God’s Message: You will win infront of them | God Message Now

watch the full video to unlock miracles in your life trust in God’s message and

witness the transformation dearly beloved child I’m

aware that you have shed tears but the tears that you will weep in the future will be tears of joy because I am

creating everything fresh your suffering will come to an end today I enter your

life with comfort and support I Infuse your heart with Divine bravery I plant

new seeds of Joy your life is going to change in many different ways but all I

ask is that you trust and feed yourself on my word which offers calm and a feeling of fulfillment I come carrying

tremendous Gifts open your arms and embrace them with faith I come bringing

power and love in your spirit freedom to your soul feel it now my voice calms

your Spirit my promises cover your life day and night my word follows you

wherever you go offering you protection that is both Supernatural and divine I

will employ many of these things your past experiences will allow

you to create new chapters in your life that are full of Hope and knowledge you will prevent yourself from tripping over

the same stones or making the same mistakes again you will forget the wounds that

were caused by betrayers I will heal the agony that you have

experienced ways on your mind I will wipe from your memory the faces that have broken your

heart here I am feeling my presence listen to my words pay attention respond

to me do you want this blessing I know you have yearned for it the time for

your Redemption has come please give yourself a chance for a chance to be

redeemed the old things are gone and now everything is made knew do not be

mislead by previous mistakes or misdeeds they are behind you and my live inspired

word confirms this in your heart you are experiencing a profound and positive

shift in every aspect of your life all of the vices that drain your desire to

strive and the negative habits that keep you Shackled to failure and regret will stop if there is still wrath bitterness

or regret in your life you are a new creation therefore view yourself with

bold faith and fresh optimism today a reluctance to forgive in your life I

will remove them today and throw them far away tell them who accuse you that God has forgiven you and nothing can

damage you HT you do not dwell in the anguish of the past or replay the grief caused by your actions I will cast them

far away and erase this unwillingness from your life the failures you have

experienced in the past provide you with the opportunity to be lifted up protected cherished forgiven cleaned and

strengthened by this Endless Love That gently Embraces you each morning when you gaze in the mirror remember to

repeat yourself this message when you repeat these words to yourself you will feel my holy spirit

being poured forth over your life my loving God cares for me loves me and is

with me wherever I go I live live under his shelter and

protection as you speak these words to yourself you will feel my Holy Spirit protecting you you are valuable your

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