God’s Message: Your life is About to Change | God Message Now | Holly Hills

just the words that I say are sufficient to heal you when you hear what I have to say the power that comes from it has the

potential to bring you life and to draw you up it is possible that you do not think that you are deserving of having

me come into your home but I am telling you today that your faith and humility

are just what you need at this time have captured my attention I want to enter

not only your home but also your heart as well I will write the words that heal

you with just a touch I will break the shackles that are holding you back I will take away your

pain as well as all of your concerns and worries and I will free you from all of

your suffering I will do all of these things for you I have chosen to address

you personally because I want to make sure that you are content whenever you are spending time with me this not only

enables me to give you a tight Embrace and demonstrate how much I love you but it also safeguards you from any

potential harm that is exactly what I am stating when I talk even the sky gives

attention to what I have to say and your difficulties will vanish as a result of

the fact that I wish to offer you in this life I’m requesting that you believe with all of your heart and

accept it whole there is the strength that you are looking for and it is

waiting for you to wrap yourself in the power of my Holy Spirit which is right here for you you do not need to go

anywhere else the strength that you are looking for is there for you to grab

although you are living in a world that is fraught with difficulties it is important to keep in mind that I have

already won over your heart to this planet when you are by alone you should

not continue to live with the misery of the past or feel that you are required to face the horrible things that you

have done you are a child of the all powerful God and you should not continue

to live with the agony of the past I am aware that there are moments

when you find yourself crying for hours sometimes without even being able to comprehend the reason for your tears and

I want you to know that I guarantee that you will emerge

Victorious believe in me in every action you do and in every challenge you face

because I know that you will emerge Victorious out of the experience I’m aware that there are moments when you

shed tears for a considerable amount of time I want you to return to me because your heart is longing for me your soul

is searching for me and every part of you is aware that you are incapable of doing anything without

me you may feel as if life is slipping away from you have you not noticed the

peace and contentment that you have been looking for seem to be slipping away from you rather than coming coming

closer pay attention to what I have to say I am right here with you right next

to me your life is about to be flooded with everything you’ve been missing and it is ready to get rid of all of your

concerns there is a spring of blessings waiting to flood your life just Out Of

Reach it appears as like your loved ones are getting farther and more away from you with each passing day I guarantee

that you will never again have a sense of emptiness in your life every everything that has happened is a direct

result of your trust and all you need now is my word I am the one who has brought

healing into your life because you have allowed me to enter your heart I would

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