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there my child I’ve got an awesome

message from God for

you so listen up and don’t freak out

because I’ve got your

back I’ll give you strength help you out

and support you with my trustworthy


hand no need to be scared or upset

because I’m right there with you no

matter where you

go you know what

what I’ve given you this amazing Spirit

that’s all about power love and

self-control and guess

what love and fear don’t

mix love kicks fear to the curb my

child fear is all about punishment but

if you’ve got love fear doesn’t stand a

chance now let’s talk about the fear of


people it’s like carrying around a heavy

bag but if you put your trust in me

you’ll be safe and

sound I’ll restore your soul and guide

you towards the right

path even when you’re walking through

the darkest times you won’t have to fear

any evil because I’ll be right there by


side don’t stress about anything just

keep me in your prayers and I’ll make

your wishes come

true don’t be afraid my child just trust


me be strong and courageous because fear

and panic have no place in your life

when I’m

around don’t let your hearts be troubled


afraid I’ll leave you with my peace and

it’s a guarantee that nothing in this

world not even death Angels rulers

present or future things

Powers height depth or anything else can

ever separate you from

me so take a deep breath my child and

know that you’re never

alone I got your back don’t

worry God wants us to live in the moment

and not stress about what’s to

come forget about the future for a

second focus on the present where life


each day brings its own set of

challenges but we shouldn’t let the

potential Troubles of Tomorrow

overshadow the opportunities and

experiences of

today instead let’s concentrate on the

tasks and joys of the current

moment by doing that we’ll face

challenges with a clear mind and a light

heart free from the weight of future


problems don’t let the the fear of an

uncertain future steal your joy and the

significance of the

present believe in the power of living

in the now appreciating the beauty of

the present and trust that by tackling

each day’s challenges with flexibility

and presence you’ll be able to navigate

the future with more clarity and

strength he emphasizes that fear is a

powerful emotion that can either

paralyze or motivate Us in different

aspects of Our

Lives while it’s natural to feel fear

it’s important to know how to navigate

through it in order to achieve personal

growth and

success fear can be seen as an obstacle

that needs to be conquered with eternal

guidance and

Faith he reminds and reassures us that

we are not alone and we can overcome any

fear through faith and trust in him

God emphasizes the importance of

surrendering our fears to him

encouraging us to cast our anxieties

onto him because he deeply cares for

each of his

followers by assigning our fears to him

we can experience relief and comfort

knowing that he is in control and will

guide us through fearful

situations this surrender is not a sign

of weakness but rather an act of Faith

recognizing that he is more powerful

than any fear we may

encounter God also emphasizes the

importance of trust and

perseverance he tells us to trust in him

with all our heart and not rely solely

on our own

understanding this trust allows us to

confront our fears with renewed strength

and flexibility knowing that we are not

alone God wants to remind us that fear

doesn’t just vanish overnight but with

persistence and faith we can conquer our

fears and emerge even

stronger he encourages us to focus on

the possibilities that lie ahead rather

than dwelling on our

fears he urges us to think about things

that are praiseworthy noble and

True by changing our perspective we can

redirect our energy towards positive and

uplifting thoughts diminishing the power

of fear in our

lives with this mindset we can embrace

the challenges that fear presents and

discover opportunities for personal

growth and

transformation when we have faith God

shows us that we can totally handle fear

because he’s right there with us every

step of the

way he keeps reminding us that fear

doesn’t come from him but it’s actually

a sneaky trick from the enemy to bring


down God wants us to trust in him

because he’s like our safe haven and our

strength when things get

tough he’s always there giving us

comfort and protection when we’re scared

out of our

minds with God on our side we can

totally kick fears but and take on any

challenge that that comes our

way God straight up says don’t be scared

I’m right here with

you don’t freak out I’m your

God I’ll make you strong help you out

and hold you up with my righteous right

hand these words are like a constant

reminder that he’s our strength and he

won’t ever leave us hanging when we’re

scared with his unwavering support we

can find the guts to conquer our fears

and go after our

dreams God encourages us with the words

be strong and

courageous do not be afraid do not be

discouraged for your God will be with

you wherever you

go this serves as a powerful reminder

that fear should never hold us back from

pursuing our dreams and

goals instead we should TR trust in

God’s presence and rely on his strength

to propel us

forward God assures us that he has not

given us a spirit of fear but rather one

of power love and a sound

mind this emphasizes that fear is not a

characteristic of God nor is it

something we should

embrace instead he equips us with the

power to overcome fear through love and

as sound

mind when we truly grasp this truth we

can find the motivation to push past our

fears and embrace a life filled with

courage and

boldness furthermore God tells us not to

be afraid of those who can only harm our

physical bodies but to fear the one who

has the power to destroy both our soul

and Body in

hell this serves as a reminder of a

greater purpose and an eternal

perspective that should guide Our

Lives rather than fearing the opinions

or actions of others our focus should be

on living a righteous life and

Faithfully serving

God in summary God’s words of

encouragement remind us to be strong and

courageous to trust in his presence and

to rely on his

strength fear should never hinder us

from pursuing our dreams and

goals instead we should embrace the

power love and sound mind that God has

given us to overcome

fear by keeping an eternal perspective

and focusing on living a righteous life

we can truly live a life of courage and

boldness God says that fear is like a

soft Breeze that rustles the branches of

your existence

but don’t forget deep within you there

is a powerful and unwavering light of


courage when fear tries to take hold

look Inward and find

strength trust in this inner courage for

it is a precious gift from the

Eternal fear often arises from the

unknown from the uncertainty that lies

ahead but have faith in the Eternal plan

hand that unfolds with each step of your

journey your destiny is Guided by a

wisdom that goes beyond our limited

understanding embrace the unknown with

faith because it is often in the midst

of uncertainty that miracles

happen God also says that love should be

your Guiding Light in the darkest

corners of

fear love has the power to cast out fear

as it is both gentle and

mighty love yourself love others and let

compassion be the soothing bomb that

heals the wounds caused by

fear in the presence of Love fear loses


grip remember fear is just a passing

storm in the vast landscape of your

life don’t let it hold you captive with


Thunder face your fears with the the

certainty that by overcoming them you

will emerge stronger and

wiser each challenge is an opportunity

for growth a chance to uncover the

hidden potential within

you thank you so much for joining us on

this inspiring Journey

today I hope these words have touched

your heart and ignited a spark within

you remember every challenge you face is

an opportunity for growth and every

setback is a setup for a

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