imagine your heart held gently in my hands as I speak softly to you let go of

whatever fear you may be feeling I understand the depths of your feelings my dear child in the safety of your

emotions I can feel the exhaustion that comes from being confused and burdened

but I beg you to put your faith in me for the day of your release is Drawing Near in this moment I am here to heal

the hurts lighten the loads and remove the crushing pressure my darling let me unravel the tapestry

of promises and lead your mind to a tranquil Haven where I may slowly dissolve the threads of

concern I will work relentlessly to release you from the chains of misery just as a crop needs time to bloom even

though you won’t experience this great Triumph immediately be aware that a radical shift in your life is about to

begin from this very day as you feel the weight of the world lifting off your shoulders you may notice a change in the

way others see and interact with you a lot of assumptions will be proven wrong

and people’s views will shift significantly I’m Reviving the happiness that once soared through your veins

giving you a new lease on life the depths of my affection for you are Limitless let this reality move you

helping you out of your jam is not my only purpose in being here your financial situation Health and Family

relationships are all aspects of your life that I want to improve I have placed you in a position to discover new

possibilities with faith guiding you so open your eyes to the benefits that are

already in your possession I want your wealth not for your own selfish game but

so that you can help my children who are suffering from hunger and oppression and these possibilities will present

themselves to you when they arise in times of trouble far away I see you as a

Channel of blessing carrying my message to others who cannot hear it because you listen to me and

grow in your faith be aware that there are spirits enduring trials that you cannot fathom I am strengthening your

capacity to feel compassion and mercy for individuals who feel they have

failed to live up to my standards of Grace my goal is not condemnation but

rescue please don’t harm the people I care about or the ones you meet on your

travels I have no such wish I am focused on this assignment although I anxiously

anticipate their arrival I will rescue you from your enemies lift you up out of the depths of misery turn your sadness

into joy and mend the scars that plagued you because my voice reverberates inside

you my words reach the core of who you are the grace that envelops you tenderly

touches your spirit as you recognize that I have not treated you in accordance with your transgression

but rather with infinite kindness we will never remember your transgressions they have drowned I implore you to Finly

accept my forgiveness and break free from the shackles of your past today people didn’t create you feed you or

keep you alive therefore you shouldn’t care what people think in this enormous

world you must not let anybody control your feelings or determine your fate

when it comes to unconditional kindness and forgiveness no one can comp compare to my love for you think back on all the

times your heart broke and no one was there to help you get back up adore the feelings I convey to you and fix your

attention on me when life throws you a curveball cling to the people and things that bring you Joy and hold on to them

tight keep in mind these phrases become this I am the one who will guide you on

your path and no matter how difficult things get you won’t crumble should you

happen to stumble across your yourself I will tenderly guide you hoping that you come to appreciate the worth I see in

you I am not a random event you are before you entered this world you were

already known adored and given a name by me you are my beloved kid and I will

never let go of you no matter what I have come to promise you a life brimming

with plenty pleasure and contentment in spite of the world’s unrest I will

provide you with the means to increase in your blessings and prosper help people in need by sharing this message

of unfaltering kindness pay attention to me again see you tomorrow here I am waiting with open

arms to bless you and infold you in my unconditional love and compassion come

out and tell me you love me you are about to experience great success raise your palms it is quite okay for you to

be happy Grace and dignity will envelop you as I eagerly shower my blessings on

you even when others look down on you I will exalt you and bless you I will

unlock the gates of paradise so that you may experience boundless prosperity and spiritual renewal when you’re

overwhelmed by difficulties my Holy Spirit Will Infuse your heart with new vitality and my power will forever

remove your troubles my watchful eye ensures your safety my love for you is

the only reason I keep a close watch on you and no matter what happens I will

never let my guard down I want to strike a cord with you by speaking to you today

from the depths of my soul please know how much I want you to flourish physically and mentally so that you can

help others around you particularly those who are weak and so that you can be an inspiration to them I wish you

success in life and the ability to help others less fortunate join me on my

journey of faith into a realm where Miracles occur lend a helping hand to those in pain pain and watch as they

recover with your kind touch May the crushing weight of debt release you and enable you to establish a stable income

without compromising your dignity remain steadfast and resist becoming a submissive debtor whenever you come

across a soul in deep Pain release yourself from those constraints have faith in your capacity to serve as a

symbol of revolutionary change say what I say break the chains that bind them

and pray for the Freedom with all your heart just so you know when you reach out to help the downtrodden I will

double your good deeds three times when you go into the supernatural World

prepare yourself for miraculous occurrences use the power I give you to face challenges headon and pray often

immerse yourself in the Bible’s teachings and seek Enlightenment in my heavenly presence immerse yourself in

the Deep knowledge contained in the Psalms and the book of Proverbs May those precious words sink deep into your

being leaving an indelible mark on your heart my heart’s goal is for you to feed

your spirit with my word every day learning new things and being Amazed by the stories of Faith acted out by my

Faithful Servants be mindful of the times but do not get caught up in arguments about my promises instead show

your unfaltering faith by trusting me must the strength to love the oppressed unconditionally

join me every day to hear my lessons I have forgiven and released you from your

sins you are now free from Evil clutches and curses Divine Liberty deep insight

and superhuman Brilliance are my gifts to you never forget that I Stand By Your

Side supporting you through every challenge even when you feel isolated and

overwhelmed where I am the wounds from your past that once hurt you no longer hurt

in this place of freedom and serenity I can bless you beyond measure and I will change your life by writing a new

chapter in it I pray that your faith and loyalty become more interwoven and

robust as time goes on rest assured my love has no bounds give me control of

your heart and keep your mind fixed on my methods pay attention to the gentle

murmur of my inner voice which convey messages of Love straight to your spirit even on days when you don’t feel like

praying or connecting with me may you have faith that I will visit your heart

reach out to you and provide you with the peace your spirit craves you can be confident that my angels surround your

home with a beautiful Serenity stationed at every corner you can confidently

accomplish the good and uplifting work you desire in my name in fact more

miracles are on the horizon and I personally approve of your efforts from my heavenly seat get over your fear of

failing and don’t allow your triumphs to be tarnished by guilt now is the moment

of Victory your unwavering faith will earn you as you enter my presence be

prepared to accept the many benefits I’m about to shower upon you Proclaim your

unfaltering faith in me with audacity that Rings true not just words if life’s

winds blow you off course and things don’t go according to plan may your spirit find comfort in the Stillness

that passes through the heart’s Amber chain get away to your peaceful room shut the doors and focus on the fact

that your Shepherd and Buddy are there to console you no matter what your Soul’s intricate harmonies resonate with

me I am here a constant presence in your life a Shepherd who will guide you

through the valleys of complexity despite the Maze of difficulties even when you choose quiet

take those precious moments alone experience our closeness and remind yourself of this listen to my

unmistakable declaration I adore you tell me anything that’s on your mind and

in your heart let go of the idea of an angry punishing God living somewhere in

the cosmos recall the agreement that we have made I write my rules in your heart

if you have put your confidence in me allow my soul to illuminate your path

and you will no longer have to seek Solutions in vain in our sacred bond in order to bless you I am here to listen

and answer I will never waver in my devotion to you the love we share is

unparalleled a supernatural inheritance is about to be bestowed On You by me I

pray that you will be here this very day to see the manifestation of genuine and

miraculous miracles on Earth please for God’s sake put your faith in me and let go of the tals and problems that burden

you ensure your well-being concentrate on the present moment address any issues

in your life connect with those who hold the most significance partake in joyful activities and Trust in my tireless

efforts to transform you for the better you may feel the subtle changes happening and I implore you not to let

yourself be distracted by things that do not encourage you instead press on with

Resolute resolve have courage and I will implant in your mind a multitude of

encouraging plans and ideas through my word but be careful not to lose

focus feel free to visit me anytime throughout the day make time in your

schedule to open your Bible and read patiently if you ask for it you will get

significant insights tell me anything that’s on your mind and in your heart

let go of the idea of an angry punishing God living somewhere in the cosmos recall the agreement that we have

made I write my rules in your heart if you have put your confidence in me allow

my soul to illuminate your path and you will no longer have to seek Solutions in vain in our sacred bond in order to

bless you I am here to listen and answer our love is unparalleled and my

dedication to you will never wne a supernatural inheritance is about to be bestowed On You by me I pray that you

will be here this very day to see the manifestation of genuine and miraculous miracles on Earth please for God’s sake

put your faith in me and let go of the tals and problems that burden you as you mend your life’s threads focus on the

here and now as you mend the threads of your life I am already working hard to

bring about transformational changes in you so take care of yourself spend time

with the people you care about and engage in activities that feed your soul

you may feel the slow changes happening and I implore you not to let yourself be distracted by things that won’t

strengthen your spirit instead press on with dogged persistence you will succeed

and I will implant in your mind a myriad of encouraging plans and ideas through my word but be careful not to waver I am

most accessible in the mornings and evenings but I will speak to you when you open your Bible and read patiently

if you are open to it I will impart profound Revelations my word is dynamic

full of life and creativity it dispels Darkness heals purifies and eliminates

false beliefs that have hurt you you are now opening your soul to a new light

which will penetrate the darkness and Infuse you with hope if you need motivation I am already setting your

heart Ablaze you will feel as Lively as you did when you were young full of dreams and beautiful aspirations you

will rekindle your first love just as you did when you first encountered me

your movements will resemble a servant’s Ascent in my otherworldly realm the

Ethereal vastness where sorrow has no place you will rise stronger and wiser

than before like a Mountaintop that never gives into fatigue your humanity

is recognized by me despite your exhaustion Enlightenment will lead you on that fateful day I am here to feed

you drink you dry and give you a break from your troubles so come back to my

reassuring hug I will remove the burden of your sins from you as the ignorant

mocked and raped me I was whipped and tortured with a cross on my back all

this pain death and Resurrection was done so that I might save you from Damnation give you knowledge and shape

you into a brave fighter life and creativity flow through my words which

dispel Darkness heal purify and eliminate incorrect ideas that have hurt

you a ray of Hope Has just broken through the clouds and into your spirit

and you are the one who has to open your eyes to see it I have already ignited a

fire in your heart so there’s no need for you to seek more inspiration you will experience the same vivacity you

had when you were a young person full of wonderful hopes and desires just like

you did the day we met you will find your first love again ascending you will

move swiftly like a servant your faith and thinking will emerge stronger and

more polished than before in my otherworldly realm amid the Ethereal vastness where sadness has no place at

the peak of the mountain your humanity is recognized by me despite your

exhaustion Enlightenment will lead you on that fateful day I’m here to feed you

drink you dry and release you from the chains of Shame and guilt that you’ve broken free from so come back to my

reassuring Embrace I was surrounded by ignorant people who mocked and tormented me while I experienced the pain of

lashes against my back I went to Great Lengths suffering dying and Rising again

to save you from the clutches of Eternal death give you knowledge and courage and shape you into a fierce fighter I am God

the parent and the closest friend you could ever have I am also the one who

created the universe so may you always feel safe in my presence do your best to

greet each new day with optimism and conviction because I beg beg you to have unfaltering confidence and trust my

beloved child my love for you has no bounds the fact that my words have reached you indicates that my love and

power are about to manifest in a spectacular way you can trust that I will handle today with ease and proceed

with confidence the heavens will part and the clouds will part your blessings

will decrease and victory will be evident stay the course keep going in

times of trouble I will uplift and comfort you with my love and if the enemy’s reaches vast I will give you the

knowledge and power to overcome it whenever you feel like giving up I fill you with optimism and strength

surrounding you with bravery and vitality my goal is to make a difference in your life listen carefully to what I

say my little one I have given you the ability to do great things and even if

the complex reasons for your creation are beyond your understanding know that it was a strong intentional choice you

are not someone who happened by pure coincidence bring strength to your faith hold your head up and allow me to see

the brightness of your smile right now it was my conscious decision to create you and bring you into this world so

that you might be a gift to yourself and others think back on those times when you felt like you couldn’t possibly

complete an endurance challenge yet here you are stronger wiser and more

knowledgeable than before no matter how many times we mess up or how briefly you

lose track of my everpresent presence the reason I choose you is because I have great plans for you and you seem to

grasp that your blossoming into a figure of reverence blessings and achievement

is my deepest desire my deepest wish for you is Abundant Blessings of love joy

and wealth the Priceless Gifts of Love forgiveness and compassion are mine to

bestow upon you and I beg you to show my love in concrete ways that bless many

others as we embark on this life-altering adventure together I am strengthening your faith to a level you

have never experienced before with The Tender Touch of your hands do not be afraid I am prepared to personally

remind you every day via a variety of channels to maintain your undivided attention on me in the face of life’s

inevitable distractions fear not because I am with you at all times I will will

reveal my holy will and guide you with my word I love you with all my heart so

don’t let despondency set in fear not because I am with you every step of the

way instilling in you The Bravery to face this new chapter with pois and

Assurance because I am your Shepherd I will provide for you so be ready to see

a flood of blessings and wonders my affection for you is Limitless and my support is always available I pray that

you will seek me first thing in the morning so that I might lead you to Peaceful Pastures and give you the

Living Waters that calm your troubled Spirit at this moment may you find the

inner strength to embrace the day confront challenges headon progress and

Never Surrender the dreams that have always been a part of you place your trust in my words and from the core of

your being understand that you can overcome challenges and hardships regardless of their severity you will be

a accompanied by Triumph and you will discover a Tranquility that surpasses

any negativity that tries to harm you I am giving you the ability to overcome obstacles and create a better future by

strengthening your character giving you unfaltering trust and imparting these attributes to you your decision to

embrace me as your lord and God is critical and I will not let the enemy derail you before you start your journey

pray to me dedicate your life to me giving up all control and I will lead

you purposefully put your Affairs in my hands and I will protect you so that you

can succeed in all your good and constructive Pursuits on this auspicious

day I grant you the knowledge to organize your life and prioritize with judgment fear has left many Ambitions

unfulfilled and desires considered Beyond reach my mighty works are taking

place inside of you and I’m giving you the ability to dream Dre big and Achieve objectives that will surprise even your

loved ones submerge yourself in the depths of my word and you will see a radical change occur in your soul and

heart when you face difficulties uncertainty consumes your day and night

and worry overwhelms you my Holy Spirit and I stand by prepared to provide

answers provided you embrace them with faith and in alignment with my will so

come to me confidently I am the one who will always show you the way to genuine happiness enduring success and plenty

more declare from the depths of your being that you believe this fact to be

true you will emerge triumphant because of your intelligence bravery and power

never give up no matter how tough Things become you will always come out on top

even when everything around you appears to be falling apart keep going I will be

your Defender and comrade until the end so don’t be afraid there will be forces who try to dampen

your Delight but I promise you their efforts will be unsuccessful you can

face any challenge with the unwavering bravery that you possess as you prepare

to face the battlefield each day I will provide you with the strength and knowledge you need and I will shield you

from harm removing roadblocks destroying barriers and vanquishing enemies when

you are tired I will give you rest and everything will work work out in Perfect Harmony I will replenish your strength

and vitality leaving you refreshed and prepared to tackle any challenge you may

be certain that my pity and devotion will never leave your side take heart in

the love and Newfound Vigor I am bestowing on you on this day believe in your ability to triumph over this

obstacle and all those that life throws at you when I transform those

shortcomings you see in yourself will become sources of strength and unflinching resolve I am dispelling the

darkness of Despair and the residual low self-esteem that have held you back in the past anxiety which has plagued you

with uncertainty dread and Disturbed sleep is finally beginning to remove its

heavy load you are about to begin a journey that will bring you nothing but joy and

fulfillment I will hold your hand and guide you through today’s Maze of difficulties as I reveal my plan to you

to day I will demonstrate that your strength is greater than anything you could have imagined with My Embrace I

want to show you that you have the power to make all your heartfelt aspirations come true I’m giving you the tools you

need to become a Fearless fighter who can overcome any obstacle in your path

you and my angels possess the capacity that my spirit bestows upon you join me

in standing firm by your side as I stand tall on the horizon bearing a torrent of

incredible blessings and Rising with unwavering faith and bravery to win

believe this reality with all your being you are strong courageous and

unflappable in spite of your fear you are a courageous intelligent and formidable person who will achieve great

success in anything you do the words I say to you strengthen your spirit

envelop you in a protective shield and Empower you to face challenges headon and come out on top the enemy may try to

scare you off with ominous cries and yelling there has been a sea change from the days when fear held you captive but

today is different with these words I am communicating directly with you the

moment you hear them your own being will undergo a radical transformation listen

to my plea and see yourself as you really are loved much and courageous beyond measure you must not be afraid to

fight for what you believe in you exude confidence and stand out continue with

confidence and unwavering resolve you don’t have to wait for years months or

days to stand up for your happiness because my love and power are enough nothing more is required on this day of

transformation I’m here with you every step of the way I want you to know that my love and blessings are always with

you and that today is an outstanding day in every aspect as I encourage you to go

ahead with Assurance I I also encourage you to fearlessly knock on doors of opportunity because there is someone who

will open them for you I have abundant pleasure Serenity happiness and success

waiting for you in this new life that I am creating for you so embrace it with Resolute faith and a dogged resolve this

will come to pass without a doubt it is my sacred vow I am the Supreme Being and

no one can take away my knowledge no matter how many others try to hurt you or mislead you have no fear they will

fail in their Endeavors listen not to the false rumors and second thoughts that try to manipulate you I am your

heavenly father keeping a Vigilant watch over you day and night fix your focus on these words to my magnificent God I

belong no power can defeat me so I will not give an inch I join him hand in hand

on the road to righteousness regardless of the difficulties you face or the unknowns that life brings be steadfast

in your belief that you play a vital role in my divine plan and that I am arranging for blessings to shower upon

you and your family at the exact moment you need them remain steadfast in your

belief that all events will work together to your advantage in the end I will ensure the resolution of any

problems or disputes you encounter your destiny is in my hands you have grown

into a strong and wise person on your trip and I want you to fulfill a specific Mission I am well aware of of

your Devotion to me and your sincere desire to submit to my authority please

know that I’m forgiving of your transgressions and I want you to persevere through your setbacks and come

back to me stronger every time you feel vulnerable if you ever feel your faith waning I will strengthen you all you

have to do is shut your eyes and focus on me without a doubt your trust is

unwavering you have shown your love for me by coming here and your faith in my heavenly presence is evident in the

steps you’ve taken to get here however if you cast doubt on my faithfulness and

mock my words you weaken yourself and leave yourself open to your enemies if

you ever doubt the veracity of the voice leading you or the word that previously strengthened you what will you do please

allow me to clarify things for you when you put your whole faith in me you become strong and

Victorious however when you doubt and give up you give your enemy control over

your fate and good fortune I want to protect you so much I will not let go of you once I have you

in my strong grip never let your faith die even if it’s just for a little while

here and there I want to have a conversation with your soul therefore

open your Bible and read more you possess honesty and unwavering Integrity

making you impervious to deceit or immorality no one should be able to coerce you into actions that that could

disrupt your inner peace you are the essence of life bringing Joy to the challenges you encounter you are

different from others who run away from their problems and live in spiritual Darkness because of their bad habits my

angels will accompany you as you walk in the light of my Holy Spirit instead of

wallowing in self-pity or dwelling on things that have long since past you remain Vigilant allow me to provide

further details when you conquer the negative forces and people that are dragging you down your Victory will have

an even greater impact living beside people who feel hopeless and unloved is

a constant challenge for me they buy into the illusion that eternity is some

farway concept encourage them to acknowledge the presence of Eternity around them despite their decision to

overlook it my spirit surrounds you ensuring that you resist temptation to

sin or break the rules and resist the dark Forces that attempt to seduce you

my grace is sufficient to help you break free from the patterns that suffocate your judgment moving forward you will

focus on ideas that are good lovely pure and righteous you will resist the

temptation to tarnish your intellect and weaken your heart by seeing listening to

reading or disseminating lies and slander I will shower you with an abundance of Grace that cleanses your

spirit and you will Marvel at the depth of your transformation and the blessings you

have now received those around you will respect you putting away the memory of

your previous mistakes and Crimes New Opportunities will present themselves to you and benefits will pour down upon you

beginning today you will be the center of attention for potential employers and they will come knocking to provide for

your family I am blazing a new trail that will end in a better future free of

the anxieties and tensions that have been sown because of your past mistakes you

have lived a life filled with Dread and Terror however my blood has set you free

protecting you from the evil that your enemies may bring about via deceit Witchcraft and all their other plans

your whole being your head heart soul and lips are spotless this is the prize

I give to those who fearlessly share my message who turn Lear from their sins

and who answer my call humbly submitting themselves daily to accept my benefits

you know how much I adore you I have witnessed everything you’ve done your

unfaltering trust demonstrates your willingness to submit to my will and make things right like my first

followers who were inspired by my spirit and persevered through thievery

persecution incarceration torture lashes and Agony your commitment is unwavering

even when my answers are slow the path to Triumph begins with each prayer you

offer at my throne of grace you are like them having seen my Majesty in your own

life and experienced the truth of the Wonders that take place in the Heavenly Realms I understand that it can be

challenging to have faith and place all your trust in me particularly when it

appears that nothing is changing put any remaining uncertainties aside

and concentrate on my promise in times of trouble it may be helpful to pray

reflect and be thankful for the benefits that are all around you my light will guide you leaving my promises

permanently etched in your heart stay in close contact with me be careful not to

miss my morning calls stay away from anything that might take away your prayer time and muster up the strength

to let go of people and things that deplete you use the energy of the Rising

son to come to me in prayer when you are weak or weary call on me and I will

reward you abundantly when you speak lovingly to me my God I want you to know

that I am here for you supporting you no matter what and that I know all about your problems and thoughts I will bless

you today and tomorrow your courage and determination are evident even when you

are going through tough circumstances no matter what anybody else tells you I want you to understand

the message your heaven heavly father has given you because of your great character I am speaking to your soul

filling you with unimaginable bravery stay steadfast in the love I have expressed to you over the years and know

that my Holy Spirit has helped you overcome adversity so that you may go on and come out on top your needs will be

met by me as I Stand By Your Side relishing in your fight your effort and

your steadfast determination some people may have an inflated sense of self-importance

attempting to bring you down by exposing your flaws ignore their harsh criticism

and nasty comments you don’t have to live with the negativity they bring into your life you make my heart sore and I

want you to know that I am delighted by your Devotion to me your prayers for me

and your professions of thankfulness Heaven hears your bravery and Echoes your name as a symbol of

trust determination and devotion inscribe these words deep inside you

since you will encounter times of Despair on top of being your savior from the depths I am also your healer and

source of wealth I engulf you in love and compassion unlocking the door to the

Supernatural and yearning for you to experience the Miracles you seek you

have my unwavering Faith prayers devotion appreciation and entrustment in

their care may their unfaltering concentration on the spiritual ual never waver as they enter my presence daily

soak up the encouraging words share them with loved ones and take them with them

as they pray and thank me at that time I will lay my hand on your head and bless

you in a manner that no one has ever seen before you’re getting it right now

it is something I will gladly accept I will keep talking to you until my words

become permanent imprints on your soul hold on to this reality even if you’re

struggling I still love you forgive me I’ve already done it love kindness and

forgiveness are the primary values not punishment many titles describe me God

friend Creator Shepherd King and Liberator stay hopeful and devote yourself fully to studying my message I

shall carve these vows into your spirit offering you peace and Solace I will reignite the lovely aspirations you’ve

always had as well as your enthusiasm for life I’m coordinating shifts

clearing the way and settling disputes that are impeding your success even though you may still face difficulties

hold on to my promises and good things will come your way have faith that I am

actively battling for you facing your enemies headon and seeing that you win

put your faith in me and I will protect you and those you care about I will send my angels to help you sore and keep you

from falling I am fully aware of the injustices you’ve endured the tears you’ve shed and the doors that have

closed in your face those who have wrongfully stolen from you will come back to you sad and remorseful since

your prayers have been heard put your grudges aside I am coming to exact

Justice your family will soon experience a wealth of benefits that will allay

their fears keep your distance from evildoers and stay out of fights stay

strong in the face of evildoers Temptations repent of your sins and I will accept you as you are right now no

matter how bad things become stay away from the chaos I saved you from and spend time with your loved ones praying

and thinking about what I have said in my word make an effort to engage in activities that uplift you your demands

will be satisfied ask God for knowledge and he will give it to you great Marvels

will be yours to see and execute when you keep my promises accept my love and sub MIT to my sovereign rule pay close

attention to these words again taking in all of their profundity please do not pass up the wonderful gift I want to

give you yet it will not come to fruition until you believe accept and

are grateful by handling it with care nurturing it properly engaging with it

intelligently and witnessing its expansion you can dispel the illusion of Perpetual failure you are fully aware of

the fact that my love for you is warm and kind and I bestow good fortune and blessings on those I value immutable and

my devoted ones are Limitless give me your word for it I The God Who Loves You

Forever am completely on your side this isn’t just empty rhetoric it is a solemn

vow to all those who follow in my footsteps when the Winds of Fate seem to be against your friendships and the road

ahead seems steep maybe you think I’ve abandoned you reaffirming an

unchangeable truth is essential in these difficult times you can count on my unwavering support and unending presence

in your life amidst the ups and downs the kindness and rejection that you encounter will also be there but one

constant remains my love and support for you knowing and believing that I am

always by your side can destroy fear may you find peace amidst adversity and the

resilience that stems from your love when you know I will never leave your sight it gives you the strength to face even

the hardest obstacles headon it doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail what matters is that you are mine and my love

and approval for you are unconditional your importance to me is immeasurable

and my opinion of you will endure forever there is nothing that can break our connection or make my love for you

any less strong than it already is this love will protect you give you strength

and show you the way through the bumps and bruises of life come to me now and I will give you the peace you need calming

the stormy seas of your troubled heart like the winds and storms that obey my voice I will remove the many worries and

thoughts that swirl about in your head and refocus your attention where it needs to be may your days be filled with

quiet and your evenings with peace despite being the heir to many blessings

you don’t always appreciate them you place undue weight on unfounded fears

and the opinions of people who have no influence over you find Solace do not

listen to rumors or threats from others I beg you again I have complete power

over your fate and I’m the one in charge Don’t Be Afraid even when faced with a

plethora of enemies and the consequences of your own mistakes I will protect you

from harm my little child even when it seems like everything is falling apart

and everyone around you is cowering in Terror bra Brave and determined I will

never leave you which is a reflection of the immense love I have for you it’s as

if I am speaking directly to you answering the questions that have plagued you for far too long I am

expressing my love for you right now every one of the hardships you’ve been through will be worthwhile today and I’m

bearing the shame that the evildoers have heaped upon you you are a mature wise and powerful person prepared to

fight for the people you care about and to lend a hand to the those who have experienced hardship you are ready to be

a Channel of my love giving light to others who live in darkness and your emancipation is almost here but your

enemies know full well that you may bring turmoil back and pile up your peace despite the difficulty and Agony

of the trials take my hand I adore you and you know it after loving you so

deeply how could I abandon you you my little one have been my rock In My

Darkest Hours you may feel that you are neither alone nor abandoned even while

your enemies want to defeat you and drag you into despair to me you are really

valuable I adore you my darling I want you to remember this so I’ll say it

again good real powerful and unequivocal promises are what you must always have

in mind I have made a solemn vow that will last forever and ever I will spend

eternity by your side there will be many gifts bestowed upon you you are very

lucky you remain steadfast in your faith and the road to righteousness is yours to

take I am delighted to see you focused on my Commandments my message forever

ingrained in your essence and your great growth because of everything that you’ve

been through you need to make a conscious decision to alter your path because of everything you’ve been

through without a doubt you steadfastly guided your ship with all your might

hoping that a Celestial Breeze would fill your sales you have arrived at this Crossroads via your metamorphosis and

your desire for transformation and I am here to bestow upon you extraordinary

benefits the words I’m about to say to you are full of life and they are both an outward manifestation of my love for

you and an inner strength that will get you through any difficulty I am endowing

you with wisdom strengthening your caution and molding your character from the inside out your Limitless patience

transforms you completely in this world my promises and Commandments will constantly nag at you so there’s no need

to worry that anything will disturb your restful sleep exceptional Tranquility is

impossible to attain by any human or natural means I am extending a formal

invitation your prayers whether they were Praises complaints or apologies struck aord with me in the midst of

adversity your words of appreciation touch me deeply the pro processes that have given you so much trouble and kept

you up at night have been the object of your intense and sincere desire to overcome them especially when you shout

out in the midst of adversity father I love you your unfaltering faith is on

Full display even if you don’t see it that way I know that everything happens for a reason have faith in me my darling

I feel your pain your genuine emotions and tears touch my soul stay committed

to your path you have what it takes to achieve success be amazed when resources

that you thought were exhausted suddenly multiply as life Springs out in the dry

regions of your life stay vigilant and resist succumbing to the enemy’s crafty

tactics if problems arise again in your life my blessings will continue to flow freely despite your feelings resist the

temptation to give up if you reach out to me I will respond you need not be

concerned I have sent my angels to protect you so you may rest assured

having seen it yourself you are well aware of this these words will strengthen you to Triumph against your

enemies so keep them close to your heart when others see my handiwork manifested

through you let trepidation go away you are a part of the flock that I am protecting so please do not walk off pay

attention and hold on to the impenetrable barrier I provide listen care carefully to what I have to say

when I correct you and don’t let pride get the best of you keep being humble and unassuming because that is how I

want you to be get over your past failures the moment has arrived may God

lift Faith’s sight off the ground keep your chin up and enjoy the good things that are ahead of you because your

heavenly father is on your side in my presence I have chosen you to be the

inheritor of my benefits if you really trust my my promises you will find

relaxation and strength after carefully digesting them encased in Everlasting

Love the Limitless strength I provide stands Resolute in the face of adversity

armed with unfaltering faith and resolve I came to save you and guarantee you an

exceptional and wonderful spot in Paradise even though the day will come when you are here with me I hope that

while you walk this planet every night as you shut your eyes even in tears you

remember these words I share with you and keep them near as you lay your head on the pillow put your anxieties aside

and extend your hands to absorb the Divine oil that heals the body and the spirit you will sleep peacefully

undisturbed and when you wake up you will feel refreshed instead of worried

every single moment I can’t stop gushing over how much I value adore and love you

my hands are busy cleaning the way making sure your travels go well bringing peace to your family and

teaching your children knowledge may your house be filled to overflowing and may all your Soul’s suffering come to a

close you will hear my voice and feel my touch with gentle care I shall keep

revealing you I want to reinforce my love for you by speaking softly to you

and expressing my Everlasting incredible and Supernatural love please tell me

that you want to hear and feel it please believe me when I say everything will be

okay worrying about the things you’ve given me will drain your strength let me

Lead You peacefully to verdant Meadows now that you’ve given me your hand I would rather that you have everything

that you need I desire to saturate your spirit with the warmth and love of God

do not be afraid I will support you through the difficult times ahead I will

not let go of you I refuse to to abandon you I am speaking directly to your heart

because I know how weak you feel you have my presence here sit with me for a

while instead of going downhill into sorrow and bewilderment put aside your concerns about the planet and its future

your family your spiritual health feeding your spirit with my word and Earnest prayer should be your primary

concerns if the people who have harmed you continue to mistreat you even after

you have shown them your love extend compassion and pity to them be kind

showing that your love is similar to mine and that you are prepared to endure everything for the sake of your family’s

knowledge of me embrace the power of freedom and live a life of Liberty even

when anxiety and fear try to steal your Serenity in light of this unwavering reality bask my love for you is

Limitless and my compassion is unending rest assured that my holy the holy spirit will protect you at all costs

from anxiety no matter how low you go know that I will bring you back up no

matter how bad things get you can always count on my undivided attention in times

of peril I will come to your Aid in the midst of adversity I will stand up for

you cleanse your spirit with my words and protect you from harm whether physical or spiritual danger or scarcity

May sever the connection between us in the midst of the these difficulties a conqueror is merely a title that pales

in comparison to who you truly are you have decided to separate yourself from Evil by placing your trust in me because

of your unfaltering devotion you stand out from others who when things get tough bemoan and question me they listen

to their complaints without thinking about how their words may hurt others and they don’t care about protecting

themselves their families or the blessings in their lives their callousness toward my atonement

and their contempt for the holy love I provide have not diminished the infinite love I have for them those who disdain

my message should not influence you instead keep your distance from the wicked and offer prayers for them keep

going because I will give you the strength to overcome obstacles and the wisdom to seize great

opportunities you have grown into a man with The Bravery of a champion the

therefore face your enemies headon every morning start your day by strengthening

your faith via my word bringing all your worries to me knowing that I am your

rock and that I will support you no matter what and keeping your peace for you are entering a life beyond this

world you have a home in my presence and I’m inviting you to come closer my

heavenly troops will come rushing down to help you today as you bow down in prayer with trust regard and respect

stay calm and do not be afraid I am telling you so take comfort in the warm

warmth of my kind arms recognize that it has been received your detractors will

end up looking foolish for trying to drag you down even the schemes devised by your enemies will backfire on them

individuals who oppose you turn a blind eye criticize pass judgment and cause

you problems are walking on perilous terrain and making a terrible mistake your Soul’s enemy is rebelling against

God this is something I wanted to share with you in the hopes that it may give you the strength to keep going even when

you feel alone because of the people who insult you have faith in me and I will

strengthen you wisdom and intellect which I have bestowed upon you may be

made evident through the imbuement of my teachings no one neighbor enemy coworker

or dishonest friend will be able to destroy your life life and take your benefits from you because of me you

ought not to be weak on several occasions I have stressed this if you are afraid of rejection or want to win

everyone’s favor you will compromise your happiness and health by giving in to other people’s views and giving up

what you need for yourself if People’s scowls or Rising voices upset you have

faith in me I will make sure you win you have already defeated your enemies they

lack power they’re warning are mere rhetoric and they cannot harm you I am

opening your spiritual eyes so you can see through the clouds soak up the sun

and see the guardian angels protecting you from above they ward off your enemies and protect your loved ones from

evildoers in the near future you will have visions and dreams not for the sake of Fame but so that you may see the

extraordinary power I possess hold dear these marvels of nature your dreams will

be kept secret you will get much insight and you will be Anointed with the power to control

your emotions and speech you will be free from the shackles of fear when it comes to confronting the wicked and

their schemes with the power of my word I am able to lead you to a place where

miraculous events happen every day raise your voice in praise and thanksgiving

proclaiming the Miracles I am working on you I am the one who can cure you and fulfill all of your needs ignore the

diversions that would have you leave me and my benefits behind you will find the answers to your prayers the words to

ease your burdens and the path to a Heavenly Kingdom in my word look no

further come with me to the spiritual Summit where I will meet you with the Everlasting enormous joy that this world

cannot provide as your caretaker I embrace and nourish your body filling

your emotions with deep feelings of love and compassion love envelops you a sensation unlike

anything you’ve ever felt or experienced in this life full of both transient Serenity and hidden traps of deception

my forgiveness is a wonderful gift that will restore your life break your bonds

wash away your regrets and fill your spirit with joy you are the Everlasting

salvation’s breath and I will keep on speaking to you using strong language

and beautiful details to tell you that my arms will always be open to you my Voice’s Melody will reverberate

throughout you you are not alone in this world of suffering I command Legions of

angels to watch over you dismantling the dangers lurking in the shadows do not

fear and when fear tries to attack you stand Resolute walking with the demeanor

of a Victor I love you and I will shower my blessings upon you today I will

strengthen you and my presence will be your companion through trials and responses every minute my words will

reverberate in your heart I will gently remind you that you are not alone keep

in mind that my feelings for you are becoming Stronger by the day Jesus died on the cross so that you could have

eternal life and many blessings the love I have for you is so great that I gave

my life on a dangerous cross to pay for yours the Holy Spirit who is always with

you is now protecting you at all times I am the one Speaking to you and that same

force is now kindling inside your heart even as I stayed the same yesterday my

reassuring voice will always be able to bring you healing the effect is obvious

we are already well acquainted and in the sound of my voice you find a deep Serenity join me in rejoicing your

Triumph is real conquer your enemies and accept the trials I’ve prepared for you

knowing that I am by your side at all times my goal is for you to suc sued and

all of your hopes and dreams will come true in this very moment I the almighty God am speaking to you my Grandeur

envelopes you so that nothing can withstand you nevertheless gather your strength and believe in what I am saying

never allow despondency to take root the truth is in my word I am determined to

fulfill the many promises I made to you when we talked including my promise of kindness my plans for you and your

family and the incredible rewards that will come from a better future just as I said it would if you believe in me then

you can relax and enjoy life to the fullest put your faith in my word and let go of worries about the future fear

saps your spiritual Vigor obstructs your vision and robs you of Joy hence do not

let negative ideas obscure your mind as we walk in the light of your faith join

me on a higher Road filled with unfaltering feelings of calm and tranquility

every day you endure attacks that I comprehend the enemy is plotting your destruction and making fun of everything

you do he says your trust is in vain and you won’t go far if you hold on to my

promises but I dare you to stand up face all the bad things that happen to you

and continue with the power that comes from my word no matter how exhausted you are you may rest certain that I will be

there to strengthen you and Lead You In the direction you need to go I say it again no one who boasts of

power can defeat you all the accusations and cries directed at you are unfounded

whom will you put your faith in the notorious one or the God who brought you life despite the storms comply with my

commands no one can stand in my way and no matter how many people want you to fail I am the only one who can help you

overcome every obstacle and come to your rescue with my boundless strength Grace

and love I can’t wait to be of service to you and bestow blessings on you I will stand by

your side and save you pay attention have faith and rely on what I say be

strong because in the near future I will perform great Miracles and Marvels for you and your loved ones this will

transpire a miracle which you so desperately need is on its way you’re

here just where you should be your demeanor is admirable when you hide from

the world worship me put your faith in me and cry out to me for whatever you

need I am filled with enormous Delight I am delighted to see how deeply you

believe and how much confidence you have in God there will be times when no one else can empathize with the struggles

you’re going through I know you’ve had to Bear the brunt of these problems on your own but know that you have my

support no matter how long it takes I will always respond to you your desire

desire for me has been genuine you want my authority and need my guiding hand to

break free from all the things that annoy confus and frighten you in return

I want the calm and quiet that would let you shut your eyes in Bliss and wake up smiling embrace the sustaining faith and

the promises I have given you and seize today with all your strength I will

protect you and speak up for you I will protect and befriend you as my shepherd

my provider and my God we shall rejoice when the much anticipated favors arrive

at your doorstep I promise it to you I expect it and I guarantee it will happen

a new chapter will begin remember my healing promises to you I beg you to change the way you think and behave when

things get tough keep in mind that I will never leave you if you think your success is all down to your own

abilities if I don’t Grant your wishes trust that I will provide something better otherwise your blessings will

fade away like a faded flower pray with praise and I will nourish your petitions

and offer your gratitude on the altar of my favor determine as your Creator and

father what is most important for your future family’s spiritual journey and

heart if you desire wealth and I release you from debt please accept the gift of

Freedom if you desire abundance and I provide honest labor don’t worry I will

provide you with the resources to support yourself fear not for I will remove obstacles before you go down the

road I remove and there with honesty and perseverance you will Thrive I pray that

God will reward you abundantly as you learn to be a good Steward The Saga City will fill your thankful heart with many

Beauties I pray that Tranquility fills your home stay committed to my lessons

even as the Marvels you see Propel you spiritually higher put aside your your preoccupation with monetary gain and

focus on what really matters cradle a true attitude of thankfulness in your hearts Celestial beings above all else

it is the basic step toward a supernatural life your steadfast faith in the face of hardship your undying

passion to become a light of Grace in creating a better world and your appreciation worship and devotion for

every blessing are the keys that open the door to an abundant season your words fill my heavenly heart with

delight pay close attention to what I am saying I implore you life-giving

currents are nourishing your crops and the waters that will restore your land are already flowing downhill your

aspirations will flourish my beloved kid you must be courageous and strong as you

hang precariously on the brink of experiencing The Unbelievable you’ll see the Heaven’s Gates and portals open wide

to welcome you I have faith that you understand the profoundness of what I

have said and will hold this beautiful Discovery close to your heart your

passion for me is a source of great comfort and my love for you is deep and

abiding every time you express your love for me the joy in your voice fills my heart the comforting and protective

words that come out of my mouth reveal how much I care for you I the god of

strength am the one who keeps my word I strengthen the weak and oppressed I I

uplift the spirits of those who are feeling low Heaven’s Gates will open for those who Faithfully swear loyalty and

love me with all their heart and soul they understand that being kind patient

not getting involved in Petty arguments or gossip saying nice things and being

calm Under Pressure are all very powerful things I will hold you and your loved ones close no matter what happens

do not react angrily or loudly when faced with hardship instead be kind in

your home my Tranquility will rule you will receive unexpected benefits and your faith will grow as you witness many

miracles you and your loved ones will feel an overwhelming sense of happiness

you will reaffirm my love for you and you will always feel my presence believe

me I will do Miracles that will blow your mind do not give up hope my beloved

kid I’m here lovingly guiding your steps and I want great things for your life

though the complexity of life and the unpredictability of the world may feel like insurmountable obstacles at times

please know that I am here for you almost every day do not hesitate to contact me you may trust that my

reaction will remain steadfast you are the Center of My Universe and my love for you has no limits it is my deepest

desire to show you the way to a life full of delight and contentment your major aspirations fill you with

excitement keep moving forward despite setbacks there is a chance for development and education in every

difficulty you have the power to dream big face your fears headon and Triumph

over any difficulty because of my promise no matter what my love for you will always be there believe in my plan

for your life even in the worst of times a plan that brings hope not despair to

you and your family in any situation I will always be there for you and have

the last word you have company if you are in need of Courage stability love or

Tranquility I am here for you if you seek me with all your heart I will

answer and lead you into a future full of promise I will always adore you allow

the heartfelt words I have penned to Captivate you written by my hand and dictated by my slaves this book holds

boundless knowledge and comfort I reveal to you my infinite grace and love through my message I provide the

blueprint for a life filled with purpose Abundant Blessings and happiness for you

and your loved ones as outlined in my will my word being alive has the power

to change you and I will never come back to you empty-handed it carries your desires and prayers your inspiring

spirits and fearless sight upon the world Are My Hope for my glory to shine through you are my beloved Offspring the

most priceless work of my Heavenly Hands I have given you certain abilities so

that you may serve me do not be afraid of the future I have a plan specifically

for you and it is to my glory my love has no limit in size or duration and my

plans are perfect and will come to fruition at the right time I have a deep understanding of who you are and

everything that makes you tick imperfections included ask for my pardon

if you mess up don’t wallow in self-pity believing that your offenses have forever tarnished your life and stoked

my anger long before you met me I took the brunt of your punishment if you

approach me with honesty and self assurance I will grant you another chance fear should not have free Reign

Over You it should not try to swow Discord inside you you are mine and I will take care of you and protect you I

pray that my loving words will be a salve to your tired bones guiding you to put your confidence in me and leave your

concerns behind when things go bad you can always find solace in me when

you hear these messages hold on to them and share them with everyone you meet my

love will envelop your house with its comforting warmth and your happiness and contentment will grow exponentially I

will always be by your side watching out for you I will strengthen your heart and

keep you composed if you come to me in prayer daily I can do the impossible

keep your trust unwavering as the globe continues to revolve and rumors of unrest spread I will continue to assist

you as I have in the past May the prayers you offer never end in your prayer Journal write down the names of

the people you care about and tell me what you want for them I know their stories and minds but I want you to put

your faith into practice by praying for the things that matter most in the middle of everyone else’s Panic about

impending signals no need to be afraid my dear family I I won’t leave you high

and dry I refuse to abandon you despite Widespread Panic be ready pray earnestly

believe unswervingly battle heroically and live with passion and Terror not with an eye toward the uncertainties

that may emerge because you will be witnesses to astonishing Miracles the trumpets are signaling the

approaching Advent of your emancipation instead my promises will

reassure you I am capable of overcoming any obstacle you have no idea how much I

adore you speak to me about your heart’s desire My Love is a soothing Bal my

gentleness brings you comfort I will lift you to Greater Heights with my helping hand as I surround you may the

Holy Spirit flow through you like a crystal clear River filling you with the pleasure that has escaped you all day no

amount of triumph over adversity has ever brought you more Delight than this the days of hopelessness isolation and

abandonment have come to an end and will soon fade from memory gather the courage to stand

before me today and let the light shine through the darkness that has weighed you down may my vows remain a song in

your heart and a rock by your side while you go in times of loneliness scream out

to me because I am with you every day when exhaustion and the weight of life’s

responsibilities press down on me I will give you the peace your soul craves for

I am your sh Shepherd and I will provide for all your needs perfectly fear has no

place in your heart I am the road to Deliverance going forward you will

achieve Heights never before seen I have led you to this Crossroads so that you

may always look forward so to Greater Heights and reap the rewards I want for

you starting now your evenings will be devoid of pain and sadness will no

longer accompany you there will be no sadness or desol a in your mornings your

faith will be strong and constant throughout your life every morning as the sun comes up you will decide to be

happy no matter what and you will not allow any negative news or anxieties to

take away the radiant grin that lights up your face you are my beloved child

you are special because you have given yourself over to me and because my Holy Spirit lives in you although some people

may faint at the mention of a rumor having their dreams dashed and their souls consumed by Terror there’s no need

to mimic the behavior or words of others everyone notices you you saw high on the

wings of your remarkable Faith the supernatural love within you and the power poured into your prayers and words

rejoice and tell your loved ones about these encouraging remarks your vivacious

existence and the conviction with which you face each day knowing that I am at your side are a source of great joy for

me to see your humility perseverance patience respect for others and

dignified Behavior as you humbly bow in prayer bring tears of delight to my eyes

and my heart is warmed by your thankfulness send positive energy and

encouragement to all individuals involved in your decisions achievements and the Good Fortune you experience and

share with others around you especially those who are struggling or looking for healing with the Holy Spirit as your

guide you have a powerful weapon in your heart your soul is a fortress and the

Heavenly words that come out of your mouth May shatter any barrier though you may have flaws always keep in mind that

your power originates from me The Giver of your benefits and the one who guides

you to Triumph in every struggle be humble and rely on God while you guard

your heart seeking fame or displaying human titles that appear authoritative

is unnecessary with your hands I shall do wonders that no one has ever seen before

your soil has now received the healing Reigns and rivers of Living Water are flowing your love for me has no bounds

and I give it to you fearlessly with an open heart and an abundance of patience and understanding you are my precious

gem and nothing can ever separate us get out of your own way in peace Embrace

this div my grace Embraces you as I unveil you I care deeply about your happiness and

health express yourself honestly talking about the difficulties you faced no matter what comes our way you can count

on my unwavering support you have control over your emotions because I have placed my holy and divine spirit

inside you be aware that this is true right now find contentment Inside

unencumbered by outside forces with the help of others Break Free of your emotional shackles and resist temptation

and immorality give me control of your soul mind and emotions stay away from people and

places that may bring you down and steer clear of circumstances that aren’t required preserve the place that gives

you life your heart do not let the storms crush your Delight remain

steadfast please consult me before making any major life choices for I want

to be your leader and shield you from danger every day May wisdom bless your

family and may they prosper in all areas just as their souls Prosper may you

avoid being a gossip or slanderer and may you stay away from those who are always spreading lies may you never let

anyone seow seeds of anger or fear in your heart come into my presence and

show me your innermost thoughts and feelings find me whenever you can listen

to my voice as I speak to you feel my presence in your spirit see the tired

faces of those who are struggling and know know that I am with you I’m standing at the edge of your door

beckoning to your soul I want to live in your house now and I want my heavenly peace to fill your family’s Hearts to

the brim I will soon demonstrate my might to you and your loved ones a time

of Peace recovery and plenty of benefits is coming soon I’ve heard the resounding

impact of your prayers and seen the depth of your faith your authenticity makes me happy and your honesty

resonates deep inside me like others who come sometimes afraid to put their plans and Journeys in my hands your Lively

faith is a continual presence in my sanctuary as you enter Faithfully every day to your loved ones and those closest

to you may you always shine as a light and an example May others around you

witness the rich fruit of your faith as it strengthens Your Body Mind and Spirit

the future holds even more benefits but with them comes a great deal of respons

responsibility I will put you at the Forefront so that everyone may see the numerous benefits that come to those who

follow me in obedience to those who wait with contrite hearts for my answer and

to those who let go of any lingering pain and frustration when things don’t work out the way they expected recognize

that I am firmly holding your life your family’s life and all your Pursuits in my hands while many others live in

constant anxiety about what they perceive as catastrophes for those who love me who submit to my will and who

trust in me I reserve all wonderful things you have been steadfast as were

the loyal before you every door will open for you and blessings and joy will pour down from above never let your

guard down great opportunities are around the corner may you receive Abundant Blessings excellent Health

Serenity strength and wisdom you have a special place in your family’s plan and

Destiny I want you to succeed in every way so that you can learn more about me

refrain from allowing uncertainty to ruin your happiness and future make the

decision to trust and stick by my promise as you go about your day no evil

will be able to touch you welcome to your world you already have a life beyond this world grand miracles are on

the horizon and they will restore your grin by transforming your faith and thinking

gone are the days of grief and weeping those who hated you before will love you

again and I will bring back hopes that died these statements make me want to

cry and wipe away my guilt I know it feeling refreshed and revitalized your

soul Soares with new Vigor I will lead you handin hand to a new country where

spiritual poverty ends emotional destitution Fades and desire is unknown

so that you might wake each day with super natural optimism that guides and motivates you my arms quench your

yearning for connection and intimacy you are secure when your body is sound your

intellect sharp and your soul is full of pleasure an overwhelming sense of empowerment and drive will wash over you

after enduring an endless amount of suffering falling into a destructive pit and finally realizing that it was

pointless to hold anger towards me you will awaken to a profound sense of purpose driven by unwavering

determination there will be an Unstoppable stream of goodness coming your way even though I never meant any

damage to you my love for you has always been deep and holy even though you are

going through tough circumstances the evil Powers were busy sewing doubt and animosity in your thoughts a constant

companion is always Within Reach this is true as my word will attest my

commitment supports both you and the holy spirit’s promise my word will deepen your faith immerse

yourself in it study it memorize it and share it I will never allow you to fail

it’s like quenching your thirst with a glass of cooling water on a hot day it will Revitalize your spirit and nurture

your soul the messages I offer bring you back to these arms that are ready to embrace you calmly and my words are a

treasure that the more you read them becomes more meaningful reminding you that no no matter how low you have

fallen they are always there your comprehension grows in direct proportion

to the amount of text you read a fiery love will burn inside you as you bow

down before me take in everything I have to say and listen to my voice first

thing in the morning tears Cascade down your cheeks lifting the weight of Sorrow

relaxation and power are yours In My Embrace no matter where you go I will

not abandon you you I will always be here for you I promise you these things

while facing adversity stand firm in your faith and reaffirm your conviction

because I will stand by your side and provide you with my strength in the next conflicts no enemy will be able to win

when victory is yours assemble my heavenly troops my arms are a Haven for you I pray that I might ease your pain

and impress upon you these lovely powerful expressions of love I wanted to see you no matter where where you were

when I elected to be your Everlasting father out of tremendous compassion for you you can always feel my presence with

your eyes closed and your hands resting on your chest let the comforting energy of your emotions rise up and out of your

being dispelling any sadness uncertainty or fear that may be plaguing you I don’t

care about your triumphs and tragedies from the past today recognizing the weights on your shoulders and the rhythm

of of your heart are what really counts it is time to change your path and I beg

you not to turn back right now I am waiting for your repentance which must

be heavy on your spirit and the depths of your misery with an outstretched hand

I will lift you up and Lead You Down the narrow road that will one day lead to

Freedom my truth shines brightly and I am eager to welcome you with open arms

envelop you in my love pardon your transgressions and offer you a new chance at greatness when you accept my

love you will ReDiscover your health and your inner power I pray that this word

will strengthen you emotionally and mentally so that you can face the challenges of the years to come for the

rest of this day and the rest of this hour hold this moment close to your heart make this powerful feeling a

permanent part of your memories it marks the beginning of of a new phase of your

life the power of my blood and the Assurance of my resurrection have written a life of Marvels and miracles

for you and now you begin your journey into them in spite of the difficulties

you may be experiencing new opportunities will present themselves that are in harmony with my Everlasting

plan and many doors will open for you your family and you will fulfill the

destiny I have set up for you I am constantly molding their hearts akin to

a Potter shaping clay within the next several months brave faith-filled souls

will move into your house and the people you’re now interacting with will change drastically there will be brave souls

whose faith never wavers as you and many others make incredible changes the

families in your area will be amazed they will see acknowledge and believe in

many miracles as they unfold before their own eyes if you want things to change in your life or at least in your

household I can make it happen I implore you to choose a life of success and joy

instead of continuing along this road come with me follow my lead and I will

give you the ability to plant seeds of love and wisdom to mend many broken

hearts there is nothing that I cannot do for you and the Miracles that I perform

will Amaze you and strengthen your faith in me I have important news to share pay

attention don’t ignore what I’m going to say take in every word and then tell me

what you think I long for conversation and I’ve learned to tell you that my love for you is unending and will never

stop a powerful wind sweeps away painful memories leaving behind tranquility and

tenderness my Holy Spirit confirms this and I will find Tender and beautiful

ways to surround you so that you may feel eternally blessed by the immense love I have for you my emotions remain

unwavering and my word sealed with my blood affirms my Covenant of Love may

you find unwavering strength and divine peace if you’re feeling down this essay

will help you get back on your feet so you can face life with confidence and spend more time with the people you care

about as soon as you bow down in shame the doors of my heavenly Throne opened

wide I will not rest until I have shown you the many gifts and miracles I am

capable of giving you your wounds are healed and your stormmy emotions are pacified by me a profound calmness will

now surround you my reaction to your stumbles has never been anger you are

aware of this I went in search of you and with my own two hands I pulled you

up out of the pit you will always carry the imprint of my might which I engraved

on your heart and bestowed upon you when I clothed you in fine linen crowned your head and anointed you you will be able

to face any UNC certainties headon with a faith that is unwavering and Unstoppable you will be free from the

shackles of betrayal and false friendship together we will face the obstacles that lie ahead acquire

familiarity with the tools I provide but remember to contact me for assistance

whenever you feel overwhelmed by the weight of adversity you have my unwavering will to liberate yourself

released from the shackles of Vice you will no longer desire the environments and people who contributed to your

downfall the Mountain’s Peak is your future and we must climb it together The

Valley Of Confusion awaits us behind where the cries of the Beggars who rejected your favor continue to

reverberate nevertheless we will go on anyhow avoid succumbing to The

Temptations of those who would mislead you you’ve been through a lot and you’ve been so close to death there is no

desire to go back to that terrible time your life is a blessing to your loved ones and the World At Large and the

streams that run by solidly ground you there is no need to search any further

for true and Everlasting Love on days when tears pour for no apparent reason I

am here you may take solace in my affection which is your one true home there are others who show compassion

with hidden agendas hoping to get something material from you in exchange no one else can selflessly

provide the love Tranquility healing and unfaltering trust that I provide here is

a blessing that is freely yours accept it I am not interested in your material

possessions but rather in your devotion Faith unshakable resolve and intense

longing join me in shedding the past and embracing the future with unfaltering

trust patience and Assurance your words Proclaim your devotion and I your

beloved child accept your faith and promise to believe in your word wholeheartedly get ready for the Deluge

of gifts that I will bestow upon you you have my undying love even if other

people tell you otherwise I will treat you with sensitive care in order to show my love I shall discover new methods to

do it every day your hardships come to an end today my love has no limits and

nothing is impossible I can’t even begin to explain how how far I will go to save

you a new era of boundless potential and benefits has begun with the rise of a

new day you will experience the opening of doors the blossoming of friendships

the blessing of wealth and the lifting of financial difficulties your prayers and efforts along with everything you

own will yield Rich rewards I will not keep my word until I am satisfied I will

always be there for you to Shield you from harm and ease your suffering my

guidance will ensure your thoughts remain clear and peaceful at all times ensuring you never lose your way a flood

of Joy will fill your heart and the sorrow that has been weighing you down will finally go away my love for you has

no bounds therefore I will shower you with endless benefits peace Liberty

plenty and prosperity will accompany you on all your Journeys because you have come to bring your requests before me

and I will grant them even if you don’t fully understand it my Deeds go beyond anything you can ask or

imagine I died on the cross and Rose from the grave on the third day so that

you too might have eternal life I will reach out and reveal something deep within you sparking a belief so strong

that it drives you to make life-altering choices you must now take action in order to recognize the spiritual force

that is present in your life whatever your age or background you are valuable

to me and when others see the fruit you are bearing today they will be amazed

and Afraid my spirit has been with you from the beginning and my beautiful and holy

love is for everyone the affection that this Earth has to offer is limited in

the end they bring anguish grief deceit betrayal and false promises of love that

need something in return no more suffering through isolation and rejection in the safety of my arms I

will help you recover your hopelessness will be erased whoa you mean the world

to me when we talk you tell me that you love me too no matter how low you feel

emotionally or physically today you should not give into despair please pay close attention while I speak embrace

the Tranquility here and now as the one who made the cosmos I command the winds

that might tremble you I am able to quiet the storms and dangers that want to afflict your planet and you know it

stay committed let your goal become clear again let go of what you think you’ve accomplished and instead of

focusing on your flaws give your undivided attention to me you will really need my assistance when you

realize your own limits you become Unstoppable when your faith is in sync with my power you have regained all of

your strength and unwavering determination saying with conviction I am walking with hope may make your

weaknesses disappear here allowing you to confidently declare your faith I

anxiously anticipate your arrival at the peak so be Resolute and keep climbing as

you bravely face the unknown and all of its obstacles and uncertainties this Summit is the perfect spot for you to

accept my will and let me do Marvels in your life it is also the perfect moment

for your innermost desires to come true Take the Lead take solace in the fact

that I am here for you recognize ize that there will be different challenges that arise each day when you’re

attempting to plan for the challenges that lie ahead it’s easy to become lost in your own thoughts during such times

keep in mind that I am here for you and dwelling on your problems will only make them worse instead of becoming entangled

in a web of expected challenges this is not the experience you should go through

in this holy place of talking to me and being with me I invite you to to turn to

me and sit in my presence so that my serenity May surround you your anxieties

turn into self assurance this place gives you the courage to face each day

and the peace to heal I have come to strengthen you and get you ready for the challenges that lie ahead let the

comfort of my love and serenity envelop you replacing worries with firm Faith

neither the weight of Tomorrow nor the pain of your struggles are designed for you to bear I pray that you find the

strength to face the difficulties of each day head on free from worry about what lies ahead but boyed by the

Assurance of my love and Direction when we are together changing apprehension into confidence nervousness into

certainty and uncertainty into Resolute trust recognizing a basic reality on the

path of faith is essential you cannot serve two masters if I am really your

master then pleasing me will be your number one priority seeking approval

from others may be a perilous and enslaving Endeavor but when I take charge of your life a lovely change

happens every morning let my spirit fill your heart with strength and Tranquility

as you seek me in prayer and immerse yourself in my teachings doing so will teach you to

face life’s challenges with bravery and faith I’m removing obstacles making

things clear for you and settling disputes that are hold holding you back from achieving your goals have faith

that I am involved in all that you are going through that I am bringing you to victory and that I am fighting your

battles my unfaltering character and Limitless love ensure your Triumph not

your strength or your circumstances in this fact you discover more than just

victory you discover strength pleasure and Tranquility I hope you realize how much

I care about you and how much I’m here here for you no matter how difficult things get know that you are never

really alone because I am here to see it all thanks to my heavenly protection

rest assured that I will defend you from anyone who would do you harm you will not be harmed I hope you understand how

much I love you and how careful I am with you there is a reason behind every occurrence in your life I will turn your

trials into opportunities no matter how bad things get your thunderous Triumph

and the abundance of blessings that await you will fill everyone with Envy

have faith that things will improve since there is no way for your journey to end in defeat you can always count on

my unwavering support and my Divine will will eventually come true keep your

spirit strong and unshaken despite the negativity and dangers that surround you

get a grip on the fact that you are unbeatable keep your faith unwavering confident that your enemies have already

lost before they attempt to harm you you must not give into the traps set by those who oppose you do not give into

the bad feelings that are trying to overwhelm you get into the habit of praying first thing in the morning and

allowing My Embrace to fill you with love permit me to free your thoughts from the ingrained anxieties defeat is

not even in the realm of possibilities there is no need to be afraid I will be your protection on this

journey through life keeping a watchful eye over you with my dazzling Sword and the power of my words I will fight

relentlessly for your cause please believe me when I say I will do everything for your benefit and know

that I humbly ask that you do the same this knowledge should bring you tremendous Delight since I am always by

your side While others suffer you are fortunate calmness Serenity and calmness

will be your Dwelling Places I will provide you with with the strength to endure hardship and open doors even when

life throws them at you you will go to far away places accompanied by people

whose hearts are pouring wonderful chances into your life I have exalted you therefore go on a voyage to Myriad

nation and spread my love to every part of the planet though I am well aware of the wounds your history has inflicted on

your spirit my goal in speaking to you is to express my deepest sympathy I know

the depths of your existence heed this take some time to think about these words pain and loss do not have to last

forever even if memories of the past linger I pray that you will find the strength to let go of your grasp on

negativity once and for all and that you will begin a path of forgiveness that will free your spirit and mind from the

chains of your previous pain let go with abandon cry happy tears and dance wildly

if the mood strikes you may the people who once tormented you witness your renewed strength liberated from the

bonds of grief May Your vitality showcase a life devoid of burdens

demonstrating that the wounds they inflicted no longer Define you I beg you to put the darkness of pessimism behind

you my love for you is immense the trumpet resounds with its music May slip

the minds of many as the end times Loom on and Others May refuse to let go of their pessimism and gripes losing out on

the chance to live life to the fullest sadness weighs down their lives as they reject me give give into deceit and give

up the love I offer my immense unending love for you is the driving force behind

your service to me not fear or Duty entering into an intimate relationship

with me is as simple as humbling yourself in front of me there is no greater satisfaction than this bond

which surpasses all Earthly Pleasures I want a life of growing closeness with

you where the radiant glow of my presence illuminates every part of your being

as you get closer to me my love will flood into you changing not only what you do but also what you value most in

life this closeness is not some abstract concept but rather a real everyday

reality that changes your life you will learn to value my affection for you more

and less in this sacred exchange you will find Liberation from the shackles of pleasing people and the thrill of

being completely mine and serving me as an expression of Love An organic

byproduct of our close connection the most genuine happiness and contentment

may be yours when you fully immerse yourself in this holy place and devote yourself to it moving forward this

should serve as your compass put my needs above your own and let your service reflect the closeness of our

relationship I am filled with enormous excitement and admiration every day as I

see you face your problems with passion and bravery but I can also feel the underlying sadness and exhaustion that you’re

carrying there is no need to keep anything hidden from me those evenings when you can’t sleep I can hear you

wailing come take refuge in my arms for all of your problems you can rely on me

whether you are experiencing distress suffering disease or letdowns I am here to provide a helping hand not to pass

judgment if you put your trust in me I will be there for you every step of the way providing Solace support and love if

we stand together we can overcome any difficulty and lighten any load I beg

you with all my heart to put your faith in me now since I’m bearing this burden with you when you bring your needs and

suffering to my throne of grace I will guide you toward healing protection tranquility and success in all your

endeavors when I say you will succeed I see you gaining knowledge developing your spirituality Fai faing your fears

headon and being strong enough to triumph over adversity I’ll provide you with the

wisdom and protection you need to succeed in your endeavors and you can share the fruits of your labor with your

loved ones in doing so I will fulfill my desire to quench The Thirst of the

hungry and the needy and when your faith wavers you can be sure that my love for

you will always be there I write this message with all my heart because you

regularly interact with with my words even though the world is in chaos you are safely in my hands and a new season

of benefits is on the way keep fighting the good fight in spite of suffering and

I will shower you with blessings you will meet suffering spirits on your travels who do not know that there is a

future free of suffering and death and who are unable to understand true love and

forgiveness wonderful things will happen if they could just stop being so cynical

and give me the opportunity to love them as you mature into the powerful tree

I’ve always imagined you to be able to receive all the benefits I have in store

for you my affection for you runs deep inside you and your loved ones let this

unconditional love may it fill you with calm tranquility and Heavenly power as

you open your heart and soul to it my love is like a balm it soothes your

aches and pains helps you feel more secure emotionally and brings you a peace that you won’t find anywhere else

except in my arms if you approach me with the intention of accepting and growing into

a life fully immersed in my presence I will reveal it to you take a deep breath

in the aroma of my Holy Spirit and the hours will fly by I am anxious to shower

you with gifts and affection so may you be even more full this beautiful love is

a blessing from above accept it with all your being if someone says they love you

yet treats you badly don’t waste your energy trying to win their devotion I

recognize your value and my love for you is eternal my promise to you will never stop and my intentions will never waver

my goals remain constant if you accept my love it will be the beginning of a new chapter in your life one that is

full of joy and fulfillment this is a love that promises no disappointments I invite you to embrace

my love which transcends mere niceties and embodies magnificent forgiveness you

may believe that I have a purpose because I am your Creator and the one who has painstakingly designed

everything around you with my Holy Spirit as your light I will illuminate your way with the knowledge of my word

as we journey together what you are experiencing right now where you are and

when you are is priceless get down on one knee and show respect respect I hope

that good fortune Finds Its way to your home and that you and your loved ones are able to enjoy the rewards of your

hard work at just the right moment only you will benefit from these words if

they find their way to you pay homage by bending down both the Earth under your

feet and this very second are sacred I desire to bring miraculous Miracles into

your life but I also seek your unfaltering devotion faith and

dedication think think of these two words as physical proof of my affection for you I value you you will undoubtedly

experience the good things that God has promised rise up my courageous hero of

faith and face your enemy illnesses and concerns about lack in the powerful name

of Jesus who loves you and bestows eternal blessings upon you I am aware of

the many aspirations and goals that are growing within you if you put your faith

in me seek me out every day and follow my instructions you will succeed if you

are responsible and diligent my Divine will and guidance will serve as a rock

upon which you and your loved ones may build your aspirations it is not an irresponsible request I know this please

instead of wasting time and energy on meaningless Pursuits and transient fancies focus on things that really

matter we cannot overstate the significance of our bond you should never cut the strings that connect us

your strength has grown you have accomplished much and I want to talk to you about it I also want to see you

enjoy the fruits of your labor and the Fulfillment of your aspirations so I look forward to the times when we can

talk in peace and quiet lots of good things are about to happen for you leave

uncertainty behind this is the perfect time and place for you to be who you are

I can now swing open the doors as soon as you’re ready despite any obstacles

that may come your way I urge you to tackle them courageously as I have already pledged embracing the promised

Lands Beyond those challenges you will find boundless benefits only the brave

who know their own value and refuse to listen to criticism will get these rewards always keep in mind that you

were not only created by me but also given extraordinary Power by the breath

of my life your faith is critical for future success but if uncertainty comes

from doubts planted by fake friends or incorrect advice it’s another story my

physical presence and my unfaltering determination to adore and bless you are solid proof of my love for you please

verify your faith with me amen [Music]

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