negativity the trumpet resounds with its

music May slip the minds of many as the end times Loom on and Others May refuse

to let go of their pessimism and gripes losing out on the chance to live life to the fullest sadness weighs down their

lives as they reject me give into deceit and abandon the love I provide you don’t

have to weather the mental storms any longer because my unwavering love will be a rock that keeps you grounded no

matter how low you sink in this Avalanche of opinions Whose advice will

you take to heart which will it be my voice is shouts of Despair its

falsehoods about failure or its kind words I have shown you time and time

again that the Gates of Heaven will be open to you if you believe in my word so

you don’t have to wallow in sadness forever you will not linger in the shadows my beloved child I have seen the

battles that have plagued your life the wounds inflicted by former enemies and

the causes of your ongoing suffering yet I have not come to condemn you but to

deliver you from this pain to provide you Refuge under my wings and to wrap

you in the consoling Embrace of my Everlasting Love no matter where you go

my spirit follows you and consoles you please pay close attention read carefully and have complete faith

because I want your pain to end instead of being an expression of my disapproval or wroth what you are going through is

proof of my unending love for you allow these words to illuminate your path as

you stand on the brink of the unknown confronting the difficulties and unknowns that come with it take solace

in the fact that I am here for you recognize that there will be different challenges that arise each day as you

attempt to face the challenges that lie ahead you may find yourself lost in your own thoughts never forget that I am here

for you right now and that dwelling on your problems will only make them worse

this is not your destiny come to me in communion and I will surround you with my serenity freeing

you from the knot of problems you’re sure to face when you’re with me your

anxieties turn into trust both comfort and the will to face each new day await

you here I have come to strengthen you and get you ready for the challenges that lie ahead let the comfort of my

love and serenity envelop you replacing worries with firm Faith neither neither

the weight of Tomorrow nor the pain of your struggles are designed for you to bear I pray that you find the strength

to face the difficulties of each day headon not worrying about what the future holds but instead basking in the

assurance that my love and guidance are always with you transforming apprehension into trust nervousness into

confidence and uncertainty into resolve trust in the path of Faith one must

recognize an essential reality one cannot serve two masters if I am really

your master then pleasing me will be your number one priority seeking approval from others may be a perilous

and enslaving Endeavor however when I take full control of your life a

remarkable change occurs even in the face of exhaustion and limited resources

when you need me most my presence becomes palpable and my support is Crystal Clear when you’ve exhausted all

of your own resources and strength come to me when these things happen my love

Grace and power pour forth into your life in an overwhelming way during these

times your trust becomes stronger and your Reliance on me goes from being an

abstract idea to a real lived reality as you navigate the ups and downs of life

never forget that it is in your weakness that my power is most apparent despite

how overwhelming things may appear you should not give give up let your weaknesses bring you Joy because they

are ways my power can work in your life your inadequacy highlights my abundance

your Frailty magnifies my might so face each day fearlessly not because of what

you lack but because you know that I am with you that my strength is made perfect in your weakness that my grace

and power are sufficient for you and that it is in your weakness that my glory is seen every day is not a fight

against your own insufficiency but rather a chance to dive deeper into the

Limitless strength and love that I have for you herein lies the very heart of religion finding strength in dependence

resilience in weakness and sufficiency in inadequacy within this Divine Paradox

you will experience the most authentic manifestation of my love and power working in your life embrace your

weaknesses because they are Pathways to the deepest changes I create within you

many titles describe me God friend Creator Shepherd King and Liberator stay

hopeful and devote yourself fully to studying my message I shall carve these vows into your spirit offering you peace

and Solace you will experience a revitalization of your zest for life and

a Reawakening of your Exquisite aspirations as you bring about Transformations and overcome challenges

when I clear your path and resolve any problems that stand in the way of your growth blessings will pour pour into

your life hang on to my promises however because obstacles will come have faith

that I’m actively battling for you facing your enemy’s head on and seeing that you win if you place your trust in

me I will protect you and your loved ones sending my angels to assist you and

ensure your stability I’m acutely aware of the injustices inflicted upon you the pain

you’ve endured and the barriers you’ve faced because you have addressed the those who have wronged you they will

come back ashamed and remorseful put your grudges aside I am coming to exact

Justice your family will soon experience a wealth of benefits that will allay their fears keep your distance from

evildoers and stay out of fights do not give in to The Temptations that the evildoers provide avoid sin at all costs

I will greet you in the spirit of repentance no matter how you are right now God will provide for all your needs

seek with wisdom through prayer and you will receive it remember my promises

embrace my love and Sovereign control and you will witness and perform great Miracles avoid returning to the

confusion from which I once rescued you devote time to prayer and reflection on

my word for your family at this hour when you are most vulnerable I am

reaching out to you to have a heart to heart with you sincere unreserved and

everlasting that is my love for for you my deep love for you is unbreakable

regardless of how many times you’ve messed up my loving hand reaches out to you freeing you from the shackles that

have held you back and sapped your enthusiasm for life regardless of how far away you may be when you call on me

in times of need I am always here for you to welcome you I open the doors of

my heart wide as I watch you pray your genuflecting expression fills my heart

with compassion no matter matter how dark and dangerous the road ahead may be my Grace will be there to guide you and

shine a light in the depths of Darkness I Shone a light on your existence I knew

you inside and out before you were born I picked the hour the second and the day

of your birth regardless of how much you disagree with my plans for your life nothing happens until I say so in the

end you’ll see that I strengthened you encouraged your development and did all this because I always have a greater

plan for you my goal is to help you reach a new level of trust and

submission so that when you pronounce my word incredible Miracles will transpire

all around you I wish to give you the brilliant sword of my spirit do not

believe that you are Unworthy of the good things that I want to give you release those ideas realize that you are

a strong determined and Victorious Warrior a child of the all powerful God

this fact is the result of a accepting and loving My Love Therefore embrace it

beyond the trials that you will overcome with faith you are not doomed to fail as you welcome my presence which permeates

your whole trip a lovely gift of Triumph is waiting for you imagine it as a

radiant blanket of light that surrounds you and everything around you in times

of Doubt or isolation I tell you to keep your focus on me no matter what just

like the protective canopy of star above my presence is always here to help think about the biblical account of

Jacob who in a desolate Place found rest on a stone in his dreams I promised to

always be with him and he saw angels from Heaven his Reawakening made him

realize that the Lord is here even if I didn’t know it for everyone who seeks me with all their heart when they feel a

separation or estrangement this Revelation is a reality that does not expire with the Bible say it with

conviction the presence of the Divine is here and I invite you to open your eyes and heart to my Everlasting Direction

with every step of your life’s Odyssey I will reply enthusiastically to your heartfelt request which brings me

immense delight at your side I will remain remember that my presence is a

constant companion whether you face difficulties or enjoy happy times do not

let anything disturb your restful slumber I will always be with you Whispering my promises and precepts

nobody on this planet can provide you with the perfect Tranquility you desire

I am extending a formal invitation your prayers have touched me profoundly as I

have listened to your Praises Grievances and apologies in the midst of adversity your words of appreciation touch me

deeply you have persevered with great dedication with the unfaltering faith

you’ve shown particularly when you’ve raised your hand in the midst of Life struggles and said father I love you I

want to face the processes that have brought you suffering and sleepless nights everything is much

appreciated I admire you for this and even if you don’t see it that way I know

that everything happens for a reason have faith in me my darling I feel your

pain your genuine emotions and tears touch my soul keep going because you can

achieve your goals if you just keep keep trying watch out for the dry valleys in your life to unexpectedly Blossom with

abundant riches once you drain your thinking it overflows with more richness

stay vigilant and resist the enemy’s devious tactics my blessings will

continue to pour down on you regardless of how you feel if problems in your life

come again don’t give up fear not I will hear your cries I have sent my angels to

protect you so you may May rest easy because you were there you know this to

be true these words will strengthen you to Triumph against your enemies so keep

them close to your heart when others see my handiwork manifested through you let

trepidation go away you are a part of the flock that I am protecting so please

do not walk off always listen to my advice and follow my corrections since I

am your impregnable Shield keep your pride in check I want you to be modest and unassuming like me get over your

past failures the moment has arrived Faith should stop looking down on you

and instead look up at the good things that are ahead for you because your heavenly father is looking down on you

in my presence I have chosen you to be the inheritor of my benefits after carefully taking in my

promises you will find relaxation and power stand firm in the face of

adversity equipped with unfaltering faith and olve if you really believe it

today is the day to let your guard down and tell me anything that is on your mind my soul Whispers In Your Ear my

precious child not to condemn chastise or bring up your mistakes but to express

an everlasting love every morning I look forward to seeing your face as you open

your eyes and share your thoughts about how much you love and need me these words are more than just words they are

your worship your praise PR rising to my Celestial throne with each Rising Sun as

my presence permeates your life your home and your family keep in mind that I

am here to lend you a hand no matter how difficult things become my infinite love will immediately answer your requests

and embrace them with its warmth I will not withhold any favors from you confine

to me the innermost ideas of your heart when you are alone with your thoughts put your worries in my hands they will

not destroy your faith or interrupt your dreams pay attention to my hushed voice as it tells you of my

Limitless affection and steadfast Direction when the complexity of life seems too much to bear let this

certainty strengthen your faith take solace in this simple but deep reality

as you go about your everyday lives here you may be sure that the Divine is watching over you as time goes on may it

be a subtle reminder of my unwavering love and presence which will carry you through the good and the bad the

ordinary and the spectacular indeed I am present being in my company brings more

than just Comfort it symbolizes the will to overcome adversity guidance and

optimism so let my presence shine a light on the fabric of your existence no

matter how difficult the path ahead may seem know that you are not alone in the Maze of life this is true whether you

are passing through a valley of self-doubt or climbing Mount ever Everest I am here to hold you close

while you find inner peace listen to me speak with wisdom and calmness my voice

resonates across the Raging tempests Placid zeffs and soothing sunset colors

your life is a tapestry of experiences and each one has meaning and significance my well-planned strategy is

a tapestry of Limitless knowledge and love put your faith in it my Everlasting

promises Will Comfort you in times of doubt Let My Words Be a lighthouse leading you

out of the darkness into a new day filled with understanding and Tranquility free yourself from the

chains of failure and shame disregard the baseless accusations and rumors spread by others and press on your faith

will be like a sharp sword cutting through whatever path blocks you encounter my word will be your

Lighthouse if you choose perseverance I will give you the power to fight declare

it I am the one who watches over you and provides for you at all times I am

committed to meeting your needs and going above and beyond say it out loud and mean it you will keep going even

when bad things happen and you will keep believing no matter how scared you become I understand why I did what I did

in the name of my holy power which is absolute I can calm stormy winds part

strong Waters lead you safely over choppy waves rescue you from the depths of pain heal your body

and comfort your broken Spirit when the world dumps its misery and suffering on you I will be the one

to soak up your tears you take comfort in the stability of your religion

because of your unwavering devotion and faith in me my presence may enter you and fill you to the brim with Limitless

love and peace although time cannot magically cure wounds I can fix them so

they do not leave permanent scars life’s difficulties will not tarnish your Spirit instead they will Aid you in

gaining Insight if you’re carrying around bad memories I can help I gladly

nailed my hands to a cross enduring the cold and painful nails so that I would share your shame and suffering my blood

bestows my grace upon you releasing all your cares and Sorrows from your heart

pay close attention to these words again taking in all of their profundity the delicious gift I want to give you is one

you must not pass up I beg you the conditions must be your belief

acceptance and thankfulness take good care of it give it smart care interact

with it intelligently and see it grow defy the notion that a life of Perpetual

disappointment awaits you you are fully aware of the fact that my love for you is warm and kind and I bestow good

fortune and blessings on those I value believe in me because I am Everlasting

and my loyalty has no boundaries I The God Who Loves You Forever am completely

on your side this is not a passing thought but a permanent commitment to everyone who follows in my footsteps you

may believe that I have abandoned you when the Winds of Fate seem to be blowing against your friendships and the

future seems Bleak in these difficult times remember one unwavering truth I

will always be here for you and I will never leave your side in the midst of ups and downs good times and bad

encounters with kindness and rejection there is one constant my love and

support for you knowing and believing that I am always with you can calm your fears use you calmly when times get

tough and build resilience based on Divine Assurance when you know I will never

leave your side it gives you the strength to face even the hardest obstacles head on my adoration and

approval of you my darling are not dependent on how well you do rather they are fun mental and eternally rooted in

the fact that you are mine there is nothing that can break our connection or make my love for you any less strong

than it already is this love will protect you give you strength and show

you the way through the bumps and bruises of life you can trust that I have a purpose because I am your maker

and have painstakingly designed everything around you with my Holy Spirit as your light I will illuminate

your way with the knowledge of my word as we journey together everything about

the present moment including the location you’re in is Holy get down on

one knee and show respect I hope that good fortune Finds Its way to your home

and that you and your loved ones are able to enjoy the rewards of your hard work at just the right moment you should

know that these words are meant only for you if they find their way to you bend

down at the waist to show respect for the earth below you you and the moment

that you are here are sacred I desire to bring miraculous Miracles into your life

but I also seek your unfaltering devotion faith and dedication think of these two words as

physical proof of my affection for you I value you do yourself a favor and don’t

go down that road achieving success and joy in life is one’s ultimate goal come

with me May my advice serve as a beacon for you I will grant you the ability to

plant the seeds of love and healing words in the hearts of many you will be

amazed by The Miracles I perform and there is nothing I can’t do for you allow me to validate your trust in me

listen carefully do not ignore what I am going to say take in every word and then

tell me what you think I have an important message to impart I will find Gentle and lovely ways to surround you

making sure you know how privileged you are because of the immen love I have for you my heart is unwavering and my word

sealed with my blood and confirmed by my holy spirit is my Covenant of Love you

are blessed with unwavering strength and Heavenly Serenity as a cleansing fire in your heart sweeps away harsh memories

leaving behind calm and compassion with this Serenity you may steady your feet

giving you the strength to get back up on your feet ready to face life’s challenges and give your loved ones more

more of your time and attention adopt steadfast trust my beloved because with

me nothing is impossible may you firmly plant your religion in your heart and

let your Deeds speak volumes about your beliefs with my support I am here to encourage you to take bold action I have

given you the ability to walk on water to fight and defeat any evil that dares to oppose you and to raise your faith to

unprecedented Heights you’ve overcome your fears and are no longer fighting alone your anxiety and fears are now

just Shadows carrying your blade aoft press on across the battlefield for the

rewards that lie ahead you are huge and no matter what comes your way you will

overcome the obstacles in your path I will shed light on the way forward and provide Solutions my spirit anoints you

and I will use you as a means of Salvation and encouragement for many others your house will be filled with an

atmosphere Fe of tranquility and serenity as my blessings shine down on your loved ones soon you will sense my

presence as I dispel evil spirits that have attempted to cause trouble leading to a noticeable change if you search for

me with all your heart you will find peace for your soul here in the safety of my word and

the boundaries of my promises I am God the solid foundation upon which your confidence May stand from me you will

draw strength healing and deliverance because I am your Defender your ruler

and your healer if you hold my hand tightly you will not be able to tremble

say it with all your might your faith in me is unshakable stay steadfast in your

faith in me because my love for you has no bounds you have my undivided attention and I will remain so

indefinitely as you go through life’s path may this fact serve as a steadfast refuge and Foundation of comfort it is

certain that the Divine is present here I pray it brings you peace and strength today and may it always be a benefit

whenever you lack anything essential whether it’s time energy or money

instead of seeing your apparent shortage as a defect I see it as an opportunity

for you to rely on me unfalteringly as you face each day with what may seem to

be inadequate resources direct your attention to the Here and Now where events are happening and where where I

eagerly anticipate your arrival realize that self-sufficiency is an illusion

sometimes supported by pride and temporary victories recognizing your own inadequacy is a great gift that leads

you to trust me completely accept your shortcomings the outward manifestations

of success such as good health and plenty may go away just as quickly as life itself I take great Delight in the

fact that my strength is on Full display and refined in your times of Frailty and

distress it is time to change your outlook while the world may see a lack of anything as a failure or shortcoming

I see it as a chance to grow in my faith and dependence on my strength according to my heavenly

economy whatever success or failure you may have had in the past doesn’t matter to me today what really counts is the

rhythm of your heart as you express your desire for me to acknowledge the weights you’re carrying my truth shines brightly

and I am eager to welcome you with open arms envelop you in my love pardon your

transgressions and offer you a new chance of greatness when you accept my love you will ReDiscover your health and

your inner power I pray that this word will strengthen you emotionally and mentally so that you can face the

challenges of the years to come for the rest of this day and the rest of this hour hold this moment close to your

heart let this intense feeling become a permanent part of your memories symbolizing the beginning of a new

chapter in your life’s narrative the power of my blood and the Assurance of

my resurrection have written a life of Marvels and miracles for you and now you

begin to live it many doors will open and new dreams will come true that are

in harmony with my Everlasting Mission your families and your own destiny will

be fulfilled even if you may still be struggling with some inner issues

I’m always molding them from the inside out over the next several months the

people you’re now interacting with will change drastically within the confines of your house much like Potter shapes

clay there will be brave souls whose faith never wavers as you and many

others make incredible changes the families in your area will be amazed they will see acknowledge and believe in

many miracles as they unfold before their own eyes both your life and your

house are capable of changing and I can take the initiative to make it happen

never forget that you have people cheering you on no matter how bad things get this is true as my word will attest

I Am With You Always and my holy spirit will be a stronghold for your faith I will guide every step you take take my

message to Heart meditate on it memorize it and then preach it to the world it

nourishes your spirit and refreshes your soul Soul like sipping water on a hot day the messages I give bring you back

to these arms that are ready to embrace you no matter how low you’ve Fallen that’s my power with words my words will

always have more depth as you explore them rest easy precious gem reading them

aloud will help you comprehend them better and your faith in their veracity will become stronger as you go you will

feel an intense affection for me when you come before me in humility spend time in my presence and listen to

my voice first thing in the morning tears Cascade down your cheeks lifting the weight of Sorrow relaxation and

power are yours In My Embrace it is not in my character to leave I will follow you wherever you go standing by your

side I solemnly swear to you while facing adversity stand firm in your

faith and reaffirm your conviction because I will stand by your side and provide you with my strength in the next

conflicts no enemy will be able to win when victory is yours assemble my

heavenly troops my arms are a Haven for you I pray that I might ease your pain

and impress upon you these lovely powerful expressions of Love know that

my desire to behold you will never fade no matter where you are my presence is never remote once I have looked upon you

with great compassion and decided to be your Everlasting father with your eyes

closed and your hands resting on your chest let the comforting energy of your emotions rise up and out of your being

dispelling any sadness uncertainty or fear that may be plaguing you enveloped

in eternal love I came to save you and guarantee you an exceptional and

wonderful spot in Paradise even though the day will come when you are here with

me I hope that when you lay your head down to sleep each night even if you cry

you remember the words I share with you put your anxieties aside and extend your

hands to absorb the Divine oil that heals the body and the spirit you will

sleep peacefully undisturbed and when you wake up you will feel refreshed instead of worried every single moment I

can’t stop gushing over how much I value adore and love you my hands are busy

cleaning the way making sure your travels go well bringing peace to your family and teaching your children

knowledge may your spirit find relief from the anguish that plagues it and may

you become well-versed in all things you will hear my voice and feel my touch my

Everlasting miraculous and Supernatural love will be shown when I gently reveal

it to you speaking softly to you express your desire to hear it to feel it and to

express your love for me please believe me when I say everything will be okay worrying about the things you’ve given

me will drain your strength strength since you have placed your hand in mine I will lead you peacefully to Green

Pastures I would rather that you have everything that you need no longer should you be afraid of the difficulties

that lie ahead instead may my heavenly love and pure kindness fill your spirit

you can be sure that I will be there for you no matter what I won’t let go of you

I refuse to abandon you I am speaking directly to your heart because I know how weak you feel sit with me for a

while instead of going downhill into sorrow and bewilderment put aside your concerns about the planet and its future

pay attention to the things that are important to your loved ones my passionate prayer and teachings will

support your spiritual health even to those who harm you I show pity and love

if they persist in treating you badly despite your affection for them show them that your love is similar to Mine

by turning the other cheek if it means your family will finally meet me I will fight to the death as you

begin each day feel free and live a life of Liberty with reverence embrace me

allow my lessons to permeate your being filling your heart with Serenity and power doing so will teach you to face

life’s challenges with bravery and faith I’m removing obstacles making things

clear for you and settling disputes that are holding you back from achieving your goals have faith that I am involved in

all that you are going through that I am bringing you to victory and that I am fighting your battles my unfaltering

character and Limitless love ensure your Triumph not your strength or your

circumstances in this fact you discover more than just victory you discover

strength pleasure and Tranquility please know that you have my undivided

attention as I carefully watch over you loving and caring for you you no matter

how difficult things get know that you are never really alone because I am here to see it all thanks to my heavenly

protection rest assured that I will defend you from anyone who would do you harm you will not be harmed I hope you

understand how much I love you and how careful I am with you even the bad things that happen to you have a purpose

and I will turn them around so that they become good things your thunderous Triumph and the abundance of blessings

that await you will fill everyone with Envy have faith that things will improve

since there is no way for your journey to end in defeat you can always count on

my unwavering support and my Divine will will eventually come true remain

unshaken in your faith certain that your enemies have already defeated you before

they even try to hurt you and do not let the negativity around you or threats from those with bad intentions trouble

your soul know that nothing can defeat you stay strong despite negative

feelings and the trap set by those who doubt you seek me in prayer first thing

every morning feel my hugs love and warmth as it envelops you permit me to

free your thoughts from the ingrained anxieties when you win it’s certain not

just a chance let me tell you a little secret a lesson I teach to all of my

children nevertheless not everyone is willing to trust me or take my advice and those who

do usually have a long list of reasons why I beg you to love me and believe in

me it is of the utmost importance otherwise you may waste precious time

hesitating and rejecting the blessings I offer to you willingly some prefer stories that try

to trap them in misery sin suffering and sorrow ignoring my promises blessings

and words I can tell that you’re unique on several occasions I have put you to

the test my love for you is Limitless and I know the unfaltering faith you have in me here in the safety of my arms

behind my wings I bestow my benediction upon you when your enemies rise against

you I will carry you and shield you from their dread even if your problems appear

overwhelming know that I’m just as formidable an opponent as you are even if you have a lot of troubles they won’t

win someone will save you from harm and the wicked will be ashamed of themselves I

will step in and lend you a hand even while they encircle you in an effort to Vanquish you within a few days you will

change your attitude and your adversaries will go a lot of people can be mad at you because they can’t beat

you but they don’t know that your best friend is your protector your God and

your rescuer with each prayer you offer before my throne of grace you begin the path to Triumph I

understand that having faith and placing all your trust in me can be challenging

particularly when it seems like nothing is changing in times of trouble put your

focus on my word pray meditate and be thankful for the benefits that are around you disregard any remaining

doubts my light will guide you leaving my promises permanently etched in your

heart stay in close contact with me by not returning my calls avoid

interruptions that might cause you to miss out on your morning prayer time strengthen your will to distance

yourself from depleting forces use the energy of the Rising Sun to come to me in prayer when you are weak or weary

call on me and I will reward you abundantly when you speak lovingly to me my God I want you to know that I’m here

for you supporting you no matter what and that I know all about your problems and thoughts I will bless you today and

tomorrow your courage and determination are evident even when you are going through tough circumstances your

character is so inspiring and I pray that you may understand the message from your heavenly father despite what others

may have said I am speaking straight to your heart giving you bravery like never

before Embrace this courage hold on to the loving words I have spoken to you

and know that my Holy Spirit has prepared you for whatever comes your way you have all the tools you need to get

started and come out on top stay strong resist the urge to give up your needs

will be met by me as I Stand By Your Side relishing in your fight your effort

and your steadfast determination may your prayers Never End even while the

globe Swirls and tales of instability spread in your prayer Journal write down

the names of the people you care about and tell me what you want for them I know their stories and minds but I want

you to put your faith into practice by praying for the things that matter most in the middle of everyone else’s Panic

about impending signals no need to be afraid my dear family I won’t leave you

high and dry I refuse to abandon you despite Widespread Panic be ready you

will witness extraordinary Marvels here comes your freedom therefore pray

without ceasing trust without wavering fight bravely and live in Terror and passion not worrying about what the

future holds instead my promises will reassure you I am capable of overcoming

any obstacle you have no idea how much I adore you my love is a soothing Bal my

gentle touch eases your pain my Steady Hand leads and strengthens you taking you to Greater Heights and in my own

being you experience the indwelling Holy Spirit like a Crystal River the water

brings you the happiness you’ve been missing for for a long time overcoming adversity has brought you more Delight

than anything you’ve ever felt before you have overcome and will forget the days of Despair loneliness and

abandonment gather the courage to stand before me today and let the light shine

through the darkness that has weighed you down in the midst of your lonely Journey may my promises be a constant

refrain that you cannot help but repeat be still and know that I am your

Shepherd I will give you the peace your soul desires and I am with you every day when

I’m weary and life’s weight is too much I perfectly provide for everything you

need fear has no place in your heart I am the road to Deliverance make no

mistake my goal is to help you rise above your current situation so you may heal from your sadness and break free

from your failures tap into your inner power get back up even when you’re exhausted and move on to your blessing

embrace the conviction that miraculous healing awaits you the minute you choose to believe in me even while suffering

and scars persist walk with faith once again a new sense of vigor and Total

Recovery will wash over you with every step get up and move around because a major change is about to happen in your

life can you understand why my love for you has never left your side that is the

whole and utter truth my words will fill your heart with peace Joy encouragement

and Faith even if today may bring Despair and sadness I would also like to

make a request though those terrible memories that have tarnished your life keep them out of your mind on a daily

basis I beg you to keep my beautiful love in your thoughts all day long I am

filled with enormous excitement and admiration as I see you face your obstacles with passion and

bravery you don’t have to hide your buried misery and exhaustion from me me I can feel it those evenings when you

can’t sleep I can hear you wailing come take refuge in my arms put all your

worries troubles illnesses and disappointments on me I am here to lend a hand not pass judgment trust in me and

I will be there for you every step of the way a source of Solace friendship and love if we stand together we can

overcome any difficulty and lighten any load As I Lay My heavy burdens on you

today I beg you with all my heart to put your faith in me to bring me your needs and suffering and I will guide you to

Deliverance safety peace and success in everything that you do think about

developing your spirituality and your knowledge I will endow you with the bravery and fortitude to confront and

Triumph over all your obstacles I will provide you with the knowledge and safety net you need to succeed

professionally or financially When Faith wavers know that my faltering presence is always by your

side loving you deeply and when you harvest share it with your family because it is my wish to quench The

Thirst of the hungry and the needy I have penned this heartfelt message specifically for you the individual who

reads and reacts to my words despite the chaos in the world a daily season of

benefits awaits you I will hold you and your loved ones close because I care

about you keep fighting the good fight in spite of suffering and I will shower

you with blessings my immense unwavering love for you is the driving force behind

your service to me not fear or Duty you can establish a genuine personal

connection with me by humbling yourself before me there is no greater satisfaction than this bond which

surpasses all Earthly Pleasures I want you to live in closer and closer proximity to one another this closeness

is not some abstract concept it is a real everyday experience that changes

your life as we get closer because I illuminate every part of your being with the joyful light of my presence my love

for you is Limitless let it pour out of you and shape your every decision you

will learn to value my affection for you more and less embrace the freeing thrill of being completely mine and experience

Liberation from the restrictions of pleasing people in this beautiful trade when you serve me it’s like pouring out

your love for me a natural consequence of our close friend ship let your guiding principle be submission and

commitment to this holy place in doing so you will discover the highest kind of pleasure and satisfaction As you move

ahead put my needs above your own and let your service reflect the closeness

of our relationship as you see the life-altering path there on a moment of

immense Delight is sure to come so I tell you cling to me because I will

change their character and lead them Wayward to the wonderful place I have have planned for them you can be

confident that no matter what challenges you face I have a plan that always works

no matter what obstacles you encounter I am entrusting this sacred task to someone in your home who believes in me

and prays with unwavering devotion and faith and that someone is you you pray

fervently for your loved ones and see problems magically disappear in the Heavenly regions your prayers will

reverberate as I do miraculous Deeds inside of you on these days days that I have designated you will be embarrassed

and amazed I wash away any tears that may have stained your path and I bestow

upon you an immeasurable Serenity that is beyond all comprehension as Joy fills

your life you will feel closer to me my beloved I beg you to come and listen to

my promises every day open your Bible to find peace in quiet contemplation peruse

the text and let its contents satisfy your ravenous soul experience the invigorating burst of

power that permeates your entire being as I strengthen you from within I tell

you to look ahead for I’m already responding to your prayers and pleas even if you may have looked up at times

today hoping for a response from on high the ordinary becomes remarkable through

the prism of gratitude an act that is both easy and deeply transformational this reaction is very

moving and goes beyond the surface level reveal feeling the deeper layers of my creative process as you go about your

life’s work May an attitude of thankfulness serve as the spark that ignites a joyful celebration of your

blessings out of the mundane imagine my Everlasting Elegance as a dancer my infinite love as a

painter and each new day as a canvas that I decorate with brush Strokes it

amplifies joy in times of abundance and reveals Hidden Treasures of contentment

and peace in times of scarcity thankfulness is not a passing feeling

rather it is a strong Vine that when nurtured in the garden of your heart May encircle any situation whether you are

in the middle of Plenty or in the midst of scarcity May thankfulness always be

at your side a gentle reminder of my everpresent love and unfaltering presence you invite a deep Indescribable

calm into your life and open the way to my heavenly presence via the holy art of

thankfulness when faced with despair a grateful heart is stronger than any enemy even in the depths of Despair a

bright Lighthouse points the way to safety being in a constant attitude of gratitude allows you to fully experience

the abundance of my pleasure and happiness so when you’re busy going about your day or just sitting quietly

thinking about life let your eyes wander and you’ll find many things for which to be thankful in this graceful practice of

thankfulness you harmonize your beat with with the Symphony of my grace revealing all the ways I am working in

the complex fabric of your life so let your heart say a resounding Amen to this

Divine message as you Embrace Thanksgiving as a sacred discipline and feel its transforming power as you go

through the highs and lows of life my beloved child remember this reality your

creator has a limitless supply of Happiness planned out for you even before you were formed from clay in the

womb of your mother the whole fabric of your being is woven with joyful strands

destined to harmonies with the Everlasting tune of my pleasure throughout your journey I am the

unending source of Joy The Fountain Head the sanctuary and all in between enchant

you offering honey but delivering fleeting Joy just as I urge you to come

to me the Everlasting son I also want my life to fill your spirit direct your

ways and comfort your soul Bear all weights and mend all wounds therefore

let me share in your troubles be thankful for the Plenty under you the love of your family the safety of your

house the food on your table and the wonders of nature to help you thrive I

have given you these little symbols of My Affection caress them tenderly without urgency relishing their richness

without worry of lack since I am abundant all Supply originates from me

if you seek me out I will reveal myself to you and when I do your Delight will

be heightened do not seek Tranquility wealth or success my promises bring a

Tranquility that is unmatched by anything this planet has to offer in the middle of all the upheaval in life fix

your eyes on me my steadfastness is a source of peace among life’s parade join

me at my house where the abundance of pleasure emanates from deep inside my Divine being allow the infinite e and

flow of my love to wash over you wrapping you in an infinitely comforting Embrace embrace the boundless love that

envelops you and provides you immense Tranquility it is a holy energy rest

assured my love is more than just a feeling it is a powerful remedy for any

and all ailments as you stand here in my arms may your emotions find Solace and

know that the peace you need is right here with me immerse yourself in the sacred essence of this moment as you let

time unfold as you approach me with your desires to receive feel grow and live in

the sanctuary of my presence you will uncover these desires breathe deeply and let the sweet Aroma of my Holy Spirit

permeate your being you are cordially welcomed to accept an abundance of the

gifts and Limitless love that I so much want my love for you is like a lovely

tapestry beded with Heavenly Grace I beg you my darling to never let go of it let

go of the weight of trying too hard to win the affection of flawed people even if they pretend to love you could let

you down and treat you poorly stop wasting your energy trying to win over those who don’t understand love my goals

are firm and my plans are unwavering an Illuminating new existence filled with boundless joy and unwavering love is

born as my love envelops you starting a transforming Journey dis disappointment

has no power in this domain my love goes beyond what is normally expected it is

very forgiving and most importantly it is exclusively yours to accept and

contemplate the great sacrifice that took place on the rough cross when I gladly gave my life to triumph over

death on the third day ushering in a new age you are also able to ascend and

enjoy life’s many blessings because of your Triumph this heavenly love I say is

not a passing feeling but a power that stands the test of time and has no bounds it is the core of who I am my

child and I welcome it wholeheartedly so that you may share in the Bounty of life

my love for you is an eternal Covenant that will continue through all time May

its reality reverberate in your heart and fill you with the knowledge that you are loved more than you can imagine I am

ready to reach into the depths of your soul and reveal its Secrets even if you don’t fully Gras grasp my scope just yet

my talents outstrip your wishes and comprehension you will be empowered to begin on choices of significant

importance by a compelling conviction that will rise within you the moment has

come for you to take action acknowledging and valuing the supernatural force that is influencing

your life in every way anyone holding doubts will be amazed by the abundance

of fruits you yield so disregard any miscalculation based Bas on age or

previous experiences my spirit has been working in you and they will see it this

beautiful and holy love is for everyone not just a select few the world’s

affection isn’t always free and frequently comes with strings attached in the end it could cause hurt isolation

deceit and betrayal please I beg you do not have to go through this pain but I

am here prepared to heal your broken heart with my love put your worries to rest they will fade into Oblivion I want

to hear the sound of Your Love returning to me because my devotion for you is deep and abiding say it out loud confirm

it in your mind and write it into your Soul’s history your appointed time is coming near and nothing can stop the

benefits I have planned for you with the exception of the wisdom imparted to you humility will protect you if you spend

time praying to me I will show you further signs that will lead you to victory in this War I am certain that I

will remove every impediment in your path and I can even deliver you instantly if you ask the worth of your

beliefs abilities and skills should be apparent to you there should be no heroism in achieving success I see

tremendous potential in you but if you reject my message and abandon your faith

the devil will try to trap you and throw you into despair your family will prosper in knowledge and humility

succeeding in all areas of life nevertheless we must travel this path together and you will reach high heights

and bring benefits to many come take my hand I am standing on the brink of a

spiritual world where fate is being molded and lives are being changed many

lovely and great things await you today as you listen the groundwork is being

solidified for generations to come including yours and your family’s future

may they know me and be obedient to my commands beyond what is now seen

conceivable or even believed every individual has special abilities skills

and a calling that are limited to their present reality there is no inevitable fate for you and your loved ones that

involve spiritual deprivation emotional disorientation or financial ruin take my

advice to heart and learn to dream I will strengthen your faith and give you

the fortitude to embrace and manage the forthcoming benefits I’m here to help you before you ever speak a word since

my ear is always open to your screams so you never have to live in despair I want

you to know how much I care about you and how much I want to relieve you of the difficulties you’re experiencing if

you come to me now believing that I would lend you a helping hand I will remove the hurts from your past and

bring back the blessings that were once yours understand how much I value and

respect you I am filled with excitement whenever you demonstrate perseverance in

the face of challenges I am the everpresent all powerful God therefore

you must not waver in your faith keep going even when others try to put you down or make fun of you seeing them for

what they are people who have abandoned their faith and are envious of your path you can Channel your energy toward

convincing them that you are loved and blessed but they refuse I will shield

you from those who hate you and bring you those who love you with all their heart break free from your sadness and

let go of any anxiety or ideas that disrupt your peace of mind put on the

shield of Faith to protect your thoughts from doubt and bad thoughts prepare

yourself for the struggles ahead by putting on the breastplate of righteousness and taking hold of the

sword of my holy word get ready to fight a spiritual battle from which you will

always emerge Victorious you will be raised again triumphant and unconquered even when you stumble and

fall take on this obstacle head on and fight off the grip that worry has over

your future you will be ready to face fear and discouragement head on if you

strengthen your faith in me and declare your preparedness to win today and I will talk to you about it my goal is to

free you from worry and the stresses that you face on a daily basis may you

experience a profound change in your life a renewal of your soul and a Resurgence of Happiness my purpose in

meeting with you now is to Bear testimony your trust is becoming stronger which means that I can do

whatever you ask of me even the things that seem impossible to you since you can’t change the past you may as well

embrace it and go on with your life finding joy in the little things along the way keep fighting the people who

want to pull you away from me by feeding you lies and dece that will undermine your efforts to

succeed and make you feel like you don’t matter give up holding grudges and

forgive those who have wronged you when you fight it’s not about blood and flesh

your actual fight takes place in the Supernatural where spiritual conflicts are quite serious so try not to react

violently or rudely enemy traps are set to catch you when you’re weakest in an

effort to entangle your soul my delight has no bounds it is based on the imut ability of my kingdom my word my

creation the Tranquil beauty of a morning walk the intricate Symphony of my relationships and my duties and

everything in between seek me in all things I will be found by those who seek

me ask and I will give and when you knock the door will be open for you

right this second your soul have faith your spirit May sore in optimism because

I am with you come to me at all times and I will come to you in ulfing you in

my delight and leading you with my gaze fixed upon you your heart’s wishes and

my pleasure are one and the same so come to the source of all blessings Delight in me and I will grant your heart’s

desires here on this new day I have painted a canvas with the light of dawn

and you may drink deeply from the streams of life that I give freely remember I am with you I am for you and

in me your pleasure will be full get ready to face The Strokes of life’s events it is a token of my affection

that I have painstakingly made for you it contains the seeds of Happiness the promise of progress and the pleasure of

my company relax take a few deep breaths and observe your surroundings this day

is for you and I’ve told you everything about it so that you may enjoy it and celebrate with me as we go through it I

would love to be a part of your story let me in on your hopes fears transient

ideas and secret desires just as your worries burden you they do the same for

me your aspirations Kindle a fire in my heart as well in my side you should weep

each night and in Paradise you will laugh as you pass through this life and your laughter will be Priceless I am the

one who will lead you provide you with power teach you and calm you when you

need a buddy who will stick by your side through thick and thin I am that friend Trust me I will never let you down you

can trust my word my love is Everlasting and so is my presence put your

confidence in this truth and your tired spirit will find peace pray to me not as

an automatan but as a kid returning home after a long day ready to tell me all that happened safe in the knowledge that

I’m always there for them no matter what may our bond be full of energy

enthusiasm and vitality this is a call to know the one who control controls the hands of time and knows everything it is

a call to take heart in the truth of Corinthians which tells of the grace of our Lord

Jesus Christ who was rich yet became poor for your sake so that you might become rich through his poverty this

abundance is not material but rather the result of living a life brimming with my love Serenity and presence our discourse

may be like the vital life- sustaining air that fills your lungs when you keep

me in your prayers the little things that used to bother you will appear enormous in comparison to my Everlasting

perspective maybe you feel like you’re being Swept Away by the currents of your past rather than grounded in the here

and now but keep in mind that I am the ruler of the I am not the I was

subculture whenever you sense a longing for the days gone by clasp my hand and

allow me to lead you back in time in this very very now my love surrounds you

like a warm embrace allow me to be your anchor my dear and we will sail over the

currents of this day together a comforting hug of My Affection surrounds

you dearest let me be the rock upon which you may lean while we Face the

challenges of this day a comforting hug of My Affection surrounds you dearest

let me be the rock upon which you may lean while we Face the challenges of this day I am here with you at all times

and I will be your rock no matter what challenges you encounter no Valley no

mountain and no thick forest will be too much for us to overcome as a team you will discover that you are more than

competent when you rely on me and take power from me in good times and bad I am

always there to provide a hand I am the exact definition of assistance find the

little things that make your day brighter that I’ve hidden it may be found in the warmth of the sun on your

cheek in a child’s laughing or in the grin of a complete stranger Awakening

bird songs are my love notes to you little symbols of my affection that show you I am here for you every little thing

that makes your day brighter is a sign of my kindness recognize them value them

and let thankfulness fill your heart never forget I am quite familiar with you even before you utter a word I am

well versed in all of your methods your intricate heart is a work of mine and it

gives me great pleasure to provide you with the things that make you happy you may view the rich tapestry of your life

in its authentic brilliant light when you let thankfulness be your lens when you let Joy be your strength and when

you let prayer be your Lifeline nothing is a mystery to me I said before with the Gentle Touch of a

great Weaver I have labored over it knowing you so well has given me insight

into how to brighten your days despite the fact that I am aware of the thread that runs through all of your challenges

victories hopes and Sorrows keep your eyes from wandering too far in any

direction whether it’s backward or ahead with concern my dwelling place is in the here

and now so come and be with me there here is where I make love to you where I

bring happiness into your life and where we celebrate this day that I have created

rather from being a demand Rejoice is an invitation to a life that is lived to the fullest a life that is saturated

with my delight and a life where each moment is a chance to see my handiwork

belonging to me is like giving into your Soul’s most profound desires here you

discover the safe haven you’ve been seeking on an emotional and spiritual level you are changed at your core by

the realization that you are mine and that you are loved and treasured it gives you a higher calling and a

Celestial sense of self accept this as a fact my darling you are worth more than

money can buy the cross is a permanent symbol of how much you mean to me when you feel like you don’t matter focus on

the cross look to the Cross when uncertainties assail you look to the cross in all your victories defeats

tears and joys living as a person bought with my blood provides a magnificent

freedom but it also delivers as an unyielding tether to your spirit you are free from the shackles of fear the FED

of Pride and the chains of selfish ambition your life now serves as a reflection of my love and a proof of my

grace via your deeds in your words may My Love Shine through in the Ebon flow

of life’s demands may my grace be revealed treasure this commitment in the depths of your being Jesus is my home

with each New Dawn allow this certainty to inform your choices direct your actions and enrich your relationships

may it serve as a constant reminder that you are not truly living your life on your own but rather that you are

embraced by the one who gave it all for you in the realm of Eternity this reality strikes a cord you

are my joy and treasure my beloved and I command you to honor me with all that you have Corinthians your body is

mine and your mind is a temple for my spirit may this Insight bestow upon you

a mission and a purpose that transcends this world and into the next with the

first light of each new day you must rise and keep in mind your holy identity my love a bearer of my likeness and a

conduit for my soul you are a reflection of my love in the Stillness when all

distractions have passed and you are alone with your thoughts keep in mind Matthew

I am with you I will lead you and I am wor working all things for your

good if you are weary and burdened come to me and I will relieve you find solace

in my love in my sacrifice and in my triumph over sin and death a Triumph

that is also yours a voice that whispered creation into being yet calls

out to your heart beckons you to listen what I am about to tell you is not some

abstract idea it is as near as the fact that the air you breathe does not belong to you because you were purched

the depth of this Enigma is truly astounding the price paid was not in Earthly money but in Heaven’s most

valuable treasure as perspiration dripped from my brow In The Garden of Gethsemane my entire existence was

dedicated to you as I walked toward Calvary burdened by the cross with each

step I prayed in the scream that escaped from the cross it was finished your name

imprinted on my heart there was Liberty for you I announce this salvation gift

this manifestation of heavenly love is not a reward for the good but rather a blessing for those who turn from their

sins a safe haven for those who are hopeless and a rescue hand from God to

those who see their great need for a redeemer no matter how far away you are

my invitation reverberates off of Every Mountain and ocean in the universe

everyone who is tired and burdened should come to me and I will relieve them indeed sin is a terrible disease

it’s an intolerable load that you were never intended to bear in order to save you from the crushing weight of sin I in

my boundless love and mercy gave up my Throne took the lashes endured the nails

and died on the eve of your Redemption My Sacrifice freed you from your shackles first breath as you welcome the

morning’s fresh mercies may it be a breath of memory God owns me I am not a

possession of my own with each decision difficulty and quiet moment keep this

declaration close by as the day progresses in the face of the world’s alluring promises may this deep truth

lead you back to a peaceful path as you carry out your daily tasks trust that I

The God Who took the load of sin and death off your shoulders can do the same for you if you’re worried about anything

you can cast it on me because I both strong and tender I know how heavy your

responsibilities can be at times when when you’re overwhelmed by a mountain of tasks and the top seems obscured by

uncertainty pray and ask the Lord to help you see clearly he will clear the

fog and make your path straight perhaps as you read this a path forward becomes

apparent to you stay strong you feel the comforting Embrace of my presence at no

point are you alone you will always have my undivided attention and affection

whether you’re doing the dishes walking the dog or just relaxing with a cup of coffee bring this knowledge with you I

will transform ordinary moments into moments of profound connection when the sun sets and our communion Whispers to

me in the evening may your soul find Tranquility remember the day with Grace

in your heart rather than regret or self-criticism I was there to grasp you

when you fell it was my doing where you were successful lay your head down and let me take care of the night I will not

sleep while you do I am the ever Vigilant deity who loves watches and guards you regardless of how big or

small the obstacles may be they cannot take your eyes off of my constant support never fear if you find yourself

in a valley a place of Shadows and uncertainty for I am the Good Shepherd

and whether you are on the mountaintops or in the valley I am with you think about the birds of the air and the lies

of the field they don’t work or spin but they get care my beloved creation how

much more will I tend to you tell me my name your life is like a tapestry to me

I’m the one who holds the threads and weaves them into a design that you can’t see but which I promise is good keep in

mind that I created the Earth as you plant your weary feet on its gentle surface first thing in the

morning who laid the groundwork for what you are standing on as the dawn brings a

kaleidoscope of hopeful colors to the sky may I be the first thing that comes to mind may your heart be overflowing

with gratitude with every new dawn may it serve as a symbol of my unfailing

love for you a silent message is being sent to you there is no quiet moment

when my mercies do not multiply and my unfaltering love does not end embrace

the moments of Tranquility instead of drowning it out with the D of the outside world it is in these moments of

Stillness that you will hear my soft loving voice guiding you through life’s challenges inviting me into your

activities whether you are typing making something with your hands or planning for the future will help you focus on me

when the day gets hectic seek my advice you can feel my spirit’s extraordinary

presence in the darkest of times in the mundane in the routine tasks of everyday life as I guide you and console you with

my rod and staff my light will shine shine brightest also know that I share

in your joy when you celebrate dancing with you makes my heart sing and I am

the kind of father who takes pleasure in seeing his children smile and laugh as they dance may your appreciation sore

like fragrant incense because I am the source of all good things at last my

child please know that you are not alone on this path All of You Are My Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus and I have

given you the gift of Fellowship so that you may share in each other’s happiness and sorrow and grow closer to God as a

community behold I have set before you please come to me Converse with me and

depend on me you can count on me to be at your side whenever you need me and I will never hesitate to demonstrate my

unwavering devotion strength and care for you from this day forward and always

my heart will belong to you my will for you is that you follow my instructions

grow in faith and stand firm against Satan and his evil minions Retreat to

our hidden Sanctuary raise the shield of my word as your armor and in times of quiet prayer take courage from the

source of my presence and put on all the armor I provide so that you can face any

danger that comes your way wrap yourself in the assurance that I will be there for you no matter what I will protect

you from the harm that others wish upon you with unwavering determination press

on through life’s highs and lows today I’m going to share with you a powerful

Revelation my love for you knows no bounds because you are my Victorious

fighter keep going forward in faith and you will see the Miracles I will perform

in your life and the lives of your loved ones I hope this profound truth has now

made sense to you let go of your concerns for the trials you are facing

will eventually pass and your pain will lessen there will soon be change and I would be

eternally grateful if you would put your faith in me to handle your worries and

ideas your ability to remain strong is hindered by worry which does more harm

than good fear breeds more fear so Let It Go please if you are worried bring

them to me and I will try to ease them explain where your fears originated feel

free to let go of the emotions that are causing you inner turmoil my presence is what your soul and heart desire you are

burdened by a deep sense of loneliness and this longing is its Essence find the

Deep unspeakable Peace by losing yourself in me taking in my words and

being in my presence you will find Liberation and healing in the words I speak to you fear has no place in your

future it will be replaced by a life full of loved ones who will cherish you

no matter what and who will rely on your strength to stand up for them yourself and me think back to your vow when you

asked for the fortitude to keep going which I gladly bestowed upon you I know

that you’ve recently faced some big seemingly insurmountable problems but I want you to know that I’m here for you

through thick and thin happy and sad in The Darkest Hours my strength will be

most apparent to you you must not waste the many gifts I have given you or abandon the strides you have taken do

not cast off the people you love just because they have hurt you instead give

them another chance I will give you the wisdom to know how much you have tried

the patience to be prudent the strength to Bear insults and attacks without letting them bring you down and the

dignity to keep your head held high enter my presence in your natural state

the bond that has held you captive will be broken and I will heal you if you need me you can reach me at noon or

any time in the morning come to me embraced by the Heavenly love that envelops you on your behalf I will do

whatever it takes prepare yourself spiritually by approaching praying and

moving forward with unshakable conviction and Assurance discouragement and Melancholy have no place here

anymore I do understand the Deep toll that worries about loved ones can take on your mental and emotional faculties

at times you may feel a strong need for quiet reflection and peace however

during these peaceful periods I want you to know that you are not walking this path alone rather the holy spirit is my

comforting Embrace be there unwaveringly bringing peace to the depths of your being the depths of sadness the Deluge

of tears and the weight of your failures and disappointments are not why you came into this world please keep in mind that

my love for you remains unwavering no matter how much pain and sadness I may

be feeling at times it may seem like giving up is the only option and you may

feel overwhelmed by the weight of Despair but I promise you my friend that a life of defeat is not your fate your

heart is a beautiful Flawless creation and it was made to shine with joy

instead of wallowing in sadness let your face light up with happiness and let

others see the sparkle in your smile as you step into brilliance you are my beloved Offspring a manifestation of my

boundless Love Therefore let them glorify me because of you I will

continue to orchestrate Marvels Beyond imagination revealing the profound magnitude of your significance to me

just as I have executed Myriad acts on your behalf there is no space for despair or turning back as I have said

before you possess the strength and determination to overcome obstacles and reach the realm of blessings that has

been especially chosen for you I will explain your spiritual Insight showing

that you are a source of blessings for those who come after you so don’t let the sorrow of today’s recognition or the

trials you face no matter how severe discourage you everything happens for a

reason so don’t waste the opportunities I give you keep in mind that your attitude matters and that your faith and

belief will take you to Higher Ground when you’re weak even though I have total control over everything when all

seems lost find strength in my word bow down and pray rake your head up I dwell

in the depths of your being I do not withhold my blessings they’re clearly standing before you the Pinnacles of

your difficulties will crumble as your deliverance approaches you triumphed over your enemies my question now is

this do you say you believe in me is there love between us A great miracle

will happen inside of you the moment I hear you your answer No Limits can ever

separate us in our love from the depths of my being it will emanate and I will

remind you of it constantly day and night as you awaken from your Slumber

and let these words crafted from my inspiration fill your thoughts I will be

filled with immense joy to witness your eyes open to the new day your gratitude

and the love within your heart you will shed the cloaks of sadness and despair when doubt annihilates hope and

reignites darkness the time has come for you to stand firm in your determination

to live a life of Plenty to welcome the new Journey that each day brings to rise

with Vigor armed with faith and to use my word as a sword your unfaltering

faith in my supernatural abilities will open the door for your spirit to be healed and set free in the safety of My

Embrace I will release you from the shame and guilt that you have carried around with you my comfort comes from

returning all that has been wrongfully taken from you and from increasing your blessings many times over keep your

resolve and refuse to give in you may have been hit hard by life and betrayed

by those who wanted to see you fail but I the all powerful God will never leave

your side you will rise as a Fearless fighter because of my Limitless love

Grace and the power I implanted in your heart those who think they can humiliate

trouble or defeat you will be shocked the incredible things I will do through you will be visible to all I will lead

you out of the barren Wasteland and into the rich Fields where Miracles grow Despite All the Troubles I will heal

your diseases set you free from slavery and Grant you magnificent Liberty the

day your Prosperity comes hold fast to my word with all your might for it is

your most priceless asset and treasure hope like like a jewel do not listen to jealous naysayers I will provide you

with fruitful employment despite their fruitless complaints about the abundance of blessings I’m showering upon you

provision plenty health safety from harm loyal friends harmonious Family Life

motivating goals and an insatiable need to live conquer and persevere keep in

mind that your age is irrelevant it is not an excuse to undervalue your abilities you should not use your age as

an excuse because I love you I will do great things through you and no one or

thing can stop me if that is my will my love devotion and support will never

waver for you your devotion and love are what I desire you are about to embark on

a life filled with extraordinary events it will always be my love for you it brings me great joy to see that my words

bring you Solus and nourishment you are already undergoing changes and I can see

it keep in mind mind that I am here to help you through any difficulties you may be facing could appear to be too

much at times letting your mind wonderer but you are welcome to come to me in

prayer every morning make amends and move forward joyfully free from the burden you no longer have to bear turn

your attention to what matters most my beloved child while my watchful eyes are

on you don’t waste a second fretting over things that might never happen you are not short on anything to raise your

Spirits put your faith into Deeds no matter where you are on your bed in a

chair get down on one knee imagine yourself in a state of profound

thankfulness as you close your eyes and say a prayer of thanks for your loved ones your career and your good

health even though you may not always feel the need to express your requests verbally I take great pleasure in

hearing them when you do so with unfaltering conviction knowing that my angels are prepared to answer your

prayers their purpose in life is to listen and assist and they are always

prepared to meet your demands keep in mind that I pour my grace and mercy into your life because

you are my beloved child avoid being afraid so that you never feel bad about

asking for my help allow me to reiterate your faith has faded and pride has cast

a shadow over your life if you ever feel like you don’t need my help anymore if you ask I will shower you with the most

Exquisite blessings more delicious than honey holy blessings will pour out from

the windows of Heaven that I throw open from the rock until they overflow I can move mountains of sadness destroy Evil’s

obstacles and break the chains of sin Vice and destructive habits so put your

faith in me embrace the goodness kindness sweetness and positivity even

when faced with a parent’s incapacity please bring your requests to me in my perfect timing accompanied by

love if they are for your Eternal growth and Earthly well-being your situation is

in my hands and I will take care of it so you can rest assured that I will answer your prayers and solve all of

your problems have no fear I have never messed up before and I will not mess up

today either no matter how lonely abandoned or alone you may feel you are

never truly fighting the good fight remain unwavering in your belief there

will be times when you won’t feel my presence but I will keep my word keep in mind that my promise to be by your side

constantly is not based on your Perfection but on the deep love I have for you have faith in this truth and

keep going even when things get tough standing firm will cause your enemies to

fall and the rat that tries to discourage you to fade away they will all be unable to defeat you be patient

keep your faith and persevere through life’s challenges for the sake of your loved ones rest peacefully in the palm

of my caring and watching hand I care for you supply your needs and bring healing into your life keep your head up

and your eyes fixed forward stay focused on the future when you arrive you will

find my arm stretched out ready to embrace you this is something I’m saying again and again because it is true bye

my dear Lord you begged me once to prove your love for me in this Sacred Space I

am reestablishing communication with your soul soothing your spirit healing the scars from your past and sewing the

seeds of Hope and happiness for your future I want to remind you of the

Sacred promises in my word that will give you the strength to persevere overcome obstacles and celebrate

victories even when it seems like everything is falling apart feel the Boundless Energy bravery and assurance

that I will never leave your side as a result of them you can rely on me through thick and thin put your trust in

me please always keep in mind how deeply I love you


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